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» A. C. E. Chemicals
Stockist of sodium sulphate, sodium bypo chlorite, hydro chloric acid, soda ash and hydrogen peroxite.

» Able Products
Manufacturer and exporter of copper sulphate, soluble copper sulphate, crystal copper sulphate, powder copper sulphate used as disinfectant. Also supplies white silica gel, blue silica gel, copper ash, copper ores and other industrial chemicals.

» Adani Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd
Incepted in the year 1981, Adani Pharmachem Private Limited is a trusted manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler and supplier of API's & Fine Chemicals. Our products array includes Iodine & Its Derivatives, Piperazine Derivatives, Citrate Derivatives, Chemical Compound, Industrial Fine Chemicals, Diiodohydroxyquinoline, Iodochlorhydroxyquinoline and Potassium Iodide. In addition to this, we offer Potas...

» Advance In-Organics
Manufacturers and suppliers of mono sodium phosphate, mono potassium phosphate, di potassium phosphate, di sodium phosphate, stannous chloride, calcium sulfate, tin dioxide, stannic oxide, metastannic acid etc.

» Advance Surfactants India Ltd
Engaged in supplying and exporting of industrial chemicals such as industrial surfactants, finished detergents, intermediary detergents, linear alkyl benzene sulphonic acid, linear alkyl benzene sulphonate paste, linear alkyl benzene sulphonate noodle.

» Advanced Chemical Technologies
Suppliers of ammonium persulfate, calcium gluconate, cobalt hydroxide, cadmium oxide, potassium persulfate, potassium bichromate, sodium bisulfate, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium hydrosulfite, sodium hydrosulfide, sodium hypophosphite etc.

» Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd
Advanced Enzymes is a research driven company with global leadership in the manufacturing of enzymes. We are committed to providing eco-safe solutions to a wide variety of industries like Human Health Care and Nutrition, Animal Nutrition, Baking, Fruit & Vegetable Processing, Brewing and Malting, Grain Processing, Protein Modification, Dairy Processing, Natural Extraction, Textile Processing, Leat...

» Advent Dyes and Chemicals
Manufacturer, supplier and distributor of industrial chemical dyes, dyening chemicals, industrial dyes along with basic rhodamine b, rhodamine b base, acid orange, methyl violet, maroon toner, violet toner, rubine toner and dye pigments.

» Agon Pharma Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in the manufacturing and export of industrial chemicals such as liquid bromin, phosphoric acid, 5-methyl-lH-benzotriazole; 5-Methylbenzotriazole, 2,4-Dinitrophenylhydrazine and moist solid.

» Agrichem
Manufacturers and exporters of fine chemicals and acetate chemicals including butyl acetate, iso butyl acetate, n-butyl acetate, 2-ethyl hexyl acetate, acetate Pb, di-octyl phthalate, di-butyl phthalate, di-octyl adipate.

» Agroha Marketing Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in supplying and exporting of industrial chemicals, industrial solvents like toulene, mono ethylene glycol, xylene, iso propayal alchol, benzene and formaldehyde.

» Akshar Corporation
Dealing into all types of industrial chemicals.

» Alamelu Chemical Products
Engaged in supplying industrial chemicals like magnesium sulphate, manganese sulphate, zinc sulphate and ferrous sulphate. Also supplies chemicals for agricultural industry.

» Alpha Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer of surfactants and foaming agents like sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium lauryl ether sulphate, cosmetic ingredients, emulsifying waxes, cocodiethanobmide, cocomonoethanolamide and cocobetain.

» Alumina Chemicals & Castables
Manufacturers of all kinds of industrial chemicals such as alumina trihydrate ( ath ), calcined alumina, sodium aluminates, activated alumina, calcium aluminate cement : hac - 8r, alumina trihydrate chw grade & chd grade and alumina trihydrate ath.

» Amar Chemical
Engaged in the manufacturing and export of silica gel.

» Amoli Organics Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical fine chemicals, specialty chemicals that includes carbamazepine, oxcarbazepine, diclofenac sodium, diclofenac potassium, diclofenac diethyl amine, diclofenac free acid.

» Amrit Chemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals that includes water treatment chemicals, boiler chemicals, cooling tower chemicals, redoxide rice chemicals, boiler treatment chemicals and poha polisher chemicals.

» Anushka Chemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals like epoxy resins, methanol, polyamide, PVC resins, tri ethyl amine, triethyl tri amine, di ethyl tri amine, toluene, ethyl vinyl acetate. Also sells organic solvents, carbon based solvents, etc.

» Apar Chem Products
Manufacturing and exporting industrial chemicals, detergent cake chemicals, scouring bar chemicals, drain cleaner, insecticide chemicals, brass shining chemicals and copper shining chemicals.

» Apex Marketing Corporation
Deals in supplying of industrial chemicals.

» Apurva Chemicals
Suppliers and manufacturers various industrial chemicals like textile chemicals, speciality chemicals, leather chemicals, water treatment chemicals, agriculture chemicals and construction chemicals.

» Apurva Enterprise, Gujarat
Manufacturer of sodium silicate.

» Aquapharm Chemical Company Pvt. Ltd
Leading manufacturer and exporter of various range of industrial specialty chemicals which includes detergent chemicals, phosphonates, biocides and other chemicals used in water treatment, detergents, personal care products and textile auxilliary.

» Arcot Chemical Company
Wholesalers and manufacturers of ferric alum and non ferric alum.

» Arihant Dyechem
Manufacturers and exporters of construction chemicals such as admixtures for concrete, de watering chemicals, waterproofing chemicals, mould releasing agents, plasticizer, curing compounds, grouting chemicals and tile adhesive.

» Arihant Oils and Chemicals
Exporter and supplier of industrial chemicals like zinc oxide and carbon black. Also supply butyl reclaim rubber, reclaiming agents, reclaimed rubber and crumb rubber used in tyre, tube, mats, hose pipes, auto parts & all other rubber moulded goods.

» Arsh International Chemicals Pvt Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of industrial chemicals like zinc sulfate solution, zinc chloride solution, manganese sulfate solution for agricultural, pharmaceutical and electrical industries.

» Aruna Lakshmi Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals like aluminum sulfate, ferric aluminum sulphate, bleaching powder, sodium hypo chlorite liquid, labsa and aluminium sulfate in non ferric powder and kippled form.

» Ashish Pigments and Alloys Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in supplying and exporting industrial chemicals such as grey oxides, lead oxides, red lead, litherage, refined lead, soft lead, antimonial lead and selenium lead.

» Ashok Brothers
Manufacturers and suppliers of alcohol, alcohol based chemicals, solvents and acids like caustic soda, liquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid, ethanol, acetic anhydride, sulphur mono chloride, acetic anhydride, sodium hypochlorite and sodium acetate.

» Associated Smelters Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in supply and manufacture of lead stearate, zinc stearate, calcium stearate, lead sulphate, di-basic lead stearate, molybdenum trioxide, antimony trioxide, calcined manganese di-oxide and chrome oxide green.

» Astro Metallurgical (I) Pvt. Ltd
Nisha Engineers (India), established in 1979 as a heat–treat fabricated fixture manufacturing company, further grew to offer PreciCast & green sand cast fixtures as well. We continue to serve the commercial heat-treating industry as well as the captive heat treat segments and our products find use in the processing of metal goods from earth movers to mining tools, from saw blades to...

» Atoot Udyog Samuha
Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of industrial chemicals that includes emulsifier for alkyd resins, anti settling agents, cationic active quaternary ammonium compound, colourless transparent mobile liquid and E.D.T.A. sodium salts.

» Avis Machines Pvt. Ltd
Avis Machines Private Limited has earned a remarkable position in the metal and mineral industry. Incepted in 1998, we manufacture, supply and export a wide range of metal powder like carbide powder, tungsten metal powder, cobalt powder, tungsten carbide powders & tungsten carbide sintered parts, TC wear part, cemented carbides.Manufacturer of a range of industrial chemical like tungsten carbide p...

» Balaji Global Impex
Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial chemicals that includes 4-chloro-2-amino phenol, sodium lauryl ether sulphate, 2,6 di bromo para nitro aniline, 2,6 di-chloro para nitro aniline, 6-bromo 2-cyano para nitro aniline, methyl paraben and its salt.

» Balaji Polymers
Suppliers and wholesalers of all kinds of industrial chemicals such as poly vinyl alcohol, pva industrial grades, adhesive chemicals, construction chemicals, water proofing chemicals and speciality chemicals for textile industry.

» Baron Chemicals And Systems Pvt. Ltd
BARON Chemicals, an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, is a leading Water Treatment Solution Provider in Indian Market offering complete control of various parameters by Chemicals and Services (i.e Testing and Monitoring). We manufacture quality chemicals under BARON™, SOUL™ and H2O™ brands for Water treatment in various industries. BARON is a single point source for products, technologie...

» Basic And Synthetic Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of analytical grade laboratory chemicals that includes methanol, methyl orange powder, methyl red powder, phenol, potassium acetate, potassium bisulphate, sulphuric acid, urea, xylene and zinc oxide.

» Bee Chems
Manufacturer of industrial chemicals like silica gel, colloidal silica, anti-slip agent binders, refractory binders, medical soda lime, activated alumina, soda lime absorbent, clay desiccants, desiccant bags, clay desiccant pouches and activated clay.

» Belami Fine Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals, industrial textile chemicals, industrial cosmetic chemicals, industrial pharmaceutical chemicals and industrial organic chemicals.

» Bhagwat Rasayan Udyog
Manufacturer of industrial chemicals and construction chemicals like super plasticizer, air entraining agent, dry shotcrete accelerator, liquid accelerator, sodium meta silicate, hydrated calcium silicate, precipitated silica and sodium silicate.

» Bharat Industrial Corporation,Faridabad
Sellers of industrial chemicals.

» Bharat Rasayan
Manufacturer of caproic anhydride, heptanoic anhydride, grignard reagents, alkyl bromides, tetrahydrofuran, isopropyl acetate, dimethyl isosorbide, custom synthesis etc

» Bharat Trading Corporation
Supplier of all types of industrial chemicals like acid hydrochloride, acid acetic, acid nitric, acid oxalic and ammonium bi carbonate.

» Bhatia Salt Traders
Distributor and supplier of salt, industrial salt, free flow salt, common salt and iodised salt.

» Bhavtej Syntex Pvt. Ltd
Exporter of caustic soda, soda ash, oxalic acid, hydrogen peroxide, liquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid.

» Bijal Chemicals
Exporting industrial chemicals such as etp chemicals, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, tri-sodium phosphate, caustic lye, caustic flakes, aluminum sulphate, ferric alum, chemically pure h.c.l.

» Bombay Lubricants Oil Company
Engaged in exporting of calcium chloride, acetone, ferric chloride, silica gel, formaldehyde, copper sulphate, hydrochloric acid, glycerene, pine oil, fuel oil, methanol, ethyl acetate, titanium dioxide, iodine crude, lubricants and solvents.

