iGo, Inc.

iGo, Inc.

iGo, Inc., based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a developer of eco-friendly chargers for laptop computers and mobile electronic devices (e.g., mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras, etc.). All of these chargers leverage iGo's intelligent tip technology, which significantly minimizes electronic waste by enabling one charger to power/charge hundreds of brands and thousands of models of mobile electronic devices through the use of interchangeable tips.

iGo is also the creator of a new, innovative patent-pending power saving technology that automatically eliminates virtually all wasteful and expensive standby or "vampire" power that is generated from chargers that continue to draw electricity when a mobile electronic device no longer requires charging or is disconnected from the charger.

iGo, Inc. is dedicated to providing the most innovative and streamlined mobile solutions based upon the Company's patented, cutting-edge technology. In addition to the Company's charging solution, the Company also offers accessories for the mobile device market.

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iGo, Inc.
17800 North Perimeter Drive
Suite 200
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA 85255-5449
Phone: +1-480-596-0061
Fax: +1-480-368-2856



Michael J. (Mike) Larson

President, CEO, and Director

Michael D. Heil

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