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» All-Tec Electrical Engineers
Accent is India's No.1 manufacturer of Proximity Sensors. We manufacture the finest switches in India. Though these switches are on par with most major international makes, they are available at a fraction of the cost. International Quality is thus available at Indian Prices. stablished in 1985 we are a pioneering manufacturer of non-contact sensors in India. In 1987 we purchased technical know-ho...

» Allied Electric Engg Co
Converters Frequency, Electrical Fault Detectors, Inverters, Repairs/service Electrical Gauges/meters, Repairs/service Electrical Motors, Short Turn Gauges/meters, Voltage Stabilisers.

» Anand Electricals

Anand Electrical soll all Electrical & Electronic Goods Sales & Services and Home Appliances. Electrician Service Available On Call.

To protect human life from electrical shock and fire caused due to current leakage. Highlights: flameproof body and cover, cannot melt/drip at any temperature; truly current operated, operates even at very low voltage; no nuisance trip ping; a high short circuit...

» Anchor Electricals Pvt Ltd
Anchor was incorporated in 1963 and in 40 years has become one of the largest manufacturer's of electrical switches and accessories in the world.Switches & Accessories, Wires & Cables, MCBs and Protection devices, Lamps and Tubes, Luminaries, Fans, Energy Meters, Insulation Tapes.

» AP Montoronix Pvt. Ltd.
DEC 1700 series are reversing proportional motors used to operate dampers or valves in Electric Modulating Circuits. Electric actuators are designed to meet the requirement of damper control, valve control applications where it is generally required to drive the load through less than one complete revolution either direction and to stop instantaneously at any point of the stroke. Such devices, som...

» Asian Electrical & Electronics
Starter, Contactor, Relays & Spares, Main Switches, Change Over Switches & Spares, Fuses, U.G. Cable & Cables, Rotary Switches, Micro Switches, Limit Switches, Coils, Heat Controls, Doides & Thyristor.

» Atel Devices & Systems
ATEL DEVICES & SYSTEMS was established with an objective to bring in high-end engineering technology to the industrial sector at a time when the world is fast embracing it. The unit promoted in 1991 by Engineering professionals, Late N.Nagaraja Rao, N. Guru prasad and N. Nanda kishore has been to the forefront of its objective. Late N.Nagaraja Rao super annuated from Design Bureau, HAL,Bangalore a...

» Avante Global Services
Battery Chargers, Calibration Standards, Calibrators, Component Testers, Data Analysers, Earth Fault Locators, Electrical Energy Analysers, Electrical Measurement, Frequency Gauges/meters, Humidity Gauges/meters, Led Displays, Meggers, Ohmmeters, Phase Angle Gauges/meters, Power Controllers, Power Gauges/meters, Probes, Process Automation Systems, Recorders, Signal Analysers, Standards, Telecommun...

» Bhagyashree Industries
Bhagyashree Industries manufactures high quality power adapters under the brand name Silicon. Power adapters range include line version, regulated version and AMPS version from 3 to 100 W. Application of power adapters are many and to name a few: computer segment-modems, laptops, routes, hubs, printers, LAN, extenders etc, communication segment includes cordless phones, fax machine, cell phones et...

» Cdcon
Anemometers, Combustible Gas Detectors, Combustion Efficiency Monitoring Systems, Electric Demand Analysers, Electrical Energy Analysers, Energy Gauges/meters, Energy Meter Test Benches, Energy Monitoring Systems, Flow Gauges/meters, Furnace Controllers, Harmonic Analysers, Hot Metal Detectors, Luxmeters, Maximum Demand Gauges/meters, Metal Detectors, Power Gauges/meters, Power Line Transducers, P...

» Crystal Electric Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Crystal Electric Co. Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified company manfacturers Crystal brand On Load Changeover Switches, Fuse Switch Combination Units, Switch Fuse Changeovers, Load Break Switches Disconnector Fuse Units, MCB's, MCCB's, Isolator, MCO, Rewireable & HRC Switch Fuse & Fuse Switch Units etc.On Load Changeover Switches, Switche Disconnector Fuse Units, Rewireable & HRC Switch Fu...

» Delta Control Engg Corp
Delta Control Engineering Corporation, since it's inception in 1978, have concentrated mainly in the field of electrical testing and measuring instruments. Reliability and precision have been the theme which brought patronization from leading electrical equipment manufacturers as well as many standards organizations.Ammeters, Dc Calibrators, Electric Motor Testers, Electrical Energy Analysers, Ele...

