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Kett 251-4 Carrying Case for Kett Electric Power Shears
B & C Eagle DA19G 1-3/4" Galvanized Finish Nail (4000-Pack)
Tapco PRO2000-12 12' 6" Port-O-Bender
Kett KIT106 Replacement Blade Kit for Kett Electric Power Shears
Milwaukee 48-28-4001 5-1/2" Hex Shank Extensions for Selfeed Bits, Auger Bits and Hole Saws Over 1
RotoZip DC1 DuraCut Bit
Sioux 8000ES 3/8" Variable Speed Close-Quarters Drill
HTC HRLS-5 Mobile Base for Delta 14" Band Saw 28-270 or 28-280
Jorgensen 3454 54" Clamps and Spreader Clamps (2-in-1 Clamps)
HTC HPR-2 Pedestal Roller II Work Support
Milwaukee 48-01-5090 4" x 3/4" x .035", 10 Teeth per Inch, 8% Cobalt Super Sawzall All Purpose Blades (5-Pack)
HTC HRT-88 66" x 24" Roller Table with 9 Rollers
Dremel 542D Carbide Cutting/Shaping Wheel
Dremel 504D 3/16" Flapwheel, 80 Grit
MSI-PRO MSI-302F Push/Pull Quick-Release Toggle Clamps
Chicago Brand 50004 Stainless Steel Dial Caliper
Tru-Grip FTS-TOP Stop Block 2" x 5" for Tru-Grip Pro FT'R Series
Jorgensen 9544 Pony Pipe Saddles (4-Pack)
B & C Eagle BCS1512A 1-1/2" Floor Staples (10,000)
Milwaukee 48-00-5026 The Ax 9" 5/8 TPI Reciprocating Saw Blades (5-Pack)
Factory-Reconditioned Bosch 1278VSK-46 Compact Belt Sander
Bessey SVH400XL SVH Flooring and Clamping System
JessEm LIFT-I 4-Piece Insert Ring Set (1/4", 1/2", 1-3/16", and 2-1/2")
Yamaha EF1000 1000 Watt Premium Generator
Hitachi 317541 Horizontal Vise Assembly
Jorgensen 3718 18" Steel Bar Clamp
B & C Eagle B18-134 1-3/4" Brad Nail (5000-Pack)
Fuller 10390006 Tapered Drill Bit Set #6
B & C Eagle SDM-114 1-1/4" Sheathing Staples (10,000-Pack)
B & C Eagle SDM-112 1-1/2" Sheathing Staples (10,000-Pack)
B & C Eagle SDM-112 1-1/2" Sheathing Staples (10,000-Pack)
Porter-Cable 48083 Protractor Gauge
Fuller 10393008 Tapered Drill Bit Set #8
Incra PROTRAC06 Precision Marking Protractor
Makita DA3000R 3/8" Variable Speed Right Angle Drill
Biesemeyer 78-960 T-Square Table Saw BladeGuard System for 50" and 52" Fences
Biesemeyer 78-939 Cut-Off Stop for T-Square Fences
Fuller 10393010 1/4" Hex Shank Drill Counter Sink Set #10
Crain Cutter 900H 3" Heat Carpet Iron
Fisch H150007K 7-Piece H.S.S. 'Vortex-D' Brad Point Bit Set
Bucket Boss Brand 06066 Pro GateMouth
Century 84230 Arc Welder
DeWalt DW5424 5/16" x 4" x 6" ROCK CARBIDE SDS Plus Hammer Bit
Senco SFN30 1"- 2" Finish Nailer with Case
Journal of Light Construction SF499 Residential Structure Framing
Johnson Level & Tool 7500M 9" Magnetic Plastic Torpedo Level
Paslode 501000 Powermaster Plus Clipped Head Nailer
Bostitch SB-1664FN 16-Gauge Straight Finish Nailer
Prazi USA PR-2400 Framing Coil Caddy
Gilmour 2000P 2-Gallon Polyethylene Premium Compression Sprayer
Anchor Continental 5102/5150 1-1/2" x 60' Masking Tape
Ryobi 155R 12-Volt Cordless Trimmer
Shark Corp 21-2301 Nail Set
Stabila 03100 Self-leveling Compact Laser w/Split Beam Prism
Ryobi 510R 4-Cycle Yard & Garden Cultivator
Ryobi 181460 .080 Dual Line SpeedSpool Cartridge
Ryobi 890R 4-Cycle Straight Shaft TrimmerPlus/Brushcutter
Ryobi TP720R TrimmerPlus Add-on Tree Pruner
B & C Eagle A314X131/22 3-1/4" x .131 Plain Shank Quantity 500/box
Scotts 2000-20 20" Push Reel Mower
DeWalt DW1803 7/16" Quick Change Mandrel (1-1/4" to 5" )
DeWalt DW2402 #2 Drywall Bit Tips, Reduced Head Chew Can (20)
