Advanced Chemical Company

Advanced Chemical Company

Since our founding in 1972, Advanced Chemical Company has steadily built an outstanding reputation as a leader in the refining of precious metals for a wide variety of industries. Our experience and expertise allows us to refine both non-hazardous and hazardous materials containing gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium.A sampling of the type of material we process includes; cathodes, plated wire, plate-out foil, karat gold bars, jewelry, extracted dental crowns and bridges, grindings, stone break out, ion-exchange resins, plated scrap, solutions, sweeps, filters, targets, rack pins, vacuum bags, sludges, polishing dust, flooring, hazardous waste solutions, and many other forms of precious metal scrap. Please contact us and let our specialists select the most technologically appropriate process to sample and process your material based on your company’s specific refining needs.

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Advanced Chemical Company
105 Bellows St.
Warwick, RI, USA 02888
Phone: (401) 785-3434
Fax: (401) 941-9210



Gerald Smith Jr.

President and COO

Gerald Smith III

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