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» A. P. Incubators
Manufacturer of incubators and hatcher such as digital temperature controllers, commercial temperature controllers and micro controller based temperature controllers.

» Acekinetics Healthcare Limited
Deals in all types of health care products.

» Agrawal Papad Private Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of papad, punjabi papads, papads, salted papad, plain papad, indian snack food, salted snack food, crispy snack food, crunchy snack food and tasty snack food.

» Akay Organics Limited, Maharashtra
Manufacturer and exporter of poly anionic cellulose, sodium CMC, industrial process equipments, continuous processor, agitator, blenders, fabdotherm reactor, double planetary mixers, fabdotherm dryer, double arm mixer and ploughshare mixer.

» AM Clean Air Engineering Private Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of air cooled condenser, fan coil units, air handling unit, centrifugal blowers, floor mounted vertical air handling unit, clean room equipments, pollution control equipments and ventilation equipments.

» Apex Surgicals Private Limited
Supplier and exporter of hospital furniture, medical equipments, orthopedic implants etc.

» Apolo Surgical
Manufacturer of surgical products, surgical disposables, surgical gloves, blood administration set, uretheral catheter, scalp vein set, ryles tube, surgical cap, measured volume set, cord clamp, mucus extractor, intravenous infusion set.

» Arosol Pharmaceutical Private Limited
Manufacturing all types of herbal and nutritional feed supplement for human and veterinary divisions.

» Asian Consumables India Pvt. Ltd.
We offer medical equipment includes urology equipment, infusion therapy equipment, gastroenterlogy equipment, blood banking equipment, multipara monitor, respiratory exerciser, anaesthesia equipment, X-ray equipments, medical disposables etc.

» B.S.Imaging Solutions
Buyer and dealer of glucose testing strips, photo printers machines, photo developing chemical, mini lab dental and radiology film and equipments.

» Caretech Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturer and supplier of organic animal health care products including poultry feed supplements, veterinary drugs, poultry health products, poultry nutritional products, vitamin a liquid supplement, nutritional liver protector etc.

» Chiefy Enterprise
Importer and exporter of dental products and equipment, lab chemicals, pharmaceutical tablets, medical and hospital equipments, surgical and disposable items, bedsheets and towels, clothing material, herbal products, indian food spices, stationery.

» CSC Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai
Manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical products for cardiovascular disorder, hormones disorders, injectables for gynaecology, injectables for contrast media.

» Cygnus HealthCare Specialities P Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of all type of anti cancer pharmaceutical drugs, anti cancer medicines, cancer tablets, anti cancer capsules, anti cancer injections, generic pharmaceuticals for cancer, breast cancer medicines and lots more.

» D4 Surgicals (India) Private Limited
Exporter of orthopedic implants/stainless steel hollowware/rehabiliation products/medical disposables/layrongoscopes/ambu bags/microscopes/hospital beds/trolley & all general medical surgical products at reasonable prices from India.

» Dahlgren Medicare Systems Pvt Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of surgical blade, disposable scalpel, ophthalmic knives, ophthalmic cannula, ophthalmic solutions, ophthalmic instruments, ophthalmic surgical accessories, intraocular lens and sterilization trays.

» Ease Electronics Systems
Manufacturer of electrosurgical equipments, vessel sealing system, electro surgical generators, co2 insufflators vessel sealing systems, digital electro surgical generators, analog electro surgical generators, co2 insuffla and laproscopy camera.

» Eastern Medikit Limited
Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of medical devices like blood bag needles, epidural needles, hypodermic needles, SS tubing for hypodermic needles, multi drawing needle, spinal needles, intravenous needles and stylet needles.

» Elfin Pharma Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical capsules, pharmaceutical syrups, pharmaceutical injectables, pharmaceutical tablets, pharmaceutical medicines and pharmaceutical products.

» Espana Cura Daniel Pasteur
Deals in all types of pharma products like tablets, capsules, protein powder, liquid preparation, drops, ointments, dry syrup and shampoo.

