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» Abhay Instruments & Control
Accelerometers, Ammeters, Anemometers, Chromatographs, Compression Testers, Displacement Measurement, Dynamometers, Fibre Optic Inspection Gauges/meters, Humidity Gauges/meters, Impact Test Apparatus, Lcr Gauges/meters, Load Cells, Load Measuring Devices, Optic Fibre Sensors, Ph Gauges/meters, Pressure Gauges/meters, Rheostats, Strain Gauges/meters, Tachometers, Universal Testing Machine, Vibratio...

» Abhinandan Traders
Autoclaves, Balances, Calorimeters, Centrifuges, Colorimeters, Conductivity Gauges/meters, Densitometers, Dissolution Testers, Environmental Test Chambers, Flame Photometers, Flash Point Testers, Hardness Testers, Melting Point Apparatus, Microscopes, Penetrometers, Petroleum Testing Equipment, Ph Gauges/meters, Polarimeters, Polarographs, Pollution Gauges/meters, Pumps Vacuum, Refractometers, Spe...

» Advance Engineers
Bargraph Gauges/meters, Calibrators, Counters, Event Counters, Loop Gauges/meters, Micro Ohmmeters, Milli Ohmmeters, Multimeters, Panel Gauges/meters, Power Gauges/meters, Process Controllers, Rpm Gauges/meters, Ryiulation Testers, Tachometers, Temperature Controllers, Temperature Gauges/meters, Thermocouple/rtd Sensors, Timers, Tong Testers, Transmitters Temperature, Wattmeters.

» Aimil Ltd
Air Pollution Gauges/meters, Analysers, Btu Analysers, Carbon Dioxide Gauges/meters, Carbon Monoxide Gauges/meters, Chromatographs, Chromatography Integrators, Colorimeters, Combustible Gas Detectors, Combustion Analysers, Cryostats, Data Acquisition Systems, Densitometers, Dust Gauges/meters, Electrophoresis Apparatus, Filters Test Equipment, Flame Photometers, Flue Gas Analysers, Gas Analysers, ...

» Amit Trading Corp
Altimeters, Anemometers, Barometers, Hygrometers, Refractometers, Test Sieves, Thermohygrographs, Thermometers, Tintometers, Turbidity Gauges/meters.

» Anchrom Lab Supplies (I) Pvt Ltd
Chromatographs, Hplc Systems.

» Artech Instruments & Controls Pvt Ltd
Bar Graph Gauges/meters, Gas & Smoke Alarms, Humidity Controllers, Humidity Gauges/meters, Oxygen Analysers, Process Gauges/meters, Rtd, Temperature Calibrators, Temperature Controllers, Temperature Gauges/meters, Temperature Scanners, Thermocouple Calibrators, Thermocouples, Transmitters, Transmitters Temperature.

» Asiatic Engineers (India)
Air Gauges/meters, Air Velocity Gauges/meters, Ammonia Gauges/meters, Anemometers, Barometers, Capsule Gauges/meters, Compression Testers, Counters, Dead Weight Testers, Density Gauges/meters, Depth Gauges/meters, Dial Thermometers, Diaphragm Gauges/meters, Differential Pressure Gauges/meters, Freon Gauges/meters, Gauges, Humidity Gauges/meters, Hydrometers, Hygro-thermometers, Hygrometers, Manome...

» Avil Circuit Products
Ac Drives, Bare Board Testers, Control Panels, Dc Drives, Float Switches, Pumps Barrel, Pumps Chemical, Pumps Effluent, Pumps Filter, Pumps Glandless, Pumps Horizontal, Pumps Jet, Pumps Magnetic Drive, Pumps Multistage, Pumps Polypropylene, Pumps Pressure, Pumps Spray, Pumps Teflon, Tension Gauges/meters.

» Chemito Instruments Pvt Ltd
Air Monitoring Equipment, Air Pollution Gauges/meters, Air Velocity Gauges/meters, Ambient Air Analysis Systems, Chromatographs, Chromatography Integrators, Conductivity Gauges/meters, Flame Photometers, Gas Chromatographs, Hplc Systems, Liquid Chromatographs, Spectrophotometers, Titrators, Water Pollution Gauges/meters.

» Comtek
Data Acquisition Systems, Resistance Gauges/meters, Software, Spectrographs, Spectrometers.

