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» A One Chemicals
Manufacturers of cupc pigment blue, pigment blue, pigment blue, pigment blue, pigment blue, pigment green, pigment green and pigment violet.

» A. K. Chemi Dyes Enterprises
Manufacturers and suppliers of textile dyes, acid dyes, reactive dyes, basic dyes, napthols dyes, direct colour, metal complex, fast base, vat dyes, organic pigments, inorganic pigments, oil colour and optical whitening agents.

» Aakar Exports
Manufacturing and selling of pigments, industrial pigments and also deals in agricultural sprayers, ultra low volume sprayer, three side ultra low volume sprayer, spinning ultra low volume sprayer and rotating ultra low volume sprayer.

» ABC Chemical Export Pvt. Ltd
Exporters and suppliers of organic pigments, inorganic pigments, fluorescent dry products, solvent dyes, pigment dispersions, chlorinated rubber, coating chemicals, acrylic emulsions, nitrocellulose solutions, hydrocarbon solvents and additives.

» Advent Dyes and Chemicals
Manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of industrial dyes, dye pigments, basic dyes, solvent dyes and dye intermediates such as acid orange, melachite green, violet toner, oil colours, ink blue, methyl violet, auramine and rubine toner.

» Advent Dyestuffs And Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing and exporting of dyes, indistrial dyes, food colour, direct dyes, acid dyes, reactive dyes, solvent dyes, dye chemicals, textile dyes. Also supplying non-benzidine direct dyes including direct red, direct blue and direct black. Manufacturer and exporter of acid dyes, acid metal complex dyes, acid mordant dyes, acid milling dyes, non-benzidine direct dyes, food colors, solvent dyes, f...

» Aeromax Synthetic Industries
Manufaturers of acid dyes, salt free acid dyes, vs based reactive dyes, procion cold water dyes, reactive mx dyes, reactive he dyes, reactive me dyes, h dyes, synthetic food dyes, natural food colours, synthetic lake dyes, solvent dyes and basic dyes.

» Ajanta Food Products Company
Manufacturing and supplying color additives, pigments and coloring agents such as marine blue, ultra blue, ultra marine blue used paints, cosmetics, detergents, cement, textiles, paper, in plastics, rubber, inks, etc

» Allwin Dyes Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturers and exporters of dyes like reactive dyes, textile dyes, reactive M dyes, reactive H dyes, reactive VS dyes, reactive ME dyes, reactive HE dyes and industrial dyes used in textiles industries. Also supply dye intermediates and dye stuffs.

» Alpa Overseas
Exporters of industrial pigments, coloring pigments used in textile industry, plastic additive industry, paint industry for excellent performance in processing plastic additives, master batches, concentrates and color preparations.

» Amal Ltd
Amal Products Ltd, an associate company of Atul Ltd, manufactures naphthalene-based chemical intermediates (mainly dye intermediates). It is a major producer of H-acid and operates the largest H-acid plant in Asia. The company also manufactures a select list of bulk chemicals.manufacturers of selected organic intermediates.

» Amar Dyes
Manufacturers and exporters of dyes that includes acid dyes, reactive dyes, acid red 73, reactive blue 4, pigment powder, pigment yellow 12, acid yellow 36, reactive black 8, pigment orange 13, scarlet MOO, metanil yellow, acid red 88, reactive black 5.

» Americos Industries Inc
Manufacturer and exporter of reactive dyes, acid dye, azoic dye, basic dye, direct dye, disperse dye, sulfur dye, vat dye, textile printing pigment, direct fixing colors, dyestuffs and speciality chemicals for pigment dyeing.

» Ami Pigments Private Limited
Manufacturers and exporters of pigment violet 23, pigment violet, amilite fast violet rl, pigments, pigment, violet pigments, carbazole dioxazine, exports violet pigments, color index etc.

» Amritlal Chemaux Pvt Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of dyes, acid dyes, basic dyes, direct dyes, mordant dyes, solvent dyes, fluorescent brighteners, reactive dyes, vat dyes, pigment powders, pigment printing emulsions, naphthols, fast color bases, food colors.

» Anand International (Gujrat)
Producers and authorized suppliers of industrial dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, disperse dyes, dichloro triazine dyes, pigment emulsion dyes and pigment powder dyes like anafix 'C' dyes, anafix 'H' dyes and anafix 'HE' dyes.

» Apurva Chemicals
Manufacturing and supplying dye chemicals like textile dye chemicals, speciality chemicals, leather dye chemicals. Also manufacturing dye intermediates, pharma intermediates, construction chemicals & leather chemicals.

» Arbuda Plastochem Pvt Ltd.
Manufacturers and exporters of industrial dyes such as industrial solvent dyes, basic dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, speciality dyes, liquid acrylic dyes and salt free dyes. Also manufactures food colors and salt intermediates.

» Arihant Dyechem
Engaded in manufacturing and exporting of aricol dyes. Also offers finishing chemicals, enzymes, auxiliary agents, bleaching agents, leveling agents, dispersing agents and other chemicals for construction, textile and leather industries.

» Aromatik Bangalore Private Limited
Manufacturing and exporting food dyes and colors like apple green color, chocolate brown color, kesari color, lemon yellow color, orange red color, raspberry red color, tomato red color, rose pink color and vino color.

» Aron Company
Manufacturer of pigments.

» Arora Chemical Works
Manufacturers of solvent dyes.

» Ashwini International
Deals in manufacturing and exporting of industrial dyes and color additives like solvent dyes, fast bases, reactive dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes along with pharma intermediaries chemicals and construction chemicals.

» Asim Products
Manufacturers and exporters of food colors, water soluble dyes, basic food colors, synthetic food colors, blended colors, toiletry colors, cosmetic colors, lake colors, aluminum lake colors, writing ink colors and synthetic food dyes.

» Associated Intermediate And Chemicals
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of industrial reactive dyes, textile reactive dyes, vinyl sulfone dyes, bi functional dyes, high exhaust dyes, hot reactive dyes, cold reactive dyes and fiber reactive dyes.

» Atul Ltd
Atul Ltd is an improvement driven, integrated chemical company serving about 4,000 customers belonging to 27 industries across the world. The Company has established subsidiary companies in the USA (1994), the UK (1996), Germany (1998), China (2004) and Brazil (2012) to serve its customers and thus enhance breadth and depth of its business. With depth in science and technology, Atul manages almost...

