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» A B. Enterprises
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of petro chemicals like benzene, phenol, hexine, heptone, industrial solvent base oils, rubber process oils, M.I.B.K.acetone, petrocleaner chemicals and industrial petrochemicals.

» A To Z Chemicals
Exporters and suppliers of petrochemicals such as toluene, benzene, hexine, heptone, acetone, diacetone, butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, xylene, octanol, isopropyl alcohol, MIBK, MEK, solvent naptha, butanol, etc.

» A. L. Q. Exporters
Engaged in supplying petroleum products like liquid paraffins, ink oils, transformer oil, turbine oil, refrigeration oil, mineral oils, rolling oils, lubricating oils, specialty oils, rubber process oils, anti-static conning oil etc.

» Akar Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of petroleum products.

» Allied Engineering Services
Exporters of all types of high speed diesel.

» Allied Udyog Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing and supplying petro chemicals that includes white petroleum jelly, light liquid paraffin, non-ip liquid paraffin, heavy liquid paraffin, transformer oil, microcrystalline wax and waxes (all grade).

» Anjani Petro Products Ltd
Our products are LP Gas, Furnishing Fabric Wholesalers, Petrochemical Dealers

» Aquamarine Energy India Pvt. Ltd
Exporters of all kinds of petrochemicals.

» Arco Pool International
Deals into petroleum products.

» Arham Petrochem Pvt. Ltd
Supplier and exporter of petroleum products such as petroleum jelly and industrial solvents. Also manufactures cutting oil, conning oil, mineral oil, residual oil, rolling oil, rubber processing oil and specialty industrial oil.

» Arul Enterprises
Dealing in petrochemical products.

» Asanand Sons
Suppliers of paraffin wax.

» Ashish International
Deals into petrochemical products.

» Asian Oil Company
Manufacturers and exporters of petroleum products including liquid paraffins, petroleum jelly, sodium petroleum sulphonate-960, light liquid parafins, light liquid petroleums, sodium petroleum sulphonate-700 and perfumed petroleum jelly.

» Asw Projects Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of all kinds of petrochemicals.

» Bajrang Group
Sellers of napatha, sko, ldo, super l.d.o., cvf, fuel oil, benzin and tolween.

» Beta Chemicals, Mumbai
Suppliers of petroleum resin, paraffin wax, carnauba wax, microcrystalline wax and candelilia

» Bhagwati Remedies Pvt Ltd
Exporter and suppliers of petro chemical and oil products, spray oils, aluminum rolling oil, ink solvent, trim ethyl benzene, hydrocarbon fluid, fuel and lube additives, fungicides, insecticides solvent, solvasso grade solvent & sheelsol grade solvent.

» Biz Scrap India International
Deals into bio diesel.

» Blue Dust International
Supplier of petroleum products.

» C. T. S. Industries Ltd
Manufacturers of rubber process oil, base oil, cable jelly and petrolium jelly.

» Castrol India Ltd
Castrol products were tested and proved at the very limits of endurance'a technique they continue to this day. Many of they lubricants that started out as competition grades have become available to the everyday motorist, allowing millions of people worldwide to share in the benefits of race-proven technology.

The company founder was also a pioneer in marketing - before marketing had even been i...

» Cetex Petrochemicals
Manufacturers of methyl ethyl ketone and secondary butyl alchol.

» Charuchem
Supplier of petrolium resin and paraffin wax.

» Chemex Chemicals
Manufacturers Of M.E.K., Petroleum Resins etc.

» Chemplast Sanmar Ltd
Chemplast Sanmar Limited, the flagship company of the Sanmar Group, integration - forward and backward - is the key. The company has two main businesses! PVC and Chlorochemicals. The synthesis that underlies the polymer chemistry of PVC manufacture is also reflective of the company's approach to business. The basic feedstock for its PVC plant, ethylene and chlorine, come from its industrial alcoho...

» China Hui Tong
Exporter of calcined petroleum coke.

» Chiripal Textile Mills Ltd
Chiripal Group, Incorporated in the year 1972, is a professionally managed business entity comprising of a team of professionals from different fields and expertise.

