Alcoa Alunimio S.A.

Alcoa Alunimio S.A.

Alcoa Alunimio is rich in aluminum. The company focuses on producing alumina (aluminum's principal ingredient, processed from bauxite) and aluminum in Brazil. Alcoa Alunimio's production locations provide mining, refining, and smelting operations to produce alumininum, as well as other products such as sheet and foil, aluminumn powder, and wiring harnesses. Customers use Alcoa's products for a wide variety of applications, including building construction, automobiles, spaceships, and beverage packing materials. The company, which produces about 300,000 tons of primary aluminum each year, opened its first aluminum plant in Brazil in 1970.

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Alcoa Alunimio S.A.
Av. Nações Unidas, 12901, Torre Oeste 16º andar
Brooklin Novo
São Paulo, Brazil 04578-000
Phone: +55-11-5509-0360
Fax: +55-11-4463-8447



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