» Avon Elastomers India
Deals in export and manufacture of colour pigments like red colour pigments, yellow colour pigments, green colour pigments, orange colour pigments and white colour pigments. And also supplying of ladies shoe sole, shoe sole and gent's shoe sole.

» B. N. Mehra and Co.
Engaged in exporting and supplying of oil dyes, polymer soluble dye, solvent soluble dyes, optical brightening agents, invisible fluorescents, thermochromic pigments, daylight fluorescent pigments and phosphorescent pigments.

» B. R. Steel
Deals in export and manufacture of glass pigments.

» B. S. Chemicals
Manufacturers of red-r, blue b base, yellow gc, orange gc, 2, 5, dcnb, ot base, di nitro benze, phosphoric acid etc.

» Bagmull & Sons
Suppliers of all kinds of dyes.

» Balaji Global Impex
Exporters and manufacturers of dye intermediates including 4 chloro-2-aminophenol, dibromo paranitro aniline, methyl violet liquid form, methyl violet powder form, pigment alpha blue and pigment beta blue.

» Betatex Chemicals
Exports and manufactures textile auxiliary, scouring agent, non- ionic scouring agent, anionic wetting scouring agent, chelating agent, dye bath conditioner, dye bath leveling and conditioning agent, fabric softners, cataonic softener, bleaching chemical.

» Bhageria Dye Chem Limited
BHAGERIA DYE CHEM LIMITED was established in 1989 with an objective to serve the dyes & intermediates industry all over the globe. Company commenced its operations by setting up a Vinyl Sulphone Plant at Vapi (Gujarat) with capacity of 540 T.P.A. which has now expanded to 3600 T.P.A. Subsequently Company has gone for further expansion in other Dyes intermediates & Dyestuffs. The company successful...

» Bhagyoday Chemical
Leading manufacturers and fabricators of acid dyes.

» Bhatia Colour Co.
Manufacturers of all types dyes.

» Blue Chem India
Manufacturers and exporters of organic pigments, pigment paste, alpha blue pigment, pigment emulsions, acid colours, detergent colours, liquid blue chemicals, liquid blue raw materials, pigment lake red, pigment yellow, azo free dyes, solvent dyes.

» Bright Exim Private Limited
Manufacturer of dyes- acid dyes, direct dyes & reactive dyes

» Bul Bul Master Batches (P) LTD
Manufacturer and supplier of plastic colours that includes inorganic colours, organic colours, fluorescent colours, heat stable colours, special effect colours such as marble and granite finish colours.

» Cento Export
Sellers of organic and inorganic pigments.

» Champion Colours
Engaged in production of reactive dyes, vat dyes and dispurse dyes.

» Chem X Port Corporation
Exporters of all types of dyes and intermediates.

» Chemitex Enterprises
Engaged in exporting and supplying of industrial dyes, chemical dyes, dyestuff, dye intermediate, organic pigments, inorganic pigments, phthylo pigments, fluorescent pigments, alkyl benzene and phthalic anhydride.

» Chetak Pigments
Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of color aditives such as red oxide (sindoor), coloured powder (gulal), paints and white washing, plastic products, industrial products, clothing and rubber products.

» Chhataruya Dyestuff Private Limited
Engaged in manufacturing and fabricating acid brown dyes, acid dyes and basic dyes.

» Chopras Chem
Seller of dyes.

» Chowdhry Rubber And Chemical Co.
Wholesale dealer and supplier of pigment powder, pigment paste and pigment fine dust required by plastic, rubber, PVC, footwear, tyre, paint and packing industries.

» Classic International Company
Dealer and supplier of all types of dyes.

» Classic Sales
Engaged in supplying and exporting of dyes, industrial dyes, chemical dyes such as carboxy methyl cellulose, calcium chloride, aluminium sterate, etc. Also sells agro products, essential oils, semi precious stones, sand stones, granite and marbles.

» Colours India Inc.
Manufacturers of industrial dyes that includes reactive dyes, vinyl sulphone dyes, reactive H dyes, reactive M dyes, reactive HE dyes, reactive ME dyes, industrial direct dyes, direct dyes, industrial acid dyes, optical whiteners and acid dyes.

» Colourtex Group Of Companies
Manufacturer of all types of textile dyes, non textile dyes, eco friendly dyes, organic pigments and dyestuff.

» Cosmc Hi Tech Textile Park Limited
Manufacturer and bulk exporter of dyes.

» Cosmonaut Chemicals
Engaged in manufacturing variety of fabric dyes and textile dyes such as chemical dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, fast developing salts, fabric softeners, pigment paste, reactive dyes, textile enzymes and permanent textile colors.

» Crystal Chemical
Engaged in production of reactive dyes, acid dyes and basic dyes.

» Deepa Chemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of dyes and chemicals such as paper dyes, acrylic dyes, textile dyes, silk dyes, wool dyes, cashmilon dyes, malachite green dye, malachite green liquid, diamond green liquid dye used for dyeing fibres and fabrics.

» Deepa Sons
Exporters of made up dyes and chemicals.

» Deepak Chemtex Private Limited
Manufacturers of acid tpm colours, direct colours, solvent colour, lake colours, food colours, natural colour and basic colours.

» Deepak Colour Chem
Manufacturing and supplying acid dyes like acid violet 49, acid blue15 (FF), acid violet 17, acid blue N, acid violet 4bN, acid blue dyes, acid violet dyes, acid dyes, industrial dyes used in dyeing of wool, silk, viscose and leather.

» Dev Colourchem Industries
Manufacturers and exporters of acid, direct, basic, reactive, solvent, pigment, vat paste etc.

» Dharani Export-Import Services (P) Ltd.
Exporters and suppliers of dyes such as acid chrome dyes, acid black dyes, basic dyes, green bismark dyes, cationic black dyes, direct dyes, naphthol dyes, orange pigments, blue pigments, green pigments and red pigments.

» Dhirajlal & Co.
Manufacturer and exporter of pigment blue alfa, pigment blue beta, pigment green B 811, pigment green B 807, pigment 405 and pigment maroon toner 605, pigment red 22, pigment red 23, pigment yellow 65, pigment orange 5, .

» Dhruv Enterprise
Manufacturers and sellers of chemical dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes etc.