The Group, which had started with a few power looms, has evolved into multi-activity, multi-product Textile House that produces fiber to apparel under one roof. The diversified business in the fields of Petrochemicals, Spinning, Wea...

» Chrisna Products & Services
Engaged in supplying and exporting of biodiesel.

» Citra Fuels Ltd
Exporter of biotechnological fuels

» Columbia Petrochemicals
Exporters and manufacturers of micro crystalline wax, hydro carbon wax, wax-blends, residue wax, paraffin wax, PVC wax, wire rope lubricant and other petroleum products.

» DCW Ltd
DCW Ltd is a Diversified manufacturer of basic chemicals, such as: Caustic Soda, Liquid Chlorine and Chlorine based products such as Trichloroethylene and HCL, Upgraded Ilmenite or Synthetic Rutile, Yellow Iron Oxide, PVC Resin, Soda Ash, Ammonium bi-carbonate, Liquid Bromine and Bromide.

DCW is an industry pioneer with a long track record in its markets and has a successful record in developin...

» Deekay Trading Co.
Manufacturer and exporter of petroleum products, petrochemical products that includes solvents, ethylene glycols, aromatics, phenol and lower olefins. Also supplies generic chemicals, chemical products and fully automated screen printing machines.

» Diamines & Chemicals Ltd
Diamines And Chemicals Limited (DACL) has been the pioneer in manufacturing of a range of Ethyleneamines (EAs) in India. DACL has evolved products manufactured 'first time' in India and also pioneered to 'develop' a market for the same. Over the years, the company has established its own presence in the market and is successfully catering to the needs of Industries.

DACL is located at Baroda, o...

» Eurosoft Pharma Pvt. Ltd
Offering a wide range of petrochemical, petroleum product such as white bees wax, yellow bees wax, carnuaba wax, emulsifyina wax, natural beeswax are used in creams, candles, lipsticks and other cosmetics. Also supply of flax seed oil.

» Excel International
Bulk suppliers of petroleum products such as hydrocarbon petroleum jelly, foots oil, candle wax (slack wax), pe wax, cosmetic grade micro wax and paraffinwax (semi and full refined). Also deals in carbide instruments and nano titanium dioxide powder.

» Exim Oil
Deals into petroleum products.

» Faith Industries Pvt. Ltd
Tracing it's roots to way back in 1942, when Seth Pannalalji Kankariya set up his first cotton processing and Oil Mill in Rajasthan, FAITH is credited with being India's first integrated wax processing unit. FAITH Group of Companies has strived hard and has been successful in becoming India's only composite entity that manufacturers a range of value added wax based Performance Additives for variou...

» Feezol Industries
Manufacturer of bio-diesel products such as biodiesel, jatropha biodiesel, jatropha curcas, oil-seeds, bio base oil, jatropha curcas biodiesel, pongamia pinnata biodiesel, calophyllum inophyllum biodiese and bio lube oil.

» Finolex Industries Ltd
Finolex Industries Limited (FIL) was incorporated in 1981 and has been in the "Plastics" business since then. Beginning as a modest rigid PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) pipe manufacturer, FIL went on for backward integration and now manufactures PVC too. FIL is the largest PVC pipe manufacturer in India. The Pipes division of FIL is the first Indian IS/ISO 9002 manufacturer. Production capacity of the ...

» Fluidpure Filtration Systems
Engaged in manufacture, export and supply of petro chemicals.

» G. V. Enterprsie
Suppliers of activated carbon, magnesium hydroxide flakes, paraffin wax, sodium hydroxide pellets etc.

» Gakkhar International
Exporters of petroleum.

» Galaxy Colour Chem
Leading manufacturers and fabricators of kerosene.

» Gandhar Oil Refinery India Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of petroleum products such as transformer mineral oil, white mineral oil, industrial mineral oil, industrial white oil, white mineral oil, liquid paraffin wax, rubber processing oil, white and yellow petroleum jelly.

» Ganga Rasayanie P. Ltd.
Engaged in manufacturing and refining various petroleum products that include aromatic solvents, aliphatic solvents, garosol, garomasol, garopar, garoxol used in many industrial applications.

