Cambridge Mechatronics Limited

Cambridge Mechatronics Limited

Cambridge Mechatronics (formerly 1 Limited) has an unlimited desire to bring its proprietary technology to the eyes and ears of the world. The company develops and licenses its Helimorph piezo ceramic actuator technology to electronics manufacturers, who incorporate the tiny electronic devices into products such as laptops, PDAs, and camera-enabled cell phones. Cambridge Mechatronics touts the Helimorph technology as being compact, lightweight, energy-efficient, and scalable. The company also developed the Digital Sound Projector chipset, which enables surround sound from a single loudspeaker panel. Cambridge Mechatronics' audio partners include Dolby, Pioneer, and Yamaha.

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Cambridge Mechatronics Limited
Suite 15, First Floor, Building 6, The Westbrook Centre
Cambridge, UK
Phone: +44-1223-450-190

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