» Dhruv Intermediates Private Limited
Deals in manufacturing and exporting of dye intermediates like dichloro benzidine dihydrochloride, 3, 3, dichloro benzidine dihydrochloride and tetrachloro benzidine used in dyes.

» Dihem International
Exporters of all kinds of disperse dyes, vat dyes, reactive dyes etc.

» Drolia International
Manufacturers of gulal, abir, sindur, edible colours, holi colours.

» Dura Colour, Inc.
Manufacturer of inkjet dyes (all type of inks colours).

» Dyes Sales Corporation
Manufacturers, traders and exporters of all kinds of pigments and dyes like dyestuffs, solvent dyes, basic dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, fluorescent, dye intermediates, organic pigments and inorganic pigments.

» Dynamic Industries Ltd
Nothing could possibly be amiss anymore with Dynamic Industries filling the void of colourlessness since 1989. Imagine a sooty black sky, a milky white earth with black seas flowing and making pearl white foam against dead black rocks. White lands covered with dense black vegetation and black colossal mountains. Trees clas with white leaves marked with sharp black veins. Is the stark contrast sque...

» Ekta International
Manufacturer and exporter of acid dyes, bifunctional dyes, basic dyes, reactive "h" dyes, reactive "m" dyes, reactive "he" brand, direct dyes, intermediates, reactive "vs" base dyes, industrial chemicals and pigments.

» Esaar International
Manufacturer, supplier and distributor of high quality pigments like organic pigment paste, organic pigment powder, inorganic pigment, enamel pigment, printing inks pigment, synthetic resin, latex pigment, wood stains pigment and soaps pigment.

» Everest Intermediates
Manufacturer, bulk exporter and wholesale supplier of variety of dyes and color additives like schaeffer's acid, G-salt, amido G.acid, aniline 2-5 disulfonic acid, meta uriedo aniline HCL, dye intermediates and food color additives.

» Exotic Naturals
Exporting natural colors including bixa orellana, curcumin, marigold, chlorophyll, lycopene, pterocarpus santalinus and caesalpinia sappan used in processed foods, cosmetics and pharma industry.

» Ferrochem NDT Systems Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of dye penetrant chemicals, ready to use consumables, magnetic powders, accessories for MPI, accessories for LPI, crack detection machine, florescent dye penetrant system

» Flora Chemicals
Supplier, exporter and distributor of color additives, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, industrial chemicals, organic solvents, inorganic solvents, solvent solutions, allyl chloride, boric acid, monomethylamine, propargyl alcohol etc.

» Golden Dyechem
Suppliers of direct dyes, basic dyes, acid dyes, mono ethylene glycol, food colors, sodium sulphate, industrial color additives and other color additives.

» Guetermann I Private Limited
Engaged in producing dyes.

» H & J International, Mumbai
Exporters of food colors, dyestuffs, pigments, intermediates & chemicals

» H. B. Associate
Manufacturer and exporter of textile disperse dyes, textile colour intermediates, fabric dyes, dyes intermediates, dispersed organic pigments, pigment emulsion, textile pigment binders, optical brightener, pigment paste and industrial pigments.

» Halogen Petrochem
Manufacture and export of textile dyes, textile dying chemicals, textile levelling, textile migrating, silicone emulsions, silicone softeners, non-ionic softeners, print accelerators, wetting agents, cationic softeners.

» Harmony
Manufacturers and exporters of paint additives like paint thickeners, dispersing agents, emulsifier free additives, paint defoamers, silicone defoamers, powder disperser, wetting agent, flow modifier, preservatives and anti-settling agent.

» Harsh Enterprise
Deals into all kinds of acid dyes, direct dyes, pigment dyes etc.

» Highland International
Manufacturing of organic pigments and inorganic pigments used in the paints, printing inks, rubber and textile applications. Also supply with mineral fillers like mica, china clay, barytes and talc.

» Himneel Overseas Private Limited
Manufacturer and supplier of acid blue dyes, acid orange dyes, acid yellow dyes, acid black dyes, acid green dyes, acid violet dyes, methylene blue zinc, reactive hot dyes, reactive cold dyes, bifunctional dyes and other dye intermediates.

» HKV Auxichem Pvt. Ltd
Exporters and suppliers of textile dyes, reactive dyes, direct dyes, vat dyes, solvent vat dyes, basic vat dyes available in powder and paste form, organic pigments, inorganic pigments, textile enzymes and permanent textile colorants.

» Indian Toners & Developers Ltd
Indian Toners and Developers Limited (ITDL), an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Certified Company, was incorporated in 1990, as a Public Limited Company with more than 18000 shareholders. Indian Toners formed a subsidiary by the name of ITDL Imagetec Limited, which became operational since beginning 2009. While the manufacturing plant of the parent company i.e. Indian Toners is located in Rampur ...

» Indo Tex
Manufacturing and wholesale supply of pigment emulsion, dyestuffs, organic pigments and textile printing dyestuffs.

» Indokem Limited, Mumbai
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying direct dyes, reactive dyes, disperse dyes and acid dyes.

» Indokem Ltd
Although indokem maybe a well reputed company today, its origins were much greater. Khatau Makanji, a pioneer of his age, set up Khatau Makanji Spinning and Weaving Mills in the late 1800's, he was one of the few Indian businessman with the creativity and vision to see the potential of the textile industry in India at the time. Having established Khatau Mills as a successful business, the Khatau g...

» Jai Radhe Sales
Manufacturer and exporter of reactive dyes such as cold dyes, hot dyes and vinyl sulphone. Also supply active pharmaceutical ingredients, herbal extraxts, oleoresins and phythochemicals like camptothecin and boswellic acid.

» Jain Colour & Chemical Co.
Deals into all kinds of direct dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, nylon dyes, pigments etc.

» Jash Dark Glow Powder
Exporters and suppliers of glow pigments, luminescent pigments, photo luminescent pigments, yellow green luminescent pigments, blue green luminescent pigments, sky blue luminescent pigments, red luminescent pigments and violet luminescent pigments.

» Jay Chem Industries, Ahmedabad
Exporters all types of dyes like direct dyes, basic dyes, reactive dyes, vat dyes, food dyes etc.

» K. P. R. S. Industries
Exports and manufactures color additives that includes glitter powder, jari powder, sparkles and sequence spangle used in textile printing, glitter glue, glass ornament, gel coats, garments, cosmetics, ink heat transfer and christmas ornaments.