» Garg Distillaries Pvt. Ltd
We offer a wide range of chemical products, biodiesel, petro chemicals and other industrial chemicals. Today our product includes Biodiesel, methanol, toluene, dichloromethane, fuel oil, Iospropyl alcohol, etc.

» Gautami Oil & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Suppliers of parafin wax.

» Gem Petro Chemicals

» Gokul Coolant Industries
Gokul Coolant Industries are making premium grade coolant with MAHIR, DONEX, ZEDEX and NENO Brands, Which are best in cooling systems, corrosion protection for all the automotive. Premium Quality coolant helps to cooling system metals against rust and scaling. Radiator coolant also enhances the life of coolant, engine and hole automotive.Manufacturer and bulk exporter of petrochemical.

» Golden Dyechem
Importers and suppliers of petrochemical products such as paraffin wax, refined paraffin wax, chlorinated paraffin wax, semi refined paraffin wax, acid dyes, direct dyes, basic dyes, food colors and other petroleum products.

» Gomti Biotech Ltd.
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of petroleum products such as crude glycerine, pure glycerine, raw glycerine, jatropha biodiesel, sunflower biodiesel, bio diesel fuel, natural biodiesel, fatty acids and acid oil.

» Hindustan Produce Company
Exporters, suppliers and indenters of petroleum products such as bitumen, blown bitumen, base oils and petroleum coke. Also export ferro alloys and nobel alloys.

» Imperial Lube Chem
Supplier of petroleum products of H.P.C.L , I.O.C.L and B.P.C.L, petroleum resin. Also exports rubber chemicals, midel chrome, thermoplast road marking paint, aluminum stearate, zinc oxid, titanium dioxide and stearic acid flakes.

» Indian Oil Corporation
IndianOil is India's flagship national oil company with business interests straddling the entire hydrocarbon value chain – from refining, pipeline transportation and marketing of petroleum products to exploration & production of crude oil & gas, marketing of natural gas and petrochemicals. It is the leading Indian corporate in the Fortune 'Global 500' listing, ranked at the 88th position in the ...

» Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd
Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited (IPCL) is the pioneering petrochemical company in India. It was established on March 22, 1969 (Chitra, Shukla Paksh 4, Saka 1891). Today, IPCL is one of the leading petrochemical companies.

It's business comprises of polymers, synthetic fiber, fiber intermediates, solvents, surfactants, industrial chemicals, catalysts and adsorbents. Backed by strong Res...

» Industrial Lube Chem
Engaged in supply of petroleum products of H.P.C., I.O.C., B.P.C., hydrocarbon resin, paraffin wax. Also exports titanium dioxide anatase grade, titanium dioxide, dupont titanium dioxide, stearic acid flakes and aluminum stearate.

» Industrial Oil & Chemicals
Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of petrolium products like turbine oil, fuel oil, white oil, machine oil, industrial oil, mobil oil, transformer oil, rubber process oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil, servo stabilizer oil and grease and wax polish.

» Innovative Publicity Services
Exporting wide variety of paraffin wax and chlorinated paraffin wax.

» J. R. V. Enterprise
Bulk suppliers of paraffin wax.

» J. S. Petrochem
Supplier of paraffin wax, slack wax, bitumen furfural extracts.

» Jubilant Organosys Ltd
Jubilant Organosys Ltd., a composite pharmaceutical industry player, is the largest Custom Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) company in India offering products and services to the global life science companies.

The Company has presence across the pharmaceuticals value chain right from drug discovery and chemistry services to Custom Research and Manufacturing Services for advance interm...

» Jupiter Chemicals
Exporter of petrochemicals.

» K. R. G. International
Exporter and supplier of paraffin wax, liquid paraffin wax, soft paraffin wax, scented paraffin wax, white petroleum jelly and yellow petroleum jelly. Also offer peppermint oil, essential neem oil, thymol oil, menthol crystals and turpentine oil.

» Krest Organics Pvt. Ltd
Exporters of all kinds of petrochemicals.

» Krishna Petrochemicals
Manufacturer of petroleum products and petrochemical by products like boiler fuel oil, lubricating oil, light density oil, rubber processing oil, residue wax, recycled oil, fuel oil, low residue sulphur and palm oil by products.