» Brink Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Suppliers of industrial chemicals like styrenated phenol, oleic acid, stearic acid, coconut fatty acid, oleyl amine, stearyl amine, tallow amine, glycerol mono oleate, poly ethylene glycol, tri ethanol amine and chemicals for cosmetic.

» Calcutta Chemcal Works
Engaged in providing services of polyacidfoamer, poly alka fluid, polyfoamer and foam quick.

» Calcutta Overseas Corporation
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of industrial chemicals such as detergent chemicals, paper chemicals, textile chemicals, leather chemicals, garment chemicals, ceramic chemicals and glass chemicals.

» Calibre Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of inorganic fine chemicals like potassium persulphate, potassium iodate, calcium iodate monohydrate, calcium iodate anhydrous, potassium iodide, sodium perchlorate monohydrate and potassium bisulphate.

» Calibre Industries
Engaged in manufacture and supply of laboratory chemicals like sodium acetate, sodium carbonate, zinc sulphate heptahydrate, zinc sulphate monohydrate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydroxide powder, ninhydrin AR, indane dione and potassium sulphate.

» Catalysts and Technologies
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of industrial chemicals like heat resistance products, corrosion resistant product and catalysts. Also offering technologies and molecular sieves.

» Chaitanya Group of Industries
Manufacturer and fabricator of industrial chemicals that includes ferrous asparto glycinate, calcium fumarate, ferrous ascorbate, iron protein succinylate and calcium ascorbate. Also supplies agricultural chemicals.

» Charotar Casein Company
Manufacturers and suppliers of edible acid casein, leather casein, chemical casein, industrial 'A' grade casein, industrial 'B' grade casein and industrial 'C' grade casein for emulsion industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry.

» Chemi Enterprises
Supplier of industrial chemicals such as titanium dioxide rutile, titanium dioxide anatase, titanium dioxide food, barium sulphate precipitated, barium nitrate, barium carbonate, micronised barytes and potassium carbonate.

» Chemical Plus
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals that includes zinc sulphate, copper sulphate, ferrous sulphate, aluminum sulphate, aluminum chloride, calcium chloride, aluminum powder, aluminum nitrate, potassium nitrate and copper ash.

» Chemicals And Chemicals
Engaged in manufacturing of industrial chemicals, sugar mill chemicals, sugar process chemicals, sodium percarbonate, suger decolorizing agents, santros bactericide, viscosant, sugarin-2000 chemical, sugarin-2001 chemical and sandfoam-99 chemicals.

» Chemico Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of industrial chemicals like antimony salt, antimony trichloride anhydrous, crystalline powder, antimony pentachloride, antimony pentafluoride, antimony trioxide high tint, antimony trioxide low tint, antimony trioxide fibre grade.

» Chemisk
The Indian starch industry has leading players like Shubham Starch Chem (P) Ltd. that has been catering to the varied market demands since its establishment in the year 1995. The company cares for the environment and follows high quality standards while manufacturing its products, ensuring value for the clients as well as the end users.Deals into all kinds of hydroquinone, mehtanol, benzene, zinc ...

» Chemisynth / Trisis Corp.
Manufacturers & exporters of industrial detergents, nonionic detergents, wetting agents, acid slurry, foam boosters, textile auxilliaries & emulsifiers, household & industrial cleaner and allied chemicals.

» Chemitex Enterprises
Engaged in supplying and exporting of industrial chemicals, fine inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals and agro chemicals. Also export organic pigments, inorganic pigments, phthylo pigments, titanium dioxide and plastic master batches pigments.

» Chemo India
Supplying specialty chemicals, paint industry chemicals, resins adhesive, pharmaceutical industry chemicals, construction industry chemicals and lubricants industry chemicals such as hydroxy propyl acrylate, triethylene triamine and trimellitic anhydride.

» Chemotrix ( I ) Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer, supplier and distributor of industrial chemicals such as copper sulphate (crystal & powder), ferrous sulphate (crystal & dried powder), magnesium sulphate, manganese sulphate min 32% and manganese sulphate monohydrade.

» Chiti Chem Corporation
Supplying and exporting industrial chemicals, fine industrial chemicals, laboratory chemicals and specialist chemicals. Also manufacture and supplies enomic research grade chemicals and molecular biological.

» Chlori Tech Industries
Designer and manufacturer of industrial chemicals like trichloroacetyl chloride, trichloroacetic acid, trichloroacetamide, trichloroacetonitrile, sodium trichloroacetatechloral anhydrous, chloral hydrate, ethyl chloride, chloroacetyl chloride,

» City Chem Technologies
Manufacturer and wholesale supplier of industrial degreasing chemicals and industrial chemicals.

» Conpro Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer of all kinds of construction chemicals and waterproofing chemicals such as epoxy floor coatings, water-repellent coatings, waterproof slurry, solvent-free colour epoxy system, solvent-free epoxy primer and non-metallic floor hardener.

» Crystal Polymers & Additives Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of industrial chemicals that includes tribasic lead sulphate, di basic lead stearate, di basic lead phosphite, lead stearate and barium stearate. Also supplies chemical sfor electronic industries.

» Cutch Oil and Allied Industries (1949) Pvt. Ltd
The largest established manufacturer's of a wide range of specialty clays in India, CUTCH OIL & ALLIED INDUSTRIES (1949) PRIVATE LIMITED is also one of the most experienced and skilled player in the field of Organoclays, Refined Bentonites, China Clays (Kaolins), Attapulgites and Cationic Surfactants.Manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals like softening agents, anti setting agents, visc...

» D R Coats Inks And Resind Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of chemicals that includes amino resins, hardeners, accelerators, non - reactive polyamides, reactive polyamides, ketone formaldehyde resins, reactive diluents.

» D. D. Enterprises
Exporting and manufacturing bio-fertilizers such as bio- fertiliser, white crystal, zinc sulphate monohydrate powder and granular. Also dealing in industrial chemical like magnesium sulphate, copper sulphate, potassium sulphate and ferrous sulphate.

» Daivayog Enterprises
Suppliers of all kinds of acids, alum, caustic soda, phenyl, bleaching powder etc.

» Debacon Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer of all types of water proofing compound, water proofing coatings, pu coatings, non shrink grout etc.

» Deekay Trading Co.
Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial chemicals, chemical products that includes ethylene oxide condendsets, triethanolamine. Also supplies petrochemical products like solvents, ethylene glycols, aromatics, phenol and lower olefins.

» Deepak Micro Minerals
Manufacturers and exporters of all types of industrial chemicals, inorganic chemicals and chemical supplies.

» Demi Specialty Chemicals & Company
Demi Specialty Chemicals & Company business started with developing technology and manufacturing high-quality quaternary ammonium / phosphonium hydroxides for global market place, focusing on zeolite, pharma and epoxy coatings industries. With our vast experience in synthetic organic chemistry and international regulatory fields, we have recently developed and diversified into preparing specialty ...

» Desiccant Gels Corporation
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of industrial chemicals like absorbent silica gel, activated alumina, molecular sieve, blue silica gel, white silica gel that can be used for drying of air, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

» Dev Chem
Exporters of azithromycin, praziquantel, finasteride, stavudine, zidovudine, nevirapine, clarithromycin, ganciclovir, acyclovir, penciclovir, triclabendazole, pamida, gl-phosphate, norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin hcl, levofloxacin etc.

» Devdhar Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in supplying of industrial chemicals like benzalkonium chloride, sodium dimethyl dithio carbamate, caustic soda, sodium hypo chlorite, scale inhibitors, potasium carbamate, calcium silicate, boiler and cooling water treatment chemicals.

» Dhanesh Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in supplying of industrial chemicals, silanes, silicone oil, hydroxy propylmethyl celullose, kaolin, polyacrylic resin, amino propyl trimethoxy silanes, vinyl trimethoxy silanes, calcium carbonate, vinyl methoxy silanes used in various industries.

» Dhiren Chemical Industries
Manufacturers and exporters of leather chemicals, pharma industry chemicals, textile chemicals such as wetting agents, emulsifiers, coupling agent, emulsifying agent, emulsifying wax, octoxynol-10, polysorbates, washing agents etc.

» Dhruv Intermediates Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of industrial chemicals, industrial dye chemicals, dye intermediates, pigment intermediates and 3, 3, dichloro benzidine dihydrochloride.

» Drier Chemicals
Manufacturer and exporters of dessicant gel silica, blue silica gel, granular silica gel, silica gel beads, silica gel breather, activated carbon, chemically activated carbon, silver impregnated carbon, activated alumina and activated alumina balls.

» Dronn Chemplast Pvt. Ltd
Dronn Chemplast the rising star in the sky of Chemicals and Co-polymers, like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading indenting house, Importer and distributors Handling various Industrial Chemicals, chemical raw materials, Dyes intermediates, Pharma intermediates, Co-polymers etc. We are committed to good quality of clients, good quality of business and good quality of executions.Adhesive . ...

» Ecoclean Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Dealers of industrial chemicals and odor neutralizer.

» Egenix Biotech Pvt. Ltd
Deals into industrial enzymes.

» Ekta International
Engaged in supplying and manufacturer of industrial chemicals such as industrial chemicals like acetic acid, nitric acid, formic acid, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, monochloro acetic acid, potassium persulphate, ammonium sulphate & potassium iodide.

» Emkem Pretreatments
Manufacturing and supplying industrial chemicals like aluminium choromating chemicals, phosphating chemicals, surface treatment chemicals, metal treatment chemicals, derusting chemicals, degreasing chemicals and pre-coating chemicals.

» Entraco Metals P. Ltd
Wholesalers of chemicals, industrial chemicals, matrix powder, aerospace chemical, enamels chemical, metallurgy chemical, metal powder, industrial powder, abrasive chemical, ceramic chemical, electronic chemical.

» Essel Mining & Industries Ltd
Essel Mining & Industries Limited (EMIL) is part of the US$40 billion Aditya Birla Group, India's first truly global corporation with operations in 36 countries. Set up in 1950, the company is today amongst India's largest iron ore mining companies and has also made forays into coal and dolomite mining. All the divisions are accredited with ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environm...

» Everest Mineral Industries
Manufacturers and suppliers of foundry chemicals and minerals.

» Everlight International
Everlight International find pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading importers, stockists & suppliers of all sort of Industrial Chemicals – Heavy & Water treatment Chemicals, Solvents and Acids. Our career took a start way back in 1979, and in this long run of hardship and endeavor we have established a remarkable goodwill and rapport in the chemical market. By God’s grace, we ...

» Eximious Ventures Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer of machining chemicals, industrial cleaning chemicals, descaling chemicals, refractory repair compound, degreasing compound and thermclean - XL used to clean and decarbonise the entire thermic fluid system.

