Music Choice Europe plc

Music Choice Europe plc

Music Choice is the original digital music pioneer and has been providing non-stop, legal music to over 40m European consumers across TV and the internet since 1993.Music Choice are playing non-stop music 24/7 because we know it’s the music you want to hear - not the ads or the interruptions. Our 16-year experience in the digital music industry means you can trust us to select the right tracks for the right moments from millions of tracks in our library.

Music Choice award-winning music programmers painstakingly create your favourite playlists and update channels daily to ensure you can always listen to fresh, up-to-date music all day long. Together we are supporting the very foundation of the music industry.

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Office Address

Music Choice Europe plc
Fleet House, 57-61
Clerkenwell Road
London, UK EC1M 5AR
Phone: +44-20-7014-8700
Fax: +44-20-7724-0404


Chief Executive and Director

Margot Daly

Executive Director and Secretary

Jeff Clarkson

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