» Esteem Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer, exporter and importer of autoclaves and sterilizers, ovens, laboratory equipments, medical instruments, incubators and shakers, laminar air flow cabinets, pharmaceutical instruments & machinery and lab equipments.

» Gel Ice Co.
Manufacturer and exporter of gel ice pack, cold gel pack, HDPE hard bottle ice packs, gel ice pack for flowers, gel ice pack for blood, gel ice pack for see food and meat, gel ice pack for pharmaceuticals, hot and cold gel blanket, air cushion back.

» Globe International
Manufacturer and exporter of surgical instruments, orthopedic instruments, thermocouple instruments, dental instruments, ear instruments, eye instruments, veterinary instruments, surgical forceps and surgical needle holders.

» Hardik International
Manufacturing and exporting medical instruments, orthopedic implant & instruments, surgery instruments, Hospital instruments, maxilofacial implants, external fixator, bone screw, bone LCP plates, orthopedic plates & screws, orthopedic nails etc.

» Healthcare Medical Devices Private Limited
Manufacturing and marketing of surgical gloves, surgical disposable kits, surgical operation kit, hiv kit, eye kit, ent kit, disposable face mask, disposable gowns and disposable caps.

» High Standard Products
Manufacturers and exporters of knitting needles, crochet hooks, brass numerals, number plates, finials poles, wall hooks, door knobs, stationery products, stocking holders, wooden display stands, photo frames, wooden walking sticks.

» Himalayan Herbs
Manufacturing and marketing of all types of herbal pharma products, perfumery products and agro products.

» Hind Pharma
Manufacturer of water purification tablets, NA Dcc tablets chlorine tablets, herbal products, dietary supplements, generic medicines and aloe vera gel.

» Hospital Devices
Manufacturer and exporter of anaesthesia machines, major anaesthesia machine, dental anaesthesia machines, anesthesia equipment, anaesthesia ventilators, anaesthesia accessories, anesthesia vaporizers, anaesthesia monitors.

» Indowebal Surgical
Manufacturer of surgical instruments and ophthalmic disposables includes lens expressors, knifes, scissors, speculums, forceps, spatulas, scleral depresor, d.c.r probes, lacrimal and probes dilators, iris hooks and fixation rings.

» Industrial Traders, Ahmedabad
Whole seller and supplier of imported domestic fitness equipments and imported commercial fitness equipments.

» Joggers Park
Importer and distributor a of all kind of fitness equipments like treadmills, cross trainer, recumbent bike, single and multi station gym of all well known globally brands like TORQUE, VIVA, BODY SOLID, NAUTILUS, PULSE FITNESS etc.

» Knox Life Sciences
Manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical drugs and formulations such as pharmaceutical injections, pharmaceutical tablets, pharmaceutical capsules, health syrups, health tablet, skin ointment, dry syrups, plastic granules etc.

» Lancer Pharmaceuticals Private Limited
Manufacturer of pharmaceutical products like pharmaceutical ointments, pharmaceutical gum paints, pharmaceutical tablets, pharmaceutical dry syrups, pharmaceutical injections, pharmaceutical capsules and pharmaceutical syrups.

» Life Linx
Dealer and retailer of wheelchairs, stretcher, crutches, walkers, hospital beds, trolleys, health care product and home health care products. Also deal in surgical instruments, disposables and consumables and biopsy products.

» Lyra Laboratories Private Limited
Manufacturer of ointments, body care products, skin care cosmetics such as cosmetic creams, skin creams, skin gels, hair shampoo, body lotions, tooth pastes, sunscreens and sun protection creams.

» M. N. Globex Private Limited
Deals in industrial chemicals like acid, chrome oxide green, boric acid, citric acid, ortho formyl benzene sulphonic acid sodium, ortho chloro bezaldehyde, sodium bi-chromate, acid violet powder, acid violet paste, acid blue 9 and caustic soda prill.

» Mac Royal Biotech
Engaged in manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical products that includes veterinary injections, eye drops, ear drops, human injections, veterinary vaccines.

» Mahadev Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical medicines, oral pharmaceutical medicines and products like liquids syrups, dry syrups, tablets, capsules, injectables protein powder and pharmaceutical drops.