» Contech India Pvt Ltd
Bargraph Gauges/meters, Boiler Control Systems, Distillation Control Systems, Distributed Control Systems, Fermentor Control Systems, Flow Computers, Flow Gauges/meters, Furnace Controllers, Kiln Management Systems, Level Gauges/meters, Mass Flow Gauges/meters, Microwave Power Gauges/meters, Positive Displacement Gauges/meters, Scada, Software Tank Farm Management, Supervisory Control & Data Acqui...

» Control Dynamics Co
Chromatographs, Ph Gauges/meters, Polarographs, Titrators, Titroprocessors, Viscometers.

» Dantech Engineers Pvt Ltd
Bearing Analysers/testers, Electric Motor Testers, Laser Alignment Systems, Leak Detection Systems, Oil Analysers, Shock Pulse Analysers, Shock Pulse Testers, Thermographic Products, Tool Gauges/meters, Ultrasonic Detectors, Vibration Analysers.

» Eastwest Engineering & Electronics Co
Crack Detectors, Densitometers, Dosimeters, Radiography Systems, Timers, X-ray Apparatus For Quality Control.

» Elar Controls & Systems Pvt Ltd
Alarm Annunciators, Ammeters, Ampere Hour Gauges/meters, Bargraph Gauges/meters, Batch Counters, Blind Controllers, Boiler Control Systems, Burner Control Systems, Chart Recorders, Circular Chart Recorders, Constant Current Density Controllers, Control Panels, Controllers, Counters, Data Recorders, Data Scanners, Dc Time Totalisers, Environmental Instrumentation, Event Counters, Flame Control Devi...

» Electromec Equipments
Air Flow Gauges/meters, Anemometers, Flow Gauges/meters, Thermohygrographs, Wind Energy Measuring Systems.

» Electronic & Engineering Co
Radiation Gauges/meters, Radiation Survey Gauges/meters, Radio Communications Test Set, Radiography Systems, Temperature Controllers, Temperature Data Loggers, Temperature Gauges/meters, Temperature Indicator/controllers, Temperature Programmers, Textile Testing Equipment, Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems, Ultrasonic Detectors, Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment, Ultrasonic Sensors.

» Electronic Enterprises Pvt Ltd
Accelerometers, Bare Board Testers, Calibrators, Coating Thickness Gauges/meters, Component Testers, Data Acquisition Systems, Dew Point Measuring Systems, Fft Analysers, Force Transducers, Gas Analysers, Gas Gauges/meters, Lcr Bridges, Mass Flow Gauges/meters, Microscopes, Moisture Analysers, Nuclear Gauges/meters, Particle Counters, Plating Thickness Gauges/meters, Power Supplies, Pressure Gauge...

» Electronics & Automation Systems
Alarm Annunciators, Bargraph Gauges/meters, Cctv Systems, Controllers, Counters, Indicators, Pid Controllers, Power Supplies, Proximity Switches, Rtd, Scanners, Security Devices, Signal Converters, Temperature Scanners, Thermocouples, Timers, Transmitters Pressure, Universal Controllers.

» Elico Ltd
Carbon Dioxide Analysers, Carbon Monoxide Analysers, Chloride Gauges/meters, Colorimeters, Dissolved Oxygen Analysers, Flame Photometers, Fluoride Gauges/meters, Fluorometers, Galvanostats, Infrared Gas Analysers, Ion Analysers, Nephelo Gauges/meters, Ph Gauges/meters, Polarographs, Recorders, Soil Test Equipment, Spectrofluorometers, Spectrophotometers, Strip Chart Recorders, Switches, Titrators,...

» Goliya Electricals (P) Ltd
Goliya Electricals (P) Ltd Company was established in 1977 and the entrepreneurs have more than 40 years experience in this field. The company manufactures Moving Iron Panel & Switch Board Instruments, Moving Iron Laboratory (Portable) Instruments, Moving Coil Panel & Switch Board Instruments, Moving Coil Laboratory (Portable) Instruments, L.T.Current Transformers, Vibrating Reed & Transducer Type...

» Hace India Ltd
Air Monitoring Equipment, Air Pollution Gauges/meters, Anamographs, Anemometers, Chart Recorders, Data Acquisition Systems, Data Loggers, Data Recorders, Dew Point Gauges/meters, Dew Point Measuring Systems, Flow Recorders, Humidity Recorders, Humidity Sensors, Hydrometers, Hygro-thermometers, Hygrometer Sensors, Hygrometers, Meteorological Gauges/meters, Pollution Gauges/meters, Pressure Sensors,...

