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» A To Z Chemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals, water treatment chemicals, food chemicals, construction chemicals, cosmetic chemicals like sodium aluminate, sodium hydrochloride, SHMP, potassium permaganate, caustic soda, CMC, iso propyl alcohol.

» A. B. Emultecc
Manufacturers of various kinds of chemicals like polyacrylamide, polyacrylate etc.

» A. T. Solvochem
Supplier of hydrocarbons, alcohols, plasticizers, gycols, esters, chlorinated solvents etc.

» Aahaan Chemicals
Exporters of textile auxiliaries chemicals, guar gum chemicals, speciality paper chemicals, water treatment chemicals, construction chemicals etc.

» Aar Aar Enterprises
Supplier and exporter of organic and inorganic chemicals along with bulk drugs, drug intermediates, dyes, dye intermediates, food chemicals, essential oils, fragrances and perfumery chemicals.

» Aarti Impex Pvt. Ltd
Exporters of organic and inorganic chemicals like barium carbonate, pentaerithritol, propylene glycol, mono ethylene glycol (MEG), maleic anhydride, nony phenol, fatty acid, linear alkyl benze sulphonate (LABSA) etc.

» ABC Chemical Export Pvt. Ltd
Wholesale exporters and distributors of organic pigments, inorganic pigments, synthetic resins, pigment dispersions, solvent dyes, coating chemicals, additives and hydrocarbon solvents.

» Ace Chemicals
Engaged in exporting and supplying of chemicals such as cefpodozime proxetil, ceftazidine sterile, cefpirome suplhate, ceftiofur sodium, ceftiofur hydrochloride, cefepime sodium, calcium citrate, cilastatin sodium, lomefloxacin HCL and enalaprin maleate.

» Acechemie
Manufacturer & exporter of rubber chemicals, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, etc.

» Acid India
Exporter and suppliers of chemicals including phosphoric acids, stearic acids, caustic soda flakes, isopropyl alcohols, N-Butyl bromides, mono hydrates, liquid bromines, glycerines, spirulinas, benzenesulfonic acids and calcium carbonates.

» Adarsh Fluorine & Chemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of sodium flouride, lithium flouride etc.

» Adarsh International
Supplier and exporters of laboratory chemicals, analytical chemicals and other lab chemicals.

» Adheswara (Exports) Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of magnesium sulphate heptahydrate(epson salt), magnesium sulphate monohydrate.

» Advance In-Organics
Manufacturers and exporters of mono potassium phosphate, di potassium phosphate, di sodium phosphate, stannous chloride, calcium sulfate and tin dioxide used in water treatment, emulsifier, electroplating, baking powder, additive in food and acidulant.

» Afrak Networks
Dealers of all kinds of printers inks.

» Agon Pharma Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of chemial products such as 5-methyl-1h-benzotriazole, 5-methvlbenzotriazole, 1,3-dichloroisopropanol, 2-ethoxybenzoic acid, propylene dichlorohydrin and sym-glycerol dichlorohydrin.

» Agrichem
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of industrial chemicals, acetate chemicals, butyl acetate, iso butyl acetate, dioctyl adipate, n-butyl acetate, 2-ethyl hexyl acetate, acetate p.b., dioctyl phthalate (DOP), dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and plasticizers.

» Agro Science Enterprises
Manufacturer of humic acid and biological agents.

» Agroha Marketing Pvt. Ltd
Exporters and suppliers of chemicals, industrial chemicals like phosphoric acid, methanol, toulene, mono ethylene glycol, acetone, sarbitol, benzene, iso propayal alchol and sulphuric acid.

» Ajmani Chemicals
Manufacturer and exporter of chemicals, industrial chemicals, electroplating chemicals, industrial speciality chemcials such as tri chloroethylene, bright silver salt, nickle salt bright, satin nickel salt, spc / gpc, nickle sulphate.

» Akay Scientific Stores
Dealers of all kinds of laboratory chemicals.

» Akola Chemicals India Ltd
Manufacturers of agrochemicals like akophos (triazophos 40% ec), akoace (acephate 75%sp), akocite (acetamiprid 20% sp), akomida (imidacloprid 17.8%sl), akodol 2d (mythile parathion 2%dust), aminos/akofix (pgrs), akomin 40 (salt of phosphorous acid).

» Alamelu Chemical Products
Deals in manufacturing and exporting of miscellaneous chemicals and industrial chemicals that includes magnesium chemicals, zinc chemicals, ferrous chemicals, manganese sulphate, ferrous sulphate and micronutrients.

» Alpha Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of chemical products including sodium lauryl sulphate liquid, cocodiethanolamide, sodium lauryl sulphate needles, sodium lauryl sulphate powder, glyceryl monosterate, lauryl aminoxide and industrial surfactants.

» Alumina Chemicals & Castables
Engaged in manufacture, export and supply of activated alumina (water absorbency), wet & dry sodium aluminate (water treatment process), calcined alumina (technical ceramics) and alumina trihydrate (common fillers).

» Amba Chem
Deals into acetic acid, hydrogen per oxide and ethyle acetate.

» Amco International
Engaged in trade and wholesale supply of chemicals such as styrene-butadiene copolymers, premium styrenic resins, k-resin polymers, styrene acrylo nitriles, polystyrenes, polyethylene resins, hdpe-high density polyethylenes and pp-polypropylenes.

» Ameya Chemicals
Supply and export various chemicals such as iso propyl chloro acetate, di chloro acetyl chloride, poly aluminium chloride, sodium hypochlorite, benzoyl peroxide, mono chloro acetic acid, di chloro acetic acid and tri chloro acetic acid.

» Amritlal Chemaux Pvt Ltd
We produce specialty chemicals required for dyes, drugs, detergents and electroplating such as block polymers of ethylene and propylene oxides and ethoxylates and propoxylates of given chemical compounds and isatin.

» Angel Chemicals
Manufacturers of all kinds of ethyl acetate, toluene, acetone gacetone, xylene, acetic acid, benzene etc.

» Anil Minichem Industries
Manufacturers of all kinds of red oxide powder, manganese di oxie powder, iron oxide powder haematite, yellow dextrine powder, strach tapioca etc.

» Anushka Chemicals
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of chemicals, industrial chemicals and solvents such as methyl alcohol, toluene, di ethyl tri amine, tri ethyl tri amine, epoxy resins, PVC resins, ethyl vinyl acetates, etc.

» Apurva Acid & Chemicals
Offering a wide variety of sulphuric acid and nitric chemicals.

» Aquaion Technology, Inc.
Manufacturing and selling a wide range of water treatment chemical that includes algaecides, boiler water chemicals, oxygen scavenger, scale inhibition, corrosion inhibition, alkalinity control, cooling tower chemical, r.o.antiscalent and disinfectants.

» Aquapharm Chemical Company Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of different types of poultry chemicals, specialty chemicals such as polyacrylic acid, polymaleic acid, etidronic acid, phosphonates for cosmetics, water treatment chemical, soap chemical, paper chemical and laundry chemical.

» Arasan Phosphates Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of di-calcium phosphate (dcp) pharma grade, di-calcium phosphate(dcp) feed grade, tri-calcium phosphate (tcp), plaster of paris (pop) etc.

» Arihant Oils and Chemicals
Wholesale suppliers and exporters of reclaiming agents of chemicals like zinc oxide and di-xylene disulphide which is used to de-vulconise crumb rubber and is used as a catalyst. Also supply reclaimed rubber, crumb rubber and synthetic rubber.

» Arochem Industries
Manufacturers and exporters of nutraceuticals, antiviral drugs, pigmentation agent, lipotropic drugs, bronchodilator drugs, antibacterial drugs, analgesic drugs, anthelmintic drugs and drug intermediates.

» Arun Chemical Company
Engaged in supplying of potassium bichromate and copper sulphate.

» Aruna Lakshmi Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Exporters and manufacturers of industrial chemicals, ferric aluminum sulfate, bleaching powder, sodium hypo chlorite liquid and other industrial chemicals.

» Asha Amee Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in exporting and supplying chemicals for different types of ores such as iron ores, manganese ores, unadulterated iron ores, beta picoline, vitamin B1, inorganic chemicals and industrial chemicals.

» Asim Products
Manufacturers and exporters of cosmetic colors, cosmetic dyes, toiletry colors, toiletry dyes, natural food dye, synthetic food color, aluminum lake colours, writing ink colors and more.

» Asma Aromatics
Manufactures and exports all types of industrial perfumery compounds (fragrances) for incense sticks, candles, soaps, detergents, cosmetics and toiletries, personal perfumes, perfumed candles, air fresheners, body deodorants.

» Associated Smelters Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing of chrome oxide green, roasting, molybdenum trioxide, antimony trioxide and calcination of minerals, calcined china clay, calcined manganese di-oxide, calcined zinc hydroxide and chemicals.

» Associted Sales Corporation
Export of odium nitrate, barium carbonate, arsenic trioxide, antimony trioxide and sodium sulphide.

» Atoot Udyog Samuha
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of basic chemicals that includes emulsifier cum dispercing agent, e.d.t.a. sodium salts, anti settling agent, cationic active quaternary ammonium compound and colourless transparent mobile liquid.

» Avenex Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Exporters of all kinds of toluenesulfonate, fl-7 aluminium brazing flux and 5 amino-1h-tetrazole monohydrate.

» ayant Agro Organics Ltd
Exporters and suppliers of chemicals such as agro chemicals, textile chemicals, coupling agents, castor derivatives, plasticizers, emulsifiers, castor wax, castor oil, castor oil esters, alkyd resins and metallic salts.

» Ayesha Chemical Industries
Manufacturers of solvents, hydrochloric acid and acids.

» B. B. Company
Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals like alumina powder, activated alumina powder, activated silica gel, silica beads, silica bags, silica powder, precipitated silica and banslochan powder.

» B. E. C. Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of chemicals like keto profen isopropylamine salt, loxo profen, bromhexine intermediates etc.

» B. N. Mehra and Co.
Exporters of optical brightening agents and specialty colorants such as phosphorescent pigments, photoluminescent pigments, invisible fluorescents, thermochromic pigments, oil dyes, polymer soluble and solvent soluble dyes.

» Badrivishal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturers of docusate sodium, docusate sodium, 85% (powder) docusate potassium, usp docusate calcium usp, pyrilamine maleate usp / bp, riboflavin sodium phosphate usp / bp / ip etc.

» Balaji Global Impex
Manufacturers and exporters of cosmetic raw materials including liquid paraffin wax, glycerol monostearate, glycerine, methyl paraben and its salt i.p./b.p., propyl paraben and its salt. i.p. / b.p., soap noodles and 12-hydroxy stearic acid.

» Balaji Polymers
Exporters of industrial chemicals like water proofing chemicals, speciality chemicals for textile industry, poly vinyl alcohol, pva industrial grades, adhesive chemicals and construction chemicals.

» Baron Chemicals And Systems Pvt. Ltd
BARON Chemicals, an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, is a leading Water Treatment Solution Provider in Indian Market offering complete control of various parameters by Chemicals and Services (i.e Testing and Monitoring). We manufacture quality chemicals under BARON™, SOUL™ and H2O™ brands for Water treatment in various industries. BARON is a single point source for products, technologie...

» Bee Chems
Manufacturers of colloidal silica, anti-slip agent textile, coating agents, frictionizing agent, matting agent, activated alumina, silica gel, clay desiccants, desiccant pouches, cargo dry desiccant and soda lime absorbent.

» Belami Fine Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of fine chemicals, laboratory reagents, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, stains, indicators, mercury salts, silver salts, methylene blue, trichloroacetic acid, anthrone, dimethyl gloyoxime and phosphomolybdic acid.

» Bengal Exports
Manufacturers and exporters of chemicals like industrial gypsum, fly ash, granulated slags. Also supplies iron ores, iron ore lump, iron ore fines, manganese ores and soap strips.

» Bhagwat Rasayan Udyog
Manufacturing and supplying of inorganic and organic chemicals like hydrated calcium silicate, precipitated silica, sodium ortho silicate, sodium silicate, potassium silicate, silica gel, super plasticizer and air entraining agent.

» Bhagwati Remedies Pvt Ltd
Manufacturer of hydrocarbon solvents & petro chemicals which includes organic solvents, inorganic solvent, aeromax solvent, light liquid paraffin, high aromatic solvent, mix xylene substitute, heavy aromatics, pesticides solvents & heavy liquid paraffin.

» Bharat Chemicals
Leading manufacturers, exporters and dealers of chemical products that includes limestone powders, calcite chips, calcium bentonite powders, dry ground mica, ground dolomites, industrial minerals, limestone lumps and milled dolomites.

» Bhargav International
Engaged in supplying causti soda ash, caustic soda flake, titanium dioxide, citric acid and j acid.

» Bhatia Rasayan Udyog (P) Ltd
Engaged in supplying and exporting of industrial chemicals like trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene, methyl metha acrylate, glycerine and methylene chloride. Also manufacturers of calcium chloride.

» Bhumi Chem India
Dealers for ferric chloride, mag.carbonate, copper sulphate, mangenese sulphate and calcium chloride.

» Bijal Chemicals
Exporters of acids, chemicals and ETP chemicals including hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, tri sodium phosphate, caustic lye, caustic flakes, aluminum sulphate, ferrous sulphate, hydrated lime, sodium hypochlorite, sodium meta bi-sulphite.

