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» A. T. Solvochem
Supplier of hydrocarbons, alcohols, plasticizers, gycols, esters, chlorinated solvents, polymers, monomers, imported products etc.

» Aakar India, Vadodara
Manufacturer and supplier of synthetic resins that includes amino resins, alkyd resins, reactive polyamides, formaldehyde resins, butylated melamine formaldehyde resins, butylated urea formaldehyde resins etc.

» Aditya Polymers
Manufacturer and exporter of synthetic adhesives,paper conversion adhesives, paper tube adhesives, lamination adhesives, labeling adhesives, packaging adhesives, wood working adhesives, glue paper conversion adhesives and synthetic glues.

» Aditya Synthetic
Manufacturer and exporter of reactive dyes, vs series reactive dyes, me series reactive dyes, p series reactive dyes, he series reactive dyes, food colors, cold brands, vs dyes, vinyl sulfone dyes, chemical intermediates, reactive dyes and ink dyes.

» AGC Chemical
Manufacturer and exporter of molecular sieve, molecular sieve type 3a, molecular sieve type 4a, molecular sieve type 5a, molecular sieve type 13x, carbon molecular sieve, actived alumina and catalysts.

» Agriland Biotech Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of bio pesticides, bio fertilizers, pheromone trap and lure systems.

» Anjanee Chemical Industries
Manufacturer of industrial chemicals, agricultural chemicals, pesticide chemicals, ammonium chloride, chlormequat chloride, endosulfan, monocrotophos, ferrous sulfate, sodium hypochlorite, sodium metabisulphiate, benzalkonium chloride etc.

» Aquatic Chemicals
Aquatic Chemicals are one of the leading companies established in 1991 and engaged in importing and supplying of fine Agro Organic Chemicals. We are providing a premium quality range of Agro Chemicals to our valued customers, which consist of Humic Acid, Potassium Humates, Seaweed Extract Powder, Seaweed Gel, Brassinolides - 90% Tech, Bio-Granules, Amino Acid Formulation (20%) - Soya Based, Nitrob...

» Ashok Industry
Backed by over 50 years of industry experience, we can offer these Chemicals, Salts and Oils in different grades as specified and required to meet the process demands at client's end. Further, we can deliver these in both standard and customized packaging so as to meet the specific shipment requirements.Manufacturer of treatment chemicals such as descaling chemicals, metal brightening chemicals, z...

» Ava Chemicals Private Limited, Maharashtra
AVA Chemicals (P) Ltd. is a Mumbai based ISO 9001:2008 certified company manufacturing and exporting the entire range of chelating / Sequestering agents and fine chemicals for over two decades.Manufacturing and exporting of chelating agents, sequestering agents that includes acetates, oxalate, carbonates, citrates, micronutrients and nitrates.

» B D D Chemicals
Processor and supplier of industrial chemicals like sulphur roll, barium sulphate (precipiated), ammonium sulphate, sodium sulphate, zinc sulphate (pure), chemical toluene, paraffin wax, carnuba wax, borax powder, sulphur powder,etc.

» Bajaj Chemicals, Delhi
Manufacturer, exporter and trader of acid slurry, caustic soda and other chemicals.

» Betatex Chemicals
Manufacturing and supplying of textile chemicals that includes optical brightener, soaping agent, soda substitute, acetic acid substitute, specialty softener, fabrication bleaching chemicals, dye fixing agent, dyeing enzymes and dyeing lubricates.

» Bharat Organics
Manufacturer and exporter of nigrosine black, spirit soluble nigrosine, water soluble nigrosine, solvent black 5, solvent black 7, acid black 2 etc.

» Care Pharma Chem
Manufacturer of all types of film coating material, enteric coating material, moisture barrier coating material, protective coating material, enteric coating -aqueous system, ready mix coating material etc.

» Chaudhary Chemicals
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Industry Chemicals. Our range is extensively used to cater the need of pharmaceutical, paint and rubber industries.

» Cosmic Chemicals, Ahmedabad
Exporter and treader of benzene, 2-butoxyethanol, diethylene glycol, cyclohexanone, dimethyl formamide, toluene, acetone, n-butanol, 2-ethylhexanol, xylene and butyl cellosolve.

» Creative Paints
Supplier and manufacturer of premium synthetic enamel, metallic emulsion, super acrylic distemper (super white), acrylic washable distemper, plastic emulsion (white), acrylic cement primer, wood primer white, acrylic wall putty, aluminium paints etc.

