Now you can buy affordable products on Amazon Bazaar under Rs 600

Now you can buy affordable products on Amazon Bazaar under Rs 600

Amazon has introduced a special store called 'Bazaar' in India, featuring low-priced, unbranded fashion and lifestyle products.

Amazon’s goal is to cater to a particular group of customers who prioritise affordability over brand names. This strategy could present a challenge to Meesho, known for providing budget-friendly consumer goods sourced from local retailers.

With this launch, Amazon will also give competition to Walmart-owned Flipkart and Reliance's Ajio.

Amazon India spokesperson said, “We continue to invest and innovate on behalf of our customers and third-party sellers and are excited to introduce the Amazon Bazaar storefront on where customers can discover and shop ultra-affordable fashion and home products listed by sellers, especially from manufacturing hubs across India.”

Now consumers can buy clothes, watches, shoes, jewellery, handbags, and kitchenware at significantly reduced prices. Consumers can also purchase various kitchen essentials, popular accessories, bedding, towels, decor, and more from Amazon’s Bazaar for under Rs 600. The Bazaar is not a new app, it can be accessed from the Amazon app.

How to buy items on Amazon’s Bazaar?

Download and install the Amazon application.

Open the app and sign in or create a new account if you are a new user.

New users can also skip the process to directly access the online available products.

Click on the ‘Bazaar’ icon on the top left of the home screen to begin shopping for affordable items on Amazon’s Bazaar.

But customers who have used Bazaar have observed that the delivery is slow compared to Amazon’s main platform, which typically offers a two-day delivery period for Prime users. Orders from Bazaar can take 4-5 days to reach Prime users, and for non-Prime users, the wait can be even longer. This is similar to how Meesho does it. Products ordered from Meesho usually take 4-5 days and sometimes even a week to arrive.