» Blulux Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
Manufacture of complete range of high quality laboratory reagents, fine chemicals, volumetric solution, stain solutions, buffer capsules, dehydrated culture media, analytical reagents, concentrated volumetric solutions and ph indicators.

» Bond Impex Private Li
Exporters of chemicals like sodium tri polyphospate, sodium carboxy meythyl cellulose (CMC), poly ethylene glycol (PEG), sodium silicate, alumina calcinite, methylene blue, fixative, sodium meta silicate (SMS), zirconium silicate, frit.

» Bosten Laboratories
Manufacturers of all kinds of nifedipine, amlodipine besilate, alendronate sodium, amiodarone hcl, desloratadine, loratadine etc.

» Britex Enterprises
Exporters of chemicals such as aluminum silicate, calcium sulphate, calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide, red oxide powder, yellow oxide, black iron oxide, natural aluminium silicate etc.

» Bru Medicomints Pvt. Ltd
Suppliers and exporters of drug chemicals, amoxicillin, flucloxacillin sodium, piperacillin, sulbactam sodium, ampicillin, cloxacillin, aztreonam, meropenem, norfloxacin, levofloxacin,gatifloxacin, ofloxacin, ciprofloxacin and enrofloxacin hcl.

» C-Tech Corporation
Engaged in manufacture and bulk export of special chemicals.

» Calcutta Overseas Corporation
Suppliers and exporters of miscellaneous chemicals such as acid cellulase enzymes, barium carbonate, dolomite, caustic soda, perfumes, de inking enzymes, calcium carbonate, sodium sulphide and acid slurry.

» Calibre Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Exporters of inorganic chemicals like potassium iodate, potassium iodide, calcium iodate, potassium persulphate, ammonium persulphate, sodium perchlorate magnesium, perchlorate strontium, perchlorate potassium bromate, sodium iodide, potassium bisulphate.

» Calibre Industries
Manufactures, traders and bulk exporters of all kinds of laboratory chemicals, laboratory reagaents, laboratory analytical reagents and laboratory speciality chemicals such as sodium acetate, sodium carbonate, zinc sulphate heptahydrate and more.

» Caltron Clays and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Exporting and supplying of chemicals and industrial chemicals like calcium carbonate, benzyl, copper, sodium, hydro sulphate, titanium dioxide, chloride, sulphate, activated carbon and purified talcum.

» Camitex Chem Pvt. Ltd
Specializes in manufacturing 3-bromo nitro benzene, acetone, iso propyl alchhol, xyline and tolvine.

» Canopus Trade Links Pvt. Ltd
Exporter of miscellaneous chemicals such as veterinary drugs, veterinary supplements, chemical formulations, fragrances, soothing fragrances, light fragrences, strong fragrances and other chemicals.

» Celebrity Fashions Ltd
Manufacturer of all kinds of housekeeping cleaning chemicals.

» Century Plyboards India Pvt. Ltd
Supplying and manufacturing chemicals.

» Chaitanya Group of Industries
Engaged in manufactuing and exporting of miscellaneous chemicals that includes ferrous asparto glycinate, calcium fumarate, ferrous ascorbate, iron protein succinylate and calcium ascorbate.

» Chandigarh Zinc and Residues Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of powder zinc oxide, white zinc powder, zinc oxide catalysts, zinc oxide powder, zinc white applicable in cosmetics, ferrites, pigments, poultry feeds, metal salts, glass, dental raw material and zinc salts.

» Charotar Casein Company
Manufacturers and exporters of casein milk, technical casein, edible casein used in cereals, vitamin, mineral tablets, instant drinks, nutrition foods, pasta, bread spreads, glues, cosmetics, leather chemicals, paints and plastics.
Manufacturers and exporters of casein and casein related products such as edible acid casein for coffee whiteners, infant formulas, industrial 'A' grade casein for ...

» Chem Enterprises
Deals into all kinds of methyl paraban, emulsifying wax, propyl paraban, carbopol 940, carbopol u-10, carbopol etd2020, cetyl alcohol, zinc oxide, cetostearyl alcohol etc.

» Chemicals And Chemicals
Exporters and manufacturers of sugar processing chemicals, sodium percarbonate, viscosity reducer, suger decolorizing agent, sugar colour precipitant, viscosant, sugarin chemicals, sandfoam chemicals, santros bactericide and sugarin chemicals.

» Chemicals De Centre
Deals into acrylates, alkaloids, amino acids, aromatic chemicals and bio chemicals.

» Chemico Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Chemico Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. specialises in the manufacture of Antimony based chemical, providing global standards to clients for antimony and other chemical requirments. Lack of known sources of antimony are in the country has sucessfully led to the strengthening of the company's network of sourcing the goods abroad and making a place in both national and international markets. Established in 1981...

» Chemicoat
Deals in export and manufacture of miscellaneous chemicals such as printing inks, oil packing inks, high bond lamination inks, multi-gloss flexo poly inks, PVC film printing inks and polyester films.

» Chemitex Enterprises
Enaged in supplying of agro chemicals, industrial dyestuff, dye intermediates, industrial pigments, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, industrial chemicals, chemicals fertilizers, titanium dioxide anatanse chemicals and pesticides chemicals.

» Chemo India
Suppliers of specialty chemicals that includes bermocoll, bermodol, akucell, E spheres, lactose, carbowax sentry PEG, non-pareil seeds, polypropylene glycols, monoisopropanolamine, diisopropanolamine and hydroxy propyl acrylate.

» Chemotrix ( I ) Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing of bio chemicals such as magnesium sulphate, manganese sulphate min 32%, copper sulphate crystal cu 24% min, copper sulphate powder cu 24% min, ferrous sulphate fe 19% min and ferrous sulphate dried powder 30%.

» Chlori Tech Industries
Chloritech Industries was established in 1977-78 to manufacture Chloral as a pesticide Intermediary. The company was established with two 800 liters MS/GL vessel. At present the company utilizes 21 Glass Line vessels ranging from 500 liters to 10,000 Liters.Supplier and manufacturer of ethyl trichloroacetate, sodium trichloroacetate, trichloroacetonitrile, trichloroacetamide, trichloroacetic acid....

» Choudhary Tar & Chemicals
Leading manufacturer and exporter of coaltarpitch, creosote oil, anthracine oil, dehydrated tar, chemical preservatives, wooden preservatives, pitch powder and crude nepthalene.

» Clarion Casein Ltd
Engaged in exporting of sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, technical acid casein, edible acid casein, protein casein, industrial casein and milk casein are used in glues, cosmetics, paints, pigments, bakery products, ice creams, safety matches etc.

» Coatings and Synthetics
Manufacturers and exporters of wetting agents, dispersing agents, cellulase enzymes, scouring agents, fading enzymes, chelating agents, bacterial agents, anti bacterial agents, oil repellent finishing agents, hydrophilic softeners etc.

» Columbia Petrochemicals
Engaged in manufacturing of hydro carbon wax, residue wax, slack wax, P.E. wax, rubber process oil, wire rope lubricant, cable filling compound, petroleum oil, paraffin wax and PVC wax.

» Conpro Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Conpro Chemicals Pvt. Ltd is an India based chemical manufacturing, supplying and exporting company that deals in construction chemicals, waterproofing chemicals, epoxy floor coatings, industrial epoxy flooring. We also offer products for waterproofing of structures from basement to top terrace (pre & post construction) with specialization in rehabilitating and treating floors with leakage and cra...

» Crop Care Institute
Manufacturers and exporters of miscellaneous chemicals that includes liquid sulphur, liquid copper, humic acid, agricultural wetting agent, agricultural growth promoters, organic sea weed extracts, granules ofsulphur, humic acid and sea weed extracts.

» Crystal Corporation
Manufacturers and exporters of metal polishing chemicals, silver polish, buffing compounds, jewellery polish, gold lustre, gold stone lustre, rich lustre, lustre compound, red gold rouge, gold rouge, green gold rouge, green rouge ball and red rouge ball.

» Crystal Polymers & Additives Ltd
Deals in manufacturing and exporting of a wide range of chemicals that includes barium stearate, pvc heat-one pack stabilizers, zinc stearate, calcium stearate and cadmium stearate. Also supplies lead mono oxide and lead sub oxide.

» D. D. Enterprises
Leading manufacturers and exporters of fertilizers that includes bio fertilizers, chemical fertilizers and agricultural fertilizers. Also supplying white crystal, zinc sulphate monohydrate powder and granular, magnesium sulphate, potassium sulphate.

» Deekay Trading Co.
Manufacturer, supplier and distributor of chemicals like ethylene glycols, aromatics, phenol, lower olefins, ethylene oxide condendsets, triethanolamine and solvents.

» Deepak Silicate Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of all kinds of sodium silicate, filtered sodium silicate, potassium silicate, sodiu hypo cheloride, nuteralsodium silicate etc.

» Deltamike Speciality Product Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of chemicals like oil field chemicals, marine chemicals, mud chemicals, water treatment chemicals, metal treatment chemicals, fine chemicals etc.

» Devdhar Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Bulk supplier of chemicals such as rock phosphate, granullar sulphur, powder sulphur,phosphoric acid, poly phosphoric acid pcl3, p2o5 - phosphorous pentoxide, mo/di/tri sodium & potassium phosphate, hexa metaphosphate, sodium tri poly phosphate (stpp).

» Dhanesh Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in supplying and trading of textile chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, paint chemicals, coating chemicals, contruction chemicals such as plasters, waterproofing chemicals, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, kaolin, trimethoxy silanes, etc.

» Dharati Petro Chemicals
Suppliers of chemicals likes acetates, phosphates, sulphates, fine chemicals, laboratory chemicals etc.

» Dhiren Chemical Industries
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of dairy industry chemicals and chemicals for other industries like cetomacrogol-1000, nonoxynol-9, octoxynol-10, dispersing agents, washing agents, softening agents, bactericide, thickner, emulsifier etc.

» Dhruv Intermediates Pvt. Ltd
Exporters and manufacturers of chemicals, industrial chemicals, dye chemicals, pigment chemicals, dye intermediates, pigment intermediates, tetrachloro benzidine and dichloro benzidine.

» DJ Enterprise
Supplier of rhodium plating solution, palladium plating solution, platinum plating solution, gold plating solution and copper plating solution. Also supply plating accessories like pen plating system, stainless steel anode, platinized titanium anode etc.

» Dolfin Khemicals
Manufacturers of cobalt drier, lead drier, manganese driers etc.

» Dolphin Inks Pvt. Ltd
Exporters, suppliers and merchant traders of water-based printing inks, water based varnish, pharma inks, pharma thinner and marking inks.

» Doshi Chemicals
Manufacturing and exporting industrial chemicals, textile chemicals, textile finishing chemicals, dyeing chemicals, pre treatment chemicals, processing chemicals, textile printing agents, textile dyeing agents including acetic acid, formic acid, etc.

» Doshion Ltd
Manufacturer and exporting pharma grade resins, water treatment resins, water treatment chemicals, pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

» E. T. A. India Ltd
Sellers of sulphur.

» Eastern Dye Chem Pvt. Ltd
Supplier and manufacturer of miscellaneous chemicals, industrial chemicals like copper sulphate, copper sulphate crystal, copper sulphate powder, copper carbonate etc.

» Eco-Chem Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and supplier of water treatment chemicals like effluent treatment chemicals, sewage treatment chemicals, chiller water treatment chemicals, de-scaling chemicals, traditional oxygen scavengers and novel oxygen scavengers.

» Esaar International
Distributor and supplier of paint making chemicals and raw material like hydrocarbon resin,, sodium alumino silicate, opaque polymer, alkyd resin, polymer emulsion and magnesium aluminium silicate.

» Eskay Engichem Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and suppliers of speciality chemicals, bulk drugs, pharmaceutical intermediates, buformin hydrochloride, clofibric acid, fenofibric acid, 2-phenoxyisobutyric acid, semicarbazide hydrochloride, phthalide and 2-indolinone.

» Essence Bio Tech Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of miscellaneous chemicals like chitin, water soluble chitosan, high density chitosan, carboxymethyl chitosan, glucosamine hydrochloride, glucosamine sulphate, n - acetyl glucosamine etc.

» Eurosoft Pharma Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in exporting and supplying pharmaceutical drugs, neutraceuticals & phytochemicals products, anti malarial drugs including quinine sulphate, quinine hcl, quinine dihcl, quinine base, quinidine sulphate, ab arteether, artesunate and artemether.

» Evercoate Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing and exporting chemicals such as coating chemicals, chromate formulations, non chromate formulations, phosphating chemicals, parkerizing chemicals, passivation chemicals, blackening chemicals and bluing chemicals.

» Everest Intermediates
Manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of chemicals such as anthranilc acids, 5-sulfo anthranilic acids, phthalimide acids, sulfo tobias acids, n-methyl j-acids, 8-disulfonic acids, K- acids, meta ureido aniline HCI and aniline 2-5 disulfonnic acids.

» Exim-Pharm International
Exporters and suppliers of bulk drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, drug intermediates, excipients and solvents including anxiolytics, sedatives, anti depressants, anti histamincs, anti diarrhoeals, anti bacterials, anti fungals and food additives.