» K. S. Chandrasekaran Dyes
Distributors and suppliers of dyes and pigments.

» Kalmangi Mahadevappa
Sellers of dyes.

» Kamala Intermediates
Supplier and exporter of dyes, dyestuffs, dye intermediates such as sulphuric acid, nitric acid, para dichloro benzene, ortho dichloro benzene, ortho toluidine, para toluidine, liquid chlorine, para nitro aniline, 2,5 dichloro aniline, nitro benzene.

» Kanegrade Flavours & Ingredients Pvt. Ltd.
Suppliers of natural colours, natural ingredients, natural extracts that includes chlorophyll, anthocyanin, beetroot, beta carotene, iron oxide, ammonia caramel, spirit caramel, acid proof caramel and riboflavoin.

» Kankai Exports
Manufacturers and traders of dyestuffs and dyes intermediates like meta phenylene diamine, metanilic acid, sulfanilic acid, neville winther acid, disperse dyes, reactive dyes, solvent colours, organic pigment powders, basic dyes etc.

» Kanshu Chemical Industries
Manufacturers and exporters of several kinds of colors and pigment paste like pigment paste violet FR, pigment paste navy blue FB, pigment paste yellow F2G, pigment paste olive green FB, pigment paste brown FGG and pigment paste black RK.

» Karnavati Colour Chem
Manufacturer, supplier and distributor of color additives, pigment additives, phthalocyanine green, phthalocyanine pigment blue, pigments, phthalocyanine pigment blue, crude intermediates and green intermediates.

» Kartik Traders
Service providers of import of textiles like fabric, yarn, chemicals, dyes etc

» Kings International
Engaged in manufacturing dyes, organic pigments, inorganic pigments, alpha blue pigments, betablue pigments, greenb-811, greenb-807, maroon tonner, suthol red, calcium lithol red, yellow-65, orange-5, lemon chrome, middle chrome and zinc chrome.

» Kinjal Chemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of dyes and dyes intermediates alongwith metanilic acid, meta amino phenul, dithyl-meta amina phenol, optical brightners, F. C. acid, diamino acid, diphenylamine, 2-sulfonic acid etc.

» Kiran International
Manufacturers & Exporters of direct dyes, acid dyes & reactive dyes etc.

» KMA Exports
Manufacturer, exporter and dealers of natural indigo dye, pure dry indigofera tinctoria, annatto, coleus forskoliff and indigofera tinctoria leaves for hair dye and natural herbs that are produced from the indigo plants.

» Kolor Jet Chemical Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of variety of dyes like reactive dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, basic dyes and solvent dyes, inkjetdyes, wax printing dyes, ribagen dyes, dyes intermediates, synthetic food colors, caramel colors, natural food colors.

» Krishna International
Engaged in selling, distributing and exporting dyestuff, dyes chemicals, acid dyes and direct dyes.

» Kwality Colours
Manufacturers and supplier of wide range of chemical plus solvent dyes and fluorescent pigments such as radium yellow fluorescent pigments, sparking orange fluorescent pigments, soluble organic metal complex dyes and pure holi colours.

» L. Chhotalal And Company
Manufacturer and exporter of ultramarine blue powder, ultramarine liquid blue, ultramarine blue pigment, ultramarine whitener, powdered fabric whitener and ultramarine indigo.

» L.D. Chemicals
Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of variety of intermediate dyes, colored dyes, synthetic dyes, reactive dyes, nitro toluene, sulfonic acid, para nitro toluene ortho sulfonic acid, 4 sulfo anthranilic, anthranilic acid and natural intermediate dyes.

» L.Liladhar and Co.
Manufacturer, exporters and supplier of food colour dyes, food colour and colour additives such as primary food colours, blended food colours and food seasonings used in ice-creams, sweets, fresh juices, health drinks, popcorns and chips & crackers.

» Laser Exports Private Limited
Engaged in manufacturing of pigment emulsions, dye bath additives and water modifier.

» M. A. Vaishno Enterprise
Exporters of vat dyes.

» M. J. Shah & Co.
Authorized distributors and suppliers of industrial dyes, dyes colors, dye stuffs paper dyes, food colors, leather dyes and solvent colors. Also engaged in ferrous metallics, non ferrous metallics and bulk drugs intermediates.

» M/s N.K. Dye Chem
Manufacturer, supplier and importer of acrylic dyes, basic dyes, modified dyestuff, leather dyes, disperse dyes, acid dyes, industrial dyes, cationic dyes used in rubber, printing ink, plastics and paint industries.

» Madhu Chemicals
Manufacturing and supplying industrial dyes, dye chemicals and dyes intermediates like stearic acid, sodium persulphate, potassium persulphate, di methyl aniline, di ethyl phthalate, di butyl maleate, butyl cellosolve and benzoyl chloride.

» Magnum Corporation, Ahmedabad
Manufacturer and exporter of dyestuff, reactive dyes, acid dyes, basic dyes, direct dyes, dichloro triazine dyes, mono chloro triazine dyes, leveling dyes, metal complex dyes, non-benzedene direct dyes and food colors.

» Manibhadra Enterprise, Ahmedabad
Manufacturers of phthalogen dyes, reactive dyes, organic pigment powders, ph indicator and blood stains.

» Marathwada Chemical Industries Private Limited
Exporters of Pigments

» Maxwell Enterprise
Manufacturers and supplier of solvent dyes and solvent chemicals like solvent dyes, benzaldehyde, benzyl chloride, benzyl alcohol, sodium benzoate, ortho chloro benzaldehyde, pyridine and benzoyl chloride.

» Meera Dyestuff Industries
Manufacturers of all kinds of reactive dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, reactive saltfree dyes, vinyl sulfone based dyes, printing dyes, colored dyestuffs, dyes chemicals and dye intermediate chemicals.

» Megha International
Exporter of vinyl sulphone based reactive dyes, bi functionals reactive dyes, high exhaust reactive dyes, direct dyes, acid dyes, metal complex dyes, metal complex solvent dyes, basic dyes for printing and dyeing natural fibres and artificial fibres.

» Mehra Organics
Manufacturer and supplier of pigments.

» Metrochem Industries Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of reactive dyes, direct dyes, acid dyes, mordant dyes, metrolene dyes, dyes intermediates, pigments etc.