» D R Coats Inks And Resin Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing various types of printing inks, adhesives and resins that includes amino resins, hardeners & accelerators, non- reactive polyamides, reactive polyamides (curing agents), ketone formaldehyde resins, reactive diluent etc.

» Divine Polymers
Manufacturing and exporter of chemical compound, industrial chemicals, laboratory chemicals, organic chemicals, bulk drugs, veterinary bulk drugs, hardware products, door visors, acrylic finials.

» DNS Fine Chemicals & Laboratories (P) Ltd.
Manufacturer of fine chemicals, industrial chemicals, ammonium acetate, ammonium phosphate, sodium acetate, sodium phosphate, mono sodium phosphate, scaffolding systems, scaffolds for tiller, painter scaffold, fascia scaffolding and gutter scaffolds.

» Eau Chemical Manufacturing Private Limited
Manufacturer of fuel additives / fire side chemicals, cooling water treatment chemicals, acid inhibitors, sugar process chemicals, paper process chemical, defoamers / antifoamers, R.O. membrane treatment chemicals, paper process chemicals.

» Energy & Environmental Technologies
Supplier and distributors of fuel additives, f2-21 eefuel additive, f2-21 eelube additive, fuel saver, energy saver, industrial fuel, automobile fuel etc.

» Engineering Services International
Manufacturer and supplier of water proofing chemicals, permacrete(superplasticizer for free flowing concrete and mortar), crack sealing and waterproofing compound (permacrylic), permacreal, permacone(the ultraviolet ray resistant flexible sealant).

» Globe Chemie
Manufacturer and exporter for specialty chemicals and intermediates like azetidine series, maraviroc intermediates, fmoc amino acids, silane derivatives, oronic acid, esters and nabumetone intermediates.

» Gomati Impex
Manufacturer and exporter of chemicals like mdi iso cynate, blended polyol, puf chemicals, slabstock polyols, polymer polyols, isocyanate for pu paint industry, mto for paint industry, silicone surfactant, amines catalyst, toluene, tdisocynate etc.

» Goodearth Industries
Manufacturer and supplier of washing detergent powder, detergent cake and dishwasher bars.

» Gopal Industrial Enterprises
Manufacturer of epoxy ester finishes, chlorinated rubber paints, thinners, red oxide primer,epoxy coaltar paints, acid proof paint and lacquers, wood coating paints and lacquers, stoving paints, epoxy paints, quick drying paint, synthetic enamels.

» Green Vision Technical Services
Manufacturer of amino acids, potassium humate and 100% water soluble fertilizers. Also providing soil testing consultancy services.

» Hi-Tech Chemicals (Converters)
Establish in the year 1985, we Hi - Tech Chemicals (Converters) have been working for more then 25 years in the industry operating nationally and globally with various chemical purchaser, buyer, dealer, trader & supplier of chemicals to various type of industries. We are one of the prominent buyer-sealer and importer-exporter house of various Crude, Distilled, Recovered, Spent and Mixture of solve...

» Imperial Oilfield Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Baroda
Imperial Oilfield Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the leading chemical manufacturing and exporting company catering to the need of oil field, oil production, well stimulation and water treatment. It is a member of the Imperial group of companies (A TUV certified ISO 9001:2008 company), based in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.Manufacturer and exporter of oilfield chemicals, photographic chemicals, pharmace...

» Indore Colour Organics Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of coating additives, construction sealants, epoxy primers, plasticizers, polyurethane coating, silicone sealant, synthetic resins, waterproof coatings and waterproofing chemicals.

» Industrial Gases Industries
Manufacturer of industrial gas, welding machines, welding pipe and cables, calibration gases, gas cylinders, fire hydrant system, gas analyzers, fire extinguishers, gas compressor and spare, hot and cold insulation, psa plant, industrial gas spares.

» Ions Pharma
Manufacturer and exporter of all pharmaceutical intermediates, phase transfer catalyst, API, oxyclozanide, atorvastatin, loratadine, citlopram hydrobromide, and phasetransfer catalyst quaternary ammonium compounds.

» Jai Shakti Paint Industries
Manufacturer of industrial paints, texture (designer wall finishes), exterior emulsion paint, interior acrylic emulsion, acrylic oil bound distemper, high gloss synthetic enamels, cement primer, acrylic wall putty and wall paints.

» Keshav Industries
Manufacturer and suplier of products such as thermoplastic road, marking material, manual applicator, pre heater, cat eye road studs, delineators, reflectors, traffic cone, spring posts, speed bumps, safety jackets, safety helmets, safety gloves.