» Explicit Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of barbituric acid, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl ether sulfate, potassium phthalimide, phthalimide derivatives, anti-foam emulsion, chloramine-T trihydrate and other drug intermediates and speciality chemicals.

» Falcon Chemox Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and dealers of various chemicals such as antimony trioxide, molybdenum trioxide, molybdenum disulfide, flame guard, chloramphenicol, chloramphenicol palmitate and other chemicals.

» Federal Impex
Exporters of chemicals.

» Ferrochem NDT Systems Pvt. Ltd
Deals in manufacturing and supplying of accessories for MPI, accessories for LPI, crack detection machine, florescent dye penetrant system, dye penetrant chemicals, ready to use consumables, magnetic powders.

» Fibrochem Industries
Manufacturer and supplier of printing chemicals, industrial chemicals, dyeing chemicals, anti microbial chemicals, fragrant chemicals such as non ionic softener, cationic softener, polyethylene base softener, P.U based softener and polysiloxane softener.

» Fire Safety Devices Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in exporting and supplying of miscellaneous chemicals such as fluoroprotein foam, high expansion foam, alcohol resistance foam, freeze fire dry chemical powder, sodium bi carbonate and potassium bi carbonate.

» Galaxy Corporation
Exporters of calcium carbonate, chrome oxide green & synethic colour oxide. Also supply wet ground mica, cotton linter pulp, ball clay, mica dry ground, manganese dioxide, micro crystalline cellulose powder, melamine formaldehyde powder, talc powder.

» Ganesh Trading Co.
Suppliers of potassium bi carbonate, lead peroxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium tri silicate, potash alum, santrobrite, soda alum, sodium aluminate, sodium hypochlorite, sodium silicate and sodium sulphate flakes.

» Genesis Membrane Sepratech Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing and supplying chemicals for cleaning, scale prevention, bio growth retardation to control of membrane fouling, removal of scales and flux restoration.

» Genesis Trading Co.
Leading supplier of laboratory chemicals.

» Girdhari Lal AndSons
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of mercuric salts, isoborneol flakes, ammonium chloride bars, tin ignots, selenium metal, citric acid, sodium acetate trihydrate, monosodium glutamate, ammonium chloride and red lead oxide

» Global Engineering
Bulk suppliers of fine chemicals and chemicals.

» Gloebal Chem
Exporter and supplier of water treatment chemicals like aluminium sulphate, sulphuric acid, magnesium sulphate, sodium sulphate, calcium chloride and detergent powder.

» Goodrich Agrochem Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of specialty chemicals, specialty polmers, pulp chemicals, paper chemicals, paper adhesives, natural and modified gums for pulp and paper applications.

» Gowrishankar Chemicals
Deals in manufacturing and exporting of miscellaneous chemicals that includes vapour phase activated carbon, activated carbon for liquid phase, granular activated carbon and food grade activated carbon.

» Green Global Exim
Exporters of all types of chemicals like dyes, pigments, ethyl alcohol ENA, copper sulfate, copper oxide, carbon tetrachloride, dipropylene glycol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerine, lithopone

» Grishma Chrom Materials
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting powdered metal, chromium metal powder, copper powder, cobalt powder, manganese powder, zirconium powder, ferro molybdenum powder, ferro vanadium powder, chromium nitride powder and ferro titanium powder.

» Gujarat Foundry Flux Company
Exporter and supplier of Indian chemicals and foundry chemicals that mainly includes exothermic sleeves, non-toxic moulded paints, degassers, fluxes for aluminum alloys and other industrial chemicals.

» Gulbrandsen Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd
Gulbrandsen Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd believes things change. In every part of our business, from customer service and product quality, to R&D and logistics, we recognize people have different needs, needs that change, and it is how we respond to, and provide options for these needs, that attract people to work and stay with us.Exporter and manufacturer of industrial chemicals like drinking wa...

» Gumpro Chem Kalol
Engaged in supplying of industrial chemicals, laboratory chemicals, drilling chemicals such as oil field chemicals, oil well drilling, drilling chemicals, drilling additives, mud chemicals, mud additives, lost circulation material, thinners & dispersants.

» Gurjar Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Gurjar Groups was established in 1996 in the field of Mercury Salt Manufacturing. Gurjar Chemicals Pvt. Ltd is the branch of Gurjar Group which is engaged to Manufacture Mercury Metal Salts in LR/AR/ACS/IP/BP grade. Our motto is to produce purest material at minimum cost and satisfy our customers.We are having our Own quality control department and managed by qualified members. Our Production capa...

» H. D. Enterprises, Vadodara
Supplier and producer of ammonium molybdate, sodium molybdate and cobalt oxide.

» H.K.Enterprise
Manufacturer and exporter of chemicals such as ethyl butyrate, amyl acetate, ethyl iso butyrate, amyl butyrate, iso propyl propionate, 2-ethyl hexyl propionate, iso butyl propionate and iso amyl alcohol.

» Hans Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial chemicals such as zinc oxide, ferrous sulphate, ferrous sulphate L. R. grade, sodium based bentonite, calcium based bentonite used in animal feed and gold refining. Also trading other industrial chemicals.

» Harcheez Collection
Supplier of chemicals.

» Hari Om Chemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of chemicals, industrial chemicals that includes magnesium carbonate, basic magnesium carbonate, light basic magnesium carbonate and powdered magnesium carbonate.

» Hemanshu Chemicals
Exporter of pharmaceutical chemical and solvents such as vinyl acetate monomer, methanol, benzoyl chloride, caustic potash flakes, resorcinol, 4 hydroxy benzaldehyde, isatin, magaldrate, aluminium hydroxide gel, chromium picolinate.

» Hemmo Pharma
Manufacturers and exporters of pharmacopoeial peptides, multiple antigenic peptides, GnRH/ LHRH peptides, oxytocin powder, leuprolide acetate, desmopressin acetate and gonadorelin acetate.

» Heni Group of Companies
Manufacturers and exporters of fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, laboratory chemicals, basic drugs, bulk drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients such as phenolphthalein white BP/USP/ACS, phenolphthalein and yellowish white IP/BP.

» Hi Tech Boi Chem Bangalore Pvt. Ltd
Producing and supplying alkalinity, chloride, silica, sulphite and phosphate.

» High Rise Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of adhesive chemical, bio chemicals, chemical compound, chemical dye, chemical intermediates, cleaning chemicals, disperse chemical, disperse dyes, dye chemicals, dyeing chemicals and dyeing textile chemicals.

» Hind Natural Dyes
Manfacturers of chemicals.

» Ideal Chemicals
Dealers of textile chemicals, welding agent, fixing agent, softner agent, soaping agent etc.

» Iishawari Exports
Exports agro chemicals.

» Imperial Lube Chem
Exporter of industrial chemicals such as titanium dioxide anatase grade, dupont titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, zinc stearate, stearic acid flakes, aluminum stearate, wax, glass beads, resins and their derivatives.

» Index Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd
Deals into divalproex sodium, sodiuma valproate, paroxetine, pantoprazole and mirtazapine.

» India Sea Foods
Suppliers of water soluble chitosan, chitosan high density, n-o-carboxymethyl chitosan, glucosamine hydrochloride.

» Indo American Chemicals
Leading suppliers and exporters of speciality chemicals such as flocculant, industrial lubricant, oleo chemicals, specialty polymers, antimicrobials, sugar chemicals, plastic additives, viscosity reducer, polyamine flocculant and flotation flocculant.

» Indo-Nippon Chemical Co. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing of various range of aromatic chemicals that includes di ethyl phthalate plasticizer, tri octyl trimellitate plasticizer, di octyl adipate, tri butyl citrate plasticizer, di methyl phthalate plasticizer and di octyl phthalate.

» Ishan Chemical
Engaged in manufacturing nickel sulphate, cobalt sulphate, nickel carbonate, cobalt carbonate and nickel oxide.

» J P N Pharma Pvt. Ltd
Exporter of pharmaceutical chemicals, active pharma chemicals, pharma drug chemicals and pharmaceutical ingredients like potassium hydroxide powder, silver nitrate, alpha benzoine oxime, benzanilide, acetic acid, silver sulphadiazine and anthrone.

» Jagannath Chemicals
Suppliers and exporters of chemicals such as potassium nitrate chemicals, barium nitrate, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and hcl acid. Also exports matchsticks and school note books.

» Jai Radhe Sales
Jai Radhe Sales is one of the India's leading manufacturers of herbal extracts, agro chemical and other specialty phytochemicals. We offer a wide range of custom manufactured intermediates on a commercial scale from kilograms to multi-tonnes, all produced to the highest possible quality and environmental standards.Manufacturer and exporter of agro chemicals and reactive dyes such as meta phenoxy b...

» Jain and Jain
Manufacturer of organic peroxides such as granular benzoyl peroxide, benzoyl peroxide paste, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, acetyl acetone peroxide, aluminium isopropoxide, t-butyl hydro peroxide, t-butyl per benzoate and di-t-butyl peroxide.

» Jainson Labs (India)
JAINSON LABS (INDIA) is our manufacturing unit established in 1990 by Mr. D.K. Jain (Chief Executive), in Government recognized industrial area, duly recognized and registered with The Directorate of Industries (U.P. Government) and also Registered with 'U.P. Pollution Control Board' as a unit having 'Pollution Under Control' with the Government consent for the production of Ferrous Sulphide - FeS...

» Jainsons (India)
Manufacturers and exporters of laboratory chemicals like analytical reagents, speciality chemicals, amino acids, culture media, biochemical, indicators, stains, spectroscopy grades, pharmacopoeial grades and phase transfer catalysts.

» Jay Chemical Industries
Manufacturers and exporters of food chemicals such as sodium aluminium sulphate for food, biscuits industry, tri n butyl phosphate as antifoam agent and aluminium sulphate for pH control in paper industry, petroleum refinery process, sewage treatment.

» JAY Chemical Industries Ltd
Suppliers of chemicals, reactive he dyes, he reactive dyes, reactive me dyes, ramazole dyes (vs base), vinyl sulphone based reactive dyes, me brand reactive dyes and bi functional dyes. Also offer pigments such as phthalocyanine based pigments.

» Jay Intermediates and Chemicals
Jay Intermediates And Chemicals was formerly Indian Fluorine Industries, founded in 1978 by Mr. R. D, Maurya, a pioneer in the field of FLUORIDES and the first one to manufacture hydrofluoric Acid in India in 1968 and was honored for his achievements by the Govt. Of India by getting the import substitute award.Manufacturer and exporter of speciality chemicals such as aluminium fluoride, ammonium f...

» Jayant Oil Mills
Manufacturer and exporter of chemicals, acids such as heptaldehyde, methyl 12 hydroxy stearate acid, methyl ricinoleate, n-heptanoic acid, n-heptanol, ricinolenic acid, ricinolenic acid,thixotropic additives, undecylenic acid (bp, usp grade) etc.

» Jeemit Enterprises
Exporters of all types of organic chemicals.

» Jimit Chemicals
Dealers for para chloro meta cresol, benzoic acid, hexamine, paraformaldehyde and meta para cresol.

» Jobin Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing of sulfuric acid-AR, sulfuric acid-LR, sulfuric acid-CP, hydrochloric acid -AR, hydrochloric acid -LR, hydrochloric acid -CP, nitric acid-AR, nitric acid-LR, nitric acid-CP and benzoyl peroxide LR.

» Jocil Ltd
Manufacturing and exporting fatty acids, stearic acid, soap noodles and toilet soaps.

» Johnson Diversey Pvt. Ltd, Daman
Manufacturers of floor cleaners machines and chemicals, fabric treatment - chemicals, cip chemicals, disinfectants etc.

» Jyoti Dye-Chem Agency
Engaged in supplying and exporting industrial chemicals such as zinc oxide, ferrous sulphate, zinc sulphate, copper sulphate, manganese oxide, manganese sulphate, cobalt sulphate, cobalt carbonate, sodium selenite, potassium iodide, calcium iodate.

» Kakar Trading Co.
Distributor and supplier of chemicals that includes hydrochloric acid, sodium nitrite, caustic soda, sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, formaldehyde, hydrofluoric acid, sodium sulphate, sodium sulphite, sodium bisulphite and sodium meta-bisulphite.

» Kamala Intermediates
Manufacturers and suppliers of 2, 6 dichloro 4 nitro aniline(2,6 dcpna), 2, 5 dichloro 4 nitro aniline (2,5 dcpna), ortho chloro para nitro aniline(ocpna), para chloro ortho nitro aniline. Also offer nitro 1,3 benzine dicarboxylic acid.

» Kanak Jeweller
Exporters and sellers of gold potassium cyanide, gold chloride, palladium chloride, gold dust, silver dust, silver sulfadiazine, silver nitrate and silver potassium cyanide.

» Kanshu Chemical Industries
Leading manufacturers, exporters and fabricators of variety of chemicals like pigment paste, pigment powder, industrial chemical, color additive, eco friendly pigments in varied colors like yellow F2G, orange FG, bordeaux FRN, violet FR, blue FFR etc.

» Karnataka Aromas
Suppliers and exporters of various types of chemicals including Cis-3-hexenyl acetates, Cis-3-hexenols, aromatic chemicals, acetic acids, fine sandal cores, musk xylol, linalyl acetates, musk ambrettes, alpha damascones and musk ketones.