» Metrochem Industries Ltd
The Hon’ble High Court of Gujarat has sanctioned the Scheme of Amalgamation in the nature of Amalgamation of Metrochem Industries Limited (MCIL) with Global Boards Limited (GBL) pursuant to the order dated 31st January, 2011 and we have received Certified Copy of the same order on 15th February, 2011. The Hon’ble High Court of Bombay has sanctioned the Scheme of Amalgamation in the nature of A...

» Mgs Dye Chem
Suppliers of all kinds of black dyes, colour dyes etc.

» Milton Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing industrial chemicals used in dyes, dye intermediates, pigments, masterbatches, paints and dry dispersions. Also manufacture pharmaceutical chemicals, plastics chemicals, plasticizers and other industrial chemicals.

» Mithani Chem
Specializes in supplying and exporting of dyes and color additives that includes solvent colors, ultramarine blue. Also supplies food colors, bajaj auto rickshaw parts, zeal auto rickshaw and vintage scooter.

» Mittal Processors
Manufactuers of dyeing, jet dyeing, jigger dyeing, softflow dyeing, relax drying etc.

» Modern Engineering Enterprises
Exporters of natural pigments, dyes etc.

» Molchemie Overseas Operations
Manufacturers and exporters of dyes, leather dyes, textile dyes, paper dyes and color additives like anolix-ar liquid, amogen-prl liquid, anolix-fda liquid, anotan-win liquid, anotan-fbi liquid, fixomide-p liquid.

» N. R. Chem Corporation
Engaged in manufacturing of intermediates.

» N. S. Trexim Private Limited
Leading manufacturer and exporter of dyes and pigments.

» Naga Sai Industries
The products available at Naga Sai Industries are paint & varnishes.

» Nandolia Organic Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial dyes and industrial pigments. Also offer organic chemicals, volatile organic chemicals, indian organic chemicals, oxidizing inorganic chemicals and inorganic basic chemicals.

» Narayan Organics Private Limited
Manufacturers and exporters of copper phthalocyanine, blue crude, nickel phthalocyanine blue, monochloro phthalocyanine blue, pigment alpha blue, pigment green etc.

» NCC Agro Industries
Engaged in supplying of fabric dyes including blue indigo dye, natural indigo dye, dry indigofera tinctoria and indigo powder. Also supply dry indigofera leaves and dry indigo leaves.

» Neelikon Food Dyes & Chemicals Ltd.
Manufacture and exporter of synthetic food colors, fluorescent dyes, water-soluble color, quinoline yellow, black pn, green s, brown ht, red 2g, brilliant blue fcf, patent blue v, D & C colors, water insoluble aluminum lakes of any food colors.

» Neochem Industries
Manufacturing and supplying of eco friendly pigments, organic pigments, pigment dyestuff, pigment emulsions and pigment dispersions having application in different fields like textile emulsions, printing ink, plastic and paint.

» Nilkanth Group of Companies
Manufacturers and exporters of dyes that includes reactive dyes, textile dyes, industrial dyes, reactive turquise blue dye, direct blue dye, alpha blue dye, pigment beta blue and pigment beta green.

» Nirchem Corporation
Suppliers of dyes and pigments.

» Nitin Dye Chem Private Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of direct dyes, acid dyes, solvent dyes, basic dyes, metal complex dyes, soluble metal complex dyes, wood dyes, printing dyes, solvent black RE, solvent orange RL, solvent Yellow R, acid yellow 2G and acid scarlet 3R.

» Nutan Impex
Deals in manufacturing and supplying of dyes.

» One World Tradelinks
Bulk suppliers and exporters of pigments.

» Orjet Intermediates Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of direct dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, acid yellow dyes, acid red dyes, acid brown dyes, acid green dyes, reactive yellow dyes, reactive orange dyes, reactive red dyes, reactive black dyes and direct black dyes.

» Oswal Organics, Ahmedabad
Manufacturer and exporter of dye pigments, dyeing pigments, paint pigments, plastic coloring pigments, ink pigments, rubber dyeing pigments and textile dyeing pigments. Range of pigments includes yellow pigments, fast yellow pigments & fast red pigments.

» Oxides & Specialities Limited
Deals in export and manufacture of organic pigments, inorganic pigments, organic dyes and inorganic dyes.

» P. N. Sampat & Associates
Exporters of dyes and intermediates.

» Panchmahal Dyestuff Industries
Specialized manufacturer and exporter of acid metal complex dyestuffs for wool, silk, nylon, and leather as well as aluminium anodising & aqueor based inks like acid brown, acid red, acid yellow, acid blue, acid violet, acid black etc.

» Paramount Industries
Manufacturers and suppliers of polishing compound, red buffing compound, ss buffing compound, white buffing compound, yellow buffing compound, green buffing compound, classic buffing compound and classic white buffing compound.

» Paramount Minerals And Chemicals Limited
Manufacturing and exporting dye intermediates like di-amino stilbene and di-sulphonic acid. Also offers optical brighteners, optical brightening agents, fluorescent brightening agents, fluorescent whitening agents and optical bleaches.

» Parshwanath Dyestuff Industries
Engaged in manufacturing reactive cold brand dyes, reactive hot brand dyes, reactive he dyes, reactive me dyes, vs base dyes, synthetic food colors, primary food colors, lake food colors, tartrazine, carmoisine, sunset yellow fcf and erythrosine.

» Parshwnath Dyechem Industries Private Limited
Manufacturing and exporting dyes, solvent dyes, liquid dyes, paroil liquid petroleum dyes, solvent color dyes, water proof pigments, color pigments, fluorescent color dyes, pigment green - 36, parlite fluorescent dyes.

» Parth Exports
Manufacturer and exporter of dyes, chemical dyes, 2,6-di bromo para nitro aniline, 2,6-dichloro para nitro aniline, 4 nitro -2 -aminophenol, 2 Amino-4-Chloro Phenol, pigment blue 15.3, sodium lauryl ether sulfate, 6 bromo -2 -cyno para nitro aniline.

» Polymers & Coatings Consultancy Services & Marketing
Deals in pigments emulsions, coating additives etc.

» Pranm Export
Deals in export and manufacture of pigments, dyes and dye stuffs.

» Premier Industries, Nagpur
Manufacturers of benzene based dyes.