» Hemaki Lab Services Pvt Ltd
Argon Analysers, Carbon & Sulphur Analysers, Carbon Dioxide Analysers, Chromatography Integrators, Emission Gauges/meters, Ethylene Analysers, Flue Gas Analysers, Gas Analysers, Gas Chromatographs, Gas Detectors, Gas Leak Detectors, Helium Analysers, Hydrocarbon Analysers, Hydrogen Analysers, Hygrometers, Moisture Analysers, Moisture Gauges/meters, Nitrogen Analysers, Oxygen Analysers, Oxygen Gaug...

» Indian Scientific Instruments Factory
Absorption Wavemeters, Af Output Gauges/meters, Air Flow Gauges/meters, Alarms, Ammeters, Area Measuring Machine, Audio Frequency Gauges/meters, Audio Generators, Audio Oscillators, Balances, Barometers, Battery Testers, Blind Controllers, Boiling Point Apparatus, Cable Testers, Hygrometers, Kelvin Bridges, Lcr Bridges, Lcr Gauges/meters, Line Frequency Gauges/meters, Line Voltmeters, Liquid Chrom...

» Indtech Instruments (P) Ltd
Chromatographs, Chromatography Integrators, Data Terminals.

» Infra Control Systems
Infra Control Systems (Ics) is a leading company engaged in manufacturing of latest Technology Humidity- Temp. - Pressure Monitoring and control system with Japanese technology sensors. They also manufacture and supply Data Loggers, Pc Based Scada Systems, Various types of sensors, all types of imported measuring instruments and calibration of equipments. There is an Eight-year-old company with ma...

» Instruments & Equipments
Abrasion Testers, Accessibility Test Sets, Ammeters, Ball Pressure Testers, Barometers, Battery Testers, Bearing Analysers/testers, Bomb Calorimeters, Breakdown Testers, Cement Testers, Centrifuges, Concrete Testers, Continuity Testers, Current Leak Testers, Dead Weight Testers, Densitometers, Dial Gauges/meters, Diaphragm Gauges/meters, Drop Testers, Dynamometers, Earth Testers, Electrophoresis A...

» International Scientific Co
Balances, Colorimeters, Colour Analysers, Conductivity Gauges/meters, Dew Point Gauges/meters, Dissolution Testers, Dissolved Oxygen Gauges/meters, Environmental Test Chambers, Flash Point Testers, Gas Chromatographs, Hplc Systems, Laboratory Equipment, Melting Point Apparatus, Microscopes, Moisture Analysers, Nephelo Gauges/meters, Nitrogen Analysers, Ovens Laboratory, Particle Size Analysers, Pe...

» Janki Electronics
Balancing Machine, Fatigue Testers, Hardness Testers, Metallography Gauges/meters, Microscopes, Spring Testers, Tensile Testing Machine, Torsion Testers, Universal Testing Machine.

» Kalgidhar Scientific Works
Interferometers, Laboratory Equipment, Microscopes, Spectrographs, Spectrometers.

» Kirloskar Bros Ltd
Pumps Centrifugal, Pumps Horizontal, Pumps Monobloc, Pumps Self Priming, Pumps Submersible, Pumps Turbine, Pumps Vacuum.

» Kishor Hilge Pumps (India) Pvt Ltd
Pumps Centrifugal, Pumps Chemical, Pumps Dewatering, Pumps End Suction, Pumps Horizontal, Pumps Lobe, Pumps Monobloc, Pumps Multistage, Pumps Positive Displacement, Pumps Rotary Lobe, Pumps Rubber Lined, Pumps Self Priming, Pumps Sewage, Pumps Sludge, Pumps Slurry, Pumps Stainless Steel, Pumps Submersible, Pumps Sugar Mill.

» Komal Scientific Co
Abrasion Testers, Adhesion Testers, Air Monitoring Equipment, Air Velocity Gauges/meters, Alcohol Detectors, Balances, Bend Test Apparatus, Boiling Point Apparatus, Breakdown Testers, Bubble Testers, Bursting Strength Testers, Butyrometers, Calipers, Gaussmeters, Grinding Gauges/meters, Hall Effect Measurement Systems, Hall Probes, Halogen Analysers, Halogen Leak Detectors, Halogen Test Apparatus,...

