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Toshiba 36A60 36" TV
Toshiba 36A60 36 Toshiba 36A60 36" TV
Manufacturer : Toshiba
List Price :$1,099.99
Amazon Price : $999.99
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Amazon.com Product Description
The Toshiba 36A60 is a high-quality 36-inch stereo TV with surround sound capabilities. Key picture features include a high-contrast FST black picture tube that reduces reflected light, increases contrast, and delivers a wider viewing area than do conventional direct view tube designs. A 3-line digital comb filter with vertical contour correction eliminates video noise such as dot crawl and color blooming by processing three consecutive lines of video information. The black level expander provides an increased black level for richer blacks and greater contrast. The convenient color temperature control allows the user to set the preferred white balance, from cool blue to warm red, for viewing in any level or type of room light. Another effective feature is the invar shadow mask, a nickel-iron alloy mask that reduces thermal expansion, preventing picture distortion and discoloration found when using conventional iron masks.

Along with the great picture quality, viewers will also enjoy the sound performance features of the 36A60. With surround sound capability, this TV provides an expanded sound from sources not encoded with other surround information. Two sets of stereo audio inputs on the rear panel, and one set on the front, along with ColorStream component-video inputs and an S-video input, give this TV the ability to receive the best picture and sound possible from your VCR and DVD players.

Popular convenience features include channel labeling (alphanumeric labels that accompany channel numbers make identification of favorite channels quick and easy, such as designating channel 7 as ABC), closed captioning on mute (when available, closed captions appear automatically when television sound is muted, allowing the viewer to hear a phone call while still keeping up with dialog on the screen, and favorite channel (up to nine channels can be selected and held in a separate memory that can be quickly scanned).

In addition, each input can be renamed onscreen. Video 1 can be renamed VCR, Video 2, DVD, for a few examples, making input selection quicker and easier for everyone in the house. Parents will appreciate the video lock feature, where access to the video inputs and Channels 3 and 4 can be denied. This feature can easily limit access to unsuitable programming or items such as video games or a VCR.

To make controlling the 36A60 easy, it comes with a glow universal remote control. The brighter keys on this remote glow in the dark to make operation easier in a darkened room. And an icon-based onscreen display further simplifies television operation.

The Toshiba 36A60 television comes with a warranty of two years on the picture tube, one year on all other parts, and one year on labor.

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