» Kiran Chemicals
Supplier of chemicals, gel wax, sodium DI chromate, paraffin wax, benzoic acid, sodium nitrate, acetic acid, glycerin pharmaceutical chemical, microcrystalline wax, sodium bi carbonate, ammonium carbonate and calcium carbonate.

» KK India Petroleum Specialities Private Limited
KK India Petroleum Specialities Private Limited, are Importers, Suppliers, Authorized Distributors, Exporters and Indenting Agents of a wide range of speciality petroleum products, lubricant additives, speciality silicones,viscosity modifiers for lubricant greases, intermediates, surfactants and other industrial chemicals, sourced from the well-known and reputed manufacturers of the industry which...

» Konkan Speciality Poly Products Private Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of color masterbatches, antioxidant masterbatches, uv stabilizer masterbatches, antistatic masterbatches, processing aid masterbatches, anti block masterbatches, functional masterbatches and industrial concentrates.

» Krishna Resin & Pigment Pvt Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of paint resins, paint driers, solvent soluble dries, octoate napphenate driers, pigments, wire enamels and thinners, wood coatings, non-toxic pigments, alkyd resins, baking varnishes and air drying varnishes.

» Lime Minerals & Chemicals
Manufacturer and exporter of fine quality minerals like calcined dolomite, burnt dolomite, calcined lime, quick lime, burnt lime, hydrated lime, calcium hydroxide,calcite, calcium carbonate, talc powder, dolomite powder, quartz, silica sand etc.

» M K Bitumen Products
Manufacturer of bitumen based waterproofing materials like bitumen primer, water based bitumen primer, bitumen sealing compounds, expansion joint filler board and polymer based water proofing compounds, instant road repair and polyurethane sealant.

» Magnum Organics Private Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of m brand dyes, h brand dyes, he brand dyes, vs brand dyes, me brand dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, basic dyes, salt free dyes and leather dyes.

» Marine Chemicals
Manufacturer and exporter of agar agar, bacteriological grade agar agar, food grade agar agar, pharmaceutical grade agar agar, tissue culture grade agar agar, chitin, chitosin, marine chemicals, sodium chloride and sodium alginate.

» Maruti Chemicals Company
Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of glass chemicals like cadmium sulphide, selenium metal powder, sodium nitrate, sodium silico fluoride. Foundry flux chemicals like sodium cryolite, sodium silico fluoride, welding electrodes chemicals etc.

» Megpie Chemicals
Manufacturer of dye intermediates, pigment intermediate, catalyst, fungicide, p-chloranil, chloranil and dichlone.

» Mehta Traders
Supplying a wide range of chemicals like stearic acid, plasticizers, stearic acid, reclaim rubber latex, zinc hydroxide, zinc oxide, calcium, solvents, reclaim rubbers, minerals, plasticizers and waxes.

» Metalco India Private Limited
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of zinc oxide, virgin zinc oxide, commercial grade zinc oxide, off grade zinc oxide and active grade zinc oxide.

» Minol Acids & Chemicals Private Limited
Manufacturer of industrial chemicals, chemical acids, chemical powders, 1,7 cleaves acid, 1,6 cleaves acid, epsilon acid, benzoyl h acid, chicago acid, mix cleaves acid, dye intermediates, organic dye chemical, dye stuff, specialty organic chemical.

» Neuchatel Chemie Specialties
Exporter and manufacturer of perfumery chemicals, chemical intermediates, acids, aldehyde, ketones, chlorides, bromides, phthalimide derivatives, quinolines, diphenylmethane and 3-methyl-2-pentanone.

» New India Traffic Solutions
We are manufacturer of road traffic furnitures like mastic asphalt, sheet metal fabrications, crash barrier, hot dip galvanizing, sheet metal parts etc.

» Nikava Pharmaceutical Industries, Mumbai
Established in the year 1976; we, Nikava Pharmaceutical Industries, are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters engaged in supplying premium quality drug intermediates, specialty chemicals, industrial chemicals, laboratory chemicals, dimethylamine hydrochloride, methylamine hydrochloride, pyrophosphoryl chloride, phosphorus oxychloride, hcl gases, acetyl chloride, thionyl chloride, benzoyl ...

» Paints Chem (India)
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying paints and thinners that includes nitrocellulose paints, nitrocellulose lacquer, industrial wood coating, glossy clear coat, nitrocellulose clear lacquer, sanding sealer paints and polyurethane clear.

» Polyols And Polymers
Established in the year 1989, Polyols and Polymers - an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, are engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of synthetic resins that include Alkyl Phenol Resins, Phenol Formaldehyde Resins, Modified Phenolic Resins, Ketone Formaldehyde Resins / Ketonic Resins, Modified Maleic Resins and Polyamide Resins. Appreciated for excellent quality and quali...