» Makwana Chemi-Equip Private Limited
Supplier of second hand machines like fluid bed dryer, tray dryer, tablet compression machine, blister pack machine, reaction vessel, distillation column system, storage tank, rapid mixer granulator and centrifuge hydro extractor.

» Medica Enterprise
Supplier and wholesalers of syringe pumps, glucometers, defibrillator, nebulizers, stethoscopes, suction machines, medical accessories, chemical coated ECG rolls, jelly,ECG electrodes, graph papers, ECG cables and pulse oximetry probes.

» Medoz Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd
Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of pharmaceutical drugs, antibiotics, anti spasmodic, anti emetic, anti ulcer ant, anti cold, anti allergic, anti cough, vitamins, minerals, hermetical and anti inflammatory.

» Medrubb Industries
Manufacturer of anesthesia machines, anaesthesia equipment, antistatic rebreathing bags, antistatic face mask pipe line equipment, bpc flow meter, mox regulator, valve self sealing, single/ twin adaptors, f. A. Valve, bain circuit and ward suction.

» Mobility Aids Sales & Services, Chennai
Manufacturer and supplier of manual wheelchairs, foldable wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs, walking aids, walking sticks, elbow crutches, staircase lift, hydraulic lifts, hand controlled car, hospital furniture, hospital equipment and hospital bed.

» Mulji Mehta Pharma
Supplier of pharmaceutical raw materials, antibiotics, cephalosporins, macrolides, cortico steroids, excipients and antibiotics-cephalosporins-corticosteroids-excipients-macrolides-vitamins(a).

» Optivention International
Manufacturer and exporter of lenses, foldable lenses, intraocular lenses, ophthalmic equipment, ophthalmic surgical equipment, operating microscopes, diagnostic instruments, surgical instruments and titanium surgical instruments.

» Ortho Max
Wholesale manufacturer and exporter of orthopeadic, oral/ maxillofacial and plastic surgery inplants and instruments.

» Ostwal Agencies
Manufacturer and exporter of medical and surgical items like rib support products, walking aids, cervical collar, lumbosacral support, tubular knee support, abdominal support, pelvic traction kit etc.

» P. H. Polyplast
Exporting and manufacturing non vacuum blood collection tubes, red nonvacuum tube, grey nonvacuum tube, blue nonvacuum tube, m-tube rubber stopper plastic cap, vacuum blood collection test tubes, urine containers sterile, inline flat drippers.

» Pharmacon Healthcare
Trader of pharmaceutical products.

» Plus Surgicals
Manufacturer and supplier of surgical equipments, micro forceps, ophthalmic forceps, force, knife, blades & phaco knife, speculum, needle holder, surgical scissors, scissor, punch & treppine, patula & clamp probe, cannula-3 and muscles hook.

» Rajan Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturer and exporter of herbal medicines, pharmaceutical formulations, cattle infertility medicines, cattle licks, nutritional balanced foods, ayurvedic tablets, mioxin, bioras, milkodex tablets, etc

» Ratchet Laboratories Ltd
Manufacture pharma products, pharmaceutical formulations, pharmaceutical syrups, pharmaceutical suspensions, pharmaceutical mouthwashes, pharmaceutical lotions, pharmaceutical capsules, pharmaceutical tablets, pharmaceutical injections.

» Sai Pharma
Manufacturer and supplier of knee brace, rib support universal, meek clavical brace universal, cuff & collar sling (arm support) etc.

» Sainath Surgi Care
Manufacturer and exporter of ophthalmic instruments, intraocular lenses, foldable lenses, lance tip knifes, entry keratotome knifes and enlarger keratotome knifes.

» Savill Pharma Labs Private Limited
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting pharmaceutical injectables, eye drop, ear drop, cefotaxime inj u.s.p., ceftriaxone inj u.s.p., antibronchitis, acetylcysteine solution usp, atropine sulphate inj, anti malarial and chloroquin phosphate inj i.p.

