AERCO International, Inc.

AERCO International, Inc.

AERCO International, Inc. (AERCO) is a leading supplier of boilers and water heating products, and the originator of semi-instantaneous water heating. When AERCO was founded in 1949, it introduced a revolutionary design for an indirect-fired water heater that heated water on demand, and without storage, at a controlled temperature. This innovation became today's standard for water heaters. With continued improvements, AERCO has been able to maximize the recovery of latent heat energy, significantly increasing the operating efficiency of this equipment.

In 1988, AERCO again shook the industry as the first U.S. manufacturer to offer a fully modulating and condensing commercial gas-fired water heater and promptly extended this design to the hydronic boiler marketplace. The modulating capability of these products (still unsurpassed 20 years later) match the equipment's output to real-time heating demand, ensuring that the units draw no more fuel to operate than is absolutely necessary. Their condensing design extracts much of the usable heat from the water vapors created during the combustion process, making sure that your money doesn't disappear "up the stack." AERCO's culture embraces the principle of continual process improvement. Throughout the organization, AERCO has adopted state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, disciplined product development and rigorous quality-management programs to ensure that our products are delivered on time and with top-notch service to the customer. Our sales and marketing staff are determined to set the lead in system designs by working with consulting engineers, contractors and end users to ensure that systems maximize energy and space utilization in a cost effective way. AERCO pursues these practices with just one goal in mind: to satisfy our customers and provide them with the highest quality product and service.

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AERCO International, Inc.
159 Paris Ave.
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Phone: (201) 768-2400
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President and CEO

Fred W. Depuy

Director Finance

Gary Schlegel

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