» Karnavati Colour Chem
Manufacturer and exporter of miscellaneous chemicals, phthalocyanine green, phthalocyanine pigment blue, pigments, phthalocyanine pigment intermediates and copper phthalocyanine crude.

» Karnawat Enterprises
Leading suppliers of citric acid.

» Kemikorp
Exporter and supplier of chemicals like ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, normal heptane, M.I.B.K 99.5% min, toluene, phenylmethane, I.P.A. 99.8% min, vinegar naphtha, ethyl acetic ester and isopropyl alcohol.

» Khushi Chemicals Pvt Ltd
Engaged in manufacture and exporter of wide range of chemicals, laboratory chemicals, cupric chloride hydrates, cuprous chloride, ferric chloride, ferric chloride hexa hydrates are also available.

» Kinjal Chemicals
Manufacturing and exporting a wide range of metalinic acid, resist salt, BDSA, meta amino acetanilide 4 sulphonic acid, D.A.S.A., optical whitner, sulphonic acid, H-acid and intermediates for basic rhodamine.

» Kiran Light Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of laboratory chemicals, laboratory indicators, stains, HPCL chemicals, agro chemicals, metal chemicals, fine chemicals, biochemicals, laboratory reagents and other chemicals available in a customized packing.

» Kishko Chemicals
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals like electroplating chemicals, lacquers, metal cleaners, phosphating chemicals, anodising chemicals, metal finishing chemicals, soak cleaner and passivation chemicals.s

» Krishna Chemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of sodium propionate, calcium propionate, sodium acetate, zinc acetate, benzyl acetate, benzyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol, methyl salicylate, ammonium acetate, magnesium acetate, sodium benzoate and more.

» Krishna Industries
Manufacturer and exporter of chemicals, printing chemical and also deals into printing inks, printing materials, serigraphic poster ink, solvents, plastisol inks, paper printing ink, cardboard printing ink, wood printing ink and masonite printing ink.

» Krishna Market
Distributing, supplying and exporting quartz powder, fused silica, slag remower, coconut charcoal and zircon sand.

» Kuldeep Colour Uddyog
Suppliers of chemicals.

» Kumaraswamy Chemicals
Bulk exporter and manufacturer of speciality chemical, surface coatings chemical, adhesive chemical and card phenol chemical. Also offers cashew nut products such as cashew nut shell liquid(CNSL), friction dust, CNSL based liquid binder and CNSL resins.

» Kunal Dye Chem
Manufacturers and exporters of pigment, emulsions, auxiliaries for paints, rubbers, metal treatments, textile industries, house keeping and cleaning products.

» L.D. Chemicals
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying several kinds of chemicals like 2:5 dichloroaniline 4 sulfonic acid, 4 sulfo anthranilic acid, para toludine 2:5 di sulfonic acid, para toluedine ortho sulfonic acid and para nitro toluene ortho sulfonic acid.

» Lexportex (India) Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of all types of seelac and shellac.

» LGW Ltd
Suppliers and exporters of liquid chlorine gas, hydrochloric acid, bleaching powder, liquid chlorine gas for garments, hydrochloric acid for garments, chemicals for garment industries. Also offer cotton garments and polyester garments.

» Lympro Chem Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of polyurethane foam, polyurethane elastomers, epoxy system, hardener, polyurethane coatings, potting compounds, sealant and water proofing compounds.

» M. J. Shah & Co.
Suppliers and traders of chemicals that includes sodium phosphates, sodium acetates, potassium phosphates, potassium acetates, calcium acetates, ammonium acetates, potassium acetates and potassium silico fluorides.

» M. L. C. Industries Ltd
Suppliers of all kinds of monomethyl amine, dimethyl formamide, formic acid, sodium nitrate etc.

» M. P. M. Pvt. Ltd
Established in 1984, MPM Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s leading manufacturer of foundry consumables used and applied in the critical spectrum and eco system of casting preparation such as Mold and Core Making, Feeding and Methoding Systems, and Melt Preparation.

In the critical casting process of Methoding, we offer cutting edge quality and application technology in the field of High Density Exot...

» M. S. Eureka Chemicals
Manufacturers of sodium hypochlorite, bleach liquid, calcium chloride, sodium sulphide, potassium permanganate and liquid chlorine.

» M. S. Shiva Chemicals
Manufacturer of Ferric alum and Non Ferric alum.

» M/s. Padmini Enterprises
Dealers of hydrochloric acid, liquid chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, sulphuric acid, stearic acid etc.

» M/s.Vishal Pharmakem
Vishal Pharmakem is established in 2002 as Trading house, importing, and outsourcing of various Organic, Inorganic & Oleochemicals, APIs, Drug Intermediates as well as Pharmaceutical formulations (Medicines) having its corporate office at Mumbai (Satellite City- NAVI MUMBAI). Vishal Pharmakem is a mid size enterprise. Gradually, banking on the industrial knows-how and commitment towards excellence...

» Maax Solutions Inc.
Manufacturer and exporter of miscellaneous chemicals that includes rust remover spray, autoconer spray, moly spray, adhesive chain lubricant, magic stain removers, textile speciality products, car care products, adhesive spray and anti spatter spray.

» Madhushree Exim Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing all types of titanium dioxide, antimony trioxide and decabromodiphenyl oxide.

» Mag Excel Exports Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, magnesium sulpate monohydrate, magnesium sulphate anhydrous, calcium hydroxide used in textile, ceramic, detergent, paper and cosmetic industries.

» Mahaveer Agro Chemicals and Mahaveer Industries
Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of agro chemicals, magnesium sulphate hepta hydrate, magnesium oxide, crystalised magnesium sulphate hepta hydrate, magnesium sulphate, industrial chemicals, biochemicals and other agro chemicals.

» Mahaveer Chemicals
Wholesale Traders of sodium hypohlorite and acid.

» Mahaveer Sales Corporation
Engaged in supply of lab chemicals.

» Manchem Organics Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of miscellaneous chemicals that includes metal treatment chemicals, rust preventive chemicals, corrosion inhibitor, heat treatment salt, water treatment chemicals and acid inhibitors.

» Manhar Chemical Specialities
Manufacturers of disinfectants, detergents, textile chemicals, inorganic chemicals, solvents etc.

» Manish Chemicals
Manufacturers of all types of chemicals such as pure liquid nitric acid, sulfuric acid, cleaning grade hydrochloric acid, calcium hydroxide powder, sodium carbonate, copper sulfate, high quality ferrous sulfate and food grade phosphoric acid.

» Manmohan International Contracting
Manufacturers of all kinds of manganese sulphate, monohydrate, manganese oxide, fluorspar powder etc. Also deals in chemical powder such as manganese powder, zinc sulphate monohydrate powder, zinc oxide powder, copper sulphate powder etc.

» Marine Chemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of agar agar, agar shreds, casein peptone, casein powder, casitone, corn meal powder, dextrose, dipeptone, dipeptone, dried yeast extract, gelatine peptone, lactalbumin peptone lactose, malt extract, meat extract, meat peptone.

» Marudhar Petrochem
Wholesale suppliers, authorized distributors and importers of variety of chemicals like acetone, benzene, n-butanol, toluene, cyclohexanone, ethylene glycols, isopropyl alcohol, dimethylformamide and ethyl acetate.

» Mash Organic Industries
Engaged in manufacturing all types of organic chemicals like acetyl chloride, benzoyl chloride, chloro acetyl chloride, benzo-tri-chloride, hydrochloric acid, pivaloyl chloride, rose crystals and benzophenone.

» MDS Aromatics
Producer and exporter of aromatic chemicals, liquid menthol, L-menthones 80 /20, L-menthones 90/10, L-menthones 95/5, ISO menthones, ajowan seed oil, thyme essential oil, ajowan oil terpeens, thymol natural lumps (ex-ajowan) and thymol crystals.

» Meru Chem Industries
Supplier of industrial chemicals and chemical intermediates such as zinc acetate, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, hydrogen phosphate, di-ammonium oxalate, monohydrate dichloromethane, diethyl phthalate and diethylene glycol.
Suppliers and exporters of basic chemicals, industrial chemicals, inorganic chemicals and organic chemicals like caustic potash flakes, methylene chloride, potassium carb...

» Mesha Pharma Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting pharmaceutical drug, para amino ethyl benzoates, para amino benzoic acids, ethyl esters, para amino butyl benzoates, butyl esters, lidocaine hydrochloride I.P., diethylammonium 2 and lidocaine hydrochloride B.P.

» Metal Ent.
Manufacturer and bulk exporter of vanadium cattalyst, copper catalyst and nickel catalyst.

» Metal Resources India
Supplying and producing zinc carbonate, zinc oxide, ammonium molybdate, copper suphate and nickel carbonate.

» Mil India Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of glycerine, fatty acids.

» Milton Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of chemicals like ammonium sulphate, ammonium chloride, hydrochloric acid, metal sulphate and other organic chemicals, pigments, dyes and plasticizers.

» MKW Bio-Systems
Manufacturer and supplier of water treatment chemicals, water softening chemicals, water purification chemicals and industrial water treatment chemicals. Also deals in pollution control devices and noise pollution control devices.

» Mody Chemical Industries
Manufacturers and suppliers of brominated compounds like sodium bromide, liquid bromide, lithium bromide, ethylene di bromide, lauryl bromide, cuprous bromide, iso butyl bromide, acetyl bromide, ethyl bromide, potassium bromate and sodium bromate.

» Mohit Corporation
Suppliers of all kinds of laboratory chemicals.

» Mohit Trading Co.
Exporters of titanium dioxide, citric acid and phosphoric acid.

» Moly Chem
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of miscellaneous chemicals that includes hplc grade chemicals, reagants for synthesis, cleaning chemicals, spectroscopy grade chemicals and biological stains removal chemicals.

» Mono Chem Company
Engaged in manufacturing of pulp defoamer, de-inking agent, de-inking fatty acid base, akd-emulsion, silicon defoamer, retiantion aid, softner, fixer, liquid softner, silicon softner etc.

» Montage Chemicals
Exporters and suppliers of chemicals, miscellaneous chemicals, organic chemicals, fine chemicals, water purifying chemicals, speciality chemicals, laboratory chemicals, industrial allantoin chemicals and industrial speciality chemicals.

» Mother India Consumer Products
Suppliers of all kinds of citric acid, malic acid, sodium metasilicate, caustic soda, soda ash, copper sulphate, bleaching powder etc.

» Motley Exim Co Delhi
Manufacturing and exporting chemical coatings like tanks coating, armored vehicles coating, artillery vehicles coating, missiles coating, rocket launchers coating, troops coating, equipment carriers coating, field guns coating and tanks coating.

» Multiplex Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing and supplying of agro chemicals and micronutrients.

» Mythri Crop Care Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of amino acids liquid, amino acid granules, bentonite granules, trichoderma baveria bassiana etc.

» N. R. Chemical Corporation
Manufacturing and exporting of miscellaneous chemicals that includes industrial chemicals, agro chemicals, leather chemicals, poly aluminum chloride, water treatment chemicals, industrial solvents, acetic acid, aloe vera and liquid chlorine.

» N.S. Chemicals
Engaged in supplying and exporting of miscellaneous chemicals such as industrial chemicals, labortary chemicals, pharmaceutical industries, para chloro meta cresol, 2,4-dichloro meta xylenol, para chloro meta xylenol, dichloro benzyl alcohol.

» Nanak Chand Aggarwal & Bros.
Exporters of chemicals.

» Nand Krishana Laboratery
Manufacturers of chemicals such as 2-iodobiphenyls, 2-bromobiphenyls, 4-methyl-3-nitropyridines, phosphomolybdic acids, tungstophosphoric acids, n-dimethyl acetamide, dimethyl sulfoxide, n-methyl-2-pyrrilidone etc.

» Narain Terpene & Allied Chemical
Suppliers and exporters of Indian spearmint oil, Indian basil oil, peppermint oils, aromatic chemicals, aroma chemicals, phenyl ethyl methyl ether, para cresyl methyl ether, para cresyl acetate, mentha arvensis oil and mentha piperita oil.

» National Chemical Industries
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of chemicals like aluminium ammonium sulphate, chromium potassium sulphate, aluminium potassium sulphate, aluminium sodium sulphate, potassium bitartarate and sodium potassium tartarate.

» Natural Odours & Polymers Pvt. Ltd
Exporting microspheres, pressure sensetive milliglobules, microcapsule, pressure sensitive beads and impregnated capsules. Milliglobules can be made in various size options from 0.1 mm to 3 mm and can be added in gels, face washes, other formulations.

» Navin Chemicals
Supplier and manufacturer of industrial chemicals such as manganese sulphate, calcium hypochlorate, ammonia liquour, manganese sulphate, zinc sulphate, sulphanilic acid, metanilic acid, acetic acid, nitric acid and sulphuric acid.

» Navkar Bio-Chem
Manufacturer and exporter of miscellaneous chemicals that includes ammonium chloride, ammonium dihydrogen ortho phosphate, ammonium sulphate, ascorbic acid, baking powder, baking soda, benzyol peroxide powder and butylated hydroxy anisole.