» Science & Surgical
Manufacturer and supplier of hospital furnitures and laboratory equipments like hospital beds, ICU beds, tables, examination tables, labour tables, stools, revolving stools, trolleys, stands, vertical sterilizer and Children Bed with Drop side Rails.

» Serion Medic Private Limited
Manufacturer and trader of medicinal formulations, multivitamin tonics, appetite stimulators, ondansetron mouth dissolving tablets, ondansetron syrup, amlaenergic, omeprazole capsules, protein powder, aloe vera pibrous juice, nimpar oral suspension.

» Shailesh Mechanical Works
Manufacturer of all types of bipolar forceps, monnopolar chuck handles, surgical handle cable, bipolar forceps, monopolar cord, silicon patient plate, pencil handswitching, single paddle footswitch, double paddle footswitch and laparoscope bipolar.

» Spartan Fitness Private Limited
Manufacturer of gym equipment, hydrotherapy equipment, cardio fitness equipment, play park equipment and gym set up

» Specialised Surgical Mesh
Manufacturer of surgical equipments includes sterile surgical mesh, inert surgical mesh, hernia surgical mesh, porous surgical mesh, knitted surgical mesh, non absorbable surgical mesh and monofilament polypropylene surgical mesh.

» Sri Ram Surgicals
Manufacturer and exporter of medical products, hospital dressings, roller & crepe bandage, gauze swab, under pad, bandage cloth, absorbent gauze, sterile abdominal sponge, surgical gauze swab, absorbent cotton, abdominal sponge, pregnancy test kit.

» Stitch Craft India
Manufacturer and exporter of corporate image brand promotional wears like industrial uniforms, promotional watches, hospital uniforms, bags, promotional t-Shirts, promotional key chains, promotional tents hotel uniforms promotional items.

» Summit Fitness Equipment
Manufacturer and exporter of dumbell rack, six station gym equipment, moon bench, narrow grip bench press, octagonal multigym, incline bench press, smith machine, seated leg press, weight plat rack, seated chest press and assisted chin up.

» Sunrise Remedies Private Limited
Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of erectile dysfunction tablets, sex enhancer products, women beauty care, body pain relief, cognitive neuropsychiatry, cardiac care and weight control tablets.

» Sunshine Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturer and exporter pharmaceutical drugs, cough syrups, pharmaceutical ointments, tablets, syrups, sex enhancement medicines, capsules, dry syrups, ayurvedic medicines, protein powder, injections, drops, pharmaceutical medicines etc.

» SVS Remedies Limited
Manufacturers of all kinds of pharmaceutical drugs like rabeprazole sodium, esomeprazole magnesium, lansoprazole and omeprozole.

» Taj Pharma
Supplier and trader of hospital furniture, over bed table, modern fowler bed, bedside locker, nursing chair, electric bed, stool-non hydraulic, hydraulic stool, simple stainless steel stretcher, gas spring over bed table, wheel chair and fowler bed.

» Tanvi Electromedical Appliances
Manufacture, exporter and wholeseller of operation theatre equipment, cautery instruments, dermatology equipment, dome light, hydraulic operation tables, operation table, operation theatre lights and shadowless lamp.

» Trimurti Plast Containers Private Limited
Manufacturer of polyethylene terephthalate PET, low density LDPE, high density HDPE, polypropylene, HDPE bottles, LDPE bottles & containers,fiber glass moulded industrial products, injection moulded components, pet bottles and gel-cold pack.

» Unimarck Pharma (I) Ltd.
Manufacturer of injectables, ointments, food supplements, oral liquid syrups, capsules, tablets.

» Venera Biotech System Private Limited
Manufacturer and supplier of clean room pass boxes, laminar air flow systems, conveyor belts, air showers, data recording systems for clean rooms, garments storage cubicle, reverse flow sampling/ dispensing hoods, sterilising & depyrogenation tunnel.

» Waves Surgicals
We are one of the best manufacturer and supplier of Orthopedic Implants, Prosthesis and other Surgical Instruments.

» YVR Medivision Private Limited
We are manufacturer of disposable face masks, bouffant caps and shoe covers, our machinery is very sophisticated. We are maintaining very good quality and we can offer best competitive price.

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