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» A. M. C. India
Engaged in supplying of soaps and detergents.

» A. N. Pal Chowdhury Engg Enteprises
Manufacturers and exporters of sopas, liquid soaps, perfumed liquid soaps, liquid toilet soaps, perfumed toilet soaps, perfumed toilet liquid soaps, floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, rust removers, etc.

» A. T. F. Marketing
Manufacturers of all kinds of toilet soap, laundry soap, washing powder etc.

» Aadharsila Multi Products Pvt. Ltd
Supplier and producer of detergents.

» Aaha Impex Pvt. Ltd
Established in 2000, aaha impex pvt. ltd. is a renowned name in the field of Indian food spices, Indian chutney, groceries and processed food products. known for our premium quality, timely supply of orders, competitive prices and customer oriented approach, today, we have established ourselves as a highly reliable and respected player in the industry.Exporters and suppliers of consumer goods like...

» Aastha Cleaning Products
Manufacturers and exporters of kentucky mop, dry, dust control mop, squeezees, mopheads, dusters and housekeeping materials.

» Acharya Exports
Exporter and supplier of herbal soaps, beauty soaps, orange soaps, rose soaps, banana soaps, ayurvedic soaps and perfumed soaps along with massage oils, incense sticks and perfumed sachets.

» Addis Chemico Corporation
Engaged in manufacturing all types of detergent powder, liquid soaps, perfumed liquid soaps, cleaning material, pine based cleaner, multi purpose cleaner, spray cleaner, glass cleaner, phenyl, black phenyl, liquid phenyl and utensils cleaner.

» Aditya Impex International
Leading supplier of detergent.

» Advance Surfactants India Ltd
Manufacturers and supplier of raw material for soaps like surfactants linear alkyl benzene sulphonic acid (LABSA), linear alkyl benzene sulphonate paste, 3-aminobenzoic acid, oleic acid, synthetic detergent powders and liquid soap.

» Afluent E. Shoppe Pvt. Ltd
Traders and exporters of soaps.

» Akpas Agency
Wholesale suppliers of soap.

» Alfa Soaps & Toiletries Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of herbal soaps, shea butter soaps, cocoa butter soaps, aromatherapy soaps, sandalwood soaps, neem soap, aloe-vera soaps, patchouli soap, jasmine soap, mogra soap, laverder soap, musk soap, amber soap etc.

» Alisha Machines Pvt. Ltd
Alisha Machines - Manufacturer and supplier of commercial washing machines, garment processing machines, commercial washing machine, garment processing machine, side loading washing machines, industrial washing machines, laundry dryers, commercial laundry machines, laundry equipments, detergent machinery, detergent making machines, front loading washing machines, fabrics washing machines, detergen...

» Ambey, Inc.
Exporters of all kinds of soaps, detergents.

» Aneema Soap Anuraah Division
Distributor and exporter of hotel soaps, gift soap, herbal soaps, motel soap and spa soaps.

» Ankey Fankey & Company
Manufacturers and suppliers of chamak detergent.

» Annai Bio- Crop Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of soap.

» Anuraj Fragrances Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of detergent powders.

» Apar Chem Products
Manufacturer and supplier of chemicals for detergent cakes, drain cleaner, concentrated drain cleaner, drain cleaning powder, toilet drain cleaner and general drain cleaner that is capable in removing blockages in drains in less than 15 minutes.

» Ardor International Private Limited
Ardor International Pvt. Ltd., merely an infant, is being nurtured and groomed by dreaming and daring entrepreneurs with a visionary approach, supported by a team of experienced professionals, who believe in delivering nothing-but-the-best.With the world becoming a global village and the International Trade a playfield for the development activity, and the liberalization measures introduced by the...

» Arkay Exports
Manufacturer and distributor of turmeric herbal soap, arya neem soaps, radhas ayurvedic soap 75g, krishna thulasi herbal soap 75g and rajah papaya herbal soap 125g.

» Aromance
Deals in export and manufacture of soaps and shampoos.