» Poplon Chemie
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of chemical products like poptan CSN, poptan BFR, poptan RSI, poptan ANF, pop GS powder, poptan DE, popsynth MZU and popsynthol liquer.

» Prabhat Fertilizer & Chemical Works
Manufacturer of bio fertilizers, micronutrient fertilizers, zinc sulphate heptahydrate, zinc sulphate monohydrate, sea weed extract-granules and sea weed extract-liquid.

» Pratik Chemicals
Manufacturer of reactive dyes like reactive orange M2R, reactive orange 2R, reactive orange 3R, reactive black HN & WNN, reactive black B, reactive red M5B, reactive red 5B and reactive red C2G, reactive golden yellow R and reactive yellow FG.

» Prime Aerosols
Manufacturer of all kinds of paints such as spray paint, touchup paint, automotive paint, texture paint, aerosol paint, heat resistant paint, industrial paint, clear lacquer paint, handicraft paint, powder coater, customized paint etc.

» Pumax Chemicals Private Limited
Manufacturer and supplier of resin isopthalic resin, fire retardant resin, general purpose resin, roof-light resin, gelcoat (GP/ ISO /NPG / PTA base), bisphenol resin,and vinyl ester resin.

» R. B. Bhog & Company
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial lubricant, gearbox lubricant, bearings lubricants, couplings lubricant, gear lubricants and underwater lubricants.

» Ratnaakar Associates
Supplier and trader of water treatment chemicals, water treatment powder, water purifying chemical, sodium hypochlorite, aluminum sulfate, water treatment chemical powder etc.

» Ritesh International Ltd.
Manufacturer and supply of plastic coated dish cake, detergent cake, dish wash bar and dish cake.

» Rudra Enterprise
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of sodium hypochlorite, HCL vergin, caustic soda lye, sodium sulphide Na25, liquid chlorine, caustic soda flakes, linear alkyl benzene, acid slurry, sodium bicarbonate, soda ash light and sulphuric acid.

» S.R.Drugs And Intermediates Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturers and exporters of organic chemicals like monochloro acetic acid, sodium monochloro acetate, methyl chloro acetate, trichloroacetyl chloride, chloroacetyl chloride, tetralone and 2-acetyl-6-methoxynaphthalene.

» Saan Global, Noida
Supplier of specialty chemical, specialty polymers, phthalate free plasticizer, masonry water repellents, molecular sieve.

» Sachin Chemical Udyog
Manufacturer and exporter of sulphur WP 80, brown factice, industrial chemicals, rubber chemical pigments, sulphur dust, double refined sulphur roll, double refined sulphur powder.

» Sandeepni Distributors Private Limited
We are into the business of industrial gases like industrial oxygen, medical oxygen, dissolved acetylene, helium gas, helium mixtures, calibration gas, specialty gases, argon( uhp& commercial), nitrogen(UHP & commercial), sf6, methane, co2 gas etc.

» Sanjay Traders Indore
Manufacturer and exporter of soap stone powder, china clay, dolomite, calcite, calcium carbonate, yellow oxide, industrial minerals, industrial salt, hydrated lime, red lentils, gram lentils, chick peas and toor dal.

» Scorpion Biotech Co.
Manufacturer, exporter, importer, supplier of peticides, fertilizers, agro products, organic pesticides, plant growth promoters, organic fertilizers, field and vegetable seeds.

» Scottish Chemical Industries
Manufacturer and exporter of all types of industrial chemicals, industrial organic chemicals, foundry raw material, foam filters, hexachloroethane, degasser, foundry fluxes, aluminum fluoride, cryolite, magnesium chloride and potassium fluoride.

» Shanti Inorgochem Gujarat Private Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of various sulfur based chemicals like sodium sulphite anhydrous, sodium metabisulphite, sodium bisulphite solution, sodium bisulphite powder etc.

» Shree Krishna Chemicals, Indore
Manufacturer and supplier of heavy and fine chemicals like industrial solvents, acetic acid, glycerine , propylene glycol, sodium dichromate, sodium meta bi sulphate, ammonia alum, bleaching powder, alumina ferric and caustic soda flakes.

» Shubh Neel Chemicals
Manufacturer of industrial paints, thinners, epoxy paints, stoving paints, fast drying paints, quick drying paints, epoxy base primer, japan black, varnish, lacquer, coal tar epoxy, polyurethane paints, hammer finish paints, rubber paints, enamels.