» Neelikon Food Dyes & Chemicals Ltd
Exporter and distributor of solvent green 7, cosmetic color, FD & C colors, D & C colors, FD & C Yellow 5, FD & C Yellow 6, FD & C Red 40, FD & C Blue1, D & C Yellow10, D & C Red 33, D & C Green 8, D & C Red 21, D & C Red 6, D & C Red 7.

» Neogen Chemicals Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals like n-propyl bromide, ethylene di bromide, n-butyl bromide, lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide, lithium bromide, sec butyl bromide, isobutyl bromide, tert. butyl bromide and n-amyl bromide.

» Neshiel Chemical Pvt. Ltd
Supplying perlite filteraid, horticulture perlite, expanded perlite, perlite hollow spheres, perlite bubbles, perlite hollow spheres, bubbles, rigid perlite and diatomite filter aid equivalent for applications.

» Neuchatel
Supplier and exporter of perfumery chemicals, quinolines, 3-methyl-2-pentanone, industrial intermediate chemicals, ninhydrin, tetrazolium chloride, 5-lithiosulfo isophthalic acid, 5-hydroxyisophthalic acid, phenyl ethyl alcohol and acetophenone.

» New India Chemicals
Manufacturers of calcium nitrate, sodium nitrate, copper corbonate, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, ammonium chloride, hydrochloric acid, ferrous sulphate, dicalcium phosphate etc.

» Niknam Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Niknam Chemicals Private Limited is engaged in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying of quality fire retardants, flame retardants & smoke suppressant chemicals. These Flame & Fire Retardant Chemicals encompass aluminium trihydrate, antimony trioxide, flamex, molybdenum trioxide, and other fire retardants chemicals and smoke suppressant products. Our fire retardant chemicals, fire retardant addit...

» Nilkanth Organics
Sellers of sodium bi sulphite, sodium sulphite, sodium meta bisulphite, sodium cynate etc.

» Nit Overseas Trading
Sellers of all types of chemicals.

» Nithyasri Chemicals
Deals into manufacture and export of fine chemicals like acetanilide white flakes, sodium hypochloride, ferric ammonium sulphate, aluminium phosphate, ammonium di chromate, ammonium oxalate, lead nitrate and calcium oxalate.

» Noida Chemicals
With an experience of more than two decades, Noida chemical is an ultimate source of chemicals for all the industrial needs. We are globally recognized distributor and manufacturer of premium quality industrial chemicals, solvents and minerals like trichloroisocyanuric acid, sodium dichloro isocyanurate, sodium perborate, bronopol and more. We also expertise in manufacturing water treatment chemic...

» Nosch Labs Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of active pharma ingredients, antiulcerative, antifungal, antihypertensive, antipsychotic, antidepressant, antibesity, antimigraine, antiemetic, antispasmodic and treatment of bph.

» Novozymes
Manufacturer and exporter of microbial products, enzymes and iwt products enzyme.

» Oceanic Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
Oceanic Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. are engaged in manufacturing and exporting of drug intermediates, antidiabetic drugs, Pyridine & Picoline derivatives, which is used in various types drugs and pharmaceutical products. We have started our initial business operation in pharma industry with quality products in the drug segment such as Nutritional Supplements, Anti T. B., antiallergics etc. Expanding ou...

» Ohmer Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing and supplying chemicals like insulating enamels, wire enamels and synthetic resins, ketonic resin, reactive polyadmire resins, polyohmer F -35, polyohmer RG-35, polyohmer GRG-35, polyohmer polyshock for various industrial applications.

» Oil Base India
Manufacturer and supplier of chemicals like barium sulphate, hydrochloric acid, mono chloro acetic acid, stearic acid, calcium hypochlorite, 12 hydroxy stearic acid along with caustic soda flakes, caustic potash flakes, refined glycerine, ricinoleic acid.

» Om Tex Chem Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing of silicone emulsion, amino silicone emulsion, antifoam compound, amino silicone fluid and masanary water repealent used in textile, pharmaceutical, paints, rubber, leather, paper, sugar industries.

» Omega Industries
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying herbal corp and plant protection chemicals like antifeedent chemical, ovicidal detergent, antibacterial chemical etc for disease controlling, infection inhibition, growth promoting & anti fungal protection.

» Orchid Trading Company
Dealers of all kinds of ferric chloride, titanium dioxide, ammonium bisulphite, bleaching powder and water treatment chemicals.

» Organo Laboratories
Manufacturer and supplier of hospital grade chemicals, laboratory reagents, inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals and milk testing chemicals including acetic acid, xylene, acetone, 2-propanol, hydrochloric acid and sodium citrate.

» Osam Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of speciality chemicals and sequesterants like pre-treatment chemical, novaquest DMS chemical, lubricol - D chemical, surfactol chemical, scourtex chemical and scourtex-LFP chemical used for textile processing.

» Osrics Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd
Manufactures and exports dicalcium phosphate feed grade, dicalcium phosphate ip grade, dicalcium

» Oxford Laboratory
Exporters of wide range of chemicals like laboratory chemicals, stains, indicators, potassium metal, picric acids, zinc metal granular, creatinine HCL, D-phenylalanine, indole 3-acetic acid, gutraldehyde 25%, sodium phosphate dibasic.

» P-met High Tech Company Pvt. Ltd
Manufactures and supplies solvent-based penetrant, dry developer powder used for detection of cracking and porosity in welded joints. Also exports PMC foundry fluxes, degassers, cover fluxes, grain refiners and PMC surfex (die-cast).

» Padmashree Distributors
Supplying a range of chemicals.

» Palanad Enterprises
Deals into sodium hypochlorite, sodium meta bisulphite and chemicals.

» Pan India Impex
Engaged in supplying and exporting of titanium dioxide, bauxite, magnesite, fused alumina, silicon metal powder, boron carbide, calcined bauxite, resist salt, pharma chemicals, calcium fluoride, minerals, metals, ferro alloys and graphite.

» Par Drugs & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of magnesium salts, aluminum salts, pramags, dried aluminum hydroxide gels, aluminum hydroxide pastes, magnesium hydroxides, magnesium hydroxide pastes, magnesium trisilicates, magnesium carbonates, stearates and silicates.

» Paragon Metachem
Manufacturers and exporters of tin chloride, tin sulphate, tin stannate, tin oxide, potassium stannate, cobalt oxide, cobalt sulphate, nickel carbonate, nickel sulphate and copper sulphate.

» Paramount Industries
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of polishing compound, red buffing compound, ss buffing compound, white buffing compound, yellow buffing compound, green buffing compound, classic buffing compound and classic white buffing compound.

» Paras Alloys & Salts Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of antimony trioxide, sodium antimonate, antimony trichloride, potassium pyroantimonate, potassium pyro antimonate, potassium pyroantimonate, zinc acetate, antimony pentachlori.

» Paras Intermediates Pvt. Ltd, Gujarat
Manufacturer of glycine, amino acids, ammonium thiocyanate, sodium thiocyanate, potassium thiocyanate, hippuric acid, glycine amide, ferrous glycine sulphate, ethylene thiourea, 2-mercaptobenzimidazole, ammonium carbonate, ammonium carbamate,tartaric acid

» Paras Polymer & Chemicals
Manufacturer and suppliers of chemicals, industrial chemicals, calcium chloride, polymer soluble colours, acrylic colours, sodium hypo chloride, stearic acid, polymer emulsions are also available.

» Parenteral Drug India Ltd
Engaged in manfuacturing and exporting sodium chloride.

» Parth Exports
Exporters & manufacturers of sodium lauryl ether sulphate, azithromycin dihydrate usp, mebendazole usp, pioglitazone hcl, metformin hcl, tramadol hcl, sodium lauryl sulphate, methyl paraben, glycerine mono stearate (G.M.S.), propyl paraben and its salts.

» Patel Industries
Manufacturer of industrial chemicals, sodium carboxy methyl cellulose, alpha cellulose, micro crystalline cellulose, carboxy methyl starch, modified starch, monochloro acetic, mono chloro acetate acid, organic chemicals and sodium monochloro acetate.

» Penta Bioscience Products
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting copper sulphate, caustic soda flakes, calcium chloride, ethyl acetate, humic acid, aloe vera powder, amino acid, caustic soda flakes, calcium chloride, amino acid, 6 benzyl adenine (6BA) and chlorfenuron (CPPU).

» Perma Construction Aids Pvt. Ltd
Suppliers and exporters chemicals, industrial chemicals, construction chemicals, waterproof chemicals, polyurethane coatings, sealing chemicals, tiling chemicals, bonding chemicals and coating chemicals. Also sells tiling aids, bonding agent, admixtures.

» Pharmachem Industries Guj Pvt. Ltd
Deals in manufacturing and supplying of cyano acetic acid, naphthelene acetic acid, methyl benzoate, ethyl chloro acetate and methylation acid.

» Photochem Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of x-ray chemicals, x-ray developer, x-ray fixer, ultrasound jelly, ecg jelly etc.

» Pioneer Chemicals Inds. Pvt. Ltd
Sellers Of Dilute And Concentrated Nitric Acid, Formaldehyde, Toluene, Methanol, T. G. Urea, Acetone, Hexamine, Acetic Acid And Acetaldehyde.

» Pioneer Laboratories Pvt. Ltd
Deals in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of miscellaneous chemicals that includes triprolidine hydrochloride, sodium iodide u.s.p, tri methyl sulphoxonium iodide, potassium iodide i.p./b.p. and methyl iodide.

» Plasti Pigments Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of benzoyl peroxide powder, benzoyl peroxide paste, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide etc.

» Pluto Chemicals
Suppliers of laboratory chemicals, hydrochloric acid 36%, nitric acid 72%, and sulphuric acid 98%.

» Poly Chem
Manufacturers and exporters of miscellaneous chemicals, customized chemicals, industrial chemicals, industrial rust removers, industrial rust preventives, greases, customized industrial chemicals, rust removers, rust preventives and forming lubricants.

» Polymer Filtration Industries
Polymer Paper Ltd. is one of the largest filter paper manufacturer in this region. The unique part is that we are the only filter paper manufacturer in Asia who has got its own base paper as well as impregnation (saturation processing facility). Polypa base a saturated range of product covers a spectrum of a variety of cellulose base media ranging from grammages of 92 to 250. The base paper are pr...

» Polyproof Construction Chemicals
Exporters and suppliers of phyto chemicals, plant chemicals, nutrachemicals such as methoxalen, lycopene, soflavones, flavonoids, 10 DAB III, paclataxal, beta- carotein, chondroitin sulphate, methyl sulphonyl methane, glucosamine sulphate sodium, etc

» Pondy Oxides And Chemicals Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of chemicals like metallic oxides, tri basic lead sulphate, lead stearate, calcium stearate, dl basic lead phthalate, dl basic lead phosphite, one pack stabilizer p03, PVC stabilizers, lead acid batteries and stabilizer powder.

» Portfolio Sourcing India
Exporter and buyer of miscellaneous chemicals, chemical product agent and also exporting and supplying agent of various material like air and industrial hoses supplying agent, mattresses supplying agent, towels, socks and other goods sourcing agent.

» Prachi Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacture and supply iodine compounds such as calcium iodate, calcium iodine, cuprous iodine, ethyl iodine, hydriodic acid, iodine mono chloride, methyl iodide, periodic acid, potassium iodate, sodium meta per iodate, tri methyl suphoxonium iodide.

» Prachin Chemical
Manufacturers of all kinds of sodium cmc, calcium cmc, cross carmellose sodium, sodium starch glycolate etc.

» Pranav Enterprises
Manufacturing industrial fragrances such as peach fragrance, rose fragrance, country fields fragrance, jasmine fragrance, herbal fragrance for cosmetics, personal perfumes, soaps and detergents, liquid soaps, toilet soaps and incense sticks.

» Prasol Chemicals Ltd
Manufacturers of chemicals such as industrial chemicals, phosphorus pentasulphide, phosphorus pentoxide, pharmaceuticals chemicals, mesityl oxide and diacetone alcohol. Also offering services of contract research, solicit agency, distributorship.

» Premier Group of Industries
Manufacturing and exporting chemicals for textile mills, pharmaceutical, perfumery, pesticide industries that includes, napthols, benzyl chloride, phenyl acetic acid and benzyl alcohol.

» Priya Marketing Services
Suppliers of polyol, methane di isocynate and amine.

» Progressive Electroplating Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of acid copper plastic, cyanide copper, silver plating chemicals etc.

» Pure Solvi Chem Industries
Engaged in supplying and exporting chemicals, solvents, petroleum products, pharmaceutical raw material including n-propyl alcohol, perchloroethylene, phosphoric acid, propylene glycol, naphtha, soya lacithin, toluene, trichloroethylene.

» Quality Chemical Industries
Engaged in manufacture and export of chemicals including basic chemicals, fine chemicals, wax emulsions, pure industrial chemicals, industrial waxes, creamish white powders, flowing white powders and yellow free flowing powders.

» Quantum Technologies
Engaged in manufacturing and providing all kinds of water treatment chemicals, epoxy flooring, construction chemicals, waste water treatment chemicals, epoxy coating, anti corrosive coatings, waste water treatment systems, wall coating chemicals, etc.

» R K Industries Modinagar
Manufacturer and supplier of sodium silicate, blue silica gel, white silica gel, dessicant silica gel, indicating silica gel used in acid removal, stream cleanup and hydrocarbon adsorption.