» Labdhi Petrochem
Suppliers of furnesh oil and fuel oil.

» Lakshmi Paper Agencies
Exporters of paraffin wax.

» Lanxess ABS Ltd
Lanxess ABS a pioneer in introducing engineering thermoplastic such as ABS(Acrylonitrile-butadine-styrene) and SAN(Styreneacrylonitrile)in India, qualifies for all the above-mentioned qualities. Lanxess is a market leader in India in this segment with more than 60 per market share and has recently expanded its SAN and ABS manufacturing capacity. With growing demand for the ABS plastic, Lanxess is ...

» Lapro Sales
Engaged in export of bitumen.

» Leela Exports
Exporting of bitumen.

» Leo Lubricants Pvt Ltd
Exporting and supplying automotive greases, all automotive & industrial lubricants, V.I.improvers, petroleum jelly, white oils, oil treatment & brake fluids.

» M. Harakhji & Sons
Suppliers of recycled & used paraffin wax and all type of petroleum products.

» Macro Carbons Pvt Ltd
The products available at Macro Carbons are carbons. Manufacturers / Exporters of Power & Granular Activatd Carbon

» Manali Petrochemical Ltd
Manali Petrochemical Ltd Plant-I (originally built by SPIC) set up with the technology of Atochem for manufacture of PO and PG and that of Arco for manufacture of Polyuol acquired through Technip, France. Manali Petrochemical Ltd Plant-II (originally joint venture of UB and TIDCO) was merged with MPL later utilizes the technology of Enichem of Italy for the PO and PG and Press Industrial for manuf...

» Maxtone Petrochemicals
Deals in exporting of petrochemicals.

» Mctech Alliance
Exporters of pentaerythritol, paraffin waxes, microcrystalline waxes.

» Medors Biotech Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of bio fuels, biodiesel etc.

» Mega Petrochem
Manufacturers of petroleum jelly, paraffin wax, micro crystallin wax and base oils such as sn 500, 600 etc.

» Mehta Petro Refineries Ltd
Mehta Petro Refineries Ltd Company was established in the Year 1993 as Manufacturer of Solvents at Palghar, Dist. Thane, Maharashtra, following to that we have set up a new manufacturing unit in Sarigam, near Vapi, Gujurat in Western India. We are engaged in processes like Petroleum Refining, Fractional Distillation, Purification & Blending of solvent/ fluids for the production of various specialt...

» Mg Organics
Manufacturing and supplying petrochemicals such as benzene, toluene, mix-xylene, ortho-xylene and industrial petrochemicals. Also deals in organic solvents, industrial organic solvents, diluents and thinners.

» Mohit Trading Co.
Exporters of paraffin wax.

» Multi chem
Manufacturing and supplying petro chemicals and industrial petro chemicals that includes ammonium persulfate, bronopol, butane diol, calcium gluconate, diethyl carbonate, dimethyl malonate, dl-tartaric acid, formamide, gamma butyrolactone, sorbic acid.

» Multi Commodity Exchange Of India Ltd
Dealers of al kinds of petrochemicals.

» Multi Sales Corporation
Suppliers of fuel additives for fuels like ldo, furnace oil, hsd etc.

» Mysta Overseas Ltd
Supplier of paraffin wax.

» Narmada Chematur Petrochemicals Ltd
Narmada Chematur Petrochemicals Limited (NCPL) is an Indo-Swedish Joint Venture Company of, Gujarat Narmada Vally Fertilizers Company Limited (GNFC), Chematur Engineering AB, Sweden(CEAB), IBI Chematur, Mumbai (IBIC). They are Petrochemical manufacturing Company and they strive to achieve utmost customer satisfaction by delivering world-class Quality Products -Nitrobenzene, Aniline and Toluene Di-...

» National Organic Chemical Industries Ltd
National Organic Chemical Industries Ltd., popularly known as NOCIL, commenced manufacture of Rubber Chemicals in the year 1976. Today, NOCIL is the largest manufacturer of Rubber Chemicals in India with Annual Sales close to Rs.3250 million (USD 75 million) and a Customer Profile that spans most of the global market. Our Manufacturing plant, located in an industrial zone designated for the Chemic...