DeWalt DW3278 Circular Saw Rip Fence
DeWalt DW4990 7" Super Flex Quick Change Rubber Backing Pad
DeWalt DW5207 7-Piece Premium Percussion Masonry Drill Bit Set
DeWalt DW6658 Carbide Replacement Blades (Compatible with DW675 Planer)
DeWalt DW7628 12" Series 60 Premium Woodworking 80-Tooth H-ATB Fine Crosscut Blade
DeWalt DW7922 1-1/2" Vacuum Hose
DeWalt DW890 0-2500 spm 18-Gauge Swivel Head Shear
Shop-Vac 925-41-10 12 Gallon 4.5 HP Contractor Duty Wet/Dry Vacuum
Shop-Vac 901-34-00 2.5" x 10' Replacement Hose
Freud 900-XX Biscuit Spline Assortment - Bulk Pack
Freud C400 6-1/8" x 11/16" x 1/8" Jointer Knives - 3-Piece Set
Freud C490 8-1/16" x 5/8" x 3/32" Jointer Knives - 3-Piece Set
Freud C560 12-1/4" x 3/4" x 1/8" Planer Knives - 3-Piece Set
Freud RC-001 48 mm Ball Bearing Rub Collar for 3/4" Spindle Shaper
Werner 5906S Series Fiberglass Stepladder, 225 Pound Rated
Werner 6002 2' Fiberglass Stepstool
Werner 6208 Fiberglass Stepladder, 300 Pound Rated
Werner D1232-2 Aluminum Extension Ladder, 225 Pound Rated
Werner A2210 22.5" x 54" x 10' Aluminum Folding Access Ladder
Werner PK80-2 Level-Master Automatic Ladder Leveler
Werner AC19-2 Extension Ladder Covers
Werner AC78 Quickclick Stabilizer
Werner T7406 Fiberglass Twin Ladder, 375 Pound Rated
Calculated Industries 8015 Ultra Measure Master
Hitachi G23SC2 9" Disc Grinder
Vise-Grip 17-6R C Clamp with Regular Tips
Vise-Grip 18-6SP Locking C Clamp with Swivel Pads
Porter-Cable NS100A 18 Gauge, 1" Narrow Crown Stapler Kit
Quick-Grip Quick Change 518QC 18" Bar Clamp/Spreader
Channellock 958 6" Wire Stripper and Cutter
Fiskars 79726935 PowerGear Anvil Lopper
Fiskars 94336974 Phone & Garden Pocket
Fiskars 94336974 Phone & Garden Pocket
Melnor 3060 Electronic Water Timer
Melnor 9000 Brass Y Connector
Gardena 31805-4 Electronic Water Timer
Gardena 31910-12 Gun Nozzle with Flow Control
Gardena 31977-6 Aquazoom
Gardena 36004-12 Quick Connect Starter Set
Coleman Cable 02409 14/3 SJTW Extension Cord (100 Feet)
Coleman Cable 04633 Cord Reel Trinector Power Block with Circuit Breaker
Coleman Cable 02822 6' 12/3 SJEOW 15-Amp 120-Volt Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
Bosch 1347A 4-1/2" Angle Grinder
Bosch 1640VS Finecut Power Handsaw
Porter-Cable 7428 7" Variable Speed Polisher
Malco NHP-1 Nail Hole Slot Punch
Milwaukee 6018-6 5" Random Orbit Palm Sander with Dust Bag (PSA Pad)
Cobra 97-090 9/16" Heavy Duty Brad Nails (500-Pack)
PowerShot 97-010 1/4" Heavy Duty Staples
PowerShot 97-037 Wire Attachment
PowerShot 97-037 Wire Attachment
Bostitch CPACK100 1-5/8" Brad Nailer / Compressor Combination Kit
Freud LU74M010 10" 80-Tooth Industrial Thin Kerf Cut-Off Blade
Freud LU94M010 10" 80-Tooth Industrial Plastics Blade
Freud 18-108 1/2" Diameter Round Nose Router Bit with 1/4" Shank
Freud 33-116 Drop Leaf Table Router Bit Set with 1/2" Shank"
Freud 34-120 1/4" Radius Rounding Over Router Bit with 1/2" Shank
Freud 34-127 5/8" Radius Rounding Over Router Bit with 1/2" Shank
Freud 50-103 5/8" Diameter Top Bearing Flush Trim Router Bit with 1/4" Shank
Freud 60-100 5/16" Slot Cutter Arbor with 1/4" Shank
Freud DR24 7-1/4" 24-Tooth Diablo Perma-Shield Coated Framing Blade
Freud DR40 7-1/4" 40-Tooth Diablo Perma-Shield Coated Finish Blade
General Tools 523 Adjustable Trammels
General Tools 524 Precision Trammel Set