» Exotic Naturals
Exporting pytochemicals like curcumin 95%, 4-hydroxy isoleucine 70%, l-dopa 60%, mono ammonium glycyrrhizinate 98%, protodioscin 40%, piperine 95%, reserpine 98%, isoleucine 70%, L dopa 60% and sennosides 60%

» Fairmate Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Fair Mate was established in 1982 by our beloved Chairman Mr. Baldev Shah. We have our manufacturing facilities across India and different parts of world. Our mother-plant and state-of-art laboratory are situated in Baroda. Fairmate has spread its wings to various countries now and is catering to Middle-East, Far-East and African countries.Manufacturers of concrete admixtures, watreproofing system...

» Falcon Chemox Pvt. Ltd
Manufactures and supply of various industrial chemicals such as antimony trioxide, molybdenum trioxide, molybdenum disulfide, flame guard, chloramphenicol, chloramphenicol palmitate etc.

» Fibrochem Industries
Supplying and exporting industrial chemicals, dyeing chemicals, printing chemicals like buffering agents, anti tinting chemicals, white ink, color leveling chemicals, wetting chemicals, silicate free peroxide stabilizer enzyme and based peroxide quencher.

» Fine Pest Sulphur, India
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals that includes industrial sulphur, zinc sulphate, phosphate, mono zinc and other chemicals used as fertilizers, pesticide, fungicides and insecticides.

» Fire Safety Devices Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of industrial chemicals that includes extinguishing foams, fluroprotein foam, high expansion foam, alcohol resistance foam, wetting agents, fire extinguishing powders and freeze fire dry chemical powder.

» Flora Chemicals
Trading and supplying of industrial chemicals, organic & inorganic chemicals, solvent solutions, sodiun tripolyphosphate, calcium carbonate, potassium carbonate, chromic acid, zirconium oxide for various industrial applications.

» Forbes Pharmaceuticals
Forbes Pharmaceuticals is a reputed manufacturer and exporter of specialty chemicals and compounds, which form an important ingredient for varying industrial units like: food, textile, pharmaceuticals, dyes industry, rubber and others. Since its inception in the year 1980, the company has been at the front edge in the chemical sector and has been offering quality metal salts including Zinc, Copper...

» G. T. Z. (India) Pvt. Ltd
GTZ (India) Pvt. Ltd. - once the Indian Branch of the USA based business house, Getz Bros & Co. Inc. had started its operation in the business of Chemicals way back 1936 before undertaking the production of Metal Finishing Chemicals in 1985.Manufacturers of electroplating chemicals, metal finishing chemicals, nickels plating chemicals, zinc plating chemicals, chromium plating chemicals, copper pla...

» Gakkhar International
Exporters of DOP, PTA, LAB, CaCo3, SBR, PBR, HDPE, sulphur etc

» Galaxy Corporation
Suppliers of industrial chemicals like calcium carbonate, chrome oxide green, synthetic colour oxide, manganese dioxide and molybdenum trioxide. Also offer industrial minerals like wollastonite powder, mica, feldspar, silica, quartz, ball clay.

» Ganesh Trading Co.
Exporters of industrial chemicals such as activated carbon (granuler,powder), aluminium acetate, potassium, barium hydroxide, c.m.c (all grades), ferrous sulphide sticks, lead hydroxide, lead peroxide, magnesium hydroxide and magnesium tri silicate.

» Garg Chemical Industries
Suppliers of butyl cellosolve, ethyl cellosolve, propylene glycol, methanol, n-butanol, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, cyclo hexanone, di acetone, benzene, xylene, toluene, hexene, bytyl acetate, ethyl acetate, nitro benzene and ketonic resin.

» Gargi Impex Corporation
Gargi, are committed to developing, manufacturing and supplying foundry consumables and chemicals conforming to international standards. Our priority is total customer satisfaction by anticipating and meeting the changing needs of our customers. And by continually improving our processes.Manufacturers of foundery chemicals used in metal castings.
GARGI is leading manufacturer of foundry Resi...

» Gloebal Chem
Exporter and supplier of industrial chemicals like ferric & non ferric aluminium sulphate, magnesium sulfate, sodium sulphite, sulphuric acid, calcium chloride, labsa (acid slurry) and also minerals like granite and iron ore fines.

» Goel Metachem Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in production of industrial chemical salts, industrial chemical compounds like chrome oxide green, chrome concentrate, cobalt nitrate, cobalt oxide, cobalt sulphate, copper oxide, copper sulphate and ammonium molybdate.

» Golchha Enterprises
Sellers of caustic soda flakes, lye, aos, acid slurry, tinopol, bleaching, borax, boric, magnafloc, poly aluminium chloride.

» Golden Dyechem
Importers of industrial chemicals and dyes such as food colors, paraffine wax, melamine, direct dyes, sodium sulphate, gum rosin, basic dyes, acid dyes, mono ethylene glycol and di ethylene glycol.

» Goodrich Agrochem Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals, paper chemicals, specialty chemicals, specialty polymers and pulp chemicals. Also supply natural gum, modified gum, paper adhesives, dry strength additives and starches.

» GPL Trading Company Pvt Ltd
GPL Trading Company Limited, are specialists in providing solutions to your needs for products of Industrial Chemicals, Textile, Auto Parts, Metal and Forging, Aviation Industries, Factory Installation, Power Plant Installation, Civil Construction and Engineering goods. Being one of the leading manufacturers and Trading Houses based in Delhi NCR Region, India; we understand our responsibility towa...

» Grishma Chrom Materials
Manufacturer and supplier of metal powder, ferro chrome powder, ferro silicon powder, ferro titanium powder, ferro tungsten powder, chromium metal powder, cobalt metal powder, copper metal powder, nickel metal powder and tungsten powder.

» Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd
Manufacturers of all kinds of soda ash, edible salt, molecular sieves, activated alumina, silica gel, sodium silicate, bleaching earth etc.

» Gulbrandsen Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals solutions like aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex glycine, antiperspirants actives, aluminum chloride solution, aluminum chlorohydrate solution (ACH) and organic polymers.

» Gumpro Chem Kalol
Manufacturers and exporters chemicals, industrial chemicals, laboratory chemicals, drilling fluid additives, drilling chemicals used in shale control, detergents, drilling detergent, speciality products, modified guar gum, potassium lignite & lubricants.

» Gurjar Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Leading supplier and manufacturer of industrial chemicals like mercuric salt, mercuric compound, ammoniated mercuric chloride, mercuric iodide, mercurous chloride, mercuric sulfate, mercurous oxide, mercuric nitrate and mercuric oxide.

» H. B. Associate
Engaged in manufacturing of industrial paper chemicals such as silicone defoamer, fixol, paper binder, wetting and penetrating agents, foaming and anti-foaming agents, felt cleaner and optical whitener. Also supply textile chemicals and auxiliaries.

» Halides Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Halides Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer and Exporter of Chloramine-T, N-Iodosuccinimide, N-Chlorosuccinimide, N-Bromosuccinimide, Succinimide Derivatives, Succinimides Halogenated and Succinimides.Manufacturing and exporting halogenated compounds, halogenated solvents, halogenated chemicals, halogenated derivatives and halogenated succinimides such as n bromosuccinimide, n iodosuccinimide, n ch...

» Hans Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals like zinc oxide, ferrous sulphate, zinc white, bentonite, sodium based bentonite and calcium based bentonite. Also trades other industrial chemicals.

» Hari Om Chemicals
Leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals, industrial carbonate chemicals like magnesium carbonate, white magnesium carbonate, chloride, chloride bi carbonate.

» Harsha Plastics and Chemicals
Exporters of industrial chemicals like paraffin wax, PE wax, polyethylene wax, chemicals for FRLS, PVC cable compound, PVC chemicals, matting agents, epoxy plasticizers, specialty plasticizers, stearic acid, metallic stearates and titanium dioxide.

» Harvico (India)
Manufacturers of phenyl mercuric nitrate, phenyl mercuric acetate, euparol, lab grade acids, lab grade chemicals etc.

» Hdv Chempharm India Pvt. Ltd
HDV Chempharm (I) Pvt Ltd is an integrated enterprise focused on cutting edge pharmaceutical products. With a successful record in marketing Bulk Actives, Enzymes, Formulations and Nutraceuticals, we have been delivering products and solutions for over 3 decades.We are an integrated enterprise offering bulk drugs, nutraceuticals, enzymes, excipients & formulations. Our key products are glucosamine...

» Hemanshu Chemicals
Exporter of industrial chemical and solvents including magaldrate, aluminium hydroxide gel, chromium picolinate, vinyl acetate monomer, methanol, benzoyl chloride, caustic potash flakes and resorcinol.

» Heni Group of Companies
Manufactures and supplies industrial chemicals such as bulk drugs & active pharmaceutical ingredients, laboratory chemicals, bismuth salts, cadmium salts, mercury salts, cobalt salts, specialty chemicals and other industrial chemicals products.

» High Rise Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing and exporting industrial chemicals, 3-methyl amino propyl amine, cyclohexyl amino propy amine, 3-methoxy propyl amine, N N dimethyl dipropylene triamine, 3-dimethyl amino propyl amine, industrial chemical and B-phenethyl amine.

» Hindon Marketing Company Pvt. Ltd
Exporter and distributor of chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda flakes, citric acid, acetone, phenol, liquid chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, sodium cyanide, potassium carbonate powder, bleaching powder, poly aluminium chloride etc.

» India Sea Foods
Exporters of chitin, chitosan, water soluble chitosan, chitosan high density, n-o-carboxymethyl chitosan, glucosamine hydrochloride, glucosamine sulphate, N - acetyl glucosamine, chondriotin sulphate, fish peptone.

» Indian Muds and Chemicals
Exporters and suppliers of industrial chemicals like quickseal fine, multi seal imc, imc mud fiber, silica flour, fly ash, calcium chloride flakes, drilling detergent, mud lubricant, potassium chloride, e p lubricant, resinated lignite etc.

» Indian Overseas Corporation
Indian Overseas Corporation competency in keeping a check on the wildly fluctuating price line, can't be challenged. Indian Overseas Corporation has established contracted agreements with direct manufacturers. On the basis of this arrangement raw materials are converted into products as per I.S.Standards or as per buyers specifications under the strict technical supervision of IOC experts.This str...

» Indo American Chemicals
Suppliers of industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals, specialty lubricants, industrial flocculants, flotation flocculants, specialty polymers, oleochemicals, antimicrobials, polyacrylamide flocculants and powder metallurgy lubricants.

» Indofil Chemicals Company
Manufacturer and supplier of epoxy plasticizers, polymeric plasticizers, dispersing agents, tile adhesives, rheology modifiers, opacifiers chemicls, cement-mortar modifiers, admixtures construction chemicals, fungicides, herbicides and acaricide.

» Indotec Chemicals & Polymers
Engaged in the manufacturing and export of industrial chemicals.

