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»  Industrial Compressors & Cryo Pumps Private Limited
Manufacturing and supplying industrial compressors, air compressors, gas compressors, vertical compressors, screw compressors, cryogenic pumps, pump accessories, centrifugal transfer pumps and compressor accessories.

» Aarti Electrical Private Limited
Manufacturer and supplier of single core wires, multi core wires, wires and cables, power cords, electrical power cords, exhaust fan blades, exhaust fan motor, sensors, motion sensors, magnetic sensors, beam sensor and power strips.

» Ace Instruments
Manufacturers and supplier of process control equipment, digital vacuum indicators, digital pressure indicators, digital temperature indicators, digital temperature scanners, vacuum transmitters, pressure transmitter, digital gauges.

» Acme Engineers
Manufacturer and supplier of torsion testing machine, fatigue testing machine, universal testing machine, metallurgical microscope, profile projector, vicker hardness tester, micro vicker hardness tester, rockwell hardness tester etc.

» Airtech Engineers & Consultants, Chennai
Manufacturer and exporter of gas plants, psa nitrogen gas plants, nitrogen gas plants, ammonia cracking units, compressed air dryer systems, oxygen gas analyzers, gas purifiers, medical oxygen gas plants, oxygen gas plants, dewpoint meters.

» Allied Engg Works
Manufacturer of industrial products, single phase temper proof static energy meter, three phase temper proof static energy meter, lt xlpe power cable, lt xlpe control cable, industrial aluminium conductor, galvanised reinforced steel wire etc.

» Analab Scientific Instruments Private Limited
Manufacturer of pH/mV/Temp/ORP analyzer, Conductivity/TDS/Resistivity analyzer, Karl Fischer Titrator, Programmable Automatic Melting/Boiling point appartus, Gas Handling & Purification system, N2/Zero air & H2 Generator, Exhaust Hood for ICP & AAS.

» Associate Agencies
Manufacture and exporter of measuring instruments, aggregate testing equipment, electronic weighing scale, construction equipment, bitumen and asphalt testing equipment, soil testing equipment, cement-concrete testing equipment.

» Associates Scientific International
Supplier of material testing machines for metals, soil, cement, concrete, aggregates, survey, foundry sand, bitumen, fuel, paint, timber and general laboratory utilities.

» Bellstone Hi-Tech International
Manufacturer and supplier of construction machinery, vibrating machines, DC voltmeters, concrete mixer plant, ballon light tower, mobile high-raised lift table, mini loaders, backhoe attachments and survey equipment.

» Biochem Life Sciences
Supplier of biotech research products, laboratory instruments, cross linking products, bio chemicals, dna / rna, ladders & markers molecules biology products, dna / rna & protein isolation kits, custom services, elisa kits, antibodies.

» BR Instrumentation & Controls
Manufacturer of electromagnetic flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, flow switches, level transmitters, level switches, pressure instruments, temperature instruments, mechanical instruments and also offer calibration, testing, maintenance services.

» Bry-Air Asia Private Limited
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial dryers, dehumidifiers, compact desiccant dehumidifiers, industrial desiccant dehumidifiers, FLI desiccant dehumidifiers, FPU series desiccant dehumidifiers and FLB series desiccant dehumidifiers.

» Caliber Scales India Private Limited
Manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of fully electronic road lorry weighbridges, mobile weighbridges, platform scales, bench scales, table top scales, high precision lab scales and importer and traders of load cells etc.

» Chandy John
Manufacturer and exporter of tea processing plant, tea processing machinery, drum type magnetic separator, bulk density meter, tea bag machines, tea blending mixing system, tea packaging machinery and electronic weighing scale.

» Decibel Dynamics Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of scientific and lab equipments, melting point apparatus, lyophilizer, centrifuge table top, B. O. D incubator, mortuary chamber, temperature controller, multi magnet stirrer, deep freezer digital, digital equipment.

» Deepak Enterprises
Manufacturer and supplier of auto clave, bacteriological incubator, horizontal laminar flow cabinet, lyophilizer, rectangular muffle furnace, plant growth chamber, rotary vacuum evaporator, binocular research microscope, incubator and oven.

» Deepthi Engineering
We are one of the prominent manufacturer and exporter of wind tunnel, petrol-diesel engines test rig, propulsion laboratory, pump test rig, centrifugal blowers test rig, computerized heat exchangers, centrifugal pump test rig, pelton wheel turbine.

» Dhananjai Equipments Private Limited
Manufacturers of hydraulic equipment, ton gantry, hydraulic lift, centrifuge, centrifuge basket, cement plant equipment, chemical processing plants, fibre weigh hopper, cyclone, tank, S.S./M.S heat exchangers.

» Dutron Products,Ahmedabad
Manufacturer of hose pipes, braided hose pipes, flat hose pipes, HDPE pipe systems, UPVC pipes, corrugated pipes etc.

