Taxpayers betrayed when loans of 'rich friends' waived off: Kejriwal

Taxpayers betrayed when loans of 'rich friends' waived off: Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that taxpayers are betrayed when their tax money is used to waive off loans of "rich friends".

Kejriwal's reaction came on PM Modi's statement on freebies. Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said, "freebies will restrict India from becoming self-reliant and increase the burden on taxpayers."

Kejriwal posted a video on Twitter slamming the Prime Minister's statement and said, "taxpayers are betrayed when their tax money is being used to waive off loans of rich friends."

He added, "the taxpayers think that the government took the tax from me on the promise of giving me facilities, instead they are using my tax money on waiving off their rich friends' loans."

The Aam Admi Admi party leader further stated, "the common man is betrayed over the fact that GST has been imposed on essential food items like milk and curd while tax rebates have been given to the rich people."

"Taxpayers are not betrayed when we give free education and free medical facilities to the people. People are betrayed when loans amounting to Rs 10 lakh crore of rich friends are waived off," he added.

"The atmosphere is being created that giving free facilities to the people will cause harm to the country is wrong. If taxpayers are not given facilities from their tax money, then that is betrayal," he stated.

Earlier on Wednesday, in his speech during the inauguration of the 2G ethanol plant, the Prime Minister also spoke out against the culture of freebies.

He said if there is selfishness in politics, then anyone can come and announce giving free petrol and diesel and noted that such steps will take away the rights of children, and prevent the country from becoming self-reliant.

Due to such selfish policies, the burden on honest taxpayers of the country will also increase, he said and noted that challenges faced by the country require clear intentions, commitment, extreme hard work, policy and huge investments.

"Anyone can come and announce to give free petrol and diesel if their politics are self-centred. Such steps will take away rights from our children and prevent the country from becoming self-reliant. It will increase the burden on the taxpayers of the country," he said.

PM Modi said that people who have a tendency to avoid problems by adopting shortcuts for political selfishness can never solve the problems permanently.

"Those adopting short cuts may get applause for some time, and may gain political advantage, but that does not solve the problem. Adopting a shortcut will definitely result in a short circuit. Instead of following shortcuts, our government is engaged in permanent solutions to the problems. A lot has been said about the problems of stubble over the years. But those with a short-cut mentality could not solve it," he said.