Ultra 16

Ultra 16

Ultra 16 goes beyond typical advertising. Ultra 16 company is an advertising and design agency specializing in interactive advertising and branding. With offices in New York and San Francisco, Ultra 16 has created "webisodes" called Engine Room for MTV and Hewlett-Packard in which digital artists share their work; developed a long-term online strategy for L'Or�al's Redken for Men brand; designed Connections, a Web site about the characters on ABC's Lost; and redesigned American Express's Travel + Leisure Web site. The agency's strong grounding in visual design permeates all its broadcast, print, and online work. Ultra 16 was founded in 1999.

Contact Details

Office Address

Ultra 16
260 W 35th st., suite 303
New York, NY, USA 10001
Phone: (212) 260-6454
Fax: (212) 260-6552


President and Creative Director

Matthew Chun

Director Technology

Nater Kane

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