» Arvind Tradingand Manufacturing Company
Manufacturers of all kinds of phinile, liquid soap, toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, car wash etc.

» Avish Karnet
Deals into garment cleaners.

» Ayursens Naturals
Ayurveda is the “Science of Life”, and the oldest form of health care in the world. Health is defined as an active state of wellness, a state in which you truly live, not merely exist. This active state of wellness extends beyond the physical body to the mind, heart, senses and spirit. In this "zone", you experience physical vitality, mental alertness, emotional bliss, sensual balance and spir...

» B. C. L. Laboratories
Manufactuer and exporter of toilet soap, laundry soap, detergent powder, liquid detergent, shampoo and cosmetics.

» B. D. Trading Company
Engaged in supplying and exporting of wide range of detergents, industrial detergents, detergents liquid, cleaning detergents, hand soap, industrial cleaning detergents are also available.

» Batra Enterprises
Engaged in exporting and supplying of soaps and detergents that includes bath soaps, beauty soaps, washing powder, surf excel detergent powder, surf excel quick wash and surf excel automatic.

» BCL Laboratories
Engaged in manufacturers of all types of detergents, soap, medicated soaps, detergents powder, antibacterial soaps, bath soaps, herbal bath soaps. Also deals with moisturising soaps, toilet soaps.

» Bell-o-Bell Impex P Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing of laundry soap, toilet soap, vegetable oil soap, lemon fragrances soap, aloe vera shampoo, areetha shampoo, protein shampoo, rice shampoo, floor cleaner, amla hair oil, hair gel, wet hair gel and shoe polish.

» Bengal Exports
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of soap strips, scented soap strips and skin care soap strips. Also sells iron ores, iron ore lump, iron ore fines, manganese ores, minerals, chemicals, spices, embroidered garments and sports goods.

» Bhat Trading Company
Engaged in supplying and exporting of soap and detergent.

» Bhawal Menerals
Exporters Of All Kinds Of Soap Stone Powders.

» Biosearch Organics
Makers of detergent soap..

» Bright Chemrays
Manufacturer of cleaning chemicals.

» Bromochem Industries Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of wide range of bath soaps like scented soaps, cosmetic soaps, ladies soap, floral soaps. Also deals in body perfumes, perfume spray, aronatic perfume and mild perfume.

» C. C. Laboratories
Manufacturers of detergent soap, toilet soap, liquid soap and detergent powder.

» C. M. Aromatics & Flavours
Engaged in manufacturing soaps and detergents.

» Chemical Syndicate
The products available at Chemical Syndicate are soaps.

» Chemisynth / Trisis Corp.
Manufacturers & exporters of household & industrial cleaner, industrial detergents, nonionic detergents, wetting agents, acid slurry, foam boosters, textile auxilliaries, emulsifiers etc.

» Chemitex Industries
Manufacturers and exporters of soaps and detergents.

» Chemyx Corporation
Manufacturers of scouring powder, scouring bars, detergent powders and detergent cakes.

» Chetak Pigments
Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of detergents, sodium sulfite, red oxide (sindoor), coloured powder (gulal), paints and white washing, plastic products, industrial products, clothing and rubber products.

» City Overseas
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of soaps.

» Coatings and Synthetics
Engaged in supplying and producing detergents and nonionic detergents. Also deals in finishing chemicals such as cold water soluble cationic softener flakes, cold water soluble instant soluble cationic softener powder, macro silicone softeners etc.

» Cochin Petromins Ltd
Engaged in production of washing powder.

» Concept India, Inc.
Manufacturers of "Quick Wash", an automatic toilet bowl cleaner. the highly concentrated liquid which gives fragrance, cleans gently and prevents stains in long run use. quick wash is available in different colors and fragrances viz. strawberry, rose etc.

» Daga Finmark India Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of tuf liquid detergent, high grade liquid soap, standard liquid soap etc.

» Dhanbir Enterprises
Manufacturers of detergent powder, laundry soap, liquid detergent and detergent cakes.