» Deluxe Electrical Corpn
Ammeters, Clamp Gauges/meters, Earth Resistance Testers, Electrical Transducers, Frequency Gauges/meters, Growlers, Insulation Testers, Kw Gauges/meters, Line Frequency Gauges/meters, Luxmeters, Meggers, Moisture Gauges/meters, Multimeters, Ohmmeters, Oil Test Kits, Panel Gauges/meters, Phase Sequence Gauges/meters, Power Analysers, Power Line Transducers, Rheostats, Sound Level Instruments Db, Ta...

» Duke Arnics Electronics Pvt Ltd
Manufacturer & Distributors of Metering, Monitoring and Management of Electricity, Switches, Cables, Junction Boxes and Electronic Trivector Meter.Electrical Energy Analysers, Electricity Gauges/meters, Energy Gauges/meters, Energy Loggers, Energy Meter Calibrators, Energy Meter Test Benches, Energy Monitoring Systems, Maximum Demand Gauges/meters, Trivector Gauges/meters.

» Elak Private Limited
Elak Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of Battery Chargers, Battery Testers, Auto Electrical Benches, Tyre Pressure Indicators, etc. Its products are the largest selling brand in the country and are recommended and used by all leading battery and automotive manufacturers.

Elak exports to several countries world-wide ...

» Electronic Instruments & Machinery Corp
Air Velocity Gauges/meters, Alarm Annunciators, Ampere Gauges/meters, Analysers, Automobile Testers, Balances, Bar Graph Gauges/meters, Battery Testers, Bearing Analysers/testers, Bearing Testers, Bridge Meghohmmeters, Cable Fault Locators, Cable Route Locators, Cable Testers, Cable/wire Length Gauges/meters, Calibration Standards, Calibrators, Caliper Gauges/meters, Calipers, Capacitance Gauges/m...

» Goldstone Teleservices Limited
Goldstone Teleservices Limited is an ISO-9001:2000 certified company and its R & D Center is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of India. GTSL is the largest manufacturer and suppliers of Heat Shrinkable Telecom Cable Closures and other Telecom accessories in India. Goldstone Teleservices Limited (GTSL) is a public listed company. GTSL is currently traded on ...

» Harsha welding Systems Pvt. Ltd.
It is also known as capacitors discharge welder. This is very advanced technology for projection welding; a small job and a very large job can e weld on this kind of machine. Capacitor Discharge welding machine saves very large amount of electricity due to its technology, compare to resistance welder. In this technology, bank of capacitors (battery) is charged at constant voltage and it is stored ...

» Havell's India Limited
Havells India Ltd is a billion-dollar-plus organization, and is one of the largest & India's fastest growing electrical and power distribution equipment manufacturer with products ranging from Industrial & Domestic Circuit Protection Switchgear, Cables & Wires, Motors, Fans, Power Capacitors, CFL Lamps, Luminaires for Domestic, Commercial & Industrial applications, Modular Switches, & Bathfittings...

» Iris Marketing Services
Electrical Fault Detectors.

» Jopasana Software (P) Ltd
Jopasana is a product engineering and software solutions company operating mainly in the hi-tech "real-time" and embedded systems domain, helping customers with complete product realization services and application engineering services for end-user applications. Jopasana, in Sanskrit, means to "nurture". At Jopasana, since our inception, in 1990, we have always strived to nurture relationships wit...

» Kaypee Enterprises
KAY PEE ENTERPRISES, a business house rendering services to process, mining and engineering industry, formed in 1988 having its head quarter at Udaipur, started its operations with sales of spare parts for Heavy Earth moving Mining Machineries to the mining sector of cement industry in and around Chittorgarh & Udaipur.With its wide acceptance in the cement belt, Kay Pee enterprises added to its pr...

» KB Power Care Pvt. Ltd.
KB Power Care Pvt. Ltd. is located at Hyderabad in India. We are providing specialized stabilizers, Transformers,.. to various Industries at various stages. Our mission is to effectively harness the emerging technologies to enable clients to protect their prestigious equipment from power problems. KB Power Care Pvt. Ltd. involved in design, engineering, manufacturing, commissioning and support ser...