General Tools 79 Steel Automatic Center Punch
General Tools 142 Dial Caliper
General Tools 102 Utility Micrometer
Stabila 27340 24" Magnetic Level with Anglesetter
General Tools 888 Dowel Centers
JET HVBS-56M Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw
Porter-Cable 12702-5 4" 10 TPI Tang-Shank Wood Cutting Jig Saw Blade (5-Pack)
Porter-Cable 12121 4-1/2" Trim Saw Blade
Milwaukee 5311-6 1-1/2" Spline Drive Rotary Hammer Kit
Milwaukee 6540-1 2.4-Volt 190 RPM Screwdriver with Battery and Charger Kit
Leatherman 74103003 Juice KF4
Makita UC4000 16" Electric Chain Saw
Porter-Cable 8414P 14.4-Volt Replacement Light Bulb (2-Pack)
Porter-Cable 8604 14.V Diagnostic Charger
Porter-Cable 59375 Strike and Latch Template
Woodstock International D2056 Shop Fox Tool Table
Delta 31-815 36 Grit Pre-Cut Sanding Strips for Model 31-250 Wide Drum Sander
Delta 31-816 60 Grit Pre-Cut Sanding Strips for Model 31-250 Wide Drum Sander
Delta 31-817 80 Grit Pre-Cut Sanding Strips for Model 31-250 Wide Drum Sander
Delta 28-964 14" Premium Band Saw Blade 1/4" x 93-1/2" 6 TPI
Delta 31-372 1" x 42" 80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belts (5-Pack)
Porter-Cable 79080-5 80 Grit Hook and Loop Kit for 7800 Drywall Sander (5-Pack)
Porter-Cable 42127 1/2" to 1/4" Collet Adapter
Fiskars 78536984 23.5" The Axeman Cometh
Incra T-RULE12 Precision Marking T-Rule
Airy Sales Corp 0251C 5/8" to 2" Brad Nail Kit
Wagner Power Products 0156060 Cordless Power Roller
Knaack 4830 Jobmaster Jobsite Storage Chest
Knaack 174 Weather Guard Clear Coat Aluminum Lo-Side Pickup Truck Box
Porter-Cable 9878CS 14.4V Cordless Drill and SawBoss Combo Kit
Mag Instrument LK3A001 Replacement Lamp for MagLite Solitaire (2-Pack)
Porter-Cable 12850 Riptide Saw Blade: 6", 18-Tooth Thin Kerf
Leatherman 62010003G Mini-Tool
Leatherman 61110003G Sideclip
ZIPWALL 6-60611 The Zipper Entrance and Exit Maker
Good Grips 16019 25' by 1" Tape Measure
DMT FWFC 1" x 4" Fine & Coarse Diafold Diamond Whetstone
DMT W8FCNB 8" x 2-5/8" Duosharp Fine & Coarse Diamond Whetstone
DMT W250EFNB 4" x 10" Duosharp Extra Fine & Fine Diamond Whetstone
DMT B8250 Duosharp Base
Porter-Cable COIL350 3-1/2" Magnesium Coil Framing Nailer
Porter-Cable 9887RS Network 19.2-Volt Hammer Drill and Tiger Saw Combo Pack
Porter-Cable 9837 19.2-Volt Cordless Tiger Saw with Quik-Change Blade Clamp
Generac Portable Products 9777 4000 Watt Extended Life Premium Generator with Wheel Kit and Storage Cover
Delta 50-279 Mobile Base for XL-10 and 34-670 Table Saws (for Four Leg Stand Only)
Milwaukee 0502-26 12-Volt 3/8" T-Handle Driver/Drill 0-360/1100 RPM with Two Batteries, Charger, Work Light, and Case
Porter-Cable 42186 5-3/4" Router Sub-Base
Avalanche AVA.300-HK Extension Handle Kit for Avalanche 300 and 315 Roof Snow Removers
StableMate XWC-36 Portable Bench-Top Tool Workstand
Ironclad 0777GRBGU-M WorkForce Gloves - Black, Medium
MK 134585 45-Degree Bullnose Miter
Porter-Cable 18002 6" 6-Hole Contour Hook and Loop Pad for 7336 and 97366 Random Orbit Sander
Delta 17-922 9" Drill Press Vise Clamp
Delta 17-923 11" Drill Press Vise Clamp
Delta 20-332 1/2" x 64-1/2" Metal Cutting Band Saw Blade, 14 Teeth per Inch
Delta 20-622 4" Quick Release Drill Press Vise
Delta 22-546 Replacement Drive Belt for 22-540 12" Planer