» Neno Marketing & Trading Company
Dealers for paraffin oil.

» Nirbhay Vatika Company
Dealers of bio-diesel.

» nternational Agro Oil Industries Ltd
Iternational Agro Industries Limited is a leading Indian Group in Consumer Products and Services in the Global Beauty and Wellness space. That International Agro Oil Industries Limited is a Company registered with “The Registrar of Companies”, NCT of Delhi.International Agro Industries Limited is into manufacturing of Personal care products, Fabric Care products, Baby Care Products, Edible Oil...

» Oceanic Techno Associates
Exportesr of different types of petroleum additives.

» P. G. G. Corporation
Suppliers of lubricants, greases and petroleum products.

» Pan Indian Impex Agency
Leading manufacturers of paraffin wax.

» Panama Petrochemical Ltd
Panama Petrochem Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of petroleum specialty products. We have consistently providing quality services since 1975. We have four manufacturing units in India namely in Ankleshwar(Gujarat), Daman(Union Territory), Marol (Mumbai) and Taloja (Dist. Raigadh) having infrastructure, with state-of-the-art technology and storing capacities. We are listed on ...

» Paragon Products
Manufacturers & exporters of petromax

» Parikh & Co.
Suppliers of all kinds of petroleum products.

» Pearl Engineering Polymers Ltd
Realizing the potential of a food grade and recyclable polymer as versatile as PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate), Pearl Polymers Limited successfully ventured in the field of manufacturing and exporting of all types of PET bottles, containers, jars etc using advanced Injection Stretch Blow Molding(ISBM) technology in 1984. From one machine in 1984, we have grown to over 40 machines in three locatio...

» Perfect Industries
Engaged in manufacturing microcrystalline wax and paraffin wax.

» Petrogel (India) Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of various types of petroleum products such as petroleum jelly, perfumed petroleum jelly, industrial petroleum jelly, MC wax for tyre, MC wax for rubber, MC wax for explosives, MC wax for adhesives and MC wax for automobiles.

» Prathizia Enterprises
Exporters of paraffin wax.

» Prince Petrochem Overseas
Suppliers of all kinds of petroleum products.

» Raj Traders
Deals in supplying of paraffin wax.

» Rama Petrochemicals Ltd
Rama Petrochemicals was incorporated in 1985. The company is promoted and managed by Rama Group. The main Business Profile of Rama Petrochemicals is other organic chemicals.The company`s plants are located in Patalganga (Raigarh (MAH), MAH). The company has undertaken Belapur Commercial Complex Project, which will be located at Belapur, Thane. However, the cost of the project is under implementati...

» Ratan Galaxy Pvt. Ltd
Exporters of paraffin wax, match wax, slack wax, residue wax, foots oil, base oil, bitumen, petroleum jelly, rubber process oil and petrochemical solvents.

» Ravi Industries

» Ray Europa S. Ltd
Project consultants for biodiesel, soil to oil concept.

» Reliance Engineering Associates Pvt. Ltd
Exporters of petroleum based products, petrochemical solvents, petroleum lubricants and industrial petrochemicals.

» Remik Trading Company Pvt. Ltd
Exporters of petrochemicals.

» Ruchi Infrastructure Ltd
Ruchi Infrastructure Limited is one of the leading tank farm companies, having storage terminals at 7 major ports in India and 5 Railway Siding Terminals. The Company was the first to construct storage tanks for edible oils in the state of Kerala at Cochin in the year 1996 and since then have constructed around 2.5 lakh tons of storage capacity at major ports and railway siding terminals. Company...

» Sachin Speciality Chemicals Private Limited
Manufacturing and supplying of petrochemicals that includes coolants, oil additives, corrosion inhibitors and long chain fatty acid esters. Also supply paper chemicals like de-fomers, finishing agents, sizing agents and wax emulsion.

» Sanghani Multilink Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Supply and export of mileage enhancers. Also deals with soaps, creams, namkeen peanuts, incense sticks and other handicraft show pieces.

» Sara India
Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of paraffin wax.