» Premier Pigments and Chemicals
Suppliers of dyes and pigments that organic pigments, inorganic pigments, solvent soluble dyes, metal complex dyes, construction chemicals, pigment paste, fluorescent pigments, oxide colors for paint, coating and ink industry.

» Radiant Chemicals
Exporting and supplying color additives like antiskinning agent, antisettling agent, antisagging agent, wetting agent, anticlogging agent, grinding agent, emulsifier, levelling agent, defoamer and dispersing agents.

» Raj Marketing
Engaged in manufacturers and exporters of glass colors, water based glass colors, ready to use glass colors and glass craft colors. Also supplying glass adhesives, glass to glass stitcking adhesives and glass to metal stitcking adhesives.

» Raja Dye Chem
Manufacturing and supplying dyes like azofree direct dyes, disperse dyes, remazol dyes, metal complex dyes, acrylic dyes, basic dyes, HE dyes and disperse dyes on polyester.

» Rakanpur Extrusions Private Limited
Leading manufcaturer and exporter of phthalocyanine green pigment green 7, pigment green 36, chrome pigments, chromium pigments, hydrated chromium oxide green, chromium oxide green, organic pigments and chrome oxide green pigments.

» Ram Suji Industries
The products available at Ram Suji Industries are different types of paints and hardware.

» Ria Dyes
Manufacturer and exporter of reactive dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes such as cold dyes, hot dyes, he dyes, bifunctional dyes, VS dyes, acid milling dyes, acid metal complex dyes, non-benzidine direct dyes, direct sun yellow RCH and sunfast direct dyes.

» Riddhi Enterprise Dahisar
Engaged in supplying and trading of pigment powder, pigment paste, organics pigment powder, inorganic pigment powder find usage in paints, plastic, inks, dry colors, rubber and pigment paste stainers are used for paints, detergent, P.U.foam and textile.

» Riddhi Siddhi Trading Co
Exporters of industrial dyes, pigment dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, procion dyes, isolan acid dyes, levafix dyes, remazol dyes, pigment printing binder, textile binders, textile auxiliaries, leveling agent, lubricating agent, zari binder and fixers.

» Rohit Enterprise
Exporters of chemicals viz. dyes, pharmaceutical, plastics, etc.

» Rollwala Enterprise
Dealing in alpha blue, beta blue, yellow oxide, pearl and phthalocyanine blue.

» Ronak Orgo Chemi
Manufacturing paper dyes like acid orange, acid yellow, acid yellow, acid fast red, acid scarlet, acid scarlet MOO dye, acid red G dyes, acid red GRS dyes, bismarck brown dyes, direct paper yellow dyes, rhodamine dyes and metanil yellow dyes.

» Rubo Chem Industries Pvt. Ltd
Supplier of colours.

» Rung International
Manufacturers and exporters of reactive dyes, hot brand,vinyl sulphone,natural food colours, primary colours,pthalogen dyes and food colors such as H dyes, M dyes, rungzol dyes, HE dyes, ME dyes, primary colours, lake colours and blended colours. Suppliers of natural food colour, cosmetic colors, food dyes, pigment colors, synthetic food color, solvent dyes, lake colors, blended colors, pigment em...

» S & H Industries
Deals in supplying and exporting natural colours, herbal colours, marigold flower color, rubia cordifolia root color, henna spray dried extract color and annato seeds. Also offers herbstephrosia purpurea plant, valerian wallachi root, pueraroa tuberosa.

» S. C. India Group Of Industries
Manufacturers and exporters of rective dyes, acid dyes optical whitener 2B.

» S. G. Distributors
Exporters of acid dyes, basic dyes, direct dyes, reactive, solvent, pigment like green, yellow, blue, orange etc.

» S. M. Paints Industries
Deals in manufacturing and supplying of synthetic pigments, iron oxide powder, red iron oxide powder, yellow iron oxide powder, green oxide powder and blue oxide powder. Also exports emulsion paints, oil bound distempers and primers.

» Saan Global
Authorized dealer and suppliers of polyols, tdi, catalyst, silicones and methylene chloride.

» Sadhana Nitro Chem Ltd.
Sadhana Nitro Chem Ltd. (SNCL) was established in 1973 by founder Chairman Mr. D.T. Javeri with the primary objective of producing high quality chemical intermediaries. With a modest 12000 TPA plant set up in a factory at Roha, 135 kms from Mumbai, SNCL commenced its operations with the production of Nitrobenzene, a heavy organic chemical utilizing the pump nitration technology of AB Chematur, a d...

» Sahani Printers
We are a reputed garment printing company in tirupur. We under take all kinds of garment printing in our factory.

» Sanchi Chemicals Pvt Limited
Manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of dyes and dyes intermediates like acid dyes, metal complex dyes, metal complex solvent dyes, basic dyes, pigment powder, reactive dyes, textile whitening agents, pigments optical, non-textile dyes.
Manufacturer and exporter of high quality acid dyes, solvent dyes, tpm dyes, leather dyes, acid blue 9, metal complex dyes and optical brighteners used in t...

» Sanjay Dye-Chem Corporation
Manufacturing and exporting all kinds of dyes such as 'VS' base dyes, M dyes, H dyes, high exhaust dyes, bifunctional dyes, direct dyes, acid dyes and rapid dyes. Also deals in pigment paste and dye fixing agent.

» Saraswathi Chemicals

» Sarvottam Dye Chem Industries
Manufactures and supply bismark brown dyes, chrysodine dyes, rhodamine dyes and auromine dyes.

» Sasa India
Manufacturer and exporter of various dyes.

» Satyawati Chemicals
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of dyes that includes bismark brown R liquid dyes, auramine `O' liquid dyes, chrysodine `R' liquid dyes, chrysodine `Y' liquid dyes, basic blue 26, basic blue 16, crystal violet liquid dyes & ethyl violet liquid dye.

» Savvy Colors
Supplier of reactive dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, microdisperse vat dyes and pigments.

» Saya Group
Manufacturers of all kinds of pigment paste, pigment powder etc.

» Selective Minerals and Color Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturing iron oxide, cement and concrete colors like red oxide, yellow oxide, blue oxide, green oxide, grey oxide, pink oxide, orange oxide, black oxide and ultramarine blue used in construction chemicals, paints, glass coloring and ferrites.