» Kwality Traders
Anemometers, Butyrometers, Comparators, Dead Weight Comparators, Dial Thermometers, Diaphragm Gauges/meters, Humidity Gauges/meters, Humidity Recorders, Hydrometers, Hygro-thermometers, Hygrometers, Laboratory Equipment, Lactometers, Manometers, Pressure Gauges/meters, Process Controllers, Process Gauges/meters, Pyrometers, Rain Gauges/meters, Recorders, Rtd, Rtd Thermocouples, Scientific Apparatu...

» Labex K.K. International
Labovision, located in India and an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, is engaged in the manufacture of High Quality Microscopes and their Accessories. The range spans from School Level Foundation Microscopes, to Senior Research Microscopes, Industrial Utilities and the latest Innovation in Microscopy, the Digital Microscopes such as Bio Xl, Splendour Series, Their products are:
Foundry Software,...

» Laxsons Engineering & Electronics Pvt ltd
Bargraph Gauges/meters, Chart Recorders, Flow Gauges/meters, Pid Controllers, Process Instrumentation, Programmable Controllers, Scanners, Temperature Gauges/meters.

» Makarand Electronics Pvt Ltd
Chromatographs, Converters Dc-dc, Gas Chromatographs, Potentiometers, Power Supplies Switch Mode.

» Masibus Process Instruments Pvt Ltd
For more than 30 years, Masibus has scaled new heights in the manufacture of microprocessor based Process Control Instruments. Since their establishment in 1975, they have evolved into a high-technology organization with core competencies in process control, system integration and information technology. With 10 branch offices in India and international presence in 11 countries, they are an organi...

» Mega Technobiz Consultants Pvt Ltd
Anemometers, Area Measuring Machine, Barometers, Conductivity Gauges/meters, Data Loggers, Dimensional Measurement Systems, Distance Sensors, Flow Gauges/meters, Flow Sensors, Flue Gas Detectors, Gas Analysers, Hygrometers, Leak Detection Systems, Luxmeters, Manometers, Meteorological Gauges/meters, Ph Gauges/meters, Phonometers, Photometers, Pitot Tubes, Pressure Recorders, Pressure Sensors, Prob...

» Meghraj Machines Pvt Ltd
Meghraj Machines Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1979 as a manufacturing unit for a wide variety of centrifugal pumps such as Vertical Turbine pumps, Horizontal Split Casing pumps, Sump Pumps and Non-clog pumps for industrial applications. Shri founded Meghraj Machines Pvt. Ltd.. M W Lalchandani, who was a pioneer in bringing the pump technology to India. He was instrumental in the design and devel...

» Metal Power Analytical (I) Pvt Ltd
Calibration Gas Standards, Calibration Standards, Emission Analysers, Gravitometers, Hardness Testers, Hydrogen Analysers, Image Analysers, Metallography Gauges/meters, Metallurgical Microscopes, Microscopes, Spectrometers, Zoom Stereo Microscopes.

» Metatech Equipments (I) Pvt Ltd
Image Analysers, Metallography Gauges/meters, Metallurgical Microscopes.

» Micro Devices Metrohm Ltd
Centrifuges, Chromatographs, Conductivity Gauges/meters, Corrosion Testers, Galvanostats, Ion Analysers, Ph Gauges/meters, Photometers, Polarographs, Spectrometers, Titrators, Trace Metal Analysers, X-ray Apparatus For Quality Control.

» Micro Systems & Controls
Founded in the year 1994, Micro Systems & Controls - designs, manufactures and supplies high quality display, measurement and control instrumentation for the process control industry, Oems and system integrators. Their capabilities include manufacturing, design and development including hardware, firmware and software.

Standard products:
They offer a wide range of competitively priced instrum...

» Mipa Electronic & Electrical Company
Mipa is manufacturing High pressure Multistage Pumps and has about 25 years of experience in this field and has served various industries with their expertise in this field. Mipa products are manufactured at Gidc Vaghodia, Dist.Baroda, and State Gujarat, India. The manufacturing facilities are housed in 7000 sq.ft. of construction with a plot area of 25000 sq.ft.

Mipa has excellent sales & Servi...

