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ViewSonic E771 17" CRT Monitor (PC/Mac)
ViewSonic E771 17 ViewSonic E771 17" CRT Monitor (PC/Mac)
Manufacturer : ViewSonic
List Price :$219.94
Amazon Price : $219.94
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Avg. Customer Rating:4.43 of 5.0

Reviews for ViewSonic E771 17" CRT Monitor (PC/Mac)

Amazon.com Review
The ViewSonic E771 is a 17-inch monitor (16 inches viewable) that's compatible with both Mac and PC platforms. Well suited for home and office, you'll have it out of the box and up and running in five minutes or less. The tilt/swivel base easily affixes to the bottom of the monitor, allowing the viewing angle to be adjusted for optimum ease. (As with most monitors of this size and resolution, sitting at an 18-inch distance from the screen is recommended for the best viewing conditions.)

The operation of this monitor is fairly standard, and for the most part will only require turning the unit on or off. However, a menu button displays onscreen controls to alter and finesse brightness, contrast, vertical and horizontal position and size, and moiré and degauss, as well as allowing corrections to any geometric distortion and the color temperature. A recall button quickly returns whatever changes were made back to the company's default settings, which we found to be the best for regular usage.

The operating manual is as brief as it should be for such a straightforward unit. The menu options are labeled and defined, while an additional troubleshooting guide is an easy-to-read page that should solve most common predicaments. The monitor carries a warranty with three years of protection. This is a solid model, worthy of professionals and families alike. --David Greenberger



  • May be deeper than a workspace allows

Amazon.com Product Description
The 17-inch (16 inches viewable) ViewSonic E771 is the right choice for SOHO (small office/home office) users and students who are ready to upgrade their smaller monitor... at an affordable price. With its 0.27 millimeter dot pitch, crisp images, and brilliant colors, this monitor is ideal for a wide range of applications from word processing, spreadsheets, and light graphics to surfing the Internet. It even offers OnView controls, which allow the user to make screen adjustments via an onscreen menu.

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