Amirsys, Inc.

Amirsys, Inc.

Amirsys was founded by neuroradiologists Dr. Anne Osborn and Dr. H. Ric Harnsberger. When it comes to understanding imaging technology, Amirsys wants to give researchers X-ray vision. Amirsys company publishes radiology and pathology reference materials, in both print and digital formats. More than 150 doctors contribute to Amirsys' publications, such as its Diagnostic Imaging and PocketRadiologist reference series. Its STATdx product offers thousands of online diagnoses, illustrations, and radiologic images to help radiologists and physicians in making clinical decisions.

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Amirsys, Inc.
2180 S. 1300 East, Ste. 405
Salt Lake City, UT, USA 84106
Phone: (801) 485-6500
Fax: (801) 485-6501



H. Ric Harnsberger


Paul F. Scholtes

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