» Industrial Carbons Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of industrial chemicals as industrial carbon, granular activated carbon, regenerative type granular activated carbon, powdered carbon, synthetic carbon and chemically activated carbon.

» Industrial Solvents & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and expoters of dimethyl sulfate, diethyl sulfate, n-dimethyl aniline, n-diethyl aniline, n-ethyl-n-benzyl aniline, n-methyl aniline, n-ethyl aniline, n, n-dimethyl para toluidine, ether solvent, ether anasthetic grade.

» Industrial Supply
Manufactuers of lead dioxide, lead chromate, zinc cnitrate, zinc chromate, barium chromate, barium cad miumstearate, thiourea and magnesium oxide.

» International Chemicals And Metals
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial soldering chemicals like rosin activated fluxes, fluxes-zc40, fluxes-op64, fluxes-pnq, fluxes-468, fluxes- 15c, fluxes- 103, fluxes- 707, fluxes- 709 and flux paste-18 a (rosin activated). Also deals in solder bar. Manufacturers and exporters of soldering materials that includes solder bars, protecot (protective coating), flux paste acl series, rosin activat...

» Izma Chemical
Engaged in manufacture of magnesium chloride and magnesium hydroxide which are used in the manufacture of soft grinding wheels, oxychloride cement, abrasive bricks, sizing of cotton yarn, fire proofing of steel beams, sugar-beet processing.

» Jagdish Enterprises
Dealers of caustic soda.

» Jaggo Overseas
Exporting and supplying a range of industrial chemicals such as potassium cyanide, sodium cyanide, brown fused alumina, molybdenum, tungsten and polishing material. Also offer evaporation chemicals.

» Jagshanti Mineral Grinding Mills
Supplier and manuafcturer of industrial chemicals like bentonite minerals, industrial bentonite mineral, sodium based bentonite, sodium based bentonite powder, calcium based bentonite powder, calcide mineral and diatomaceous earth.

» Jain Acid & Chemicals
Manufactures caustic soda flakes and potassium carbonate soda ash.

» Jainson Labs (India)
Manufacturing and exporting laboratory chemicals and industrial chemicals such as iron sulphide, ferro sulphide, ferro sulphur and ferrous sulphide available in lumps, powders and stick forms.

» Jay Chemical Industries
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals that includes sodium aluminum sulphate, aluminum sulphate, tri n butyl phosphate used in in food industry, paper industry, petroleum refinery process, food additives. Also offers baking powder.

» Jay Dinesh Chemicals
Jay Dinesh Chemicals are a leading manufacturer and exporters of Oilfield Chemcials, Photographic Chemicals, Pharma Raw Materials, Chemicals used in industrial detergents and metal finishing, Oxygen scavenger, Ammonium bisulphite (ammonium hydrogen sulphite), Ammonium Thio sulphate, Soium sulphite, sodium bisulphite, Sodium meta bisulphite, potassium meta bi sulphite, Sodium silicate (neutral & al...

» Jay Intermediates and Chemicals
Manufacturer and exporter of chemicals including fluoborate, silicofluoride, cryolite, bifluoride, fluoride, hydrofluosilicic acid, ammonium bi fluoride, ammonium hydrogen fluoride, magnesium silico fluoride, potassium silico fluoride etc.

» Jay Minerals
Manufacturers and exporters of talc powder, calcite minerals, talc minerals, micronised calcium carbonate, coated calcite powder, coated talc powder, natural calcium carbonate

» Jayant Agro Organics Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of textile industry chemicals, agricultural chemicals, perfumery chemicals, plastic additives, rubber chemicals, cosmetic chemicals, paper chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals and industrial lubricants.

» Jaykay Resources
Supplier of all grades of bentonite powder and lumps used in foundries, construction and palm oil refining industries. Also exports specific mud chemicals like calcium chloride, sodium chloride, soda ash, aluminium stearate.

» Jhagadia Copper Ltd
Manufacturers of caustic soda.

» Jobin Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial chemicals that includes sulfuric acid - AR/LR/CP, hydrochloric acid - AR/LR/CP, nitric acid - AR/LR/CP and benzoyl peroxide.

» Jupiter Chemicals
Exporter of detergent chemical intermediates.

» K-TECH (India) Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of printing industry chemicals, coating industry chemicals such as speciality chemicals, coating chemicals, coating additives and speciality coating additives for printing inks, polymer rubber, paints and coating industries.

» K. Maulik & Co.
Suppliers of textile industries chemicals, rubber industries chemicals, paint industries chemicals, electro plating chemicals, general chemicals etc.

» Kalki Chemicals
Supplier of industrial chemicals like caustic flakes, tri sodium phosphate, sodium hypochlorite, silico manganese, calcium hypochlorite, caustic soda, HCL chemical and caustic potash.

» Kalyani Trading Company
Deals into ammonium sulphate, ferrous sulphate, zinc sulphate and copper sulphate.

» Kamala Intermediates
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of industrial para chloro ortho nitro aniline, indusytrial ortho chloro para nitro aniline, industrial 6 dicholoro 4 nitro aniline, industrial 3 benzine dicarboxylic acid and industrial para nitro ortho toluidine.

» Karandikars Cashell Pvt. Ltd
Supplier of industrial adhesive chemicals such as modified starch, yellow dextrin, white dextrin, starch based adhesives, paper adhesives, corrugation ready to use gum powder.

» Kedar Sales
Exporters of industrial chemicals and water proofing chemicals.

» Kemikorp
Suppliers of industrial chemicals that includes ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, heptane, acetic ether, toluene, ethyl ethanoate, methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK), butyl ethanoate and isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

» Kenly Plasto Chem, Mumbai
Supplier of electroplating chemicals like potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, green hexahydrate, nickel sulfate, cupric sulphate, blue vitriol, boracic acid and orthoboric acid. Also deals in electrophoretic lacquer, chrome chemicals and chrome salt.

» Killicks Pharma
Manufacturer and exporter of industrial chemicals, electrolytes, chemical intermediates and aroma chemicals including calcium chloride dihydrate, calcium chloride hexahydrate, zinc sulphate, para di chloro benzene, para nitro aniline, copper sulphate.

» King Chemicals, Kolkata
Manufacturers of industrial chemicals like ammonium bicarbonate, manganese carbonate, pot ferri cyanide.

» Kiran & Company
Suppliers of water treatment chemicals like activated carbon, caustic soda flakes, boric acid, sodium bi carbonate, soda ash, stone care chemicals, cooling and boiler water treatment chemicals etc.

» Kishko Chemicals
Manufacturer and exporter of electroplating chemicals, phosphating chemicals, soak cleaner, metal cleaning chemicals, passivation chemicals, electrolytic cleaner, anti corrosion chemicals and metal brighteners.

» Krishna Conchem Products Pvt. Ltd
Krishna Conchem Products Pvt. Ltd. (KCPPL) is involved in manufacturing and development of Specialty Construction Chemicals since 1981. KCPPL has over the years offered many an innovative solutions to concrete corrosion, repairs, rehabilitation and construction problems.Manufacturers and supplier of corrosion inhibitors, reinforcement coating systems, bonding agents, repair grouts, impregnators, r...

» Lalit Projects Pvt. Ltd
Bulk exporters and suppliers of nitrogen.

» Lara Industries Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in supplying and exporting of industrial chemicals & speciality chemicals like sodium meta antimonate, potassium pyroantimonate, metallic soaps of octoic acid, ppa-liqui ( cross linking agent ).

» Ligature Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd
Dealers of amino acids and natural brassinolides.

» Lucky Chemicals Corporation
Manufacturers of all kinds of chemicals such as acetone, liquid paraffin wax, paraffin wax, glacial acetic acid, leather dyes, soda ash, ferric alum, non-ferric alum, light diesel oil (ldo), sodium sulphate, sodium bisulphite and sodium thiosulphate.

» M D S Aromatics
Manufacturers and exporters of methyl acetate, thymol crystals, octanes, ISO borneol flex, natural menthol, graded menthone, liquid menthol, peppermint oil, octanol, ISO menthone and other chemicals.

» M. M. Chemicals
Suppliers of ammonium bi carbonate, soya lecithin, bleaching powder, maize starch, liquid glucose, sodium bi carbonate, soda ash, caustic soda flakes, tartaric acid, cream of tartar etc.

» M. M. T. Industries Ltd
Engaged in the manufacturing of industrial chemicals that includes gas purifying chemicals, acetylene purifying mass non regenerative type, acetylene purifying mass regenerative type, lime kieselguhr mixture and ferric chloride.

» M/s.Vishal Pharmakem
Vishal Pharmakem is established in 2002 as Trading house, importing, and outsourcing of various Organic, Inorganic & Oleochemicals, APIs, Drug Intermediates as well as Pharmaceutical formulations (Medicines) having its corporate office at Mumbai (Satellite City- NAVI MUMBAI). Vishal Pharmakem is a mid size enterprise. Gradually, banking on the industrial knows-how and commitment towards excellence...

» Maax Solutions Inc.
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of industrial chemicals that includes rust remover chemicals, rust preventive chemicals, galvanized coating spray, mould release spray, garment range of products and anti spatter spray.

» Madurai Dairy
Manufacturers of caustic soda and nitric acid.

» Maharashtra Organo Metallic Catalysts Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in supplying of electroplating chemicals such as tin chloride, selenium dioxide, sodium selenate, sodium selenite, stannous pyrophosphate, stannous fluoborate, nickel chloride, nickel nitrate, nickel acetate and cobalt oxide.

» Mahaveer Agro Chemicals and Mahaveer Industries
Suppliers, exporters and manufacturers of industrial chemicals, agro chemicals, bio chemicals, magnesium sulphate, chemical fertilizer, magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, magnesium oxide used in agricultural and chemical industries.

» Mahendra Rosin and Turpentine Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in supplying and exporting natural gum rosin, Indian gum rosin, Indonesian gum rosin, tall oil resin and Chinese gum rosin used in resin industries and paint industries.

» Mahesh (India)
Manufacturera and exporters of industrial chemicals like dyes, intermediates etc.

» Mahindra Minerals
Exporters of foundry chemicals.

» Manchem Organics Pvt. Ltd
Suppliers and manufacturers of wide variety of industrial chemicals like industrial fine chemicals, industrial water treatment chemicals, industrial metal treatment chemicals, industrial heat treatment chemicals, industrial rust removing chemicals.

» Mani Agro Chem
Manufacturers of magnesium sulphate heptha hydrate (epsom salt) and magnesium oxide in technical grade and agricultural grade.

» Manish Chemicals, Vapi
Deals in supplying and manufacturing of industrial chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid cp/lr, acetic acid cp/lr, calcium chloride all grades, phosphoric acid, ferrous sulphate, copper sulphate and caustic soda ash.

» Manmohan International Contracting
Producer and supplier of industrial chemicals such as manganese oxide, manganese dioxide, manganese sulphate monohydrates, zinc sulphate monohydrates, zinc oxide, copper sulphates, copper oxides, cobalt sulphates etc.