» Dr. Ingleshwar & Associates
Shachi specializes in turnkey projects and lay high emphasis on innovation, understanding customer's requirements and provides superior quality structurally integral industrial process equipment and engineered process equipment that benefit clients business. We relentlessly induce latest technology and innovation into our design, engineering and production process.Sellers of all kinds of detergent...

» Dreamz Trading Co.
Supliers of soaps.

» Eagle Ultramarine Industries
Manufacturers and exporters of ultramarine blue laundry and industrial rgade since 1972 for bestrates in 10-15 gms., 30,50,100,200,400 gms. 1, 5,10,25,50 kgs.

» Effermint India Ltd
Manufacturing of sovrin washing soap, royal feel shampoo, sovrin detergent powder and sovrin toilet soap.

» Elegant Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Supplying a range of detergents.

» Emami Ltd
Emami Limited is one of the leading and fastest growing personal and healthcare businesses in India, with an enviable portfolio of household brand names such as BoroPlus, Navratna, Fair and Handsome, Zandu Balm, Mentho Plus Balm and Fast Relief.

Established in 1974, we have a portfolio of over 250 products based on ayurvedic formulations. Our current operations comprise more than 60 countries i...

» Emera Ayurvedic & Cosmetics
Wholesale manufacturer and exporter of beauty soaps and soaps.

» Essaar Export, Tamil Nadu
Exporter of detergent powder.

» Excel Rasayan Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and exporters of synthetic detergents, liquid detergents, powder detergents, bar detergents, scouring powders and fabric brightner cum stain remover.

» Fena (P) Ltd
Exporters and suppliers of soaps, detergents powder, detargent cake, dish washing powder and dish washing cake. Also supply stainless steel kitchenware such as colanders, stock pots, cannisters, trays, plates and cookware.

» First Rank Export House
Manufacturing and exporting of detergent powder and cake made from harmless chemicals and efficient cleaning action and also manufacture and export other products like fruit jam, milk powder, chilly powder, neem oil, neem seed, pickles and plates.

» G. C. C. Ltd
Selling and exporting soaps.

» Gautam International
Exporters of all kinds of soaps, detergent powder etc.

» Glimmer & Metal Industries
We G&M, Glimmer & Metal Industries located on coal, Iron and Mica mineral reach area Jharkhand Sate in India. As belonging to Smith community, having experience of designing and developing of products as per custom requirements. Since 15 years, we are in the field of production of Electric Heating Elements, Insulations products, Sheet Metal Parts, forged iron items etc. We believe to manufacturi...

» Gora Mal Hari Ram Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of soaps, detergent soaps, washing soaps, detergent powder, scouring powder, cleaning powder, toilet soaps, dishwash bars, dishwasher soap, utensils cleaning bar, washing bars and laundry soaps.

» Gujarat Petro Chem
Manufacturers of cleansing products like toilet cleaner and all purpose cleaners to clean any surface like wall, glass, plastic cabin, computers.

» Gulshan Material Corporation
Manufacturers of computer cleaners, glass cleaners, multipurpose household cleaner, cleaning lotion for watches and cleaners for brass components.

» Gupta Grih Udyog
Engaged in manufacturing and marketing of liquid toilet cleaner, toilet cleaners and household cleaners.

» Gupta Soaps
Manufacturers of all kinds of bath soaps like as toilet soaps, laundry soaps, washing soaps, custom made soaps, hotel soaps, guest soaps, luxury soaps. Along with supplying other varieties like as herbal bath soap, herbal baby bath soap.

» Gurukrupa Agencies
Suppliers of all kinds of soaps.

» H. P. State Civil Supplies Company
The State Government felt that these institutions, individually, were not in a position to procure all the essential commodities from different Agencies of the Government of India like Food Corporation of India, State Trading Corporation, National Textile Corporation etc. In this background the necessity of setting up a single nodal agency was felt and H P State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited ...

» Habari Impex
Manufacturer and supplier of soaps, detergents, bathing soaps, washing detergent and detergent powder. Also supplies PVC leather, plain sheet glass, napthalene balls, agriculture items, bicycles and bicycle spare parts.