» Modern Mercantile Works
Anemometers, Coating Thickness Gauges/meters, Eddy Current Testers, Endoscopes, Fibrescopes, Flaw Detection Systems, Frequency Counters, Hardness Testers, Humidity Gauges/meters, Infrared Thermometers, Leak Detection Systems, Luxmeters, Radiography Systems, Sound Level Instruments Db, Thickness Gauges/meters, Transducers, Vibration Gauges/meters.

» Multiflo Instruments Pvt Ltd
Adhesion Testers, Bare Board Testers, Coat Gauges/meters, Coating Testers, Coating Thickness Gauges/meters, Compression Testers, Crane Weighing Scales, Crimping Strength Testers, Electroplating Thickness Gauges/meters, Failure Strength Testers, Force Gauges/meters, Force Measuring Systems, Metallography Gauges/meters, Metallurgical Microscopes, Optical Inspection Systems, Optical Measuring Gauges/...

» Netel Chromatographs
Ambient Air Analysis Systems, Carbon Monoxide Analysers, Dissolved Oxygen Analysers, Dust Gauges/meters, Emission Gauges/meters, Gas Analysers, Gas Chromatographs, Gas Detectors, Hplc Systems, Liquid Chromatographs, Oxygen Analysers, Safety Systems, Spectrofluorometers, Spectrophotometers, Sulphur Dioxide Analysers, Water Analysers.

» Nippon Instruments (India) Pvt Ltd
Nippon has more than 1,37,000 instruments working satisfactorily in India, Gulf and other parts of the world. More than 2,50,000 temperature sensors working satisfactorily in India, Gulf and other parts of the world. +/- .1oC accuracy& -200oC to 1750oC range in Temperature instruments. 100% Accuracy in counters/timers possible. Temperature sensors in J, K, R, S, T, E, B, N types & PT 100 (R.T.D's)...

» Nishko Instruments Pvt Ltd
Nishko Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Electronic Process Control Instruments in India. The Company was established as a Partnership Company in 1980, and subsequently converted to Pvt. Ltd. Company in 1988. The Company has its registered office and factory located at M.I.D.C. Bhosari, in Pune, which is about 150 kms from Mumbai. With a varied product range and with a g...

» Norson Engg & Allied Products Pvt Ltd
Alarm Annunciators, Blind Controllers, Chart Recorders, Data Acquisition Systems, Data Analysers, Data Loggers, Data Recorders, Data Scanners, Dew Point Gauges/meters, Dew Point Measuring Systems, Dial Thermometers, Differential Pressure Gauges/meters, Electronic Gauges/meters, Energy Loggers, Flow Recorders, Humidity Controllers, Humidity Gauges/meters, Humidity Recorders, Humidity Sensors, Hygro...

» Nucon Engineers
Carbon Dioxide Analysers, Carbon Monoxide Gauges/meters, Chlorine Gauges/meters, Combustible Gas Detectors, Gas Analysers, Gas Chromatographs, Gas Gauges/meters, Hydrocarbon Analysers, Hydrogen Gauges/meters, Hydrogen Sulphide Gauges/meters, Katharometers, Moisture Analysers, Nitric Oxide Gauges/meters, Nitrogen Dioxide Gauges/meters, Non-contact Measuring Systems, Oxygen Analysers, Sulphur Dioxid...

» Paramount Electrical & Mechanical Inds
Decade Resistors, Galvanometers, Kelvin Bridges, Polarographs, Potentiometers, Pyrometers, Rtd Simulators, Wheatstone Bridges.

» PCI Ltd
Pci Limited is a global leading company offering Electronic design and manufacturing services to Oems. With more than 30 years' experience in providing outsourced design and manufacturing solutions, PCI has the management and operations capabilities to meet your most demanding business requirements, supported by their manufacturing operations in Shanghai-China and Batam-Indonesia.

They offer a ...

» Pollution Equipments & Controls
Air Velocity Gauges/meters, Dust Gauges/meters, Gas Detectors, Gas Gauges/meters, Hydrological Gauges/meters, Meteorological Gauges/meters, Sound Level Instruments Db, Stack Gas Gauges/meters, Surveying Gauges/meters, Thermohygrographs, Water Current Gauges/meters, Water Level Gauges/meters, Water Quality Analysers, Weather Radar, Weather Stations, Wind Energy Measuring Systems.