» Shankar Dyes and Chemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of solvent dyes, acid dyes, dye powder, discharge dyes, industrial chemicals, pigment paste, acid colors, pearl powder, metallic colors, poster colors, chrome colors, ceramic colors and gold paste.

» Sherman Inc.
Engaged in supplying and exporting of dyes and color additives that includes pigments, plastic pigments and construction industry pigments. Also offers caustic soda flakes, soap cakes, hydrochloric acid, edible salts and caster oil.

» Shital Exports
Engaged in production and supply of solvent dyes, reactive dyes, direct dyes and pyrazolone dyes.

» Shree Chem Marketing
Manufacturer of pigment paste, pigment powder, binder, phthalogen blue 3gk and lubricants viscosity improver.

» Shree Industries
Exporters and suppliers of pigment dyes, reactive dyes, pigment paste, pigment powder, textile auxiliaries, reactive cold brand dyes, reactive hot brand dyes, reactive he brand dyes, reactive me brand dyes and vinyl sulphone base dyes.

» Shree Mahalaxmi Chemicals
Distributors, traders and wholesalers of pearl pigments including silver white pearl pigments, gold luster pearl pigments, color pearl pigments, pigmentation pearl pigments, mica iron metal luster pearl pigments and crystel series pearl pigments.

» Shree Nathji Dyestuffs
Exporters and suppliers of industrial dyes, basic dyes, acid dyes, solvent dyes, powder basic dyes, synthetic food dyes, petroleum dyes, natural food dyes, fluorescent pigments and dyes for acrylic fiber.

» Shree Shapthagires Fab Chemical
Suppliers of natural indigo dyes.

» Shreelaxmi Industries
Manufacturer and bulk suppliers of ultramarine blue, liquid blue, gulal, industrial blue, super touch ultramarine blue and super bright gold ultramarine blue. Also manufacture and supplies epoxy adhesives and fabric whitener.

» Shreesiddh Corporation
Bulk suppliers and exporters of green pigment, red pigment, yellow pigment and orange pigment.

» Shreya Aniline Industries Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and merchant exporters of color pigments, basic dyes, direct dyes, synthetic dyes, acid dyes, pigment dispersions, insulation pigments, pigment for polyurethane foams and special dyes for soaps and detergents.

» Shri Ganesh Creations
Traders and dealers of dark pigments.

» Shri Ganpati Dye Chem
Manufacturers and exporters of pure dyes that includes chemical dyes, pigment dyes, leather dyes, disperse dyes, direct dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, dyes intermediates, dye chemicals, acid milling dyes, dyestuff acid reactives and other dyes.

» Shri Hari Dyes & Chemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of dyes, reactive dyes, high exhaust dyes, HEXL dyes, reactive H dyes, reactive M dyes, reactive RR dyes, RR series dyes, RGB series dyes, vinyl dyes, vinyl sulfone dyes and reactive ME dyes.

» Shri Sai Enterprise
Manufacturer and exporter of solvent dyes like solvent black 29, solvent red 132, solvent red 1, solvent red 122, solvent yellow 88, solvent yellow 93, solvent violet 58, solvent orange 99, 1-phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone, para tolyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone

» Shubh Chemicals
Exporting and selling dyes and pigments.

» Shubham International
Manufacturing and exporting of all types of textiles dyes and dyes intermediates.

» Shubham Starch Chem Pvt. Ltd.
Supplier and manufacturer of high grade coating pigment for paper coating and paint. Also exports amproyl polymer series, alcotlite starch and cationic starch.

» Siddhivinayak Enterprises
Dealers and exporters of pigment colour.

» Silverline Exporters Private Limited
Wholesaler and exporter of pigments.

» Spack Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of dye intermediates, industrial dyes, industrial dyes intermediates. Also exports industrial chemicals like dimethyl sulphate, diethyl phthalate, dimethyl aniline and mono methyl aniline.

» SR Speciality Chemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of dyeing chemicals including reactive dyes, direct dyes, acid dyes, direct acid dyes, direct basic dyes, food dyes, leather dyes, dyes intermediates, pigment intermediates, fabric dyes, 4 sulpho hydrazone and indicators.

» Sreechakra Impex
Exporters of photoluminescent pigment products such as glow in dark paints, glow in dark tapes, stickers, master batches, road marking paints, photo chronic pigments, decorative glass items and color changing candles.

» Sri Balaji Chemicals Limited
Deals in dyes.

» Sri Sapthagari Industrial Enterprises
Products available at Sri Sapthagari Industrial Enterprises are oxide colors.

» Standardcon Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of solvent dyes like solvent yellow 2 dyes, solvent yellow 7 dyes, solvent yellow 14 dyes, solvent yellow 16 dyes, solvent yellow 18 dyes, solvent yellow 33 dyes. Also exports natural colors, food colors and lake colors.

» Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd
Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited is owned by the Rathi group of companies and accounts for 70% of the Rathi group sales revenue each year. Sudarshan’s color and effect pigment business is the flagship of the group, contributing 67% of Sudarshan’s group turnover, US$140 million. We make all our products in-house on our production plants in Roha and Mahad, in the Maharastra state of India. ...

» Suriyambika
Leading manufacturers of pigments.

» Swaraj Indochem
Deals into direct dyes, reactive dyes, pigments and acid dyes.

» Swastik Acids & Chemicals
Leading suppliers of dyes.

» Swastik Chemicals
Engaged in supplying and exporting pigment paste, industrial pigment, pigment colors, inorganic pigment and organic pigment. Also offers prime rose chrome, zinc chrome, orange chrome, l.yellow chrome, chromocynine green violet 772 glycerine, etc.

» Synthetic Dyes and Chemicals
Manufactures and export of synthetic dyes, synthetic chemicals, organic dyes like synazol vs dyes, synactive M dyes, synafix me dyes, synactive h dyes, synafix he dyes, cold brand dyes m dyes, hot brand dyes h dyes and vinyl sulphone based dyes vs dyes.

» Tamara Creations
Engaged in selling, distributing and exporting pigments, pearl pigments and fluorescent pigments.

» Tanya Exports
upplier and exporter of food colors, natural food colors, caramel food colors, synthetic food colors, blended food colors, edible food colors, permitted food colors, h brand dyes, m brand dyes, dyes intermediates, edible dyes intermediates and dyestuff.

