Blue Tee Corp.

Blue Tee Corp.

Blue Tee Corp. provides an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) which gives all eligible United States employees an ownership interest in the Company. This plan is fully funded by the Company and is provided as a no-cost retirement benefit to eligible employees. Blue Tee Corp. is currently 100% employee owned and as such, is one of the largest ESOP companies in the nation. Blue Tee Corp. adopted the ESOP to enable its employees to share in the growth and prosperity of the Company. Under the ESOP, the Company sets aside a portion of its stock from which annual allocations are made to eligible employees. Allocations are based on each participant's compensation for the plan year. Participants receive annual statements indicating how much stock has been allocated to them for the preceding plan year, as well as the stock's fair market value at that date as determined by an independent appraiser.

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Blue Tee Corp.
250 Park Ave. South
New York, NY, USA 10003
Phone: (212) 598-0880
Fax: (212) 598-0896



Richard A. Secrist

President and CEO

William M. Kelly

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