» R. C. S. Biologicals
Manufacturers of all kinds of laboratory chemicals.

» R. K. Graphics
Exporting and supplying prees room chemicals, plate making chemicals, arabic gums, micro inks and depatch chemicals.

» R. R. Group
Exporting and wholesale supplying dimethyl formamide, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite, cyclohexane and cyclohexanone.

» R.M. Industries
Manufacturers, exporters and authorized dealers of silver catalyst crystals, activated silver crystals, knitted silver gauze, knitted copper gauze, knitted metal gauze and reactive metal gauze that are used for compounds like formaldehyde and acetaldehyd.

» Raise Tech
Manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of prepitated calcium carbonate, activated calcium carbonate etc.

» Raj Enterprises
Manufacturer and exporter of laboratory chemicals, organic chemicals, volatile organic chemicals, synthetic organic chemicals inorganic chemicals and water soluble inorganic chemicals. Also offer industrial pigments and electroplating pigments.

» Rajesh Colour Co.
Deals into titanum dioxide.

» Rajit Chemical
Suppliers of industrial boiler treatment chemicals, evaporator treatment chemicals, mill sanitation chemicals, raw water treatment chemicals, fireside additives, sludge conditioner, scale inhibitor, chlorine base chemicals for sugar industries.

» Rajvi Enterprise
Engaged in exporting and supplying of dicalcium phosphate, cobalt sulphate and di calcium phospate.

» Raman Traders
Exporters of different types of chemicals.

» Rathoure Trading Company
Engaged in suppling and exporting of industrial chemicals and chemicals used in electroplating chemicals such as nickel chloride, nickel sulphate, chromium acid, chromo oxide green, potassium cyanide, sodium cyanide

» Ravinderm Imports & Exports Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of bulk chemicals, laboratory chemicals, zinc ammonium chloride and chromic acid.

» Raybon Chemicals and Allied Products
Exporters of waste water treatment chemicals, activated carbon, polyelectrolytes, bacterial cultures, ferric chloride, alum, flocculants and electrochlorinators. Also exports water treatment equipment like RO plants and ozonators.

» Rishab Enterprises
Exporting and distributing of chemicals including acetic acid-D4, diethylether-D10, dichlorobenzene-D4, acetone-D6, dimethylformamide-D7, acetonitrile-D3, aniline-D7, dimethylsulfoxide-D6, benzene-D6 and dioxane-D8.

» Rishabh Enterprises
Supplier and exporters of chemcials such as D.E.P, ethile, glycerin, starch, tolain, liquid glucose, liquid paraphin, titanium-di-oxide, methanol, white oil, sodium citrate, methanol and methye ethyel ketone.

» Rohini Industries
Exporter and manufacturer of miscellaneous chemicals, industrial chemical, ceramic chemical, refractory chemical, reactive alumina grade RAC-65, reactive alumina grade RAC-95, reactive alumina grade RICC-95, reactive alumina grade VMS-95.

» Rohit Plastic & Chemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of chlorhexidine gluconate-20%, chlorhexidine acetate, chlorhexidine hydrochloride, benzalkonium chloride and trichlosan.

» Ronak Orgo Chemi
Engaged in manufacturing paper chemicals, value added paper chemicals, pulp chemicals, paper dyes, duplex boards, rostrength chemicals, wax size WE, defoamer DF chemicals and defoamer DF chemicals.

» Roopa Engineers
Manufacturer of textile chemicals binder, engraving chemicals for nickle screen, engraving chemicals for flat bed screen, loth folding machines, spare for stromac ratary printing machines and spare for stenter machines.

» Rubsol Enterprises
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of textile chemicals, waterproofing chemicals, textile softeners, textile auxillaries, defoamers, hydrophilic softeners, amino emulsifiers, mould release agents and high vacuum grease.

» Ruchi Biochemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of bio chemicals, textile enzymes for bio finishing, denim fading, desizing, bio pesticides, bioinsecticides, bio fertilizers and other biochemicals.

» Ruchi Chem Trade
Suppliers of machine cleaning chemicals, descaling chemicals, degreasing chemicals, rust remover, anti corrosive treatment chemicals, paint strippers, surface treatment chemicals, disinfecting chemicals, degreasing agents, metal treatment chemicals.

» Russo Foods Pvt. Ltd
Exporter of ethyl alcohol.

» S V Plastochem Pvt. Ltd
Dealers of chemicals like stannous oxalate (tin oxalate), stannous octoate stannic & stannous oxide (tin oxides), sodium stannate, potassium stannate, di butyl tin oxide (dbto), mono butyl tin oxide (mbto) and di buytl tin sulfide (dbts).

» S. B. Chemicals
Sellers of sodium fluorides, potassium fluorides, sodium cryolites, sodium silicofluorides, potassium titaniumfluorides, potassium aluminiumfluorides, potassium fluoborates, sodium fluoborates, fluoboric acids etc.

» S. B. Organics Ltd
Exporter and manufacturer of guanidine chemical, guanidine thiocyanate, guanidine nitrate, guanidine carbonate, guanidine hydrochloride used in manufacturing of pesticides, organic syenthesis and biotechnology.

» S. J. Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Suppliers of chemicals that includes ethyl carbitol, sodium laurylether sulphate, di ethanolamine, ethoxylate (alphox 200), DEG chemicals, oleic acid, fatty acids, glycerin C.P. / I.P., di ethanolamide chemical and cocomono.

» S. N. Merchandise Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of chemicals like glacial acetic acid, ethyl acetate, methanol and formic acid used as a coagulant for obtaining rubber from latex.

» S. P. Instruments And Chemicals
xporting and supplying laboratory chemicals, laboratory grade chemicals, laboratory organic chemicals, laboratory inorganic chemicals, indicator solution, HPLC solvents, glass double distillation units, laboratory glasswares and laboratory polywares.

» S.R.Drugs And Intermediates Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter ofchemicals such as mono chloro acetic acid (mcaa), sodium mono chloro acetate (smca), methyl chloro acetate (mca), tri chloro acetyl chloride (tcac), chloro acetyl chloride (cac) and tetralone.

» S.V. Enterprises
Manufacturer and supplier of fine chemicals, water treatment chemicals, cosmetic chemicals and laboratory chemicals including mono ammonium phosphate, potassium bi sulphate, potassium per sulphate, sodium meta silicate, zinc stearate, aluminium stearate.

» Sachee Fragrances and Chemicals Ltd
Wholesale supplying, manufacturing and exporting wide range of aromatic chemicals that includes alcoholic fragrance, jasmine fragrance, lavender fragrance, chandan fragrance, white rose fragrance, frankincense fragrance and peach fragrance.

» Salvi Chemical Industries
Exporters of chemicals like cellulose acetate phthate, maleic acid, ferrous fumarte, ferrous sulphate, DI iodohydroxyquinoline, lysine mono hydrochloride, triazole, choline salts, picolinates, amino acids, citrates and quinolines.

» Samana Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of tannic acid, gallic acid and zinc sulphate.

» Samrat Remedies Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, trimethyl sulfoxoniumiodide, methyl iodide, potassium iodide, sodium iodide, hydriodic acid, calcium iodate, copper iodide, 3,5-diiodo salicylic acid and methyl 2-iodobenzoate.

» Sankalp Organis Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting all kinds of sodium stearate, zinc stabilizer, zinc stearate, magnesium stearate, calcium stearate, magnesium hydroxide, lead stabilizer, dicalcium phosphate.

» Sanket Rasayan
Manufacturer of agro chemicals, speciality chemicals, dipping oil, madhura, downey care, super bloom, suraksha, sanboost, sanstick, tejas herbo care, silver cyanide, copper cyanide, zinc cyanide and copper sulphate, tejas herbo care and herbal extracts.

» Sark Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing and supplying of industrial chemicals, laboratory chemicals like soda alum, ferric alum, non ferric alum, ammonia alum and sodium aluminium sulphate used in water purification systems, paper industry and effluent treatment plants.

» Sasa India
Sasa India was established in 2005 to be a ONE STOP SOLUTION to do business with INCREDIBLE !NDIA, one of the fastest growing economies of the 21st century.Manufacturer and exporter of glycein soda ash, light soda ash, vacuum salt and chemicals.

» Satyawati Chemicals
Manufacturers of auramine O, bismark brown, chrysodine, methyl violet, malachite green, basic green 4 liquid, basic orange 2 liquid, basic dyes liquid, bismarch brown, crizoidina, papel corantes, basic blue 26, basic blue 16, corantes para papel etc.

» Saurabh Industries
Supplier and manufacturer of industrial chemicals like iso amyl alcohol, amyl alcohol, milko tester chemicals. Also manufactures synthetic adhesives, stationary adhesives, decolac adhesives, corrugation gums and pressure sensitive adhesives.

» Screen Treat
Manufacturer and suppliers of chemicals coatings, sprayable coatings and printing inks like screen printing inks, pad printing inks, inkjet inks, digital inks, roto gravure inks, ceramic inks, textile inks, heat transfer inks and polystyrene inks.

» Search Chemicals
Exporters of wide range of laboratory chemicals, acids, sealants and solvents including acetic acid, nitric acid, citric acid, oxalic acid, formic acid, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, caustic potash flakes and chloroform.

» Senthil Chemicals
Deals in sulphonated castor oil, sugar processing chemicals, silicon deformer and silicon softner. Also deals in manufacturing and supplying of agro chemicals, anti foaming agent, castor oil and chemical intermediates.

» Shah Additives & Lubricants
Manufacturers of vi-improver, defoamer, rci, disparsant and additives.

» Shah Agencies
Bulk supplier of sodium bi sulphate, caustic soda flakes, hydrocloric acid, sulphuric acid, zinc sulphate, lab chemicals, sodium hypo cloride, alluminium sulphate, magnasium sulphate and nitric acid.

» Shailee Exports
Exporters of all types of chemicals.

» Shakun Enterprises Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of chemicals such as strychnine nitrate (N.F./U.S.P.), strychnine sulphate (N.F./B.P.C.), strychnine alkaloid (N.F./U.S.P./B.P.C.) and strychnine hydrochloride (N.F/U.S.P./B.P.C.).

» Shan Chemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of chemicals like cupric acetate, coloring grade cupric oxide, dihydrate cupric chloride, anhydrous cupric chloride, copper sulfate, pure copper nitrate, plating grade nickel nitrate and high grade nickel chloride.

» Shankar Dyes and Chemicals
Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial chemicals like fog chemicals, sulphade, textile chemicals, anodising chemical, poly amide, sulphur chemicals, cosmetic chemicals, handicraft chemicals, photo lamination chemical and pesticides chemicals.

» Shanti Chemical Works
Manufactures and exporters of industrial chemicals, textile processing chemicals, paper chemicals, waterproofing chemicals, paper chemicals, pulp chemicals, potassium silicate and sodium silicate.s

» Sharad Enterprises
Sharad Enterprises an ISO 9001:2008 Certified and Govt. of India Recognized export House, belong to B.L.Mandhana group of companies(founded in 1983). Since its inception 'Sharad Enterprises' has catered to various segments of client that include individuals to corporate organizati ons, worldwide. Consequently this helped us establish ourselves as a 'multi product' company.Exporters of sodium bich...

» Sheelpashree Chemicals
Manufacturers of cellulose acetate, phthalate-cap., entric coating material, corrugation powder and paste, sodium carboxy methyl, starch etc.

» Shilpa Chemspec International Pvt. Ltd
Suppliers of chemicals like resorcinol, iodine, methane sulphonyl chloride, methane sulphonic acid, phenyl chloroformate, thiophenol, dimethyl carbonate, titanium dioxide, ascorbyl phophat magnesium and hydroxylamine HCL.

» Shiva International
Engaged in supplying of zinc stearate, aluminium stearate, aluminium silicate, synthetic gilsonite, calcium chloride anhydrous, sodium penta chloro phenate, chemicals for paint, paper and rubber industries.

» Shiva Minerals Distributors
Distributing, supplying and exporting quartz and soda-potash feldspar powder.

» Shivam Chemicals & Minerals Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of paint chemicals such as organic pigment pastes, organic pigment powders, inorganic pigments, hydrocarbon resins, chlorinated rubbers, zinc dusts, zinc phosphates, premium gloss enamels and white primers.

» Shree Bajrang Lime Industries
Manufacturer and exporter of lime chemicals including calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide and quicklime suitable for applications in dairy industry, baking industry, refractory products, sugar refining, iron industry, steel industry and in chemical industry.

» Shree Bankey Behari Lal Board Mills
Manufacturers and exporters of thymol crystals, thyme oil, thymol, ajwain terpene oil, crude clove leaf oil, rectified clove leaf oil, crude clove terpene, rectified clove, terpene eucalyptus oil, eucalyptol, patchouli oil etc.

» Shree Gopal International
Wholesale suppliers and exporters of emulsifier, titanium, stearic acid and sodium pentacholro phenet.

» Shree Jalaram Chemicals
Manufacturing and exporting of chemicals like lithium fluorides, ammonium fluorides, aluminium fluorides, lithium carbonates, lithium nitrates, lithium bromides, lithium chlorides, mono potassium phosphates and tetra potassium pyro phosphates.