» Protocontrol Instruments (I) Pvt Ltd
They are pleased to introduce theirselves as manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical instruments for process industries, material handling plants, power stations and automobile industries. Their product caters demands of field instruments as well as panel mounting indicating and controlling instruments. Various types of proximity switches, sensors, transmitters and converters used for pos...

» Pyrotech Electronics Pvt Ltd
They are an Iso-9001 company associated with manufacturing and supply of Control Room Equipment, Electronic Process Control Instruments and Sensors, for last three decades for power plants, process plants and other industries. Pyrotech came in to existence in 1976 and they have registered an average rate of growth of 55%, since inception. They manufacture around 200 different types of instruments....

» S.M. Enterprises
Borescopes, Endoscopes, Fibrescopes, Metallography Gauges/meters, Spectrometers, Torque Wrench Testers, Video Inspection Systems, Visual Inspection Systems.

» Sai Deepa Rock Drills Private Limited
Sai Deepa Rock Drills (Pvt) Ltd has its home base in Hyderabad situated in India, and is a pioneer in India for its DTH (Down The Hole) products. The company products are respected in many countries as a leading source of DTH products and other allied equipment for Water Well Drilling, Mining, Construction Civil Engineering and Quarrying Operations.
The company?s objective is to achieve total c...

» Scientech Services
Crack Detectors, Dye Penetration Testers, Flaw Detection Systems, Non Destructive Testing Gauges/meters, Radiography Systems, Testing/quality Control Services.

» Sherman International
Burner Control Systems, Combustible Gas Detectors, Combustion Analysers, Cyanide Analysers, Data Analysers, Environmental Instrumentation, Flame Monitoring Systems, Flow Switches, Gas Analysers, Gas Chromatographs, Hydrocarbon Analysers, Ion Analysers, Level Switches, Multipoint Gauges/meters, Nox Analysers, Orifice Plates, Power Supplies, Pressure Switches, Spectrometers, Temperature Switches, Th...

» Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
Since its establishment in 1875, Shimadzu Corporation has been constantly committed to the fulfillment of the dreams of both individuals and of society. Each generation of this company has challenged itself to develop the most advanced technology and to provide company customers with a variety of technological products in a multitude of fields. They proudly state as their corporate credo: "Contrib...

» Skytech Systems (India) Pvt Ltd
Aox Analysers, Chromatographs, Halogen Analysers, Infrared Analysers, Oil In Water Analysers, Polarimeters, Refractometers, Spectrometers, Spectrophotometers, Sulphur Analysers.

» Special Instruments Consortium
Special Instruments, Skilled Personnel. That's what you need today. When technology is aiming to keep pace with the world, meet SPINCO, Special Instruments Consortium, the authorized agent for many of the best instruments the world has to offer. They have been marketing these instruments for 25 years now. Today they have customers from various fields spread all over the country. This satisfied cus...

» Spincotech
Actuators, Adhesion Testers, Bearing Analysers/testers, Chromatographs, Coating Thickness Gauges/meters, Densitometers, Endurance Test Rigs, Fatigue Testers, Gas Chromatographs, Hardness Testers, Image Processing Systems, Impact Test Apparatus, Liquid Chromatographs, Melt Flow Index Testers, Polymer Testers, Rheometers, Scratch Test Systems, Spectrometers, Stress Gauges/meters, Tensile Testers, Te...

» Sukruta Agencies
Control Panels, Pumps Agricultural, Pumps Back Pull-out, Pumps Boiler Feed, Pumps Booster, Pumps Borewell, Pumps Centrifugal, Pumps Chemical, Pumps Deepwell, Pumps Diaphragm, Pumps Domestic, Pumps Dosing, Pumps Drain, Pumps Effluent, Pumps Electric, Pumps End Suction, Pumps Glandless, Pumps Horizontal, Pumps Inline, Pumps Jet, Pumps Metering, Pumps Monobloc, Pumps Oil, Pumps Positive Displacement,...

» Superslick Pumps
Superslick Linings + Spares was setup as a manufacturing unit specializing in moulding of PE-Uhmw Polymer sheets and pump parts by B.R.Mehra who founded and introduced Pe-Uhmw moulded Polymer pumps to the Indian Industry in 1977. A wide range of pump designs such as Horizontal back pull-out, Vertical Glandless particularly with the double bearing housing & coupling and Vertical with Mechanical Sea...