» Electrocon Systems
Manufacturer and exporter of cable fault locating instruments, cable route tracer, cable test van, water leak detectors, pipe route locators and led street lights.

» Elinco Innovations
Supplier of measuring instrument, digital measuring instrument, electronic measuring instrument, handheld instruments, panel type instruments, 1-2 channel panel type instruments, temperature meter and digital temperature meter etc.

» Elite Plus
Supplier of anatomical models, CPR manikin, nursing manikin, medical video, medical chats, survey equipments, GPS, microscope, binocular, hospital furniture, educational charts, permanent slides, specimen and lab equipments.

» Elmeasure India Private Limited
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of energy management systems, intelligent earth leakage relay, motor protection systems, alpha plus series, splitcore, opening style current transformers, alpha series, micro genius plus and micro genius.

» Enhance Enviortech, New Delhi
Manufacturer, supplier and consultancy service providers in the field of air, water noise based pollution, effluent treatment plants, sewage treatment plant, activated carbon filters, U.V. treatment systems, dechlorination and water softening.

» ETS Intarlaken Technologies
Manufacturer and exporter of testing equipment and testing machines like paint testing machine, metal testing machine, leather testing machine, plastic testing machine, textile testing machine, petroleum testing machine and many more.

» Globe Tex Industries
Manufacturing and exporting laboratory testing instruments and fabric testing instruments such as conditioning chamber, wrap reel, crock meter hand operated, electronic crock meter, digital hot air oven, atmospheric breaker dying machine.

» Hem Electronic Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Engaged in manufacturing of ammeters, power parameters, process parameters, temperature indicator, voltmeters, process controllers.

» Hi-Tech India
Manufacturer and exporter of balancing machines product, vertical balancing machines, split bed model horizontal balancing machine, hard bearing vertical balancing machines, stroboscopic balancing machine, high voltage tester, belt driven machines.

» Impel Marketing India Private Limited
Wholesaler & retailer of 1.5''auto multiport valve, 1/2'' auto multiport valve, 1''side mount multiport valve, nb multiport valve, conductivity meter, e-dose, pressure gauge, oltremare membrane, side mount 65 NB multiport valve and nanfang pump

» Imperial Lab Equipments Private Limited, Delhi
Manufacturer of scientific and laboratory testing instruments like geo textile testing instruments, concrete testing instruments, rock testing instruments, asphault testing instruments, moulds, cement, lime, plaster and mortar testing instruments.

» Indian Scientific Instruments Corporation
Manufacturing and supplying laboratory testing instruments, surgical instruments, laboratory vacuum oven, laminar air flow cabinet, infrared moisture balance, fruit crushing machine, tablet dissolution test equipment and soil moisture meter.

» Indoanushka
Leading manufacturer and supplier of steam operated pumps, double window sight glass, moisture separator, y type strainer, modules float trap type, dial thermometer, boiler feed water tanks, clean air package, ft module, flash vessels etc.

» Interface Scales Private Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of full concrete pit type weighbridge, pit type weighbridge, single ended shear beam load cell, platform scale, jewellery scale, table top scales, bench scale, piece counting scales, load cells and accessories.

» International Trade Links Instrumentation Private Limited
Supplier of waterproof total dissolved solids pocket testers with temperature display, dissolved oxygen, total dissolved solids.

» Jico Elecweigh Systems
Manufacturer of bench scales, kirana scales, retail scales economy, retail scales(regular), platform scales, platform scales, table top scales, jewelery scales, hanging scales, conversion kit, coin operated weighing machine, price computing scales.

» KVS Technologies
Service provider of validation service, compliance service, software service, network validation service, clinical research service, SOPs service, laboratory equipment, laboratory information management system etc.

» LAA International
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of weigh bridges and weighing scales, industrial machines, ginning machine and parts, oil mill machinery, refinery, sugar machinery, dyes, chemicals, caustic soda flakes and pearls.

» Lab Equipments & Chemicals
Dealer and exporter of all sorts of laboratory equipments and testing equipments for paint, fuel, oil, grease, foam, helmets, household electrical appliances, textile, leather, metal, latex, PVC films and sheets.

» Labtop Instruments Private Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of cooling incubator, ultra freezer and walk in chamber.

» Lakshmi Scientek Services
We are manufacturer and supplier of lab and scientific instruments like digital pH meter, microprocessor conductivity, TDS meter, vacuum pump, hot plate, laminar flow cabinet, orbital shaker, autoclave horizontal, horizontal laminar flow cab etc.

» Machine Vision Plus
Manufacturer of machine vision systems, fire wire cameras, inverted microscopes, biological microscopes, fluorescent microscopes, reflected microscopes, stereo microscopes, digital usb microscopes, fiber sensors and photoelectric sensors.

