Avighna Danta Academy

Avighna Danta Academy

Avighna Danta Academy, Avighna Danta is a tutoring team with many collegial individuals who work together and individually for the welfare of students. Avighna Danta works to enhance the student’s understanding of what is at hand. Avighna Danta focuses to provide first class student support. The team clearly recognizes that there is no “one size fits all”. The tutoring service has special study plans for everyone. Every student is known for their unique abilities, needs, goals and schedules. This is why Avighna Danta customizes their teaching styles. At Avighna Danta, the tutor would be a part of the student’s acedamic journey. May it be the process of improving your performance, enhancing your standards or coming out with flying colors, Avighna Danta will be your helping hand. The professional institution finds a firm balance between the tutor and students. This heads towards the school’s path towards success.

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Avighna Danta Academy
No. 4(Old No. 74), 4th Avenue, Ashok Nagar
Near Jawahar Vidyalaya
Chennai, TN 600083
Phone: +91-44-45022522
Mobile: +91-8939869531 / 532

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