» Saral chem
Exporter of paraffin wax along with other chemical ingredients including zinc oxide, calcium carbonate, potassium carbonate, potassium nitrate, copper oxide, copper carbonate, arsenic trioxide, antimony trioxide, borax pentahydrate and borax decahydrate.

» Saroja Overseas Exports
Exporters of petrochemical and petrochemical products like crude oil, furnace oil, paraffin wax, coal and coke, diesel oil etc.

» Satyam Biotech
Engaged in manufacturing and marketing of biodiesel.

» Sawhney Delicacies Pvt. Ltd
Deals in manufacture and supply of petrochemical products and petro chemicals.

» Shimi Research Center Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of petroleum products including refined kerosenes, deodorized kerosenes, two burner stoves and petroleum oils. Also offer washed granular carbons, silver impregnated carbons and carbide graphites.

» Shin Ho Petrochemical (India) Ltd
Our Products are Synthetic Resins , Resins.

» Shree Seacost Trading Company
Deals into acetone, acitic acid, toulene, ethyl acetate and methanol.

» Shri Ram Sons Wax Pvt. Ltd
Suppliers of refined paraffin wax, crude bees wax, brazil wax, shellac wax, iran residue wax, iran residue wax, hard micro crystalline wax, germany montana wax and non-tacky candelilla wax. Also deals in adhesives polyamide & vinyl polymer resin.

» Solar Petroleum
Deals in supplying of slack wax, residue wax, rpo, cbfs and seme-refined wax.

» Sona Enterprise
Exporting and supplying petrochemicals like mostanol-12c, toluene, benzene, n-butanol, i.p.a (isopropanol), acetone, m.i.b.k (methyl isobutyl ketone), m.e.k (methyl ethyl ketone), glycerin, ethyl/butyl carbitol and butyl cellosolve acetate.

» South Asian Petrochem Ltd
South Asian Petrochem Limited (known as SAPL), is the newest venture of the Dhunseri Group promoted by the Dhanukas of Kolkata. It is the dynamic business wisdom and strategic growth strategy of the Dhanukas that helped in building the Dhunseri Group from a single company owning a single garden to a Tea empire with fourteen prime gardens. The group then diversified into Synthetic Yarns. The Group'...

» Strategic Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd
Supplier of petrochemical products.

» Supreme Petrochem Ltd
Supreme Petrochem Ltd (SPL), owns and operates a state-of-the art Polstyrene facility, with an installed capacity of 204,000 TPA located at Nagothane in Raigad District, about 100 Kms south-east of Mumbai city.

The facility also includes a world class colouring and compounding facility with an installed capacity of 17000 TPA. The Plant is based on technology from the erstwhile Huntsman Chemical...

» Thakurjee Petroleum
Engaged in providing services of petroleum products and fuel oil.

» Triple J. Holdings, Inc.
Exporters of petroleum and biodiesel.

» U. Need Lubricants
Suppliers of in all kinds of petroleum products.

» Ultra Enterprises
Suppliers of water finding paste.

» Unimers India Ltd
Unimers India Ltd. belongs to the DUNCAN GOENKA GROUP. UIL manufactures Ethylene Propylene (Diene) Rubber (EPM/EPDM) using solution polymerisation process at their state of the art plant situated at NAVI MUMBAI, INDIA in technical and financial collaboration with the world-renowned UNIROYAL CHEMICAL COMPANY INC. USA, the manufacturer of ROYALENE EPDM. Unimers India Ltd. markets their EPM/EPDM und...

» Universal Filing Station
Bulk exporters of petrol and diesel.

» Urmi Chemical
Dealers of all kinds of paraffin wax, bees wax, emulsifying wax, carnauba waxes and ceresine wax.

» V3 Consultancy Gen. Trading & Contr. Co.
Oilfield, Mud drilling Refineries, Petrochemicals, Sewage & Water Treatment, Galvanizing & Electroplating, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Beverages & Soft-drinks, Agricultural, Construction, Road Building, in addition to this endless list we can supply all sorts of Sulphates, Acids, Nitrates, Corrosion Inhibitor, Glycols, Lime, Soda, Barites, Carbon and so on, we have the experience of doin...

» Vivek Petrochemicals Ltd
Manufacturers of petol and engine oils.

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