» Shree Mahalaxmi Chemicals
Engaged in trading and distribution of chemicals that includes acrylic acids, caustic potash, monomer ittaconic acids, acrylamide acids and acetyl chlorides. Also supply silver white pearl pigments, gold luster pearl pigments and color pearl pigments.

» Shree SaiBaba Chemical Industries
Manufacturer and exporters of sodium silicate, industrial sodium silicate, alkaline sodium silicate, neutral sodium silicate, liquid sodium silicate, water glass sodium silicate

» Shree Tiru Chem Industries
Engaged in producing and supplying cleaning chemicals and plasticiser chemicals.

» Shree Trimurti Chemicals
Engaged in supply of chemicals and dyes like basic dyes, acid dyes, black acid dyes, yellow acid dyes, direct black dyes, reactive ramazol dyes, reactive black dyes and reactive black HFGR.

» Shree Vinayaka Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of chemical and chemical intermediate like methyl magnesium chloride, methyl magnesium bromide, benzyl magnesium chloride, benzyl magnesium bromide, isopropyl magnesium chloride and isopropyl magnesium bromide.

» Shreeji Fine Chem
Leading exporter and supplier of miscellaneous chemicals that includes calcium chloride, zinc chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium carbonate, sodium sulphite, calcium hydroxide, zinc oxide, zinc carbonate and aluminum silicate.

» Shreeji Marketing
Suppliers of chloral hydrate, chloral, quinine sulphate, hmds, pyhbr, ammonium chloride, tmcs etc.

» Shreeji Pharma International
Engaged in production and exporting of chemicals such as alendronate sodium, calcium gluconate, ferrous gluconate, zinc gluconate, gabapentin, glucosamine, amodiaquine base, bifonazole, cetrizine Hcl, nicorandil, nimesulide, colchicine and camptothecine.

» Shreya Aniline Industries Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing of dyes, chemicals and pigments including acrylic emulsion especially for ink application, latex rubber emulsions, special dispersed colors are available for paper coating, hand made papers in gold, bronze, copper, silver and other colors.

» Shri Ram Sons Wax Pvt. Ltd
Suppliers of chemicals like adhesives polyamide resin, vinyl polymer resin and stearic acid. Also deals in refined paraffin wax, crude bees wax, b

» Shriji Distributors
Suppliers of chemicals like moxina amoxicillin, drocef cefadroxil, quilox ciprofloxaxcin, azim azithromycin, cloxina amoxi cloxa etc.

» Shubh Impex
Engaged in supplying of laboratory chemicals like inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, acetone, benzene, chloroform, formaldehyde, toluene, toluidine, glycerin, napthol, phenol, universal indicator and xylene.

» Shubham Starch Chem Pvt. Ltd
Supplier and manufacturer of miscellaneous chemicals like boiler water treatment chemicals, chemicals for retention aids in paper, de-inking chemicals for paper.

» Siddhi Agro Chemicals
Manufacturing and supplying of chemicals, agro chemicals, industrial agro chemicals including zinc sulphate 21%, zinc sulphate 33%, copper sulphate, manganese sulphate and Indian agro chemicals.

» Siddhi Vinayaka Spechem Pvt. Ltd
Siddhi Vinayaka Spechem Pvt Ltd is ISO 9001-2008 Certified company. We are leading Manufacturer of fine Chemicals especially Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Products For Peptide Synthesis, Carbohydrates And Dietary Supplements. All products are developed and manufactured in house adhering to the Q7A GMP Guideline.Manufacturers and suppliers of of 3-Mercaptopropionic Acid (3-MPA), 3-Thiodipropionic a...

» Sigma Institute Of Welding services
Engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of chemical products related to welding such as stainless steel pickling gel, aluminium weld cleaner and water base anti-spatter spray. Also deals in welding electrodes and stainless steel welding electrodes.

» Silica Gel Desiccant Products Co.
Manufacturers and exporters of chemicals, speciality chemicals, water treatment chemicals, molecular chemicals like silica gel, blue silica gel, white silica gel, activated alumina ball, molecular sieves.

» Sip Chemical Industries
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals, fine chemicals, leather chemicals, disperse dyes intermediates, paper chemicals, textile auxiliaries like DL tartaric acid, anhydrous, maleic acid, cream of tartar, zinc sulphate, anthranilamide.

» Skylead Chemicals Ltd
Manufacturers of isophthalic acid, methanol, speciality chemicals, thiophene and lithium hydroxide.

» Solar Surgical and Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturers and suppliers including ayurvedic medicines and raw materials, veterinary medicines, human drugs and psyllium husk. Also supplies surgical dresses, sterile and non-sterile absorbent gauze and crepe bandages.

» Sona Enterprise
Exporting and supplying chemicals like acetone, m.i.b.k (methyl isobutyl ketone), m.e.k (methyl ethyl ketone), glycerin, ethyl/butyl carbitol, butyl cellosolve acetate, d.e.g (diethylene glycol), m.e.g (mono ethylene glycol), m-xylene and o-xylene.

» South India Chemicals
Specialized manufacturer of zinc sulphate powder, zinc sulphate, potassium chloride, manganese sulphate, dried ferrous sulphate, manganese carbonate and copper sulphate.

» Spack Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Supplier and manuafcturer of inductrial chemicals such as dimethyl sulphate, diethyl phthalate, dimethyl aniline, N-methyl aniline. Also exports diethyl phthalate (DEP), N, N-dimethyl aniline (DMA) and methyl aniline (MMA) chemical.

» Sparchem
Engaged in exporting and supplying of chemicals such as 2 trichloroehtylchloroformate, 2 amino 5-chlorobenzoquinone, 3-dimethylaminopropylchloride, benzal acetone, butyl benzoate, 3-dichlorobenzoyl chloride, castoroilrefined and copper iodide.

» Sparsh Poly Chem Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of miscellaneous chemicals that includes acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polycarbonate polymer, polypropylene polymer, polystyrene polymer and high impact polystyrene polymer.

» Spectrum International
Manufacturer and exporter of agro chemicals and cypermethrin (5% EC, 10% EC, 25% EC). Also deals in general items such as concrete steel nails, agarbatti, incense sticks, rose, kewda, sandal, jasmine, kerosene stoves etc.

» SPIC Ltd Pharmaceuticals Division
Manufacturer and supplier of aluminium fluoride and diammonium phosphate.

» Sreenivasa Industries
Suppliers and exporters of all kinds of industrial chemicals and electroplating chemicals such as copper nitrate, copper chloride, copper sodium cyanide, copper potassium cyanide, copper carbonate, nickel sulphate, nickel chloride and copper cyanide.

» Sri Hari Labs
Manufacturer and exporter of phase transfer catalysts, fine chemicals, specialty chemicals and drug intermediates such as 18-crown-6, dibenzo-18-crown-6, 15-crown-5 and methyl benzene sulphonate.

» Sri Krishna Calcium Industries
Manufacturers of all kinds of calcium gluconate, ferrous gluconate, calcium gluconate injectable, sodium gluconate in 100 ml bottle, 250 ml bottle, and 500ml bottle. Also offer charcoal.

» Sri Murugan Paint Company
Manufacturing and exporting zinc chromate yellow primer, zinc chromate red oxide primer, zinc phosphate primer, epoxy finishes, clear varnishes, thinners & diluents, fortlite industrial enamel, semi glossy synthetic enamel, synthetic aluminium paint.

» Sri Vyjayanthi Labs Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical chemicals including azacyclonol, calcium glycerophosphate, sodium glycerophosphate, magnesium glycerophosphate, ferric glycerophosphate, zinc glycerophosphate and copper glycerophosphate.

» Srikem Laboratories Pvt.Ltd
The unit is over 15 years old and it is owned and managed by a technocrat and first generation entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience having exposure to manufacturing products of international norms and quality standards. The plant is a multi-purpose unit handling many unit operations involved in organic synthesis, meeting the standards prescribed by various agencies like FDA, Pollution Con...

» Srinivasa Chemicals
Engaged in supplying and exporting of chemicals like sulfonated naphthalene formaldehyde condensat liquids, sulfonated naphthalene formaldehyde condensat powders, sodium sulphates, sodium sulphate anhydrous and refined salts.

» Standard Equipments
Exporter of antistatic agents.

» STP Ltd
Manufacturing and supplying construction chemicals like epoxy flooring chemicals, grouts chemicals, admixtures chemicals, waterproofing chemicals, floor hardening chemicals, cementitious repair chemicals, epoxy repair chemicals and sealing chemicals.

» Sudarshan Minerals & Industries
Producing and exporting chemical powders like soapstone powder, calcite powder, dolomite powder, talcum powder and china clay powder for industrial use.

» Sudershan Laboratories Ltd
Manufacture and suppliers of fine chemicals, sodium methoxide, n-butyl lithium, sodium methylate powder, potassium t butoxide, alkyl lithium, lithium amide and phosphides.

» Suhans Chemicals
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of nickel catalyst, industrial nickel catalyst, food chemicals for industrial oils, fatty acids, poison rich feed stock, crude rice bran oil, fish oil, acid oils and ricebran wax.

» Sukhsa Exports
Suksha Exports, is manufacturer and exporter of food processing machines. After becoming a registered manufacturer in year 2005, we extended our wide spectrum to Emery Stones, Abrasives, & Mop Buckets, Weighing scales, Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium chloride and Grain mills. We have marked our niche at global marketplace with our benevolent and intensive research work in this field of food processing ...

» Super Max Industries Pvt Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting diaryl disulphide (DADS), rubber reclaming agent, reclaimed rubber and rubber reclaming oil.

» Superlac Paints Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing and supplying various types of chemicals that includes thinners, synthetic primers, cement putty, industrial paints, water based primers, acrylic emulsion, waterproof coatings, aluminium paints and red oxide primier.

» Supertek International
Dealers of speciality chemicals polyols, mdi, tdi, solvents, butyl rubber, synthetic rubber and rubber chemicals etc.

» Supreet Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing of chemical intermediates like sulfonyl derivatives, sulfonic acid derivatives, sulfonation derivatives, ether derivatives, benzanilide derivatives, aniline derivatives, dichloro derivatives and phenylene di amine derivatives.

» Surabhi Industries
Manufacturer and exporter of chemicals for defense application, such as Mapo, Mat-o-bond, potassium metal, TNO, GAP, calcium oxalate, boron powder, 2-methyl aziridine, mono basic lead salicylate and TMMO.

» Suraj Fine Chemicals Mfg. Co.
Manufacturers and suppliers of a variety of chemicals like zinc chloride, zinc chloride technical, zinc dichloride, zinc(II) chloride, zinc hydroxide, zinc chloride solution, calcium chloride, activated zinc oxide, zinc chloride commercial.

» Surajbala Exports Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of perfumery compounds used for cosmetics, alcoholic fragrances and hair products. Also supplies essential oil that is highly essential for aroma therapy.

» Suvchem
Leading exporter and manufacturer offering wide range of laboratory chemicals like biological stains, ph indicators, culture media bases, mercury salts, photographic intermediates, alizarine reds, giemsa stain, amino acids, sulfonic acid sodium salt.

» Swastik Chemicals
Wholesale manufacturer and exporter of scarlet chrome chemicals, zinc chrome chemicals, lemon chrome chemicals, pigments, zinc phosphate chemicals, industrial chemicals, ketonic resins, polyamide resins, resins, petro chemical and middle chrome chemicals.

» Swastik Sales Corporation
Engaged in supplying and exporting of chemicals like linear alkyl benzene, aromatic chemicals, soda ash, soda bicarbonate, industrial salt, sulphuric acid, methyl anthranilate and magnesium sulphate.

» Synthochem Pvt Ltd
Synthochem is the pioneer in the manufacturing of Organic and Inorganic Titanium Compounds in India. Established in 1973 by technically qualified people, we have enhanced our product range as well as market presence from India to more than 30 countries worldwide.Engaged in the manufacturing of tetra isopropyl titanate, tetra n propyl titanate, tetra isobutyl titanate, tetra 2-ethyl hexyl titanate,...

» Tamara Creations
Bulk supplier of titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, yellow oxide., kauolin and barytes.

» Tara Minerals & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Suppliers and exporters of all kinds of chemcials like calcium oxide, burnt calcium oxide, calcined calcium oxide, calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, bentonite, gypsum used in water treatment, sewage treatment, industrial trade wastes etc.

» Taurus Technologies
Manufacturer of paper industry chemicals, cooling water treatment chemicals, construction chemicals such as corrosion inhibitor, chlorine enhancer, dye fixing agent, liquid colour, deposit control system, microbiocides, water reducer, plasticizer.

» Tech Line Green
Offering water treatment chemicals, wastewater treatment chemicals, sewage treatment chemicals, boiler water treatment chemicals, waste treatment chemicals on turnkey basis for water treatment.

» Techfab International
Sellers of chemicals.

» Tejraj Brothers
Manufacturer of industrial chemicals like 3-nitro acetophenone, 4-methyl acetophenone, P- bromoacetophenone, n- butyryl chloride, n-valeryl chloride isobutyryl, iodine monochloride, iodine trichloride, potassium iodide and 5-cyano phthalimide.

» Thahira Chemicals
Manufacturer and exporter of chemicals, industrial chemicals and speciality chemicals like chitin, industrial chitin, chitosan, industrial chitosan, high density chitosan, carboxy methyl chitosan, water soluble chitosan.