» Halberd Chemicals
Manufacturer of detergent, soaps and detergent powder.

» Hema Industries
Manufacturers of all kinds of washing powder, lequid detergents etc.

» Henkel India Ltd
Manufacturers of all kinds of fa soap, henko detergent powder, henko detergent bar, white detergent powder, white detergent bar etc.

» Hindustan Alkalies
Manufacturers of all kinds of oil based soaps, nirols soaps, cotton oil soaps, soya oil soaps, gnoil soaps, washing powder, detergents etc.

» Hipolin Ltd
Our story begins way back in 1970, when we started manufacturing detergent powder on a small scale, for supplying the domestic market. Right from the start, we were very clear about one thing-that we would never sacrifice quality for quantity. As time went by, we introduced other detergent products. The customer goodwill generated and the favourable market response we received, encouraged us to br...

» HVM Network Pvt. Ltd
Ayurveda is an in-depth science of man, his physiology, disease, and natural and derived substances of the plant mineral and animal world, and their reaction & interaction with man. It is based on extensive experimentation spread over thousands of years. Beauty with nature is becoming the call of today\'s toxic and polluted environment, therefore treatments, which restore natural health to skin an...

» Indo Tex
Manufacturer of all kinds of soaps and detergents.

» Indoclin Enterprises
Manufacturers of liquid soaps and dishwash.

» Indus Housekeeping Products
Manufacturers of dish wash, floor cleaner and hand wash.

» Inner Temple
Deals in supplying of soaps.

» Insha Exports Pvt. Ltd
Exporting and supplying imported soaps, customized soaps, hotel toiletries, soap dispensers for hotel consumables, manual cleaning tools, washroom products, hygiene disposables and medical faucets.

» International Agro Oil Industries Ltd
Iternational Agro Industries Limited is a leading Indian Group in Consumer Products and Services in the Global Beauty and Wellness space. That International Agro Oil Industries Limited is a Company registered with “The Registrar of Companies”, NCT of Delhi.Manufacturers of detergent cake, washing powder etc.

» J. F. Detergent Industries
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of cloth washing detergents, dish washing detergents and bath soaps.

» Jocil Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting toilet soaps, toilet soap noodles, soap noodles, fatty acids and stearic acid.

» Kalpesh Engineering Works
Manufacturer and exporter of automatic soap stamping dies, manual soap stamping dies, 3 dimension pantographic engravers and plastic product dies.

» Kanya Chemicals
Engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of detergent powder, liquid detergent, glass cleaner, hand wash and dish wash.

» Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Ltd
Suppliers and exporters of toilet soaps, bath soaps, sandal beauty soap, sandal baby soap, sandal gold soap, detergent powder, detergent cake, laundry soaps, powder detergents and cleaning detergents. Also offers talcum powder and baby talcum powder.

» Khusboo Enterprises
Engaged in exporting of soaps, shampoo and toothpaste.

» Klassic Koncepts
Sellers of hotel guest soaps.

» Laxmi Soap Factory
Laxmi Soap Factory was established in the year 1958. But for the Ranglani family, the roots of soap manufacturing are traceable to the year 1910. Sheth Thakurdas Ranglani was based in Karachi when he initially started a soap-manufacturing unit . After partition, Thakurdas migrated to India and started a manufacturing unit in the year 1948.Manufacturers and exporters of synthetic detergent powder, ...

» Libra Bio Tech
Manufacturers of all kinds of soaps, detergents.

» Life Technologies
Manufacturers and exporter of all kinds of oils & fats used for manufacture of soaps and lubricants, bleached tallow, bleached palm oil, soap noodles, fatty acids etc.

» M. K. Industries
Incepted in 1990, we at MK Industries are a manufacturing & exporting high quality & hygienic paper soap, liquid toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, air fresheners, hand wash gels and related products to the global buyers. We are a leading manufacturer of high quality paper soaps in Southern Asia and our products are labeled as "WONDER FRESH".Manufacturers and exporters of soap strips, paper soaps, fre...