Delta 28-259 Replacement Slide Guides for 9" Bench Band Saws
Delta 28-259 Replacement Slide Guides for 9" Bench Band Saws
Delta 31-419 Cleaning Stick for Abrasives
Stabila 37632 Magnetic Jamber Set
Makita 6907DWE Cordless Impact Wrench Kit, Variable Speed, Reversible
Leviton 831-1755-I Triple Rocker Switch
Rotozip ZWMAS1 Zip Mate Attachment Masonry Cut-off Zip Wheel
Schlage F51VORB505/605 Orbit Knob Entry Lockset
Gam Tools 601-C-P Claw Hammer and Screwdriver Combination Tool
AccuSet PC0681 1/4" Hose Connector Set
Delta 50-291 Dust Connector for Radial Saws
Biesemeyer 79-057 12' Left 1/2" Wide Metric/English Adhesive-Backed Measuring Tape
Stanley Hardware 74-8302 Pneumatic Door Closers
Arrow Fastener 508 1/2" T50 Staples (1,250-Pack)
Arrow Fastener 505M 5/16" T50 Rustproof Staples (1,250-Pack)
DeWalt DW938K 18-Volt Reciprocating Saw Kit
DeWalt DW933K 18-Volt Variable Speed Jig Saw Kit
Porter-Cable 12100P Drum and Spacer Kit for 121 Sander
DeWalt DW939K 18-Volt 6-1/2" Cordless Circular Saw Kit
DeWalt DW6609 1/4" Window and Door Bit
Makita RF1100 2-1/4 HP Router
Incra 1000/18T Miter Gauge
DeWalt D6100 Heavy Duty Ballistic Nylon Tool Bag
DeWalt D5115LG Heavy Duty Workbelt, Waist 36" to 48"
DeWalt D5124 Heavy Duty Ballistic Nylon Hammer Holder
Paslode 900600 Impulse Angle Finish Nailer
Senco 08F175Y Duraspin #8 1-3/4" Flooring to Wood Screws (1,000)
The Bone 6031 Creeper
Starrett 66988 Blue 25' Electronic Digitape
Panasonic EY9PM11C 4-3/8" Metal Cutting Blade
Calculated Industries 3235 Real Estate Master IIX
Makita 2703X1 10" Table Saw with Stand
Mag Instrument AM2A056 Nylon Full Flap Holster for AA
Mag Instrument AM2A496 Black AA Mounting Brackets
Delta 20-621 4" Drill Press Vise
Delta 34-154 Standard Table Insert for Right Tilt Unisaws and Contractor's Saws
Delta 46-697 Tool Rest Floor Stand for Wood Lathes
Porter-Cable 43900 Inlay Kit
Makita ML140 14.4-Volt Flashlight POD Style
Factory-Reconditioned Bosch 1613EVS-46 2 HP Plunge Router Kit
Factory-Reconditioned Porter-Cable 7529R 2 HP Heavy-Duty, Electronic Variable Speed Plunge Router
Prazi USA 2019 X-OUT Damaged Screw Removers For Numbers 6 - 12 (3-Pack)
Toro 51573 Rake & Vac
Diversified Tools 610-DT Pocket Kart
Fuji Industrial Spray Equipment Q3XXX High Output HVLP Sprayer
Fuji Industrial Spray Equipment Q4XXX HD 4 Stage Sprayer
JET 708111 Tenoning Jig
Porter-Cable 360VS 3" x 24" Variable Speed Sander
Porter-Cable 362VS 4" x 24" Variable Speed Sander
JET JW1035 5" Clear Wire Reinforced Hose
JET JW1055 Dust Collection Kit #2
JET JW1318 5" Wire Hose Clamp (5-pack)
Rousseau 2515 Router Table Attachment
Stanley 20-045 Fat Max Hand Saw
560-3250 Miter Clamp
Rotozip RZ125CP Tilecut Zip Bit Contractor (10 Pack)
Black & Decker MM675 18" Lawn Hog Electric Mulching Mower with Flip-Handle
Black & Decker BA-075 Side Bag Assembly
DeWalt D5130 Ballistic Nylon Tape Measure Holder
Freud 99-569 3-1/2" Raised Panel Bit with Backcutters
Shingle Shear 2001-RB Shingle Cutter Replacement Blade
Porter-Cable FCN200 2" Flooring Cleat Nailer
Stabila 34816 Masons Promotional Level Set includes #34570 and #34530
B & C Eagle A2x113HDR/22 2"x .113 Ring Hot Dip Galvanized (500-Pack)
Rotozip 0401 Carrying Case
Rotozip 0401 Carrying Case
JET 708706 5-Micron Filter Bag (for 708626GK)

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