» Tech Mech Group Of Industries
Manufacturers of dyes.

» Techno Color Corporation
Manufacturer and exporter of fabric dyes, leather dyes, acid dyes, textile dyes, acid metal complex dyes, acid mordant dyes, non-benzidine direct dyes, food colors, solvent dyes used in nylon, silk, wool, leather, paper and printing ink industries.

» Thakkar Industries
Manufacturers and exporters of dye chemicals, industrial chemical, industrial dyes, fast scarlet r base, fast bordeaux gp base, MNPT fast red gl base, fast scarlet g base, fast red rl base, fast scarlet rc base, laboratory chemical and textile dyes.

» Trans Asia International
Manufacturers of dyes, dyestuff, D.D. oil, skylene oil H.S, defoamer, defoamer N.S.D, novatex 1000, novatex-S, novafix DF 30%, novafix DF 50%, novafix DF 60%, novafix DF 65%, skylene DFT and skylenedbi TCI.

» Trinity Enterprises
Manufacturer and exporter of dyes, optical brightening agents, optical whitener, finishing agents, textile auxiliaries, dyes for preparation and colouration of textile, scouring auxiliaries, dyeing auxiliaries and stiffening agents.

» Ultimate Chem (India) Pvt Ltd
Suppliers and exporters of dye intermediates, industrial dyes, dye chemicals, sodium persulphate, potassium persulphate, ammonium persulphate, methane sulfonyl chloride, itaconic acid, sulfolane, sodium gluconate and sodium sulphate flakes.

» Ultra Chemical Works
Bulk supplier and exporter of pigments, aura pigments, mine pigments, methylene blue pigments, malachite green pigments and also deals in plastic chemicals, plasticizers, speciality chemicals, essential oils, industrial minerals and inorganic chemicals.

» Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd
Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd is one of the largest Pigment and Surfactant manufacturing company of Indian origin, having two factories in South India. We have been offering quality products with excellent technological expertise throughout our fifty years of existance. The mission is being earnestly continued by a dedicated team of spirited employees, who constantly work with an uncompromising sense...

» Ultramarines India Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of ultramarine blue, ultramarine blue pigments, ultramarine blue dyes, inorganic blue pigments, inorganic ultramarine pigments used for brightening washed cotton clothes and for applications in plastics and rubber industries.

» Unicose
Manufacturers of rapid dyes.

» Unilex Exports Ltd.
Manufacturers and exporters of solvent dyes, food dyes, pigment emulsion, oil soluble dyes and pigment paster. Also offers natural food colors, synthetic food colors and blended food colors. Engaged in exporting solvent dyes, pigment dyes, acid dyes, oil soluble dyes used for coloring textiles, detergents and lubricants. Also offers food colors and food grade dyes for coloring ice creams, confecti...

» United Colors Co.
Deals into pigments and solvents.

» United Dyes and Chemicals
Manufacturer and wholesale supplier of textile dyes, reactive dyes, solvent dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, basic dyes, solvent dyes, vat dyes, vat powder, vat pastes, modified guar gum and natural hydrocolloides.

» Universal Colorant Company
Enabled in manufacture of color concentrates and other additives such as pre dispersed concentrate, encapsulated dustless concentrate, ldpe concentrate, rubber concentrate, color concentrate, lldpe concentrate and polymer base concentrate.

» Unoque Enterprises
Manufacturer of dyes.

» Vaidy Enterprise
Supplier of dyes, basic dyes, dye intermediates, industrial dyes, industrial chemicals. Also supply oil soluble solvents, pigment powder, pigment emulsion, organic pigment powder and industrial chemicals.

» Vardhman International
Suppliers of acid dyes, food coclour, solvent dyes etc.

» Vasnabh Dyechem Private Limited
Manufacturers and exporters of basic dyes.

» Vega Chemicals
Engaged in exporting of various kinds of CALX synthetic iron oxide pigments such as CALX synthetic red iron oxide pigments and CALX synthetic yellow iron oxide pigments.

» Victor Dyes
Manufacturer & exporter of dyestuff

» Vidhi Dyestuffs. Mfg. Ltd.
Vidhi Dyestuffs Mfg. Ltd., (VDML) an Institution in Edible Food Colour technology is engaged in the manufacturing and worldwide distribution of Synthetic Water Soluble Food Colours, Lakes, FD&C Certified Colours (U.S. FDA Approved Colours), D&C Colours (U.S. FDA Approved Colours Certified for use in Drugs & Cosmetics), FD&C Lakes, D&C Lakes & Blends these are available in various forms like Powder...

» Vikram And Company
Deals into basic dye stuff, sulphur dye stuff, acid dye stuff etc.

» Vinayak Associates
Engaged in exporting of glowing paints and glowing pigments along with other glowing articles such as glowing water paintings, glowing portrait paintings, bright glowing candles, warm glowing candles, glowing statues and glowing tiles.

» Vishal Industries
Manufacturers & exporter of basic dyes and blue pigments such as basic violet 1 (powder/crystal/liquid), basic violet 3(powder/crystal/liquid) gentian dye, basic violet 4 (liquid), dyeing dye, methyl violet & solvent violet 8 / 9 and auramine O.

» Vishesh Dyes & Chemicals
Engaged in manufacturing reactive dyes and acid dyes.

» Worldtex Speciality Chemicals
Leading manufacturer and supplier of textile binders, textile dyes, textile chemicals, viscosity improver, dispersing agents, textile treating, finishing auxiliaries. Also supply pigment paste, vat paste and wetting agents.

» Yash Chem International
Exporter of dyes and dye intermediates.

» Yuvraj Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Exporters and suppliers of all kinds of dyes, textile dyes, industrial dyes, emulsifiers, adjuants, drying agents, growth regulants, methyl aziridinyl phosphine oxide, triethylene glycol dimethacrylate, trichloro benzene, amine based hardeners etc.

» Zedyeco Industries
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of dyes that includes industrial reactive dyes, industrial active dyes, textile dyes, cotton textile dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes and reactive dyes. Also suplies direct turquoise dyes and direct fast black dyes.

» Zirconium Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of zirconium chemicals, zirconium oxide, zirconium basic carbonate, zirconium basic sulphate, zirconium sulphate are used as textile dyes, coating of titanium pigments, plasma coating of zirconium oxide and other color pigments.

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