» M. S. Corporation India
Manufacturers and exporters of detergent powder, laundry detergent and liquid detergent. Also supplying spices like chilli, turmeric, pepper, cumin, aniseeds, salt, coriander etc.

» Maharaja Soaps
Manufacturing soaps and detergents like laundry soap, toilet soap, detergent powder (premium grade), bath soap, detergent liquid, detergent cake, clothes washing liquid, clothes washing cake, multipurpose cake, cosmetic soaps,washing powder and dish wash.

» Manganga Perfumes
Enabled in manufacture of soaps and detergents.

» Mathewsons Exports and Imports Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing of bath soaps, kasthoori manjal soaps, ayurvedic soaps, ayurvedic bath soaps and skin care soaps. Also exports PVC ceiling panels, PVC doors, glue, red chilli powder and processed food.

» Meeem Perfumes and Cosmetics
Wholesale exporter of natural herbal skin soaps and hair care soaps like prickly heat soap, contour soap, dihen al oud soap, kalonji black seed soap, coco butter soap, aloe vera soap, herbomineral mud soap and herbal scrub soap.

» Meera Works
Manufacturers and fabricators of meera blue washuing powder, meera yellow washing powder, meera white with dots washing powder, aasha wahsing cake and shine cleaning powder.

» Men Homecare Products
Manufacturers of toilet bowl cleaner, liquid dish wash detergents, floor cleaner etc.

» Mil India Ltd
MILINDIA, operates in the area of Soap Plants & Machinery based on its own proven know-how, and in the areas of Detergents (including Sulphonation), Fatty Acids and Glycerine Plants based on Desmet Ballestra Group know-how respecting the terms of the Technology Cooperation Agreement which came into force in 1993 and which was recently renewed.Manufacturers and exporters of soap and detergent.

» Minu International
Exporting of soap.

» Monochem Industries
Manufacturers of bactrino disinfectant powder, detergent powder, toilet soaps and deodorants.

» Naveen Agencies
Suppliers of cleanzo, bengal phenyle, detergent powder, glass cleaner, urinal cubes, sanitizer, naphthlene balls, liquid soap

» Netway Home Products (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of detergents, detergent powder, liquid detergent, car shampoo, fabric softener, utensils cleaner, floor cleaning detergent, washing cake, cloth washing soap, dishwash powder and other herbal toiletries.

» Nibha Products
Exporters of liquid detergent, toilet cleaner, wool cleaner liquid detergent etc.

» Niral Business Institute
Distributing, supplying and exporting hygienic and cleaning items that includes brown phenyl, white phenyl, black phenyl, toilet cleaner, detergent powder, utensil cleaning powder and utensil shining powder.

» Nirbhay Vatika Company
Deals into soap.

» Nirchem Corporation
Suppliers of detergents.

» Nirma Ltd
Nirma is one of the few names - which is instantly recognized as a true Indian brand, which took on mighty multinationals and rewrote the marketing rules to win the heart of princess, i.e. the consumer.

Nirma, the proverbial ‘Rags to Riches’ saga of Dr. Karsanbhai Patel, is a classic example of the success of Indian entrepreneurship in the face of stiff competition. Starting as a one-man op...

» Nuwave Industries
NUWAVE Industries is a prestigious company engaged in the manufacture & export of premium quality floor cleaners, shampoos, hand wash, dish wash, polishes and various other products.Manufacturers of floor cleaner, stain cleaner, liquid soap, dishwash soap, laundry detergent etc.

» Odex Gramodyog Sansthan
Manufacturers and exporters of cleaning products.

» Omega Industries
Leading manufacturers and exporters of domestic & industrial cleaners, hygiene products and process chemicals like floor cleaners, dish washing liquid, liquid soap, washing liquid, washing powder, hair shampoo cum bathing liquid and glass cleaners.

» Oshiwara Health Care Product
Producer and seller of beauty soaps, toilet soaps, washing powder and washing cake.