» Mars Digital Scales & Systems
Manufacturer and supplier of weighing machines, electronic weighing scale, measuring scales, price computing scale, lab scales, table top industrial scales, baby weighing scales, digital scales, jewelery scales, heavy duty platform scales etc.

» Mitco Weld Products Pvt. Ltd. (A unit of arcon group of companies)
Deals in manufacturing and exporting of gas welding tools, welding consumables, gas cutting tools, welding cables & holders, welding helmets, tig and mig welding set, cable connectors, electrode drying ovens, leather hand gloves, safety shoes etc.

» Modular Techniks
Manufacturer of modular furniture, kitchen modular furniture, lab modular furniture, chemical lab modular furniture and bioteck lab modular furniture.

» MV Instruments
Manufacturer and supplier of water level indicators, diesel level controllers, SS flameproof sensors, SS linear level transmitters, SS float level sensor, cyclic timers, bell timers, electro-mechanical float switch and digital level indicators.

» N.R. Enterprises
Manufacturer and exporter of load cells, torque cells, mounting kits, weigh bridge platforms, remote displays, tank weighing systems, silo weighing, level control systems, digital controller, junction box, batching systems and safe load indicators.

» Narang Metallurgical
Offering testing services and testing instruments like lab testing instruments, spectrometers, hardness testers, impact testers, lab ovens, high temperature furnaces, polishing machines, gas purifiers, polishing accessories and spectro polishers.

» New Ghosh Industries
Manufacturer and exporter of test sieves, soil testing instruments, concrete testing instruments, bitumen testing instruments, laboratory instruments, surveying instruments, high speed stirrer, proctor needle, load frame motorised and pycnometer.

» New Kundli Engineering Works
Export diesel fuel injection pump test bench, diesel fuel injection pump test benches (fuelco champion - 800), crdi injector repair kits, diesel fuel injection pump test bench (fuelco seleco-600, 800 & 1200), c.r.d.i. common rail injector systems.

» Omicron
Manufacturer and exporter of temperature gauges, pipe fittings, manifold valves, tube fittings, pressure transmitters, pressure switches, diaphragm seals, ball valves, pressure gauges, needles valves, RTD, thermocouples, thermowells etc.

» Orbital System Bom Private Limited
We are one of the largest manufacturers of linear potentiometers, linear transducers, DRO systems etc. Our products meet the international quality standards.

» Precitronic Instruments & Controls
Manufacturer and supplier of textile tools like pc based fiber length measuring system, portable moisture meter, digital moisture meter, analog moisture meter, moisture meter electrodes, strength tester and yarn splice strength tester.

» Pride Industries
Leading manufacturer of lead acid battery processing machineries and moulds, heat sealing platen, sandwich grouping box electrical furnace, electrical oven, auto casting machine, semi auto casting machine and hydraulic pressure die casting.

» Quality Engineering Corporation
Manufacturer of high class drawing and surveying instruments like transit vernier theodolite, electronic theodolite (south), dumpy level, prismatic compass, telescopic alidade, auto level (sun), electronic total station (sokkia), leveling staff etc.

» Raj Thermometers
Manufacturer and exporter of laboratory thermometer, IP, ASTM, IMD thermometers, industrial thermometer, room thermometer, digital clinical thermometer, maximum and minimum thermometer, wet and dry thermometer, dial thermometer etc.

» Rajco Scientific And Engineering Products
Manufacturing and exporting testing machines, automatic testing machines, material testing machines, bitumen testing machines, soil testing machines, metal testing machines, cement testing machines, concrete testing machines and lab testing machines.

» Reena Instruments Company
Manufacturer and exporter of digital colorimeter, digital spectrophotometer, magnetic stirrer with hot plate, vortex shaker, digital seed counter, digital soil moisture meter, digital turbidity meter and digital colony counter.

» Remi Elektrotechnik Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of laboratory centrifuges, refrigerated centrifuges, bench top centrifuges, medico and doctor centrifuge, research centrifuges, micro centrifuges, mini centrifuge, laboratory stirrers and direct drive stirrers.

» Renake Sales & Services
Dealing into sensors, transmitters, dataloggers, moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, whether monitoring station etc.

» Research Instrumentation
Manufacturer and exporter of research instruments, turbidometry, lux meters, micro lux meters, opacity tester, shine meters, mirror goniophotometers, gonio photometers, digital colorimeter, whiteness meters and digital turbidometry.

» S. K. Enterprises, Dombivli
Supplier of H.T. testing, drop out fuse, spring dowell pins, aluminum and copper lug, R.P.G. cable, cables end termination, heat shrinkable jointing kits, cable jointing and electrical components.

» Sawan Ram Lakshmi Chand
Manufacturer of scientific equipments, dissection microscope, student microscope, medical microscope, junior medical microscope, binocular microscope, laminar air flow horizontal,laminar air flow vertical, insect cabinet cell, insect storage box.