» Swadeep Instrumentation
Ambient Air Analysis Systems, Electrostatic Detectors, Fuel Efficiency Gauges/meters, Gas Chromatographs, Hydrogen Detectors, Moisture Analysers, Oceanographic Research Equipment, Toxic Gas Detectors, Transformer Testers.

» Syp Engg Co Pvt Ltd
Liquid Gauges/meters, Pumps Barrel, Pumps Centrifugal, Pumps Chemical, Pumps Diaphragm, Pumps Dosing, Pumps Filter, Pumps Gear, Pumps Horizontal, Pumps Magnetic Drive, Pumps Metering/dosing, Pumps Monobloc, Pumps Plastic, Pumps Polypropylene, Pumps Positive Displacement, Pumps Rotary Gear, Pumps Self Priming, Pumps Stainless Steel, Pumps Teflon.

» Systronics
Attenuators, Audio Generators, Audio Oscillators, Colorimeters, Conductivity Gauges/meters, Densitometers, Dissolved Oxygen Gauges/meters, Distortion Factor Gauges/meters, Electrophoresis Apparatus, Flame Photometers, Fluorometers, Frequency Counters, Function Generators, Haemoglobin Gauges/meters, Ic Testers, Lcr Gauges/meters, Micro Voltmeters, Milli Voltmeters, Multimeters, Nephelo Gauges/meter...

» Techno Instruments Div-apte Amalgamation
Colorimeters, Flammability Apparatus, Flash Point Testers, Freeze Point Analysers, High Voltage Breakdown Testers, Hydrometers, Lubricant Testers, Lubricating Oil Analysers, Melt Flow Index Testers, Melting Point Apparatus, Oil In Water Analysers, Oil Test Kits, Penetrometers, Pumps Vacuum, Rheometers, Spectrographs, Spectrophotometers, Surface Roughness Testers, Tablet Testers, Textile Testing Eq...

» Teletherm Instrument Co Pvt Ltd
Alarm Annunciators, Bar Graph Gauges/meters, Converters, Data Acquisition Systems, Data Loggers, Multichannel Scanners, Process Gauges/meters, Process Monitor/controllers, Scanners Multichannel, Software, Temperature Scanners, Temperature Sensors, Transmitters Ac, Transmitters Temperature, Valve Position Gauges/meters.

» Thermal Instruments & Equipments
Blind Controllers, Boiling Point Apparatus, Calibration Furnaces, Carbon Analysers, Chromatographs, Colorimeters, Conductivity Bridges, Conductivity Controllers, Conductivity Gauges/meters, Dissolved Oxygen Analysers, Environmental Test Chambers, Furnace Programmers, Heating Elements, Incubators Laboratory, Melting Point Apparatus, Moisture Testers, Ovens Laboratory, Ph Controllers, Ph Gauges/mete...

» Thermographic Measurements Pvt Ltd
Thermographic Products.

» Toshniwal Bros (Delhi) Pvt Ltd
Balances Moisture, Bomb Calorimeters, Calibration Baths, Calorimeters, Carbon & Sulphur Analysers, Concrete Testers, Conductivity Controllers, Conductivity Gauges/meters, Crack Detectors, Dissolved Oxygen Gauges/meters, Electrolytic Analysers, Expirographs, Kelvin Bridges, Magnetic Particle Inspection Systems, Metal Sorters, Moisture Gauges/meters, Moisture Testers, Ph Controllers, Ph Gauges/meter...

» Waters (India) Pvt Ltd
Waters Corporation's Ultra Performance LC (Uplc), high performance liquid chromatography (Hplc), mass spectrometry (MS), thermal analysis (Ta) and rheology products and services are synonymous with quality and performance in analytical labs around the world. Today, the demand for Waters offerings has never been greater. Pricing pressures, intense competition and strict regulatory demands are chall...

» Western Precision Instruments Emporium
Alidades, Anemometers, Barometers, Compass Prismatic, Counters, Levelling Staffs, Levels, Meteorological Gauges/meters, Plane Tables, Prismatic Compass, Rain Gauges/meters, Surveying Gauges/meters, Theodolites, Thermohygrographs, Water Current Gauges/meters, Water Level Gauges/meters, Wind Energy Measuring Systems.

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