» Maple Biotech Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals like alpha cellulose powder, cellulose powder, carbixy methyl starch carmamyl, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium starch glycollate and croscarmellose sodium.

» Marudhar Petrochem
Importer, wholesale supplier and trader of distilled chemicals, crude chemicals like distilled mix solvents, acetone, ethylene glycols (meg-deg), benzene, isopropyl alcohol (ipa), tetrahydrofurane, n-butanol and toluene.

» Maruti Chemicals, Mumbai
Sellers of all types of industrial chemicals.

» Matangi Chemical
Manufacturer and exporter of industrial chemicals like textile processing chemicals, textile agents, textile binding chemicals, textile sizing chemicals, textile softners, textile auxillaries, textile adhesives, sizing chemicals and perfume chemicals

» Maxwell Enterprise
Manufacturing industrial chemicals, solvent chemicals, benzyl alcohol, phenylmethanol, phenylcarbinol, benzaldehyde, benzyl chloride, sodium benzoate, ortho chloro benzaldehyde, benzoyl pyridine and epichlorohydrin.

» Meenu Petro Chems Pvt. Ltd
Dealing into all types of benzene, toluene, solvent, ethyl cello solvent and hexane.

» Mercury Sales Corporation
Dealers for industrial chemicals.

» Meridian Exim International
Exporters of industrial salt.

» Metacast chemicals
Supply and manufacture of industrial chemicals like phosphoric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, citric acid, sulphuric acid, metal treatment chemicals, derusting chemicals and phosphitting chemicals.

» MG Organics
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals such as organic chemical solvents, petro chemicals, industrial diluents, thinners, acetone, IPA, MEK, toluene, MIBK, methylene dichloride, TCE, ortho-xylene, PEPK, tetrahydrofuran, benzene and mix-xylene.

» Milton Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Wholesale exporter of ammonium sulphate, ammonium chloride, hydrochloric acid, metal sulphate and other organic chemicals, pigments, dyes and plasticizers.

» Molchemie Overseas Operations
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals, textile chemicals, leather chemical like amonine-ac paste, amonine-ht paste, amonine-swp liquid, amongen-cdf liquid, amogen-vsl liquid, avonic-na liquid and avonic-nr liquid.

» Moly Chem
Manufacturer, supplier and distributor of industrial chemicals that includes biochemicals, microbiological usage chemicals, chemicals for ion pair staining, biological stains removal chemicals and spectroscopy grade chemicals.

» Mr. Kedar Karmarkar
Exporter of basic industrial chemicals, industrial chemical intermediates, acetophenone, diphenylmethane, 3-methyl-2-pentanone, 5-lithiosulfo isophthalic acid, 5-lithiosulfo isophthalic acid, dibenzosuberenone and phenyl ethyl alcohol.

» Mridul Manure Mills (P) Ltd
Manufacturer, supplier and distributor of bone grist, animal bone grist, raw bone grist, steamed bone grist and dried bone grist along with crushed bone meal, raw crushed hoof, steamed bone meal, bone sinrus, crushed bones and hoof meal.

» Multi Trade Link
Exporting of industrial salt, furnace oil, hydrated lime, hydrogen peroxide and phosphoric acid.

» Multichem India
Multichem is now a rapidly growing chemical marketing and distribution company widely networked in India engaged in the activity of importing chemicals and distributing them to customers all over the country. We supply variety of chemicals including agro chemicals, construction chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals and other industrial chemicals. We are strategically located in the heart of the chem...

» Multitech Concepts
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of silica gel and indicating silica gel.

» N. R. Chemical Corporation
Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial chemicals, ferric alum, non ferric alum, bleaching powder, polly aluminum chloride, liquid polly aluminum chloride, powder polly aluminum chloride, liquid chlorine, poly acrylamide and poly amines mixed.

» N.S. Chemicals
Suppliers and exporters of industrial chemicals such as benzyl alochol, meta cresol para chloro meta cresol, 1-(2, 6-dichloro phenyl)-2-indolinone, 2,4-dichloro meta xylenol, 4-chloro thymol, dichlorophene, 4-nitroso-2,6-xylenol, sodium saccharin, etc.

» Naina Enterprises
Naina Enterprises are a manufacturing and distribution outfit offering textile care chemicals - stain removers for various types of stains such as Mineral Rust stains, Oil stains, Grease stains, Mud stains, Ink stains, Colours stains, etc. Our stain removers are surfactants, user-friendly and easy-to-use. Our products meet the highest quality standards recommended by such as ISO, Textile Committee...

» Nandolia Organic Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting industrial chemicals that includes manganese sulphate, organic chemicals, industrial dyes, textile dyes, industrial pigments, electroplating pigments used in pharma, chemical, bulk drugs and plastic.

» Nannu Mal Radha Kishan
Exporter and supplier of soda ash dense, lead oxides, zinc oxide, arsenic tri-oxide, sodium nitrate, selenium metal powder, potassium nitrate, borax, boric acid, barium carbonate, antimony tri-oxide, potassium carbonate and copper oxide.

» National Chemical Industries
Exporters of industrial chemicals like potassium bitartarate, sodium potassium tartarate, potassium antimony tartarate, ammonium alum, chrome alum, potash alum, soda alum, tartaric acid, sodium phosphate, ammonium chloride and ammonium sulphate.

» Natural Odours & Polymers Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of milliglobules, microspheres, cosmetic matrix active particles, cosmetic active, cosmetic capsule, micro capsules, micro incapsulation, cosmetic particle, active matrix, cosmetic raw material, exfoliation & exfoliator.

» NE Spinels & Oxides
Deals in export and manufacture of industrial chemicals, molybdenum oxide, vanadium pentoxide, ammonium molybdate, sodium molybdate and by products like animary, lanthanides, gold, silver, platium, palladium, cobalt, copper, tungsten.

» Neogen Chemicals Ltd
Leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial chemicals ethylene di bromide, n-butyl bromide, lithium carbonate, alkyl bromides, lithium hydroxide, lithium bromide, lithium compounds, benzene based bromo compounds and dibromo butane.

» Neshiel Chemical Pvt. Ltd
Exporter and supplier of drug intermediates, pharmaceuticals raw material, water disinfectant and industrial chemicals for dyes intermediates, textiles, aromatic and perfumery products.

» Niknam Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals that includes zinc hydroxy stannate, molybdenum trioxide, zinc stannate, antimonious oxide, aluminum trihydroxide, hydrated alumina and antimony sesquioxide.

» Noida Chemicals
With an experience of more than two decades, Noida chemical is an ultimate source of chemicals for all the industrial needs. We are globally recognized distributor and manufacturer of premium quality industrial chemicals, solvents and minerals like trichloroisocyanuric acid, sodium dichloro isocyanurate, sodium perborate, bronopol and more. We also expertise in manufacturing water treatment chemic...

» Ohmer Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Supplier and manufacturer of wire emulsion product like synthetic resins, ltdketonic resin, ltdalkyd resin, ltdamino resin, ltdepoxy resin, polyohmer f-35, polyohmer rg-35, polyohmer grg-35, wire emulsion product and polyohmer XL-FD vanishes.

» Oil Base India
Oil Base India is a highly acclaimed name among manufacturers and suppliers of a variety of industrial chemicals like Chloro Alkali chemicals and Oleochemicals. A wide spectrum of process industries, look towards us for their chemical requirements. Our Company always belives in delivering high quality products including soap noodles, pharma glycerine, potassium hydroxide, potassium carbonates suit...

» Organo Laboratories
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals and milk testing chemicals including glacial acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium citrate solution, xylene, acetone and isopropyl alcohol.

» P-met High Tech Company Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of liquid penetrant, visible penetrant, fluorescent penetrant, foundry fluxes, penetrant developer, dry developer powder, post emulsifiable penetrant, magnetic powders, magnetic inks for magnetic particle testing.

» P.P. Enterprises
Supplier of organic based chemicals, rust removing chemicals, specialty chemicals, aluminium brightener, glass cleaner, car wash, metal cleaner and hand

» Pacific International
Engaged in manfuacturing and exporting of chemicals, textile chemicals, finishing chemicals, water treatment chemicals, pre treatment chemicals, dyeing chemicals, anti -statics, spin finishes. Also available all industrial chemicals.

» Palmo Industrial Siicones Pvt. Ltd
A multiproduct and a Single pharmaceutical bulk drug Manufacturing company engaged in manufacturing and marketing globally of Silicone Emulsion, Silicone Emulsion ( For Rubber Industries ), Silicone Emulsion ( For Tyre Industries ), Silicone Grease ( General Purpose ), High Temperature Greases, Silicone Defoamer, Silicone Compounds For Textile Application, Specially Textile Lubrication ( Aminobase...

» Pankaja Marketing Services
Supplier of industrial chemicals.

» Panvo Organics Pvt Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, nutraceutical chemicals, industrial grade chitosan, pottasium glucosamine, calcium citrate, chitin, nutraceutical methyl sulfonyl sulphate and chondroitin sulphate.

» Par Drugs & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of magnesium hydroxide, dried aluminum hydroxide, magnesium stearate, magnesium trisilicate, magnesium carbonate etc.

» Paragon Metachem
Manufacturers and exporters of stannous chloride, stannous sulphate, sodium stannate, stannic oxide, cobalt oxide, cobalt sulphate, nickel carbonate, nickel sulphate and copper sulphate.

» Paras Corporation Mumbai
Supplier and exporter of industrial chemicals like caustic soda flakes, soda ash, micronized calcium carbonate, chrome free lignosulphonate, calcium chloride, PVC resin, aluminium stearate and pregelatinized starch used in oil industry.

» Peacock Allied Products Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and distributor of white dextrin, canary dextrin, corrugation gum powder, pasting gum powder, paper bag lamination gum, paper tubes, fiber drum dextrin, carton sealing adhesive case sealing gum, bottom pasting adhesive, book binding adhesive.

» Penta Bioscience Products
Supplier and manufacturer of industrial chemicals such as ferrous sulphate, zinc sulphate, copper sulphate, calcium chloride, sodium acetate trihydrate and sodium acetate anhydrous.

» Petrogel (India) Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of industrial chemicals including rubber chemicals, industrial compounds, water impregnating compounds, micro crystalline waxes, perfumed petroleum jelly and wire drawing lubricants.

» Pidilite Industries Ltd, Mumbai
Since its inception in 1959, Pidilite Industries Limited has been a pioneer in consumer and specialities chemicals in India. Over two-third of the company’s sales come from products and segments it has pioneered in India.Manufacturers and traders of auxillary chemicals, synthetic resins, pigments and paints.

» Pioneer Electronics, Kolkata
Suppliers and exporters of fibre glass-waterproorfing construction chemical products.

» Pioneer Laboratories Pvt. Ltd

» Poly Chem
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of industrial chemicals, customized industrial chemicals, rust removers, rust preventives, forming lubricants, specialty lubricants, cleaning liquids, coolants and lubricants.