» Oxford Laboratory
Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of detergents, engineering detergents, oxford specialities, precious metallic salts, reagents, engineering reagents, azide nlood agar base, engineering bio chemicals, laboratory chemicals.

» P.P. Enterprises
Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of cleaning cemicals, heavy duty cleaners like EFFSTRIP CR, CARBEX AM for cleaning of aluminium and other non ferrous components.

» Panchajanya Enterprises
Dealing In All Kind Of Cleaning Detergents.

» Panchsheel Organics Ltd
Manufacturing and exporting a range of hair care ayurvedic and herbal soaps like ayurdhara aritha, arnica, herborich, neemrich, sandal, shikakai, carbolic and sulphur soap.

» Pankaj Soap Industries
Manufacturers of all kinds of nirol soaps.

» Patel Sales
Deals into all types of detergent and soap.

» Pee Cee Cosma Sope Ltd
Manufacture and distribution of soap and soap powders.

» Pee Cee Cosma Sope Ltd, Agra
Manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of toilet soap, bath soap, hand wash, laundry soap, detergent powder etc.

» Perfect Industries
Manufacturers of washing detergent powders, liquid blue and other FMCG goods.

» Pesco Products
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of washing soaps, sandal bathing soap, lime bathing soap, rose bathing soap, jasmine bathing soap, lavender bathing soap, hand wash soap, liquid soap, kesh nikhar, herbal soap and neem soaps.

» Phamex Incorporation
Manufacturers of beauty soaps and baby misturising soaps.

» Pixel Company
Deals in exporting and manufacturing soap.

» Porpaatham Products
Manufacturers of all kinds of washing powder, vessel cleaning powder etc.

» Pradhan International TrustSeal
Suppliers of transparent soaps such as aloe vera soap, green apple soap, aqua soap, black current soap, orange soap, lavender soap, lime soap. Also exporting herbal hair tonic, herbal shampoos and anti stress capsules.

» Prama Exports
Exporters of soaps.

» Pramod Agencies
Wholasale supplier of soaps and groceries.

» Pristine Care Products Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturing and supplying instant hand sanitizer, liquid hand wash, liquid soaps, non-tear liquid soaps and deep cleansing clarus liquid hand wash. Also supplies wet wipes and baby wipes

» Pyro Technologies
Producer and seller of liquid detergents.

» R N Enterprise
Suppliers of all kinds of detergent powder, soaps etc.

» Raj Surfactants Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of detergent powder, liquid detergent etc.

» Raja Shyam Industries
Manufacurer of black phenyle nad liquid detergent.

» Rajan & Co.
Manufacturers of dishwash bars and detergent cakes.

» Renmal Company
Exporter and supplier of detergent.

» Roopa Soap Works
Manufacturers of all kinds of soaps like transparent soap, toilet soap, washing soap, guest soap, herbal soap, gift soaps, etc.

» Roopgandh Consumer Care Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers and exporters of detergent powders, washing detergent powders, laundry detergent powders, diswashing detergent cakes and laundry detergent cakes. Also supply birthday wax candles, paraffin wax candles and aroma wax candles.

» Rudraksh Enterprises
Supplier of detergents and beauty soaps.

» S. D. S. Health Care
Manufacturers of liquid soap with and without fragrances.

» S. K. G. Cosmetices
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of detergent cake & toilet soap, detergent powder, glass cleaner & toilet cleaner, shampoo, face wash, liquid hand wash, toothpaste, liquid tea, face cream, shaving cream, face wash, air freshener and perfume.

» S. P. Guta & Sons
Exporters of soaps and detergents.

» S. R. Soaps
Manufacturers and exporters of laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, detergent cakes, washing detergent powder, detergent bars, washing soaps, laundry soaps, dish washing bars, dish scouring bars and bathing bars.