» Thaleshwar Arts
Manufacturing and exporting bath plating solutions, pen plating solutions, artificial rhodium colours, chemicals of rhodium plating and cleaners for jewelry. Also supplies jewelry cleaning and plating machines.

» The Apolo Pharma Chem
Leading manufacturer and supplier of chemicals such as chlorozoxazole (antidiarrheal), dexamethasone sodium phospate (antiallerrgic), betamethasone sodium phospate (antiallerrgic), tinidazole (antiparasitic) and riboflavin sodium phospate (vitamin b12).

» The Scientific Fertiliser Company Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing agricultural chemicals, insecticides & fungicides like hexaconazole, profenofos, imidacloprid, deltamethrin, triazophos, lamdacyhalothrin, cypermethrin, chlorpyriphos, alphacypermethrin, fenvalerate, firponil, permethrin, propiconazole.

» Thykn (India) International
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of miscellaneous chemical such as cortico-steroid, intermediates, phytoceuticals, herbal extract, bio chemical, research chemical, bulk drugs, pharma intermediates and corticosteroids.

» TNS Corporation
Supplier and intending agent of chemicals such as acetone, acrylamide, alpha napthol, acetonitrile, acrylonitrile, beta naphthol, boric acid powder, borax penta hydrate, bromine liquid, butyl acrylate, caustic soda flakes, camphor etc.

» Topaz Gilletin Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of sodium phosphate, disodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate, tetra potassium pyrophosphate, dicalcium phosphate and tricalcium phosphate.

» Topnote Aromatics
Manufacturer and supplier of organic chemicals such as LR grade chemicals, AR grade chemicals, ammonium molybdate, molybdic acid, sodium molybdate, di ammonium phosphate, sodium tungstate and tungstic acid.

» Tower Overseas Ltd
Exporters of inorganic chemicals.

» Trans Asia International
Supplier and exporter of methyl-4- acetamido- 2-ethoxy benzoate, sodium amino salicylate, amino salicylic acid, 4-acetamido-5-bromo-2-methoxy benzoic acid, paper chemicals, skylene KP, skylene PVN, skylene-R, carabina DI and novafoam S.D.

» Tri Ethic Laboratories
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of hotmelt adhesives for soap-wrappers, hotmelt adhesives for packaging, hotmelt adhesives for confectionary wrappers and hotmelt adhesives for book binding.

» Tripoot India Pvt. Ltd
Suppliers and exporters of chemicals such as acetone, acetic acid, ammonium chloride, phosphoric acid, hydrozen peroxide, carbon tetra chloride, citric acid, magnesium sulphate, potassium permanganate, zinc oxide, chloroform and caustic sods flakes.

» Triveni Chemicals
Triveni Chemicals is one of the leading industrial chemicals manufacturer and supplier, meeting the demand of various industries. We deal in both organic and inorganic chemicals, and therefore our horizon of trade in the market has widened. We are engaged in the manufacture and supply of Fluoride, Fluoborate, Slico Fluoride, Cryolite, Sulphate, Chloride, Phosphate, Carbonate, Acid, Borate, Chlorid...

» Twinkle Chemi Lab Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of all type of miscellanious chemicals such as basic chemicals and laboratory chemicals. Also deals in organic chemical, pharmaceutical chemical, cosmetic chemical, food chemical, oil chemical, rubber chemical and plastic chemical.

» U S Exports
Manufacturers and exporters of all types of chemicals used in science laboratory. Also manufacturing biology lab equipment, physics lab equipment, chemistry lab equipment and all types of laboratory glass ware.

» U-day Chemicals
Manufacturing and exporting water treatment chemicals like industrial biocides, latex emulsion chemicals, versatile defoamers, detergent deformers, effluent treatment deformers and emulsion polymerization defoamers.

» Ulhas Oil And Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of sulphur formulations, sulphur powder available used in pesticides, fertilizers, cracker explosive, refining, bleaching of sugar, tyre, tube, rubber and foam industries.

» Ultra Chemical Works
Engaged in export of chemicals like organic chemical, inorganic chemicals, acetic acid glacial, ammonium acetate, basic chrome sulphate, calcium nitrate, calcium chloride, dextrose monohydrate, EDTA di sodium salt and EDTA pure acid.

» Ultramarines India Pvt. Ltd
Ultramarines India ( P ) Ltd. is the renowned manufacturer and exporter of sodium bisulfite, petrochemical, photographic chemicals, potassium meta bisulfite & sodium metabisulfite, ultramarine blue pigments. The company got established in 1980 and in the year 1978 the company started manufacturing and ventured into exports in the year 1978. The years of experience has enabled the company to establ...

» Universal Enterprises
Deals in trading and exporting of chemicals, lab chemicals and industrial chemicals like zinc sulphate, copper sulphate, zinc oxide, zinc dust, zinc chloride and electrolytic iron powder.

» Upper India Smelting and Refinery Works
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of crystalline zinc oxide, white seal, zinc oxide powder, W brand zinc oxide for ferrites, electroplating, metal salts, dental raw material, footwear raw material, health care and zinc salt.

» Usha Chemicals
Manufacturer and exporter of zinc oxide, dicumyle peroxide, benzoyle peroxide, dry chemical powder (DCP 40%), dibutyl phthalate (DBPH), dicumyl peroxide and dibutyl parexy hexane.

» Uttaranchal Terpene Products Pvt Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of oils, pine oil, terpene oil, distilled turpentine, gum rosin, longifolene, alpha-pinene, delta-3-carene, dipentene and other oils.

» V And V Pharma Industries
Engaged in supply and export of speciality chemicals, drug intermediates like phenacyl bromide derivatives, benzoic acid derivatives, amino phthalonitrile, bromo phthalide, salicylic acid derivatives, anthranillic acid derivatives and quinoline.

» V Kumar And Sons
Leading Supplier and exporter of various plant growth chemicals, plant growth stimulator that includes folic acid, alfa napthyl acetic acid, polyhydroxy steroid, 6-benzylaminopurine, water soluble fertilizer and dipping oil.

» V. R. Enterprises
Engaged in supplying of acetic acid, ascorbic acid and garlic powder.

» Vardhman Electron Devices (A Division of Jainsons (India) Regd.)
Manufacturers and exporters of laboratory chemicals like analytical reagents, speciality chemicals, amino acids, culture media, biochemical, indicators, stains, spectroscopy grades, pharmacopoeial grades and phase transfer catalysts.

» Varshchem Enterprises Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of all kinds of chemicals such as di calcium phosphate i. p., tri calcium phosphate i. p., sodium starch glycolate i. p., talcum powder i. p., simethicone emulsion, simethicone activated oil and magnesium stearate i. p..

» Varuna Chemicals
Manufacturers of chemicals, industrial chemicals, paper chemicals, alkaline ketone dynamite, solvents and thinners. And also supplying rosin esters, ester gum, maleic resin, phenolic resin, alkyd resin, cnsl resin, bnsl resin and calcium rosinate.

» Vasupujya Chemicals
Supplier and manufacturer of industrial chemicals and solvents such as sodium formaldehyde bisulphite, glutaraldehyde sodium bisulphite, anhydrous sodium thiosulphate, sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate, potassium meta bisulphite.

» Vats International
Supplying aluminium sulphate, calcium hypochlorite 65%, 70% calcium hypochlorite, stable bleaching powder, bleaching powde 35%, glacial acetic acid min. 99.7%, hydrogen peroxide 35%, 50% hydrogen peroxide and liquid chlorine gas.

» Vedic Bio-Technologies
Exporter and supplier of phytochemicals such as methoxsalen, boswellia extract, hedera helix extract, gymnema extract, solanesol used for antioxidant, stimulation of enzymes and anti-bacterial effect in human body.

» Veeraa Enterprises
Exporters of all types of boiler chemicals, water treatment chemicals and paper chemicals.

» Venus Chemicals
Manufacturer, supplier and distributor of chemicals that includes pharmaceutical chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates. Also supplies amiodarone hcl, levalbuterol sulfate, fluticasone propionate, montelukast sodium and gemcitabine hcl.

» Vibronics Pvt. Ltd
Vibronics Pvt. Ltd., was established in he year 1964 and since then till date it is delivering the society with high end cleaning solutions like Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems, Flaw Detector sand Cleaning Chemicals and Cleaning Detergents. The ultrasonic cleaning process is an effect created by the action of sound waves at high frequency, introduced into liquid cleaning medium.Manufacturer and export...

» Vij Traders
Sellers of sodium benzoate, calciumpropinate etc.

» Vijay Chemical Industries
Engaged in exporting and supplying industrial adhesives chemicals such as laminated adhesive powder, corrugating adhesive powder, paper adhesive starches, paper adhesive tapes, paper adhesive glues and paper adhesives & starches.

» Vijay Exports
Exporters of all types of chemicals.

» Vijay Perfumes Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of chemicals such as isosorbide-5-mononitrate diluted I.P., isosorbide-5-mononitrate diluted B.P., isosorbide-5-mononitrate diluted U.S.P, bupropion HCL and butamben U.S.P.

» Vijaya Enterprises
Suppliers of animal feed chemicals including feed grade zinc oxide, cobalt sulphate, manganese sulphate, cobalt carbonate, copper sulphate, copper carbonate and di calcium phosphate. Also supplying all types of animal feed raw materials.

» Vin Industries
Supplying and producing miscellaneous chemicals that includes additives for rubber processors, additives for injection moulders, additives for polymer processors, additives for fiberglass reinforced plastic and additives for cables and wires.

» Vinamax Organics Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial surfactants, industrial chemicals, chemical intermediate products, sodium lauryl sulphate powder, sodium lauryl ether sulphate, ammonium lauryl sulfate and triethanolamine lauryl ether sulphate.

» Vinati Organics Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of butylbenze, sulfonic acid, organic intermediates, speciality monomers, 2-n-butylaniline, sodium salt of 2-acrylamido 2 methylpropanesulfonic acid, normal butyl benzene (nbb) and 4 n butylaniline ( para -n- butylaniline).

» Vinayak Micron
Manufacturers of chemicals like boric acid etc.

» Wadhwa Group
Manufacturer and supplier of phosphates, surfactants, home care products, fabric care products, personal care products, glycols, ethoxylate glycols, polyethylene glycols, food acidulants, flavours, organo phosphonates agents and sequestering agents.

» Welkin Paints Pvt Ltd
Manufacturer and suppliers of synthetic paints, thinner, dmf ( dimethyl formide ), butyl acetate and butyl salsol. Also offer various types of chemical like acetone, mixed solvent, Xylene etc.

» Westlands Overseas
Exporters of chemicals, auxilaries etc.

» Westman Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of lithium chloride, potassium cyanate, stannous oxide, stannous octoate, ethoxy benzene, methyl salicylate, methyl anthranilate, benzyl butyrate, amyl salicylate, benzyl benzoate and methyl anthranilate.

» Wex Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Exporters of sugar process chemicals, r o antiscalents, cleaning chemicals.

» Windia Speciality Chemicals (Chennai) Pvt Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals such as sodium bromides, potassium sulphates, ammonium chlorides, potassium bromates, sodium bromates etc.

» Yash Chemicals
Manufacturer and exporter of different types of copper carbonate, copper sulphate, foundry chemicals.Also supplying other varieties such as bentonite granules, industrial chemicals, graphite ready mix flux and spirit base graphite cote.

» Yash Rasayan & Chemicals
Manufacturers of a wide range chemicals that includes 5-choloro-4-acetamido-2-methoxy benzonic acid, parathoxyethyl benzoate, methyl ester that can be created by an alkali catalyzed reaction between fats or fatty acids and methanol.

» Yashshree Chemicals
Suppliers of magnessim sulphate, ferrous sulphate, copper sulphate, potassium carbonet and zinc sulphate.

» Yen Plas Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of wide range of chemicals such as 3-butyne IOL, 1-yexyne, 1-heptyne, 1-pentyne, 3- hexyne-I-OL, 3-pentyne-I-OL and 3-octyne-I-OL. Also exports reaction vessels, storage tanks, filters, noutch filters and leaf filters.

» Zallifec Chemie Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of glucosamine sulphates, chondroitin sulphates, solansol, norflex, ciproflox, citrezene and thiophene.

» Zalpa Enterprise
Exporter and supplier of industrial chemical, lab chemical, ferrous sulphates, ferrous sulphite anhydrous, acid and alkalies .

» Zenith Qualichem
Makers of metal stearates and surfactant for pesticides.

» Zirconium Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of zirconium chemicals and their derivatives such as zirconium basic sulphate, zirconium basic carbonate, zirconium hydroxide, zirconium oxide, zirconium acetate solution, zirconium oxychloride and zirconium nitrate solution.

» Zorba International
Manufacturing miscellaneous chemicals such as after saving chemical (rectangular natural potassium alum), roll on deodrant chemical (round natural potassium alum) and after shave protection & deodarant chemical (oval natural potassium alum).

» Zuvius Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of paharma chemicals including zuvitere 80 mg, zuvitere 20 mg, zaxol 260 mg, zaxol 100 mg, zaxol 30 mg, paclitaxel injections, oxaliplatin injections, zolon 100 mg, zolon 50 mg and ondansetron HCl injections

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