FrogPad Inc.

FrogPad Inc.

FrogPad, Inc. is a privately held corporation committed to redefining access ergonomics through the delivery of superior information entry and access technology. The company’s first product, the FrogPad mobile keypad provides mobile and disabled workers with a single-handed keyboard for ultra-portability, speed and ease of use with handheld computers, personal digital assistants, and wireless phones.

The FrogPad mobile keypad with its innovative 20 full-size key layout optimized around the most frequently used characters sets a new standard in information access with superior portability and ergonomics, global adaptability, rapid learning and ease of use. It’s unique patented keystroke algorithms enable it to be used in either a right or left-handed mode and with any international language set.

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FrogPad Inc.
3231 Audley Street
Houston, Texas, USA 77098
Phone: +1-713-960-9611
Fax: +1-713-960-9601



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