» S.S. Foundry Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd
SS Gas Lab Asia is a reputed engineering company, engaged in manufacturing of carbon dioxide gas plants, hydrogen gas plants, nitrogen dioxide gas plants (CO2, H2 and N2O gas plants), CO2 storage tanks, CO2 transportation tankers and dry ice plants. The company since its inception has made great strides in its sphere of operations and have won plaudits for their quality, cost effectiveness and eas...

» Sai Soap & Chemical Industries
Engaged in manufacture of washiing soap and premiium washing soap.

» Sai Surya Enterprises
Sai Surya Enterprises started functioning from May 1992 as a proprietary concern. Initially, the manufacture of Herbal Phenyle and Liquid Detergents was taken up.Manufacturers and exporters of cleaning powder, washing powder, multipurpose floor cleaner and hand wish liquid.

» Sainath Exports
Export and manufacture of soaps and detergents.

» Sam Smokeless Fuel Pvt Ltd.
Engaged in supplying and exporting of soaps, bathing soaps, washing soaps, toilet soaps, liquid toilet soap, detergernt powder of various brands such as surf excel, ariel, wheel, ok. Also supply cosmetic items such as face creams, perfume and shaving kit.

» Sapphire International
Sellers of soap and detergents.

» Sasa India
Manufacturer and exporter of soaps and detergents.

» Scorpion Overseas
Wholesale suppliers of liquid soap and soap.

» Selecto Company
Suppliers and wholesalers of washing powder.

» Selva Enterprises
Dealing into carwash and industrial floor cleaners.

» Shabroc India
Manufacturers and suppliers of synthetic detergent materials like industrial etergent cake, detergent powder, liquid soap, dishwash powder, liquid detergent, detergent paste, acid slurry, scouring powders, toilet cleaner and industrial detergent.

» Sherman Inc.
Engaged in supplying and exporting of soaps such as soap cakes, branded soap cakes. Also supplies industrial chemicals and agro products like soda ash, sodium sulphate, castor oil, dense sodium carbonate, industrial hydrochloric acid and colored pigments.

» Shravanko Enterprise
Exporters of detergents etc.

» Shree Surjal Matha Enterprises
Engaged in trading and exporting of soap and detergent.

» Shubh Lakshmi Oil Industries
Manufacturers of nirol soap and washing soap.

» Simkin International
Simkin International,a reputed name in cleaning agents, brings you Marvel-The cleaner.Carefully formulated with international formulae,Marvel conforms to the national and the international cleaning and hygiene standards. And offers you flawless cleaning of your expensive bath fittings,doorfittings,wall tiles and granite bringing back the originalshine to any mettalic surface instantly. Marvel,has ...

» Sindh Detergent & Chemical Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturers of all kinds of bathing soap, washing soap, detergent, washing powder, andbathing soap etc.

» Sneh Soaps & Hygine Products
Manufacturer and exporter of toilet soaps, pimple care soap, herbal soaps, hairfal control soap, sun shield soap, skin care soap, beauty soap, anti dandruf soap, no spots soaps, etc.

» Sobith Universe, Inc.
Exporters of herbal bath soaps.

» Sona Rome Pvt. Ltd
Sonarome has supplied customers, with quality flavours and fragrances. The company has carved a niche for itself in this highly competitive market both in India and in forty countries around the world. This is no magic - only a result of hard work and total commitment to quality. At Sonarome, we believe quality begins in the Creative laboratory and extends through every phase of production, qualit...

» Spectrum International
Manufacturer and exporter of laundry detergent powder and toothpaste.

» Sree Lakshmi Agencies
Distributors and suppliers of all kinds of cleaning powder, liquid soap, phenyle etc.

» Strategic Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd
Supplier of soaps.

» Subnit Ad Services
Supplier and exporter of soaps.

» Sun Chemicals
Deals in detergents and toilet soaps.

» Sun Surfactant
SUN SURFACTANT can be described as a company which provides cleaning solution and systems to a wide array of industries/institutions, starting from dairies to hospitals to diamond industries.Manufacturers of liquid detergent, machine warewashing detergent and hand dishwash.

» Sunflag Household Pvt. Ltd
Exporter and manufacturer of detergent powder.