» Polymer Filtration Industries
Polymer Paper Ltd. is one of the largest filter paper manufacturer in this region. The unique part is that we are the only filter paper manufacturer in Asia who has got its own base paper as well as impregnation (saturation processing facility). Polypa base a saturated range of product covers a spectrum of a variety of cellulose base media ranging from grammages of 92 to 250. Manufacturer, suppli...

» Poorab Chemical Corporation
Exporters of differernt types of industrial chemicals.

» Prabhat Chemiorganics Ltd
Prabhat Chemiorganics Limited is a leading organisation, specialised in Bromine Based Intermediates, Phase Transfer Catalyst (Quarternary Ammonium Bromides) and speciality chemicals for bulk drugs and other industries. As manufacturer, our objective is to build confidence amoung our customers by regular and reliable supplies at competive prices and constent quality, complying with their technical ...

» Prachi Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals like tri phenyl methane, chalcone dibromide, camphor quinone, 9- phenyl acridine, rafoxanide, praziquantel, 3,5 di iodosalicylic acid, l-seleno methionine and oxyclozanide.

» Pranav Enterprises
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting perfumery fragrances, aromatic fragrances, industrial fragrances, perfumery compounds, lavender fragrances, lemon fragrances, jasmine fragrances, musk fragrances and flower fragrances.

» Pratap Tex-Chem Pvt. Ltd
PratapTex-Chem Pvt. Ltd. was established in an Industrial Estate in Mumbai in 1979 as a proprietary firm, mainly in the field of Textiles. But, we slowly shifted our base from Mumbai to Pune and our focus from Textiles to Industrial Products.Manufacturer and exporter of chemical formulations, EDM fluids, de-greasing solution, cutting oil, synthetic coolants, tapping liquid, wire EDM corrosion inhi...

» Pratik Marketings
Dealer and supplier of all types of industrial chemicals.

» Pravin Dye Chem Industries
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading indentors and exporters of various dyes, dye intermediates, chemicals, pigments and allied products, since more than 25 years.

» Premier Group of Industries
Premier Group of Industries was established in 1989 and has been serving the local industries. Since then with growing years we have expanded our market overseas and now our products are also being widely exported throughout the world. We are having manufacturing units in Tarapur, Maharashtra and Panoli, Gujrat. We request you to kindly advice us the specific industrial textile chemicals and texti...

» Priya Chemicals, Aurangabad
Specialized manufacturer of residronate sodium, sucralose, sodium warfarin, oxybutinin chloride and phenyl propanol amine hcl.

» Process Enterprises Indore
Established in 1996, Process Enterprises is backed by a team of experienced Industrialist and Promoters. The management team has an average of 25 years of domestic and international industrial experience and a strong history of business, academic and technical accomplishments.Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of rubber chemicals, food chemicals, paint chemicals, water treatment chemicals and fue...

» Product Promoters Company
Engaged in supply of chemicals like zinc sulphate, aluminum sulphate, crude 85% potassium sulphate, coper sulphate, di basic ammonium phosphate etc.

» Promtech Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of stainless steel pickling and passivation chemical, zinc aluminium spray, cleaner aerosols, chromatizing chemicals, aerosol paints, zinc metal spray and effluent treatment chemicals.

» PSP Impex
Manufacturer and exporter of industrial chemicals, inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, agro chemicals, acid dyes, direct dyes, pigment powders and pigment emulsions. Also sells compact ball valves, disc check valves and PVC coated tubes.

» Pure Solvi Chem Industries
Dealers of industrial chemicals such as acetic acid glacial, acetone, amyl acetate, benzene, butanol, butyl acetate, carbon disulphide, cellosolve, chloroform, cyclohexanone, dichloromethane, diethyl phathalate, dimethyl formamide, ether petroleum.

» Quality Chemical Industries
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of industrial chemicals including phosperic acids, de greasing chemicals, amber colour liquids, rust preventive additives, solvent base chemicals and additives for rust preventive oils.

» R. G. Chandak & Company
Engaged in installation and commissioning of toulene and methanol.

» R. K. Starch & Allied Industries
Manufacturers of all kinds of yellow dextrine powder, white dextrine powder, maize starch powder, tapioca starch powder etc.

» R.M. Industries
Manufacturer, supplier and wholesale distributor of silver catalyst, silver gauze, pure silver catalyst, copper gauze, activated silver crystals and silver catalyst crystals, silver knitted gauze used for compounds like formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

» R.S. Agencies
Supplier of industrial chemicals like calcium chloride lumps, calcium chloride powder, zinc chloride powder, caustic soda flakes, white dextrines, yellow dextrines, pasting gum powder, para phenylene diamine and chloroprene rubber solution.

» R.V.Corporation
Suppliers and exporters of desiccants, molecular sieves, carbon molecular sieves, desiccant molecular sieves, desiccant silica gel, activated carbon, desiccant activated alumina and metal catalysts.

» Raakhee Chemicals
Engaged in producing and supplying of foundry chemicals.

» Raghunath Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in supplying nad exporting of industrial chemicals such as catalysed clear coating, lacquer, decorative finishes, heat resistant paints, trichloroethylene, powder coats, wood finishes, printing chemicals, sealer, clear coat, thinner and solvents.

» Rahul Barium Salts
Manufacturers of barium carbonate, sodium sulphide solids, sodium sulphide red flakes, sodium sulphide yellow flakes, barium sulphide etc.

» Rajit Chemical
Manufacturer and supplier of boiler treatment chemicals, heat exchanger treatment chemicals, mill sanitation chemicals, viscosity reducer chemicals, clarification treatment chemicals like oxygen scavenger, descaling chemicals, chlorine base chemicals.

» Rathoure Trading Company
Supplier and exporter of industrial chemicals along with electroplating chemicals like chromium acid, nickel sulphate, sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide, chromo oxide green, nickel chloride.

» Reliable Chemicals
Exporter and supplier of industrial chemicals like laundry chemicals, electroplating chemicals, rubber chemicals, dairy chemicals, poultry chemicals, chemicals for paper industries, swimming pool chemicals, chemicals for hotel and electronics.

» Reliable Silica Desiccant Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing all types of silica gel, desiccant, blue silica gel, normal silica gel, and bulk silica gel.

» Reliance Chemicals
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals that includes diluted silicon emulsion, silicon grease, silicon polish cream, silicon defoamer compounds, silicon thread softeners, car coolant grease, leather shiner oils and phenyle.

» Remik Trading Company Pvt. Ltd
Exporters of all types of industrial chemicals.

» Rohilkhand Chemicals and Proteins Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals that includes di-calcium phosphate, industrial gelatin, photographic gelatin, pharmaceutical gelatin. Also offer frozen meat, fresh slaughtered meat, frozen fruits, frozen vegetables.

» Rohini Industries
Manufacture of high alumina refractory raw material for making slide gate refractory/low cement castables, industrial chemical, reactive alumina for making high alumina upto 99.7% ceramic bodies like thermocouple sheathing, ceramic tubes & thread guides.

» Rohit Chemicals
Bhadra Products Manufacturers & Exporters of Specialty Chemicals like Textile Pretreatment Chemicals, Printing Aids, Fatty Acid Esters, Sequestering Agents, is an ISO 9001:2000 accredited organization operating from India. Established in the year 1985, it has become Numero Uno in the manufacture and export of eco-friendly specialty performance chemicals for textile processing including surfacta...

» Rsm Exports
Suppliers of all kinds of caustic soda, acetic acid, titanium di oxide, hydrogen peroxide, soda ash, ferrous sulphate etc.

» Ruchi Chem Trade
Suppliers of industrial chemicals that includes descaling chemicals, degreasing chemicals, rust remover, anti-corrosive treatment chemicals, metal cleaning chemicals, aluminum coil cleaner, electronic equipment degreasers, derusting chemicals.

» S V Plastochem Pvt. Ltd
Dealers of industrial chemicals like di butyl tin di acetate, di butyl tin chloride, mono butyl tin chloride, tri n-butyl tin chloride (tbtcl), tri n-butyl tin oxide (tbto), tri butyl tin methoxide and stannic chloride (anhydrous/ pentahydrate).

» S. N. Merchandise Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of industrial chemicals, glacial acetic acid, ethyl acetate, methanol, formic acid used as an intermediate in manufacturing of basic drugs, plant protection agents, vulcanisation accelerators and antioxidants.

» S. S. Enterprises
Traders and exporters of industrial chemicals, textile chemicals and water treatment chemicals like sodium phosphate, phosphoric acid, bleaching powder, monosodium phosphate, caustic soda, lithopone, oxalic acid and titanium dioxide.

» S. S. T. Agencies
Dealers of salt caustic soda and bromine etc.

» S. S. V. Industrial Corporation
Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of sodium petroleum sulphonates, calcium sulphonates, solubel pine oil cocentrates, mould release compounds and rust preventives.

» S.R.Drugs And Intermediates Pvt. Ltd
Exporting a wide range of industrial chemicals such as mono chloro acetic acid, sodium mono chloro acetate, methyl chloro acetate, tri chloro acetyl chloride, chloro acetyl chloride, tetrahydrooxonaphthalene, naphthalenone, dihydro and tetralon.

» S.V. Enterprises
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals that includes aluminum stearate, aluminum sulphate, ammonia alum, ammonium chloride, ammonium per sulphate, ammonium sulphate, butylated hydroxytoluene, barium carbonate, barium sulphate.

» Sachin Speciality Chemicals Private Limited
Exporting and supplying of industrial chemicals like textile finishing chemicals, fibre glass chemicals, paint chemicals, petrochemicals, paper chemicals, leather chemicals, engineering chemicals, household chemicals and construction chemicals.

» Samrat Remedies Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals that includes hydriodic acid, calcium iodate, copper iodide, 3,5-diiodo salicylic acid, sodium metaperiodate, potassium metaperiodate, potassium iodate and trimethyl sulfoxoniumiodide.

» Sandhya Group of Companies
SANDHYA GROUP is one of the leading names in the speciality chemicals field in India, ever since its inception in 1984. The company has successfully delivered high performance chemicals under the brand name of SANPHOS™ to a wide range of industry segments in Industrial Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Bulkdrugs, Agrochemical, Dyestuff, Paints, Polymer, Adhesive industries, Lubricants, Plastics, Rubber...

» Saqib Gheewala
Supplier of industrial chemicals.

» Sark Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Suppliers and manufacturer of industrial chemicals, water treatment chemicals like ferric alum non ferric alum, ammonia alum, sodium aluminium sulphate and soda alum used in water purifcation systems, paper industry and effluent treatment plants.

» Satya Cashew Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of cardanol (phenol), friction dust (friction particles) and phenolic resins that are used in brake linings, disc pads, clutch facings, surface coatings, laminates, gaskets, epoxy resins, railway brake blocks etc.