» Kheraj Electrical Industries (P) Ltd.
KHERAJ, the brand name that has been in existence for over five decades now, is instantly associated with the sound of sirens. It is owned by a multimillion rupees company - Kheraj Electrical Industries (P) Ltd., that has grown from an unassuming post-war unit. It's present broad based and wide spread operations, having grown under it's present chairman Mr.N.G.Kheraj - the second generation Kheraj...

» MCB Electro Controls
Sigma Switch Gears are specially designed to meet the stringent requirement of various Domestic and Industrial applications. All the Ranges are manfactured to stand the robust environment. Quality In Design, Quality In Manfacture are Strictly follwed by the firm for customer oriented satisfaction.

» Microtek Instruments
Microtek Instruments, are the distributors and manufacturers representative of Test and Measurement Instruments, Calibration Instruments, EMI-EMC Instruments and High Voltage Testing Instruments in INDIA. We offer the latest equipments from world class manufacturers, with excellent after-sales service and support.Analysers, Audio Frequency Gauges/meters, Audio Generators, Audio Oscillators, Audio ...

» Nagesh Electric & Electronic Corp
Alarm Annunciators, Ammeters, Ampere Gauges/meters, Capacitance Gauges/meters, Clamp Gauges/meters, Connectors, Counters, Earth Resistance Testers, Earth Testers, Electric Demand Analysers, Electrical Energy Analysers, Encoders, Encoders Industrial, Encoders Rotary, Frequency Gauges/meters, Frequency Relays, Inductance Gauges/meters, Insulation Testers, Kvar Gauges/meters, Kw Gauges/meters, Kwh Ga...

» Nagman Instruments & Electronics Pvt Ltd
Nagman, starting small, manufacturing RTD / TC sensors, moved on (in the late eighties) to pioneer the concept of portable calibrators (simulators) for Temperature / Pressure under technical guidance from Ametek (Jofra), Denmark and have been manufacturing these calibrators, selling over 10,000 calibrators so far. Nagman, expanding on their technical expertise on portables, developed Comprehensive...

» Neo Tele-tronix Pvt Ltd
You must have come across " NTPL" make products in many of the industries, educational laboratories, particularly in places where productive equipment for scientific applications are essential. Today, Test & Measuring Equipment are undeniable, for ensuring the safety and quality of materials in every respect. They perform an indispensable role to enrich the quality standards, th...

» Pacific Export
Acetylene Leak Detectors, Air Filter Gauges/meters, Air Monitoring Equipment, Air Velocity Gauges/meters, Ammonia Analysers, Anemometers, Bar Graph Gauges/meters, Calibration Standards, Calibrators, Carbon Dioxide Gauges/meters, Carbon Monoxide Gauges/meters, Chloride Gauges/meters, Chlorine Gauges/meters, Clamp Gauges/meters, Combustible Gas Detectors, Combustion Analysers, Combustion Efficiency ...

» Phoenix Mecano (India) Limited
Phoenix Mecano AG, decided to include in the sphere of its global networks, the land of plenty, India. Phoenix Mecano (India) Ltd. was established in Mumbai to source products for Phoenix Mecano's global sourcing operations and to market products of the Phoenix Mecano enclosure and mechanical division. Soon the high quality and sophisticated Phoenix Mecano products were creating waves in the India...

» Pinkcity Electronics Pvt Ltd
Pinkcity Electronics Pvt. Ltd., established in November 1992, a registered SSI unit, is a fast growing organisation. The Company manufactures under stringent quality control acquiring ISO-9001 certification for Static Single & Three Phase Energy Meters, Sequential Switching Relay, Electronic Ballast, Microprocessor based STD/PCO Charge Indicator and other custom designed products.The Company also ...

» Poonam Electronic Corp
Cables, Electrical Measurement, Voltage Stabilisers.

» Power Linkers
In the field of Electrical System Design and Electrical System Testing & Commissioning, few players could hope to match Power Linkers group in terms of access to cutting edge technology, quality experience in Project handling and wide repertoire of value added services. Conceived in 1981 by an elite team of engineers breaking frontiers in the field of engineering at Tata Consulting Engineers, Mum...

» Ravi Electrical Works
Ravi Electrical Works are the specalisits in motors & generators and reparing winding.