» SCHENCK RoTec India Limited
Manufacturer and supplier of balancing machine, universal balancing machines, ab-comfort, smart balancer, balancing machine for turbocharger core assemblies, vertical balancing machines, power test dynamometers and vibration monitoring systems.

» Scientech Technologies Private Limited
Supplier and exporter of digital oscilloscope, digital portable ultrasound system, 1mhz function generator, vector network analyzer, digital storage oscilloscope, digital power meter, color spectrum analyzer, white board stands, analog lab, e beam.

» Sensotech Weighing System
Manufacturer and supplier of weighbridges, electronic weighbridges, load cell, weight indicator, silo weighing system, jar filling system, batch weighing controller, crane weighing system and milk weighing system.

» Servo Enterprises
Manufacturer and exporter of laminar flow equipment, autoclave, bacteriological incubator, salt spray chamber, hot air oven, vacuum oven, test chamber, platform shaker, fermentor, deep freezer, lab furnace, constant temperature bath.

» Shivang Furnaces And Ovens Industries
Manufacturer and supplier of electric furnaces, heating furnaces, industrial electric furnaces, thermal ovens, heating ovens, steam ovens, industrial heating ovens and industrial furnace.

» Shri Sales & Services
Supplier of test & measuring & process control equipment and solutions. Dealing into electronic measuring instruments, power quality monitors and leakage current measuring instruments.

» Sigma Electro Systems
Manufacturer and supplier of fuel flow meter tester, oxygen field tester, fuel flow tester, accelerometer & g sensors tester, clock tester, inertial vertical gyro system tester, flight data recorder tester, tachometer tester, gyro turntable etc.

» Simtronics Analytical & Lab Instruments
Manufacturer and exporter of digital colony counters, digital conductivity meters, digital flame photometers, digital PH meters, digital photo colorimeters, digital spectrophotometers, digital turbidity meters, karl fischer titrimeters etc.

» Slvmr Fuel Injection Equipments
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of locomotive maintenance machines, test stands for mechanical unit injector unit, pneumatic unit injector tester, woodward governor test stand s-05, test stands for 8 cylinder inline and diesel pump testing.

» Snehavardhan Filtrox Systems
Manufacturer and exporter of clean room doors, fan filter unit, welding fume extractor, air purifier, poultry isolator, fan filter, cleanroom tents, welding fume extractors, filtrox biosafety cabinet, passboxes, strip curtains, air showers etc.

» source1 Instruments
Manufacturing process control instrument, vibration meter, coating thickness meter, thermo anemometer, ultrasonic thickness meter, digital manometer, lux meter-sound level meter and digital tachometer.

» Spice Packaging
Manufacturer and exporter of pice packing machine, namkeen packing machine, dal packing machine, spice powder packing machine, rice packing machine, sugar packing machine, form fill seal machine, intermittent packing machine.

» Systech Automation Systems
Manufacturer and exporter of digital process indicator, signal isolator, flow integrator totaliser, temperature scanner, digital event counter, digital length counter, timer, production target display, liquid level controller, logic controller.

» Tarang Kinetics Private Limited
Manufacturer of electronic components and spares like electrodynamic vibration shaker system low force series, digital power amplifier, head expander, combo base horizontal slip table, vertical load support, pneumatic shock test machine etc.

» Technovate Inc.
Manufacturer and exporter of injector cleaning machines, injector cleaning machine ultra reverse, fuel average testing machine, computerized wheel aligner, industrial computerized wheel aligner, computerized wheel balancer and automatic tyre changer.

» The Scientific Instrument Co. Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of microwave test benches of x, j, s, c, ku and ka band, waveguide passive components for defense sector.

» Topmost Instruments Corporation Of India
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of surgical equipment such as surgical ENT microscope, hospital motorized table, diagnostic units, lens meters, slit lamps, five step slit lamp, head bend cool light, wheelchair accessible tables.

» True Temp Technology
Manufacturer and exporter of thermolyzer, expandable thermocouple tips, carbon cups, thermocouple cartidges, lance assembly, compensating cables, connectors, receptacles & housings, portable digital temperature indicator etc.

» Unity Glass Industry
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial plant, laboratory glass equipment, laboratory glass-wares, glass heat exchanger, glass unit and glass vessel, glass components, sight glass, borosilicate glass tubing, pilot plant.

» VINIT Electronics and Electricals
Manufacturing data logger, electronic lcd display, digital electronic filters, digital lcd display, micro based data acquisition system, data acquisition system, scada window, temperature scanner, power supply and linear power supply.

» Voda Scale India
Manufacturer and supplier of price computing scale, retail table top scale, price computing scale, platform scale, jewelery & laboratory scale, table top scale, piece counting and digital hanging scale.

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