» Satyawati Chemicals
Satyawati Chemicals modestly began its operations with manufacturing dyes, in the year 1983. The organization has matured to a company of reputed stature rich in technical expertise & managerial competence to cater to the needs of various international customers.Engaged in manufacture and export of industrial chemicals including ethyl violet chemicals, malachite green chemicals, methyl violet chem...

» Saurabh Industries
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of industrial chemicals such as isoamyl alcohol, amyl alcohol, milk testing chemicals for dairy industry, perfumery industry, fragrance industry, pharmaceutical and textile industry.

» Search Chemicals
Exporting laboratory chemicals, acids, sealants and solvents such as acetic acid, nitric acid, citric acid, oxalic acid, formic acid, phosphoric acid, potassium hydroxide flakes, potassium carbonate, chloroform, dimethyl sulphate and edta acid.

» Shakun Enterprises Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals such as strychnine nitrate, strychnine sulphate, strychnine alkaloid, strychnine hydrochloride, brucine sulphate, brucine alkaloid, potassium iodide and sodium iodide.

» Shankar Dyes and Chemicals
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of industrial chemical, organic and inorganic chemicals, cosmetic chemical, anodising chemicals, photo lamination chemical, pesticides chemicals, zinc powder, calcium, lithophone, silicon powder, N. C. lacquers.

» Shanti Chemical Works
Engaged in manufacturing of industrial chemicals like sodium silicate (alkaline), potassium silicate. Also exporter of textile processing chemicals, paper chemicals, waterproofing chemicals, paper and pulp chemicals.

» Sherman Inc.
Exporters and authorized dealers of industrial chemicals that includes soda ash, sodium sulphate, caster oil, hydrochloric acid and caustic soda flakes. Also supplies soyabean meal, rape seed meal and soap cakes.

» Shiv Chemicals
Manufacturers of silica gel.

» Shiva International
Exporters and suppliers of industrial chemicals including zinc stearate, aluminium stearate, aluminium silicate, synthetic gilsonite, calcium chloride anhydrous and sodium penta chloro phenate.

» Shivam Chemicals & Minerals Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial chemicals like electroplating chemicals, passivation chemicals, phophating chemicals, lacquers and metal cleaners. Also offer iron ores, bauxite ores, rotary klin bauxite ores and caclined bauxite ores.

» Shivam Industrial Products
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals, fluxing chemicals, chemicals for zinc recovery. Also exports mechanical components, electrical items, industrial paints, hospital and blood bank items.

» Shree Baven Trades Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of all kinds of industrial chemicals.

» Shree Mahalaxmi Chemicals
Suppliers and distributors of industrial chemicals including bromopropionic acids, calcium hypochlorites, direct pigments, dye pearl pigments, inorganic pearl pigments, ultramarine blue pearl pigments and emulsifier pearl pigments.

» Shree SaiBaba Chemical Industries
Engaged in exporting sodium silicate used to manufacture laundry soap, detergent cake, sodium meta silicate, fire resisting, acid proof cement, casting and electrodes.

» Shree Vinayaka Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
Manufacturing and exporting industrial chemicals like methyl magnesium chloride, vinyl magnesium bromide, t-butyl magnesium chloride, t-butyl magnesium bromide, n-butyl magnesium chloride, n-butyl magnesium bromide and ethyl magnesium chloride.

» Shreya Aniline Industries Pvt. Ltd
Supplying a range of industrial chemicals, paper chemicals, pulp chemicals, detergents, soaps and shampoos chemicals which includes reactive dyes, pigments, textile dyes, latex emulsion used in textile printing, printing inks, paints and varnishes.

» Shri Krishna Chemicals
Deals into hydrogen peroxide, acetone, citric acid, caramol colour, edta, polyelectrolyte, liquid glucose, pottasium hydroxide, sorbitol, phosphoric acid, scorbic acid, stearic acid, sodium perborte, titanium, titanium dioxide, starch, lactose, acetic aci

» Shri Lakshmi Agencies
Suppliers of acetic acid, phospheric acid, sulphuric acid, caustic flakes and hcl acid.

» Shriram Trading And Manufacturing Company
Manufacturers and exporters of denatured anhydrous ethyl alcohol also commonly known as denatured ethanol is used in flavor extracts, soft drinks, food products, distilled white vinegar and personal care products.

» Shubham Starch Chem Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of modified starch, maize starch, tapioca starch, UF resin, industrial chemicals for paper, textile, pharma, adhesive and food industries.

» Shwet Chemicals
Supplier and exporter of industrial chemicals, ferrous sulphate, manganese sulphate, manganese sulphate solution, zinc sulphate, metal sulphate, powder zinc sulphate, anyhydrous zinc sulphate and crystal zinc sulphate.

» Shyam Enterprises
Manufacturing industrial chemicals as industrial white dextrins, industrial fire dextrins, industrial white dextrine, industrial textiles dextrine, industrial yellow dextrins, industrial british gum, industrial corrugation gum and industrial alkaline gum.

» Siddhi Chem
Suppliers of industrial chemicals such as bromo 3 chloropropane, citric acid-mono, cyclohexanol, dicyndiamide, dimethyl aminoethanol, diethyl aminoethanol, di isopropanolamine, ethyl bromide, monoisopropanolamine.

» Sigachi Chloro Chemicals Ltd
Sigachi is a professionally managed company with a team of technocrats, well qualified and richly experienced in the field of Pharma Excipients, Cellulose based filter coatings, Plasticizers and Chlorinated synthetic resins.

igachi was incorporated in the year 1989 to produce Chlorinated Paraffin & Hydrochloric Acid and then added another product Microcrystalline Cellulose in the year 1995. Siga...

» Silica Gel Desiccant Products Co.
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals such as blue silica gel, white silica gels, granular silica gel, silica gel sachets, non indicating white silica gel, activated alumina balls, crystal alumina balls and molecular sieve granules.

» SMS India
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals like sodium silicate, filter sodium silicate, sodium meta silicate, potassium silicate, sodium hypochlorite, bleach liquid, surface treatment chemicals and alkali based degreasing chemicals.

» Sona Enterprise
Engaged in exporting and supplying of industrial chemicals like sodium lauryl ether sulphate, coco amido propyl betaine, coco diethanol amine, sodium lauryl sulphate, polysorbates, octyl methoxy cinnamate, benzophenone-3, benzophenone-4 avobenzone.

» South India Chemicals
Engaged in supplying and exporting of powdered chemical that includes manganese sulfate, zinc sulphate mono, ferrous sulphate dried, copper carbonate, potassium chloride and manganese carbonate.

» Spack Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of industrial chemicals such as dimethyl sulphate, diethyl phthalate, dimethyl aniline, N-methyl aniline, mono methyl aniline, N-methyl benzenamine and N-methyl phenylarnine.

» Sparchem
Engaged in exporting and supplying of industrial chemicals like chlorosolphonic acid pure, benzoyl chloride, calcium hypophosphite, ether anhydrous, gum acacia, gum guar powder, hypophosphorus acid, isatoic anhydride, mercury salts and iso - butylene.

» Spatter Cure Enterprises
Exporting and manufacturing of industrial chemicals such as thinner, industrial thinner and emulsion thinner. Also deals in supplying of welding flux, welding anti spatter flux and gas welding products.

» Sreenivasa Industries
Manufacturers and exporters of electroplating chemicals like tin chloride, stannous chloride, tin sulphate, stannous sulphate, tin stannate, sodium stannate, tin oxide, stannic oxide, potassium stannate, non ferrous chemicals and metals chemicals.

» Sri Ambika Chemicals
Dealer of melamine, nitric acid, pineoil, acetone and citric acid.

» Sri Chemicals
Exporters and manufacturers of industrial chemicals, industrial calcium chloride, sodium carboxy methyl, soda ash, ammonium chloride, pregel starch, carboxy methyl cellulose are also available.

» Sri Hari Labs
Manufacturers and exporters of various kinds of speciality chemicals and drug intermediates such as dichloro cinnamic acid, manganese accetate hydrate, chloro benzophenone, bromobenzoyl chloride and phenylalanine methylester.

» Sri Olima Chemical Industries
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemical such as aluminium sulphate, activated carbone, magnesium sulphate and ferric sulphate etc.

» Srikem Laboratories Pvt.Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals like cetrizine hydrochloride bp, buclizine hcl bp & usp, diclofenac diethylamine bp, diclofenac sodium bp and permethrin-pharma grade.

» Srinivasa Chemicals
Wholesale traders and suppliers of industrial chemicals like white crystalline solids, sulphuric acids, hydrochloric acids, caustic soda lyes, caustic soda flakes, oleums, formaldehydes, phenols, crude naphthalenes and paraformaldehydes.

» Sudharaj
Manufacturer and exporter of synthetic red iron oxide, synthetic iron oxide, iron oxide powder and synthetic ferric oxide used in paints and coatings. Also offer fragrance sticks, perfumed incense sticks, natural incense sticks, pearl incense sticks.

» Sujata Chemicals
Engaged in export of industrial chemicals such as potassium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, calcium chloride dihydrate, tri potassium citrate, sodium bisulphite, sodium metabisulphite, sodium hydrogen sulphite and other chemicals.

» Sun Chemicals
Deals into different types of industrial chemicals.

» Super International, Pune
Dealers of silica gel.

» Super Max Industries Pvt Ltd
Engaged in wholesale supply and export of reclaimed rubber, rubber reclaiming agent, rubber reclaiming oil and de-vulcanised crumb rubber.

» Supreet Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals such as sulfonamides derivatives, sulfone derivatives, aminophenol derivatives, benzoic acid derivatives, diamine derivatives, dimethyl terephthalate derivatives and pyrimidine derivatives.

» Supreme Petro Chemicals
Supplier of industrial chemicals and acid solvents.

» Supreme Plasticizers
Supreme Plasticizers established in the year 1990 at Mysore city, India have accomplished a position of excellence in the field of manufacturing and supply of Phthalate Plasticizers. Experienced workforce having versatile knowledge about the underlying intricacies of the processes has empowered the company to bring customized features in the productsManufacturers and exporters of industrial chemic...

» Surabhi Industries
Supplier and exporter of chemicals for defense application that includes mapo, mat-o-bond, potassium metal, 2-methyl aziridine, mono basic lead salicylate, TNO, GAP, calcium oxalate, boron powder and TMMO.

» Suraj Fine Chemicals Mfg. Co.
Deals in manufacturing and exporting of industrial chemicals such as calcium chloride, calcium dichloride, zinc chloride solutions, zinc dichloride, zinc white, calamine, activated zinc oxide used in medical, textiles, rubber manufacturing industries.

» Surya Organics & Chemicals
We are dedicated to making pure, organic skin creams / lotions and aromatherapy sprays that enhance your natural beauty & radiance. We use sustainable and organic ingredients as well as herbs and flowers from our own gardens here in the mountains of Chester, VT.Exporters of dihydroxyacetophenone, 3-methoxybenzaldehyde, para anisyl alcohol, meta phenoxy benzyl alcohol, meta bromoanisole, albendazol...