» Record Tech Electronics
Accelerometers, Angle Measurement, Batch Weighers, Belt Load Gauges/meters, Belt Weighers, Calibration Facilities, Calibrators, Crack Detectors, Current Sensors, Data Acquisition Systems, Data Loggers, Data Scanners, Dc Drives, Differential Pressure Gauges/meters, Displacement Measurement, Electrical Transducers, Electronic Gauges/meters, Encoders, Encoders Absolute Angle, Encoders Industrial, Enc...

» Rishabh Electricals
HRC Fuse Links, Fuse Holders, Air Break Contactors, Moter Starter, Over Load Relay, Direct-On-Line Motor Starter.

» Roopa Power Technology Pvt . Ltd.
Roopa Power Technology Pvt . Ltd. Are Providing L.T.Switch gear Panels & Turnkey Contractors, Battery Testers, Board Test Systems, Capacitance Gauges/meters, Component Testers, Counters, Data Acquisition Systems, Data Communication Test Equipment, Electronic Loads, Frequency Analysers, Frequency Counters, High Frequency Generators, Impedence Gauges/meters, Impulse Counters, In Circuit Testers, Gen...

» S.C. Dey & Co
S.C.Dey & Co., pioneer in testing instrument manufacture in India is celebrating Golden Jubilee Year. It has been a glorious march since 1949 March, when a technocrat Mr. S.C. Dey started manufacturing testing instrument in the back lane of north Calcutta. Looking back one can draw satisfaction from gradual and steady progress to arrive at todays level. From ordinary laboratory testing instrument ...

» Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd.
Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd (SEI) is a 100% subsidiary of Schneider Electric Industries SAS, a global specialist in energy management. With a strong force of over 5,000 employees, the company is well known for its unique vision, progressive management and above all, its exemplary Quality.Satin Finish, Child-proof sockets, Shrouded Terminals, IP20 Degree of Protection, Captive screws, Ease of...

» Secure Meters Ltd
The organisational philosophy is robust designs and simple processes with a theme of there is always a better way in everything we do. This is the mantra of our MD and is deeply rooted in the minds of every Secure employee. In the mid 90's our emphasis was on systems aligned to ISO 9001, 1994 revision of the Quality Standards. Subsequently, we looked at processes which run across the organisation,...

» Shanti Instrument Agency
Ac Gauges/meters, Air Velocity Gauges/meters, Alcohol Detectors, Ammeters, Ampere Gauges/meters, Ampere Hour Gauges/meters, Automobile Testers, Battery Testers, Breakdown Testers, Bridge Meghohmmeters, Cable Fault Locators, Calibrators, Calorimeters, Capacitance Gauges/meters, Capacitor Testers, Clamp Gauges/meters, Clamp Testers, Coating Thickness Gauges/meters, Colorimeters, Continuity Testers, ...

» Sri Meenakshi Enterprises
Calibrators, Electrical Transducers, Multimeters, Panel Gauges/meters, Transmitters, Wattmeters.

» Sri Sai Electrical Works
Authorised service center of Kirloskar electric company Ltd. & Elgi
repairs. rewinding of induction motors, a.c.generators, Geared motors and transformers etc.

» Transera Systems Pvt Ltd
Data Acquisition Systems, Electrical Measurement, Harmonic Analysers, Logic Analysers, Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Power Analysers, Signal Conditioners, Soldering Stations, Sound Level Instruments Db, Tong Testers, Transducers, Virtual Instrumentation.

» Transerect
Transerect was founded in 1992, by Mr. S.V. Mahendra a very philathropick, trust worthy and very hard working by nature. The mission and vision for Transerect in ords of Mr. S.V. Mahendra we are one of the leading consultants testing & commissioning engineers in India as on date. We are looking to be a one of the leading consultants testing & commissioning engineers i the world in coming 5 years. ...

» Yokogawa India Ltd
Ac Gauges/meters, Ac Universal Gauges/meters, Af Output Gauges/meters, Ammeters, Ampere Gauges/meters, Ampere Hour Gauges/meters, Audio Frequency Gauges/meters, Audio Oscillators, Bargraph Gauges/meters, Chart Recorders, Clamp Gauges/meters, Clamp Testers, Data Acquisition Systems, Data Loggers, Data Recorders, Data Scanners, Dc Calibrators, Decade Resistors, Disturbance Recorders, Earth Resistanc...

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