Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Inc.

Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Inc.

The revolution in genomics and proteomics spawned by the human genome project is providing a steady stream of protein therapeutic candidates. Many of these proteins require enhancements in their pharmacokinetic properties in order to be clinically effective because of inherent limitations of proteins as drugs. Advanced Proteome Therapeutics has initiated a program that is broadly applicable to proteins. It builds on a technology platform developed over twenty years of targeting proteins for site-selective modification and addresses issues which limit therapeutic utilization of promising proteins.

The Company’s laboratories are located at the BioSquare Innovation and Discovery Center on the campus of the Boston University School of Medicine. Its scientists are engaged in research and development applying leading edge chemical and biochemical methodologies to commercially viable proteins. The technology is applicable to the generation of a variety of protein products including protein therapeutics, protein diagnostics and high value reagents for research.

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Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Inc.
650 Albany Street, Suite 113
Boston, MA, USA 02118
Phone: (617) 638-0340
Fax: (617) 638-0341


President, CEO, and Secretary

Alexander A. (Allen) Krantz


Kenneth C. (Ken) Phillippe

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