» Suprima Cosmo-Tech
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of detergent powder such as laundry detergents, washing powder, household detergent powder, cleaning detergent. Also exports perfumed body powder, talcum powder, hair conditioner shampoo and hair color.

» Swadeshi Chemical Industries
Manufacturers of detergent powder, detergent cake, soaps etc.

» Swarna International
Engaged in manufacturing and installation of washing powder, liquid detergent, car shampoo, fabric softener, herbal soaps, utensils cleaner, floor cleaning detergent, washing cake, cloth washing soap.

» Tamil Nadu Petro Products Ltd
Tamilnadu Petroproducts Limited (TPL), a corporate star, was born in the year 1984 with the objective of setting up a 50,000 MTA Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) project. TPL has since imprinted winning hall marks successively over the years in Corporate India and the Petrochemical Industry in particular.

Over more than a decade, TPL grew in strength, thinking differently, harnessing the resources by...

» Tass Enterprises
Wholesalers and manufacturers of soaps, deterdents and other disaster relief products such as tents, pre fabrciated houses, medicines, stoves & cookers, woolen clothing, blankets, packed food, hurricane lanterns and petromax lanterns

» Techno Labs
Deals into liquid soaps.

» Tide Industries
Tide Industries was established in 1987 to manufacture Wax based Polishes for Reckitt Benckiser India Limited, a reputed Multi-national company with leading brands in the FMCG market. With a rich experience in manufacturing established Brands of High Quality, Tide Industries has grown from a single-product - single-customer company to multi-product - multi-customer company.Exporters, suppliers and...

» Trishaul International
Engaged in manufacturing and selling detergant, washing powder and cleaning powder.

» Trisis Corp
Manufacturer & exporter of detergents, liquid detergents, liquid dishwashers, detergent powders, disinfectant floor cleaners, pine oil sanitizers, hard surface cleaners, horticultural spray adjuvants, laundry detergent powders and fabric stain removers.

» Ujala Herbals
Engaged in manfuacturing and exporting soaps.

» Ultimate Solutions
Suppliers of all kinds of detergents

» Ultramarines India Pvt. Ltd
Engaged in manufacturing exporting ultramarine blue pigment, inorganic blue pigment for household detergents, laundry detergents, industrial detergents and liquid detergents.

» V. V. Deepa Aromatics Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing and exporting soaps fragrances and detergent fragrances for hand soaps, liquid soaps, liquid detergents and detergent powders. Also offers deodorant body sprays, perfumed deodorant sprays and exotic perfumes for men and women.

» Vaibhav International
Engaged in manufacturing household cleaning products that includes liquid detergents, liquid hand soaps, toilet soaps, floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, glass cleaner, air freshener, phenol, naphthalene balls , glass cleaner and moth repellant pdcb cake.

» Vashisti Detergents Ltd

» Veni Plast
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of liquid soaps, liquid detergents, glass cleaners, natural dishwashing liquid, scent dishwashing liquid, ultra dishwashing liquid, antibacterial dishwashing liquid, disinfectant cleaners and halogen florals.

» Vepar Chemicals
Exporters of detergent powder, liquid etc.

» Vibronics Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of cleaning detergents and degreasing agents, cleaning chemicals, descaling agents, decarbonising agents, acidic detergents, alkaline detergents, neutral nature detergents, cleaning & brightening chemicals, dewatering chemicals.

» Victory Soap Company
Engaged in manufacturing and exporting of washing soaps, laundry soaps, soap cakes, detergent soaps, bath soaps, family soaps, fragrant soaps and kitchen soaps.

» Vindarvind Hygine Products Pvt. Ltd.
Engaged in export and manufacture of detergent powder, glass cleaners, multipurpose floor cleaner, liquid washing powder, dishwashing liquid, dishwashing powder, liquid bleach, liquid toilet cleaners, bathroom accessories cleaner and car wash shampoo.

» Viral Home Products
Manufacturers of detergent powder brand name Real Wash.

» Zircon General Trading Company
Exporters of detergents.

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