» Swaraj Indochem
Deals into industrial chemicals.

» Swastik Chemicals
Exporting industrial chemicals such as ammonium para tungstate, purified ammonium tungstate, ammonium para-tungstate tungsten metal powder, tungsten trioxide, tungstic acid, sodium tungstate, cobalt carbonate, cobalt sulphate and cobalt oxide.
Wholsale suppliers and exporters of industrial chemicals, middle chrome, zinc chrome, zinc phosphate, lemon chrome, scarlet chrome, pu resin, ketonic re...

» Swastik Chemicals
Exporting industrial chemicals such as ammonium para tungstate, purified ammonium tungstate, ammonium para-tungstate tungsten metal powder, tungsten trioxide, tungstic acid, sodium tungstate, cobalt carbonate, cobalt sulphate and cobalt oxide.
Wholsale suppliers and exporters of industrial chemicals, middle chrome, zinc chrome, zinc phosphate, lemon chrome, scarlet chrome, pu resin, ketonic re...

» Swastik Sales Corporation
Trader and supplier of industrial chemicals, laboratory chemicals like sulphauric acid, magnesium sulphate, soda ash, soda bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, industrial salts and caustic soda.

» Synthochem Pvt Ltd
Synthochem is the pioneer in the manufacturing of Organic and Inorganic Titanium Compounds in India. Established in 1973 by technically qualified people, we have enhanced our product range as well as market presence from India to more than 30 countries worldwide.Engaged in manufacturing all types of industrial chemicals like tetra isopropyl titanate, titanium acetyl acetonate, tetra 2-ethyl hexyl ...

» Synthotex Chemicals
Synthotex products are WATER BASED, GOTS APPROVED.Our products are Eco Friendly, Innovative, User friendly.We always produce the product as per the need of customers.Synthotex always strive to adopt Green Manufacturing Technology. We are having no effluent generated from our factory having fully developed eco friendly process.Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of premium quality chemicals, tex...

» Taurus Technologies
Engaged in manufacture and supply of industrial chemicals that includes sugar industry chemicals, paper industry chemicals, boiler water treatment chemicals, cooling water treatment chemicals, construction chemicals and agricultural chemicals.

» Tej Innovative Products
Manuafcturer and exporter of industrial chemicals, construction chemicals, water repellants, waterproofing chemicals, high strength concrete, ready mix plaster, plasticizers, FRP pigments, elastomeric paints and wood floor sealers.

» Tejraj Brothers
Engaged in manufacturing of bulk drug intermediate chemicals and pharmaceutical chemicals including succinic acid, succinic anhydride, 3-nitro phthalic acid, n- hydroxy succinimide, maleic acid, ortho benzoyl benzoic acid and 8-chloro theophylline.

» Thakker Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate, sodium silico flouride, copper sulphate, ferrous sulphate and supplier of caustic soda, flakes, caustic potash, soda ash, borax, bleaching powder, barium chloride and other chemicals.

» The Standard Chemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of phosphoric acid, caustic soda flakes, caustic potash flakes etc.

» Topaz Gilletin Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals like di-calcium phosphate, tri-calcium phosphate, di-sodium phosphate, di- potassium phosphate and tetra potassium pyro- phosphate.

» Trimurti Industries
Manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of industrial chemicals like e.d.t.a. chemical, e.d.t.a di-sodium, n.t.a. chemical, zinc e.d.t.a, tetra sodium liquid used in photography, detergent chemical, chemical plating, cleaning agent and plastic additives.

» Tripoot India Pvt. Ltd
Suppliers and exporters of chemicals, industrial chemicals such as ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, gylcerin, sorbitol, caustic soda, bleaching powder, citric acid, citrates, soap noodles, caustic potash, methyl paraben, propyl parabens, etc.

» Tropicana World Trade Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in supplying and exporting of industrial chemicals such as dry ice, gel ice and industrial dry ice. Also offering sea food, spices, south indian snacks and yellow fin tuna loins.

» Tureen Speciality Ingredients Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals such as cosmetic chemicals, pharma chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals used in exfoliating scrubs, aha gels, vitamin night creams, tooth powders, body deodorants and fragrance encapsulation.

» Twin Tech India Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer, supplier and distributor of industrial chemicals that includes industrial safety solvents, industrial electronic cleaner, industrial pcb coating, industrial moisture displacer, industrial pen oil, industrial die protector, anti spatter etc.

» Twinkle Chemi Lab Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing of a wide range of industrial chemicals such as organic chemical, pharmaceutical chemical, Cosmetic, food chemical, oil chemical, rubber chemical, plastic chemical, paint chemical and resin chemical.

» U-day Chemicals
Manufacturer and exporter of industrial chemicals like defoamer NXZ, defoamer SD, defoamer NDW, defoamer 1976, puroguard UPX, puroguard PHF, active liquid defoamers, textile deformers, industrial deformers and industrial biocides.

» Unitech Sales Agency
Sippliers of caustic soda lye, tri chloro ethylene, hydro chloric acid, ferric chloride solution, utox and stable bleaching powder.

» United Associates, Noida
Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial chemicals such as satin nickel plating chemicals, black nickel plating chemicals, cyanide zinc plating chemicals, electroplating chemicals and degreasing chemicals.

» United Biochemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of industrial textile chemicals, bio-chemicals and enzymes such as acid cellulase enzyme blend, alpha amylase enzyme blend, peroxide killers, cellulase enzyme, biopolishing and biofading formulations.

» United Descaler
Manufacturers of descaling chemicals, algae prevention chemicals, scale prevention chemicals, hcl, methylene chloride etc.

» United Dyes and Chemicals
Manufacturer and exporter of industrial chemicals like acid dyes, dyeing textile chemicals, dyeing chemicals, krishnon vat pastes, textile reactive dyes, textile acid dyes and vat pastes.

» United Organic
Manufacturer and exporter of industrial chemicals such as dyeaux series chemical, clenaux series chemical, dyequest series chemical, unique series chemical, finaux series chemical. Also exports stain removing chemicals and textile printing chemicals.

» Universal Minerals & Chemicals
Supplying and producing industrial chemicals.

» Universal Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in supply of textile industry chemicals, textile pretreatment chemicals, textile dyeing chemicals, textile bleaching chemicals, water treatment chemicals, antiscalent agent, corrosion inhibitor, biostimulants, multi-micronutrients etc.

» Upper India Smelting and Refinery Works
Manufacturers and exporters of zinc oxide powder, zinc oxide, zinc white, white seal used for rubber, tyre, paints, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ferrites, electroplating, oxides, pigments, poultry feeds and metal salt.

» Usha Chemicals
Manufacturer and exporter of industrial chemicals that includes dicumyl peroxide 40, dibutyl parexy hexane 50, zinc oxides, dicumyle peroxides, benzoyl peroxides, dry chemical powder (DCP) and dibutyl phthalate (DBPH).

» Uttaranchal Terpene Products Pvt Ltd
Engaged in exporting pine oil, longifolene, terpene oil, turpentine oil, distilled turpentine, gum rosin, alpha pinene, dipentene and delta-3-carene.

» Vaigai Industries (India) Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of potassium chlorate and potassium per chlorate used to make fire works, explosives, bleaching agent in textile industry, ingredient in rocket propellant, oxidizing agent and in dyeing industries.

» Varshchem Enterprises Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufactuing and exporting a wide range of industrial chemicals such as simethicone activated oil (anti-foaming agent), simethicone emulsion (anti-bacterial agent), cosmetic grade talc powder and sodium starch glycolate (disintegrant).

» Vasupujya Chemicals
Engaged in production of industrial chemicals such as glutaraldehyde sodium bisulphite, sodium formaldehyde bisulphite, anhydrous sodium thiosulphate, sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate, potassium meta bisulphite, sodium meta bisulphite, copper cyanide.

» Venus Exports
Suppliers and exporters of industrial solvents, speciality chemicals, ethanol, dyes, intermediates and pigments.

» Vibronics Pvt. Ltd
Vibronics Pvt. Ltd., was established in he year 1964 and since then till date it is delivering the society with high end cleaning solutions like Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems, Flaw Detector sand Cleaning Chemicals and Cleaning Detergents. The ultrasonic cleaning process is an effect created by the action of sound waves at high frequency, introduced into liquid cleaning medium.Manufacturer and export...

» Vin Industries
Deals in manufacturing and supplying of industrial chemicals that includes additives for rubber processors, additives for plastic recycling, additives for cables and wires, additives for fiberglass reinforced plastic and additives for polymer processors.

» Vinamax Organics Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial chemicals like chemical intermediates, industrial surfactants, fire fighting foams, tooth powder chemicals, shampoo chemicals, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium lauryl ether sulphate and ammonium oleyl sulphate.

» Vinati Organics Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying sulfonic acid, organic monomers, butylbenzene, sodium salt of 2-acrylamido 2 methylpropanesulfonic acid, normal butyl benzene, 4 n butylaniline ( para -n- butylaniline) and n tertiary butyl acrylamide.

» Viswa Rupa Impex Company
Exporters of byraties powder and chemicals.

» Welkin Paints Pvt Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of acetone,toluene, mixed solvents - meg, tce / mdc, ethyl acetate. Also offer synthetic paints, iso propyl alcohol, dimethyl formide and other various chemicals.

» Westman Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in exporting of anisole, 4-methyl anisole, ethoxy benzene, methyl benzoate, amyl acetate, methyl phenyl acetate, stannous chloride, stannous oxalate, potassium cyanate, stannous oxide, lithium chloride and amyl salicylate.

» Worldtex Speciality Chemicals
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals, textile chemicals, vat paste, pigment paste, textile binder, viscosity improver, dispersing agents, textile treating auxiliaries, textile finishing auxiliaries and wetting agents.

» Yash Chemicals
manufacturer and exporter of different types of industrial chemical, soda ash and other similar varieties such as copper sulphate, copper carbonate, bentonite granules, graphite ready mix flux and spirit base graphite cote.

» Yash Rasayan & Chemicals
Engaged in supplying and trading of a wide range of industrail chemicals that includes methyl-3- methyl salicylate, 5-choloro-4-acetamido-2-methoxy benzonic acid, parathoxyethyl benzoate.

» Yugo Intraco Pvt. Ltd
Sellers of all types of chemical intermediate.

» Zalpa Enterprise
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial chemicals, laboratory chemicals like ferrous sulphate, crystal ferrous sulphate, ferrous sulphite anhydrous etc.

» Zirconium Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and distributor of zirconium chemicals like zirconium nitrate solution, zirconium oxychloride, zirconium acetate solution, zirconium hydroxide, zirconium sulphate, zirconium basic sulphate, zirconium basic carbonate and zirconium oxide.

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