» Shyam Sunder Export House
Supplier and exporter of all types of chemicals and minerals used in agro industry, paint industry, textile industry, leather industry, glass industry, water treatment industry and plastic industry.

» Singhal Gas ProductS
Manufacturing and exporting of argon gas, industrial gases, hydrogen gas, liquid nitrogen, helium gas, calibration gas, calibration gas mixtures, storage tank etc.

» Smart Nanoz Private Limited
Manufacturer and supplier of nano materials, nano tio2, nano crystalline chemicals, nano-crystalline zinc oxide, nano-crystalline cerium oxide, nano-crystalline yttrium oxide, nano crystalline zirconia oxide and nano-crystalline aluminum oxide.

» SR Environ Private Limited
SR Environ deals with Water management and Waste water management including design, fabrication, erection, commissioning and O & M of waste water treatment plants using a unique technology called, Eco-Bio block technology.

» Sri Balaji Chemicals
Manufacturer and dealer of silica gel white, silica gel blue, silica gel poly paper pack, silica gel non woven packet, silica gel breather (1/4 kg), silica gel breather (1/2 kg), automatic pouch packaging machine etc.

» Sri Hari Labs
Manufacturer of crown ethers, 18-crown-6, dibenzo-18-crown-6, 15-crown-5 and speciality chemicals such as indole-3-carboxaldehyde, indole-3-carbinol, 3-bromo propionic acid and amino methan sulphonic acid.

» Srikrupa Enterprises
Manufacturer and supplier of pasting gum and dextrins, pasting gum powder, white gum powder, corrugation gum powder, industrial dextrin, white dextrin, yellow dextrin etc.

» Surya Fine Chem
Manufacturer and trader of industrial chemicals such as sulphuric acid, nitric acid, calcium chloride, 1h-124-triazole, acetyl chloride, nitric acid - LR grade 72-90 percent and hydrocloride acid.

» Sushil Corporation
Established in the year 1997, we Sushil Corporation, are a renowned organization engaged in manufacturing, exporting, importing, whole selling, trading and supplying a wide range of Agro chemicals, Bio Organic Fertilizers, Agriculture Growth Promoters, Plant Tonics, Bio Fertilizers, Bio Pesticides, Organic pesticides,Herbal Pesticides, Bio Crop Protection Extracts, Bio Fungicides, Organic fungicid...

» Ultimate Chem (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Supplier of industrial chemicals, dye chemicals, dye intermediates, solvent dyes, resin, bio chemicals, industrial dyes, laboratory chemicals, pharma industrial chemical, pharmaceutical chemical, organic chemicals and inorganic chemicals.

» USG Watair India Limited
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial gases, medical gases, welding electrodes, welding equipments, chemicals, minerals, wire, plants and machinery.

» Usha Chemicals
Manufacturer of industrial chemicals that includes zinc oxide, dicumyle peroxide, benzoyle peroxide, dry chemical powder 40% (DCP) and dibutyl phthalate (DBHP).

» Varuna Bio Products
Manufacturer seaweed extracts, alginate extracts, seaweed extract powder, seaweed granules, seaweed products, alginate products, sodium alginate, potassium alginate, calcium alginate, alginic acid, liquid seaweed extract, construction chemicals etc.

» Vasupujya Chemicals
Exporter and supplier of industrial chemicals such as glutaraldehyde sodium bi sulphite, sodium formaldehyde bi sulphite, anhydrous sodium thio sulphate, sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate and potassium meta bisulphite. Also supply herbal extracts.

» Vipraj Thermosets Private Limited
Manufacturer of epoxy powder paints, epoxy-polyester hybrids powder paints and polyester powder paints.

» Wang Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals
We manufacture, export and supply chloramphenicol palmitat IP/ BP, sodium citrate IP/BP, di sodium hydrogen citrate BP, potassium citrate IP and citric acid anhydrous.

» Westman Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Westman Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. and Associates are a group of companies excelling in manufacturing industrial fine chemicals. An associate Mithila Rasayan Private Limited, certified ISO 9001-2008 company, was started in 1992 basically to meet growing demands of organic chemicals and Anisole was its first product.Manufacturer and exporter of stannous oxalate, anisole, phenetole, potassium cyanate, pota...

» Zirconium Chemicals Private Limited
Manufacturer of zirconium chemicals and their derivatives such as zirconium basic sulphate, zirconium basic carbonate, zirconium hydroxide, zirconium oxide, zirconium acetate solution, zirconium oxychloride and zirconium nitrate solution.

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